Top 20 Google Interview Questions and Answers 2024

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Google Interview Questions and Answers

Google has been ranked one of the best employers worldwide. It is in the limelight that working at Google is pretty lucrative. You should prepare well ahead of your interview. Here are some of the questions that you should expect:

1. Why Do You Want to Work for Google?

The interviewer wants you to mention what makes Google a good fit for your skills and why you prefer working for the company in the position you are interviewing for. Show that you understand the company and will make a good fit. Avoid material answers such as free food, good day, or permission to have your pet around.

Sample Answer

As a software engineer, this position will help me learn a lot since Google keeps creating new devices and apps. I will also be able to bring new ideas to the team, which will help better the workplace.

2. Mention One of Your Favorite Google Products

The hiring manager wants to know if you appreciate your potential employer’s products and help better them. Also, have in mind that Google expects each employee to spend a fifth of their time on innovation. Identify one of their products, and show that you understand how it works and the value the company gets from it.

Sample Answer

I love your Google Nest Learning Thermostat since it is simple and able to learn our preferences throughout the day and adjust the temperature as needed. I fancy such innovations since they make life better and allow us to save on costs. I believe that it can be made even better by making it compatible with more products.

3. How Would You Explain One of Our Products to a Layman?

This is a communication test that you will probably be asked in your interview to tell if you can relay messages and pass information around. You need to understand how the product works and what it fully does to help you simplify your explanation and facilitate understanding.

Sample Answer

I will simplify it in terms he would understand. Avoiding technical terms enhances understanding and promotes better reception. Therefore, when I explain what Google Pay is, I will tell them that it is akin to paying a cashier at the store, but the money comes out of the bank account.

4. Have You Ever Taken a Risk and Failed? What Did You Learn From Your Experience?

Google is big on innovations, which come with their fair share of risks. Therefore, your potential employer must ensure that you can see an opportunity, evaluate the risks, and be willing to pursue the opportunity. However, it doesn’t end there. You need to have a takeaway if you fail, which will help you succeed in your next effort.

Sample Answer

I once convinced my company to switch to a new product before the end of the current subscription, which was due at the end of the month. The new product turned out to be too much work, and we had to pay for both as we sorted it out. Even though it turned out to be better, this experience taught me to conduct extensive research before fronting a new product.

5. Who Do You Believe are Our Main Competitors? How Do We Stand Out?

The hiring manager wants to know if you understand the market dynamics around Google. Can you identify some of the companies that dominate the same species as Google? You will definitely be asked such a question in a product-oriented role. Therefore, make sure that you have the answer at your fingertips.

Sample Answer

Google has several competitors such as Facebook, Netflix, Microsoft, Waze, among others. One of the reasons Google stands out is that it can integrate its services and give its customers a fantastic cross-platform experience. Google also appeals to everyone, despite their social circle. ( You can also mention the degree of familiarity that Google products have, which makes the use of its platforms feel natural)

6. What is The Best Way of Ensuring That You are Accountable?

Every employer wants employees who can be accountable. Therefore, Google will want to know that you can handle your tasks well and hold yourself to the required standard. The hiring manager will also favor candidates who can help others stay accountable, especially in group work.

Sample Answer

I believe in and prioritize accountability. I usually track all my deliverables and all the due dates. Having a list where I create my notifications and block out calendar time also helps as it ensures that I can focus on whichever task I have and finish on time. I also use the milestone approach on longer projects as it helps me examine each of the steps and charge a course.

7. How Would You Ensure that Your Colleagues are Accountable?

This is a follow-up question. Such questions build from the previous ones, giving you a chance to explain more about your former answer. Ensure that your answer makes sense and convinces the interviewer that you can make your colleagues accountable, especially in team settings. This shouldn’t be hard to answer if you have worked in team settings before.

Sample Answer

I have discovered that the best way of ensuring that my colleagues are accountable is by making effective follow-ups, which may involve scheduling meetings to discuss work progress or reassign work between employees. I would also reach out to see if they are on target and where I can offer assistance.

8. How Will You Impact Our Team?

The interviewer wants to know how you perceive yourself for the role. You need to clearly mention how you will be of help to the team. You can say theoretical or behavioral aspects when answering this question. Also, make sure that you mention the skills and knowledge that you possess. Your answer should also include clear outcomes.

Sample Answer

Having worked in several teams before, I have a lot of things that I can contribute to your team if I join Google.   I have a positive attitude that allows me to positively influence those around me, which I am sure the team will gain from. I am also a hardworking and diligent employee who will always do my part and ensure that my team members are satisfied.

9. Could You Please Tell Us What Sessions, Page Views, and Users are?

This is a technical question that aims to establish just how good you are at your job. This is where you show your expertise and convince the interviewer that you can deliver. Make sure that you get the answer right since this question has a definite response.

Sample Answer

Sessions refer to a collection of active collections on the site and not inside a data range. Users refer to the clients who have less than one section inside the area. Page views refer to the maximum number of page visits that the website attracts. (You can be as detailed as you like.)

10. Which Tools are Available for Google+ Users to Boost Their Overall Productivity and Handle Profile Management?

This question also intends to deduce your competence and understanding of the technical aspects of your job. You need to be as detailed as possible and show the interviewer that you can help users use Google and boost their overall productivity.

Sample Answer

I would suggest since it has the efficiency to offer superior intelligence and assist with profile management for posts. These two also support the pages and posts one manages. Such users can also use Social or Hootsuite.

11. Why Do You Believe That You are Better Than the Other Applicants?

The interviewer wants to know what you can bring to the Google team that the other applicants cannot. This is another chance to sell yourself and convince the hiring manager that you will deliver better than any other candidate. Ensure that you highlight your strongest and most unique skills and qualifications that set you above your competitors.

Sample Answer

I have excellent Python, C, and JavaScript abilities that I believe not many people have. I also have ten years in software development and s proven track record of database management. I can therefore increase the profitability of your organization. I am also passionate about my job, and helping institutions grow and succeed.

12. Mention Any Technical Skills That You Have Which Will Help Us at Google

You need to have an extensive skill set to get your job at Google. Such companies highly value technical skills since they make you competent. Make sure that you highlight your strengths and answer this question well. Also, remember to tailor your answer around the technical skills required for the role you are interviewing for. You can mention your coding skills, understanding of complex data structures, or familiarity with software development.

Sample Answer

I have vast coding skills that I believe will benefit Google.  I am fluent in Java, Python, and C++, which are some of the essential coding languages. I understand cryptography and abstract math. I also love that I can quickly learn and understand complex data structures and algorithms, which will benefit Google.

13.  How Would You React to False Information Spreading on Google Platforms?

You definitely understand how the spread of false information can be detrimental to companies such as Google. Google is known to furnish people with facts that challenge misconceptions and incorrect information. The interviewer wants to establish whether you are a problem solver or not. Show that you understand the importance of relaying factual information to users and how detrimental false information can be.

Sample Answer

Our responsibility is to remove any unfactual information spreading on Google Platforms, especially if it is not labeled or depicted as an opinion. Another option would be to flag the page spreading false information since part of our responsibility is to our users, who expect us to deliver them with factual information.

14. How Would You Increase Our UserBase?

All the hiring managers at Google want new and creative professionals who can help Google thrive and succeed on different fronts. This includes improving and furthering its reach and user base. Remember to treat this question with the weight it deserves since it may determine whether you get the job or not. You should discuss unique and well-thought-out ideas.

Sample Answer

I believe that one of your biggest competitors is Apple. I, therefore, believe that expanding your products on other apple platforms could increase your user base and profitability. ( Or you can mention launching new platforms and expanding services to underdeveloped areas)

15. Are You a Team Player?

Can you work and deliver in team settings? The interviewer wants to know if you have the skills and qualities required to thrive in team settings.  You can also mention any experience that you have with such environments. Do not forget to sell yourself and give a positive answer. Remember, nobody wants someone who can’t get along with others, especially in an institution like Google.

Sample Answer

I am a team worker. Most of the companies that I have worked in value teamwork. I have therefore found myself in several teams in the course of my career, which I believe have helped me acquire the necessary skills and experience in working in such settings. I particularly love teamwork since it taps into the efforts of everyone, thus ensuring better results. (You can explain the importance of teamwork and why you love it)

16. Do You Think We Should Be Charging For  Our Productivity Apps?

This can be a tricky question since it’s challenging to anticipate the answer the interviewer wants to hear. Whatever you choose to say, make sure that your reasons are satisfactory or risk losing your chance. You should tell the interviewer why you believe they should charge for apps such as Google Docs and Google Sheets or not. Remember, everybody in the room will be listening, and your reasons may shed more light on your personality.

Sample Answer

I don’t think it is a good idea to sell such products since one of the reasons people prefer you to Apple is that they don’t have to pay for all your services. These free apps have always marketed you, and putting a price tag on them may see people shy away. ( You can also choose to say that they should put a price tag on these products to increase the company’s revenue)

17. Do You Know Our Values?

The interviewer wants to know if you have done your homework well and what you know about your potential employer. Convince the interviewer that you are enthusiastic about this workplace by getting this answer right. We, therefore, advise you to find out as much information as possible about the company ahead of your interview to avoid being caught unawares.

Sample Answer

Some of the values that I managed to come across are focusing on the user, doing one thing exceptionally well, doing everything fast, making money without doing evil, being serious without a suit, and being exceptional.

18. We Normally Love Employing Achievers. Could You Please Share With Us Your Greatest Achievement

The interviewer wants to know some of the successes and experiences that you hold dear. The answer you give should convince the interviewer that you are an achiever. Ensure that you talk about it enthusiastically and convince the interviewer that you are passionate about your achievements.

Sample Answer

My most significant achievement was helping my former company develop a product that saved our internet costs by 50%. My efforts were recognized, and I was awarded a holiday to a destination of my choice. It also opened doors, and I got promoted shortly after.

19. What Do You Think about Our T-shirt and Jeans Policy?

Do you know that you don’t have to put on a suit when working at Google? This corporation believes that you don’t need one to be serious. Tell the interviewer what you feel about this policy and whether it will suit you. Will you feel okay working without official attire?

Sample Answer

I believe that this is one of the reasons why I can’t wait to work for Google. I also don’t think that one needs to put on a suit to be serious. Provided that one is presentable, they can come to the office and do their part.

20. What is Your Greatest Weakness?

The interviewer wants you to talk about some of your shortcomings. Admitting that you have weaknesses makes you look confident, contrary to what people think. Talk passionately about them but also tell the interviewer how you intend to deal with these imperfections. Also, do not mention a weakness that is critical to the role you are interviewing for.

Sample Answer

I believe that my greatest weakness is my insatiable desire to succeed. Even though it may look like something positive, it takes a considerable toll on me since I sometimes overwork myself. However, I am working on going easy on myself.


We have come to the end of our article. You need to ensure that you have all the answers at your fingertips to increase your chances of landing the job.