Top 25 Green Card Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Green Card Interview Questions and Answers

The green card interview is often the final step in the application process for lawful permanent residence in the United States, whether you are applying at a U.S. consulate or embassy overseas or a USCIS office in the United States. With a few exceptions, U.S. immigration authorities prefer to meet applicants in person before rendering a decision. It allows them to evaluate the applicant’s written papers, view any original documents they’ve brought, and ask pertinent questions. The number of questions asked during your interview will depend in part on the category of green card for which you are applying.

To obtain a green card through marriage, for instance, the interview procedure will be very stringent since officials must ensure that you are not committing marriage fraud. In contrast, a candidate who will continue to work for the same U.S. firm for whom they acquired an H-1B visa can anticipate minimal scrutiny. This article will assist you in reviewing frequently asked questions and sample answers.

1. Please Tell Me About Your Background.

Michael Joseph is my name, and I am from Africa. I was born in 1987 in a small Ghanaian town in a forested region. I attended school there with my younger siblings despite facing numerous obstacles. Our parents were able to put us through school and provide us with professional training. I was fortunate to receive a scholarship to study Software engineering in the United States. I am married to one wife, and we have two sons and one daughter. I enjoy swimming, reading, traveling, and coding. I rely on freelance work to support myself and my family.

2. Why Do You Intend To Relocate To America?

I plan to move to the United States to further my education. I received a scholarship to study software engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. This course will take me four years, including a year-long internship. I want to utilize this opportunity to strengthen my professional competence and employment prospects. I hope to meet other experts in the United States to network and exchange ideas. I hope that after completing my education, I will be able to acquire a job in the United States and, God willing, obtain citizenship. It is a dream come true; I hope you will consider my green card application.

3. Where Do You Intend To Reside After Moving To The United States?

I intend to rent a tiny house in California for the next four years while attending the University of California, Berkeley. I hope, however, that the University of California will allow me to continue in the student residence hall. At the same time, I pursue my academics and participate in extracurricular activities such as sports and social events. Living and studying in the United States has always been my ambition; thus, I do not want to miss out on this opportunity. I hope that my time in the United States will be peaceful and that I can complete my education.

4. What Nation’s Citizenship Do You Hold?

I am a Ghanaian citizen, having been born and raised in the country. My entire family resides there, and we are proud to call it home. My nation permits its residents to travel abroad, and its constitution permits dual citizenship. I have all the necessary identifying documents to prove my citizenship. My travel paperwork is also with me if you wish to verify. I am relocating to the United States to continue my education, and I would be happy to show you my acceptance letter from the university. I hope you will consider me for a green card and award it to me.

5. When Was Your Passport Or Other Travel Document Issued, And In Which Country Was It?

My passport was issued in Ghana, and it was there that I made my reservation for the direct trip to JFK airport. Since I am a citizen of Ghana and possess the necessary documentation to be granted a travel passport, you may rest assured that it is a legal travel document. If you wanted to double-check, all of my travel documents are in good order. I was able to prove that I fulfilled all of the requirements, such as being 18 years old, possessing a legal identification card, and having a birth certificate.

6. Which Foreign Nations Have You Visited Within The Past Decade?

I enjoy traveling and meeting people from various cultures around the globe. I have been to numerous nations for business and pleasure in the preceding ten years. I have been to Antarctica, where I visited during the summer to enjoy the pleasant weather. I also traveled to Greece to view the major monuments and study the great philosophers. I also occasionally visit Egypt to see my buddies and the pyramids. I have also traveled to India, where I received professional training in software engineering.

7. Do You Comprehend English?

I understand and speak English fluently, unlike most of my fellow home citizens. I also speak French, although not as proficient as English. Therefore, I will feel at ease mingling and conversing with the individuals I encounter in this nation. I also intend to enroll in English classes once I enter the university to learn how to properly pronounce the most complex terms that may be difficult for me to articulate owing to the effect of my local dialect. I hope you’ve noticed thus far that my English is adequate but needs development.

8. Have You Ever Traveled To The United States Before?

I am visiting the United States for the first time. I am thrilled to have arrived in this great country. I have read extensively about the history of this country and its founding fathers. My desire has always been to study and reside in the United States. I want to take advantage of this chance and benefit from this scholarship now that I am here.

9. What Is Your Opinion On Your Physical Appearance?

I consider myself to be handsome and humorous. Every time I look in the mirror, I see a young, enthusiastic individual. I am of average height, muscular, and have flat cheeks, and I would say that I resemble the people from my hometown. I constantly maintain proper grooming, with medium-length hair and a well-kept beard. I always wear clean clothes and keep my nails short for hygiene reasons.

10. Have You Ever Attacked, Discriminated Against, Or Denied Another Individual’s Rights-Based On Nationality, Race, Religious Beliefs, Orientation, Or Political Opinion?

I have never attacked or discriminated against anyone based on their views, color, religion, sexual orientation, or political position. Everyone is treated fairly and with respect. I enjoy talking with people from all backgrounds since I can gain exposure to fresh ideas and customs. My coworkers are from different nations and have different cultures, yet this does not prohibit us from interacting and working together to do the tasks we are assigned. If you grant me residency in the United States, I will treat everyone fairly.

11. Have You Ever Committed A Crime For Which You Were Never Charged?

I’ve never committed a crime in my lifetime. I would not partake in illegal activities because they have terrible implications, such as ending up in jail or being murdered. I avoid bad company to prevent becoming corrupted and engaging in illegal acts. My friends are nice people who abide by the law and coexist with others in peace. If I observe someone participating in illegal activity, such as fraud, I will not hesitate to report them to the proper authority.

12. What Courses Did You Take At The Most Recent Educational Institution That You Attended?

I completed my master’s degree in Software development at the University of Toronto, where I attended my final school in Canada. I completed my bachelor’s degree from the University of Nairobi. Therefore, I am a certified software engineer and have worked hard to enhance my career. I have liked traveling from nation to country to pursue career advancement and greener pastures. I would think that attending multiple institutions is advantageous since it allows you to engage with other professionals with whom you can exchange ideas. The majority of university acquaintances have helped me get employment.

13. Have You Ever Neglected To File A Tax Return When Required By Law?

I have never failed to file my tax return since turning 18 years old. Good citizens are those who timely file and pay their tax returns. The government collects taxes from its inhabitants to provide them with important services such as free education and healthcare. Taxes paid on time allow the government to offer these services on schedule. Failure to file a tax return incurs penalties and prevents the government from providing services. Therefore, I will continue to be responsible and urge my fellow citizens to file their tax forms.

14. Who Will Financially Support You While You Are In The United States?

I shall support myself financially through freelancing work. I intend to continue freelancing to meet basic requirements such as food, clothing, and shelter. In addition, my sponsor will pay for my tuition and other school-related expenses. During my time in the United States, I also intend to adhere to my budget and not spend more than I can afford.

15. What Do You And Your Partner Typically Disagree About?

We occasionally disagree, but we do not quarrel or fight. Most of the time, we argue civilly and do not use derogatory language against one another. Politics, gender equality, education, and finances comprise the majority of our most contentious concerns. We exchange thoughts about all of this, and those with limited expertise accept defeat. I would say that we adore one another despite our hardships. We face obstacles like any other couple, but we do so together. I would say that my five years of marriage have been the best of my life.

16. How Will You Handle The Educational And Cultural Gaps In The United States?

I know that transitioning to the academic atmosphere of the United States can be quite challenging for international students. I intend to be patient and adjust at my own pace, not overtax myself. I will be prepared to ask questions and obtain clarifications in areas where I lack comprehension. I shall maintain a close rapport with my lecturers for them to guide me appropriately.

17. Have You Ever Abused Or Been Addicted To Drugs?

I am never done drugs so far. This is because I have withstood the peer pressure to misuse drugs and ruin my future. Most of my university pals used to go clubbing and do drugs, but I never joined them. Instead, I spend much time performing useful activities such as reading and creating code. As a result, some dropped out of school, some passed away, and some of the girls became pregnant. I hope to abstain from drugs while I am a student here.

18. Do You Have Any Infectious Diseases That Could Potentially Affect The General Public’s Health?

I have no infectious diseases that may give cause for concern. I am immunized and have the necessary documentation to show it. Because I eat well and exercise frequently, I am in good health. My health has always been my top priority, and whenever I experience a health issue, I always schedule an appointment with my doctor. I am also willing to undergo whatever medical procedure you request.

19. Do You Intend To Return To Your Country Of Origin?

After completing my education, I intend to seek US citizenship, and if approved, I will search for career opportunities and remain in the country rather than return home. If my application is rejected, I will return home to seek employment and continue my professional path. Either I will be delighted to have studied here and increased my employment prospects.

20. What Was Your Previous Employment Title Outside Of The United States?

I worked as a junior software developer for a local firm in my previous nation. I also performed freelance work to bolster my meager wage. Therefore, when a scholarship chance to study in the United States presented itself, I could not resist the impulse to apply and try my luck. I thus applied to study in the United States to enhance my professional skills and land higher-paying jobs in the United States.

21. Who Manages The Family’s Finances?

I provide for my family, but my wife also assists me. We have established a joint account into which we put monies to assist our family’s everyday necessities and education expenses. We live within our means to prevent financial difficulty. My wife has been really helpful and has assisted me in managing our family’s money. I will continue to provide for my family since it is my responsibility, and I like doing it.

22. Can’t You Continue Your Studies In Your Nation Of Origin?

I could continue my education at home, but I chose to come to the state because I would receive the quality education I have always desired. In addition, it is a wonderful opportunity for me to network and share ideas with other professionals in this sector. I hope that after completing my education, I can find a well-paying position.

23. What Do You Know About American Education?

I have read extensively regarding American schools. I know that students are expected to participate in extracurricular activities. It is because grades are not everything and only represent a portion of your story. Students can network with one another and develop contacts that will benefit them in the future. They become acquainted with the peers they will interact with throughout their careers – the individuals with whom they will develop ties and start businesses.

24. Do You Have Any Family Members Or Friends Who Currently Live In The United States?

No one in my family presently resides in the United States; everyone has returned to their native country. We went to college together and have been in touch ever since. I don’t have many pals outside of that. In addition, one of my goals is to broaden my social circle and make new acquaintances.

25. Do You Have A Good Relationship With Your Teachers At That University? Could You Please Tell Me Their Names?

I do not know any of the teachers at California University, which is one of the reasons why I did not take advantage of the opportunity to study there and enhance my professional career. I am only familiar with the admission officers because they are the ones I have spoken with to obtain direction regarding the application process. However, as time goes on, I hope to become acquainted with a greater number of people.


We hope our post on what to expect at your Green Card interview was informative. The Green Card interview process can be challenging, but partnering with an experienced immigration attorney can simplify the procedure. If you have completed your interview, you will be granted permanent residency after the interview. Once accepted, your green card will be mailed to you. If your application is denied, USCIS will send you a letter detailing the grounds for the refusal. Note that your EAD card will no longer be required once you have obtained your green card. You are entitled to all the privileges of a permanent U.S. resident. Because you now have a valid green card, you can travel abroad and return to the U.S. without any problems.