5 Ways To Engage Your Customers Via Snapchat

Editorial Team

5 Ways To Engage Your Customers Via Snapchat

Today Snapchat is one the most well-recognized and widely-used social media equipped with a unique and peculiar set of features and functions, which make it stand out among similar platforms. Snapchat has temporary, extremely short videos and images at the core of its functionality. Whereas Facebook and Instagram allow their users to store their photos, videos, and any other posts for unlimited periods of time, the content on this social platform is short-lived – it disappears shortly and can’t be archived or saved in any form. Many people believe that such characteristics make Snapchat a wrong tool for advertising and promoting their brand, so they chose to neglect it and concentrate their attention on other digital channels. However, given the millions of active users Snapchat is, it doesn’t appear to be a good idea to completely give up on such an audience. At the same time, there are some crucial factors that should be considered. Firstly, most recent studies show that approximately 80 percent of Snapchat users are 34 years old or younger. If the average age of your target audience is much higher, then probably you wouldn’t want to spend too much time and effort on Snapchat. Secondly, this application runs on mobile devices only, with no exceptions. Yet, if you decide to implement a marketing strategy on Snapchat, it may contribute significantly to a rise in the engagement rate, which is a very good thing for every business. So, what exactly can you do to achieve a better result in your performance?

1. Use Geofilters

Geofilters feature is a typical Snapchat thing that doesn’t have any close analogs on other social media. That’s why you should make the most out of it. With this feature, one can put their brand location in the spotlight and thus attract more attention. However, we suggest that you go the extra mile and use this function in a broader and more creative way. For example, geofilter is an excellent way to highlight your activities or events such as workshops, seminars, conferences and many others both at local and top level. If you are not sure how to do it, you can always seek assistance from graphic design software that allows creating Snapchat filters online without much effort.

2. Provide Customers with Insights

Nowadays, a lot of marketing content available on different social media lacks genuineness and sincerity. The explanation is quite simple – this content is generated with the sole purpose to attract more potential customers and all parties involved understand that. However, authenticity can become a great added value to your Snapchat marketing strategy. Use Snapchat brief videos to offer your customers an insight into how your company operates on a daily basis; show your team and how your working processes are carried out. Everyone wants to know what’s going on backstage, and by sharing this information with your users you’ll build on your credibility. You can even make a series of connected videos, to stir up the intrigue and make the audience impatiently look forward to the next episode.

3. Run Contests

The spirit of competitiveness is a great way to immediately capture the customer’s attention. It’s a very good idea to organize various giveaways, contests, and competitions on a regular basis. Importantly, make sure your customers have noticed the pattern and are anticipating the next event. For example, if every Tuesday you run a contest for the best photo with your company’s geofilter, after several weeks your users will be waiting and preparing for it, asking questions and, very likely, spreading the word about it to their friends and community.

4. Reply to Snaps

Though it seems as the most logical thing to do on Snapchat, many marketers overlook this feature believing it to be the prerogative of non-business users. Yet, this line of thinking proves wrong. Snapping back is a great tool to directly interact with your target audience and show that they are valuable to you by following their content as well. The most effective and efficient communication is two-way communication. Also, with this function, you get immediate feedback from your customers with regard to your content. Use this possibility to measure your performance and make any necessary adjustments to it.

5. Play with Discounts

Give your Snapchat audience a feeling of exclusivity by offering various kinds of discount coupons that are available on Snapchat only. Since this platform stands out with its creativity and fun, you can spice up your special offers as well – like everything else on Snapchat, your discount coupons are valid for a short period of time, just like the image or video in which they are proposed.  Rest assured many of your customers would gladly jump at this opportunity.


Snapchat definitely has its specifics, but there is no need to compare it to other existing social media. It’s these specifics that you should employ as the cornerstone of your Snapchat marketing campaign. Despite some negative predictions, the platform is as thriving as ever, so don’t lose this chance, because your competitors won’t do that.