5 Best Investment-Worthy Women’s Luxury Watches of All Time

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5 Best Investment-Worthy Women's Luxury Watches of All Time

Stepping into the realm of luxury women’s watches is akin to entering a world where precision, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance converge. This isn’t just about timekeeping, but investing in an heirloom that will transcend generations. Each watch is a statement piece, an artwork on the wrist that epitomizes sophistication and prestige.

Curating the best luxury watches for women, we dive deep into a multitude of brands, each renowned for its unique aesthetics, enduring quality, and illustrious heritage. The following selection is for those who appreciate the beauty of intricate designs and the mesmerizing dance of gears and springs held within a wristwatch.

Embark on this journey with us as we unveil the top five investment-worthy women’s luxury watches of all time. These are timepieces that not only personify class and elegance but also offer promising returns on investment. At Watch Exchange, you will find these luxury timepieces and other watch brands where style meets substance, and tradition marries innovation.

Best Women’s Luxury Watches

1. Rolex Lady Datejust

The Rolex Lady Datejust is a classic and elegant timepiece that embodies the essence of luxury. The watch features a smaller case size, designed specifically for women, and comes in various materials, including yellow gold, rose gold, stainless steel bracelet, and two-tone combinations.

The Lady Datejust was first released in 1957 and has since become a staple in Rolex’s collection. Due to its timeless design and craftsmanship, this watch has maintained its position as a symbol of prestige and sophistication.

Why it’s investment-worthy

With its enduring style and impeccable construction, purchasing a Rolex Lady Datejust is not only a symbol of your refined taste but also a sound investment. For instance, the Rolex Lady Datejust 279173 has a retail price of S$13,300 while its estimated market price is at S$14,012. There is a consistent price increase during the month of June 2023.

2. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso is a unique and versatile women’s watch that stands out for its innovative design. This sophisticated watch features a rectangular case with a swiveling feature, allowing the watch’s face to flip, protecting the dial, and revealing a beautifully engraved case back.

Introduced in 1931, the Reverso was initially designed for British Army officers stationed in India who wanted a watch that could withstand the rigors of playing polo. Its distinctive art deco design and exceptional craftsmanship have made it a beloved classic in watchmaking history.

Why it’s investment-worthy 

The watch’s unique flipping mechanism and iconic design makes it an excellent conversation piece. Such a watch is a valuable addition to your collection. On top of that, the Jeager-LeCoultre Reverso prices have increased by 3.5% over the past 180 days.

3. Patek Philippe Calatrava

The Patek Philippe Calatrava is a sophisticated and elegant women’s watch, known for its simplicity and purity of design. This minimalist timepiece features a round case, clean lines, and a straightforward, easy-to-read dial.

First released in 1932, the Calatrava was inspired by the Bauhaus design movement, which emphasized the importance of form following function. Its timeless and understated design has made it one of Patek Philippe’s most iconic watches.

Why it’s investment-worthy

As a watch from one of the most prestigious brands in the world, the Calatrava collection typically sells between S$14,416 – S$90,537 on the private sales market. However, it is important to note that the Patek Philippe Calatrava prices have decreased 1.4% over the past 180 days.

4. Cartier Tank

The Cartier Tank is a classic and elegant timepiece that features a rectangular case and seamlessly integrated lugs. This iconic watch combines traditional watchmaking with classic styles and minimalist designs, making it a must-have for any woman’s watch collection.

First introduced in 1917, the Tank was inspired by the rugged lines of World War I British and French tanks. Its distinctive design has remained virtually unchanged for over a century, making it one of the most instantly recognizable watches in the world.

Why it’s investment-worthy 

Investing in a Cartier Tank is an excellent choice for any discerning collector. Featuring outstanding quality and a symbol of timeless elegance, this luxury watch typically sells for between S$2,554 – S$56,608 on the private sales market. There is a price increase of 6.8% over the past 180 days.

5. The Omega Speedmaster Reduced Ladies

The Omega Speedmaster Reduced Ladies is a beautiful amalgamation of tradition, style, and innovation. It encapsulates the brand’s commitment to quality and precision, while perfectly tailoring its iconic Speedmaster design to suit the slender wrists of women. This timepiece is not just a testament to Omega’s horological prowess, but also an embodiment of modern femininity, making it a prized addition to any luxury timepiece collection.

Launched in 1957, the Speedmaster was originally designed as a professional tool for race car drivers. However, it gained fame in 1969 when it became the first watch worn on the moon during the historic Apollo 11 mission. However, the Speedmaster Reduced collection was introduced in 1988 and was sold as a smaller and cheaper version of the Speedy.

Why it’s investment-worthy

Investing in this iconic timepiece not only adds a classic and sporty touch to your collection but also signals your appreciation for horological excellence and cutting-edge technology. For example, the Omega Speedmaster Reduced Ladies 3534.74 with a white dial and stainless steel strap has a retail price of S$4,900 as of February 2023 and a market price of S$3,354.


In the realm of horology, these five luxury ladies watches stand the test of time, not merely as timepieces but as true works of art, symbols of refinement and sophistication. Investing in these women’s luxury watches is more than just owning a piece of opulence; it’s about celebrating timeless design, masterful craftsmanship, and enduring value. After all, a luxury watch is not just a mere accessory; it’s an intimate chronicle of time, a tangible piece of history that one can wear and appreciate through generations.

Key Takeaways:

  • When choosing a luxury watch, focus on the balance between functionality and style. There are a wide array of models ranging from having a stainless steel case, white dial, and black alligator leather strap.
  • Look for options with useful features like water resistance and power reserves, while ensuring the design aligns with your personal taste.
  • Investing in well-known luxury brands can add value and prestige to your watch collection. Brands like Patek Philippe, Rolex, and Cartier are renowned for their craftsmanship and exclusivity, making them excellent choices.
  • Consider minimalist watches for timeless elegance. Luxury watch models, such as Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso offer simplistic designs with elegant details, perfect for everyday wear.