Top 25 Zillow Interview Questions And Answers in 2024

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Zillow Interview Questions And Answers 

Founded in 2006, Zillow Group Inc. is a US-based tech real estate marketplace service that generates income by selling advertising space on its website. It also lends newspaper websites and its real estate search engine as part of the Zillow Newspaper Consortium. In 2011, Zillow partnered with Yahoo Real Estate to create one of the largest property ad networks online. The company allows tenants to pay rent online to landlords with properties registered on its Zillow Rental Manager tool. By 2018, the company began operating as a blanket referral network where brokers pay a fee after successfully closing a home transaction with a client. Due to its vast services, the company offers numerous opportunities for ambitious job applicants.

Below is a sample of interview questions and answers to help you prepare for an upcoming interview at Zillow.

1. Why Should Zillow Employ You? 

I am very excited to be interviewing for the Business Management position at Zillow. My wide range of skills and vast experience make me an ideal candidate for this role. Apart from my technical capabilities, I am also a qualified career coach. I am a qualified supervisor that doubles up as a career coach. Employees work better when given roles that fit their skills and abilities. My success in managing teams stems from my ability to assign roles according to an individual’s capabilities.

2. In Your View, What’s The Most Impactful Advancement In The Real Estate Industry?

By introducing a one-stop shop for clients looking to buy, sell, or rent properties, Zillow has made a huge difference in the real estate industry. The introduction of the company’s website has helped customers save time as they can conduct almost all their searches in one location. The company’s partnership with newspapers and Yahoo enables it to reach a wide market. Through the Zillow Rental Manager Tool, tenants can pay rent, while Zillow Flex assists brokers in finding buyers and only charge a referral fee once they close a home transaction with a buyer.

3. What Steps Do You Take When Dissatisfied With The Outcome Of Your Work? 

The first thing is to audit my work by analyzing the process taken to deliver it. I also re-evaluated my workflows to check where I could have erred and what needs improvement. If time allows, I will request my supervisor for more time to make the necessary adjustments. I usually appeal for more time if the deadline is approaching and there’s no way to beat it.

However, if time is not on my side, I normally request a lending hand from a colleague to help me beat the short turnaround period. Timelines shouldn’t be an excuse to deliver substandard work so I approach my manager and request more time if the deadline lapses. Then, I take time and revisit all the aspects that aren’t to my standards and make the necessary amendments.

4. What’s Your Reaction When You Notice You’ve Made A Mistake?

Taking ownership of a mistake I’ve committed and admitting it is the first step toward finding a solution. I am honest, exercise transparency in my work, and always own up to my mistakes. I am my own biggest critic, so when I err, I first try to look within for an answer. I believe in my capabilities, so I rectify the mess before reaching out. If my efforts fail, I ask for assistance from my supervisor or a more experienced colleague.

I have learned to double-check my work to improve accuracy and avoid making costly slip-ups. I always cross-check information making sure that I submit error-free work. If my manager notices an omission in my work, I own up, apologize and resolve it, making sure I don’t repeat it.

5. Why Are You The Ideal Candidate For This Role? 

Besides the technical skills needed to excel as a web developer, I am also a skilled content creator who can generate captivating designs for home and landing pages. While studying coding, I utilized my free time to learn graphic design. I can create images for marketing purposes, such as logos, banners, flyers, and business cards, and produce graphic designs for advertising and social media purposes. I’m also good at content writing and can generate blog content, including step-by-step guides and manuals.

6. How Do You Test The Effectiveness Of A Solution To A Problem After Implementing It? 

The best way to examine the effectiveness of a solution is to monitor its immediate and long-term impact. Depending on the problem you are trying to solve, you can run reports, compare and contrast findings, or request feedback from employees or clients. Auditing and monitoring the processes will reveal whether the solution is working. Conducting pilot projects and testing new processes is also a practical way to determine the effectiveness of a solution.

7. Zillow Functions In An Ever-Shifting Industry. Share An Experience Where You’ve Had To Deal With A Significant Shift In Your Career

One thing I appreciate about this industry is that I am continually learning and growing. My greatest challenge was when our company shifted its processes to adopt a new system. While that was a good move because it eventually improved our productivity, I was responsible for training teams yet I wasn’t very conversant with the technology.

However, I can grasp concepts quickly, am very flexible, and easily adapt to change. I spent all my free time navigating the system, and within a week, I could transfer my knowledge to others. That experience was a learning curve that helped me to sharpen my problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.   

8.  Which Work Environments Are Ideal And Allow You To Thrive Best? 

I thrive when I operate in a variety of environments. For instance, depending on the work, some tasks need a solitary and distraction-free environment, while others need a more collaborative team involvement. Either way, I am comfortable working in both surroundings. Whether alone or in a team, I am flexible and can fit into both settings perfectly.   

9. Share Your Experience: How Do You Cope When Undertaking Tasks Unfamiliar To You Or Those With Whom You Have Little To No Experience In? 

My last posting was at a startup dealing in construction. Since it was a new business, there were only a few systems with minimal leads. My task was to develop the CRM and leads to start operations. I had only learned of the processes in theory while on campus, but now I had to attempt the practical aspect.

Though it was challenging, I was determined to succeed. I spent time looking for resources online and in forums. I also enrolled in part-time lessons to sharpen my technical skills while constantly communicating with my mentors whenever I got stuck. Though it was demanding, I was able to integrate systems that are still in use to date.

10. If Accepted For This Role, What, In Your View, Would Be Your Greatest Challenge, And How Will You Overcome It? 

It has always been my desire to get a management role at Zillow. While this is an exciting experience, I will face numerous challenges leading multiple teams. I know this setback, so I have taken the time to get more insights about the company and its culture. I have also enrolled for leadership roles within my community which has helped me sharpen my problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Getting this position will help me grow and assist the teams I manage to meet deadlines and reach their goals.  

11. In Your Opinion, How Is Zillow Innovating The Real Estate Industry?

Zillow is innovating the real estate industry by offering clients a single platform to conduct business within the housing market. By consistently developing useful tools to solve clients’ challenges, Zillow is becoming the go-to place for anyone looking into buying or selling property. I hope to get this vacancy, share my expertise, and grow with Zillow.

12. Zillow Prides Itself On Its Positive Work Culture That Emphasizes The Value Of Nurturing Healthy Interdepartmental Relationships. How Do You Intend To Support This Value While Interacting With Your New Coworkers?

I first would take time to learn the culture, systems, and processes. I would also acquaint myself with employees by getting to know them individually. Understanding human behavior takes time, but I am always determined to know the strengths and weaknesses of each person. Once every week, I would request a casual interdepartmental meeting where different teams get to mingle and know each other. Apart from work-related matters, teams could share personal experiences where they get a chance to motivate each other.

13. In Your Opinion, How Is Zillow Transforming The Future Of The Real Estate Industry?

I think Zillow is transforming real estate by working towards digitizing the initial steps of a home transaction journey. The company is expanding its reach and creating an on-demand digital world by creating an online platform in the real estate industry. It is also creating solutions that simplify transactions within the real estate industry. I’m very excited about joining such an innovative forward-moving company.

14. Do You Have Any Experience Working On Software Development Projects?

My experience in software development started during my internship at a local IT company, where I learned coding using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. My time there helped me land a position in a real estate agency as a web developer, where I helped create websites using PHP and MYSQL. Still, I am excited and ready to learn about any alternative coding languages you use at Zillow.

15. If Zillow Hires You, What Do You Hope To Accomplish? 

I’ve always been passionate about the real estate industry, so I was very excited to learn that Zillow had a job opening for this position. I plan to utilize my digital marketing skills to make it easier for clients to access information in the real estate industry. Zillow has innovative tools and features on its website that I can utilize to drive traffic and increase sales through transactions made on its platform.

16. If Accepted, One Of Your Responsibilities Is To Grow Sales. What Sales Strategy Will You Integrate To Achieve This? 

I’ve taken time to review the company website and believe that Zillow is a sales-oriented company. In my previous position as a real estate agent, I had to close deals quickly due to rising competition. My strategy has always been to first understand everything about the property on sale before marketing it to potential clients. The vast information I get about the home and its surroundings makes it easier for me to highlight a property’s positive aspects. I can confidently address potential buyers’ concerns to close deals faster with that information.  

17. Zillow Is A Fast-Growing Company With Duties That Can Overwhelm Any New Employee. How Do You Handle An Increase In Responsibilities And Manage Your Time Responsibly? 

I’ve learned that software or tools can help improve efficiency and increase productivity. I use Google Calendar or Calendly to manage my time effectively and organize my daily tasks. With these apps, I am always time conscious. I can also book or schedule meetings, which helps me save time between tasks.

To effectively manage my tasks, I use Todoist, which helps me organize my business engagements. I get notifications about meetings I need to attend or tasks that need urgent attention. The flexibility I acquire from Todoist also helps me to create projects, breaking them down into smaller, manageable assignments. With these tools, I can catch all deadlines as they help me stay alert in prioritizing my projects.

18. Zillow Relies On Teamwork To Create Innovative Solutions For Its Clients. What Processes Do You Use To Collaborate With Other Developers When Working On A Project? 

I love working in a team, especially when handling large projects, as we can complete tasks faster. I especially love to work in teams that integrate different skill sets and specializations. For instance, a team with specialists in different fields like design, coding, or creativity helps each person concentrate on their specialty, ensuring efficiency and a quality end product.

Once each team member understands their role in the project, the next step is to ensure a free flow of communication devoid of ambiguities that can lead to unnecessary misunderstandings. Utilizing communication tools is a great way to collaborate within a team, share files, and stay connected even when working remotely.  

19. This Position Requires Plenty Of Creativity. Please Share An Instance Where You Had To Engage Your Creative Problem-Solving Skills? 

I recently had a contract from an IT company to create a database for all their staff. The company had virtual employees in different countries, which presented some communication barriers. To solve this challenge, I created a system that could capture and translate information into a language preferred by the recipient. Translating content was a great innovation that helped cement relations with partners in places whose national language was different from English.

20. What Thrills You Most When You Think About The Prospect Of Joining Zillow? 

I’ve always loved real estate, which explains my excitement about joining Zillow. Having been previously employed as a mortgage consultant, I realized that many clients prefer using Zillow to access information. Whether they need to compare prices, get new listings or determine the cost of a home, they can log into Zillow’s website and get all the updates they need.

21. How Would You Manage A Difficult Customer? 

Most home buyers are skeptical about whether or not to buy or sell a home in a particular location. Their skepticism is understandable as buying a home is a significant investment that can cost an entire life’s savings and therefore needs plenty of forethought. I take my time to make an offer to ease a customer’s tension. First, I give them all the statistics they need and patiently wait for them to digest and process that information.

22. At Zillow, We Use A Variety Of Operating Systems. Which One Do You Use Frequently? 

I have vast experience using Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. However, I am open and willing to learn any new operating systems preferred by Zillow.

23. What Process Will You Use To Enhance Customer Engagement If Chosen For This Position? 

As a customer care representative, the best way to improve client engagement is by refining the quality of our search results. Most searches need to be more accurate, which has previously led to disappointed frustrated customers.

24. How Do You Motivate Your Colleagues To Do Better At Work? 

I know that Zillow’s culture appreciates collaboration and teamwork. Working together in harmony is one way to motivate colleagues to do better. As an HR manager, I will ensure optimal inter-departmental communication to avoid misunderstandings and strife. Inspiration comes from within, so I help colleagues search within themselves to bring out what motivates them, a trait that is unique for each individual.

25. Which Tools Are You Familiar With Using When Conducting Data Analysis? 

As a marketing analyst in the real estate industry, I have been responsible for analyzing the performance of our company’s digital marketing strategies. I found Google Analytics to be effective in helping me accomplish my objectives. Ubersuggest is also helpful in detecting keywords and key phrases that potential home buyers use when searching for residential properties.


Zillow has data on over 100 million homes across the US. Its platform provides features like home value estimates, price fluctuations of listed homes, and aerial views of the properties, including price comparisons of homes in that locality. The company also provides basic information on a house, such as its size and available amenities. Users can post homes for sale, and services have since expanded listings to include rental properties. The multiple services on its platform make Zillow a potential employer for a wide range of skills. We hope that the information shared here is adequate to help you prepare for any upcoming interview you may have at Zillow.