Top 20 Apple Interview Questions & Answers for 2024

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Apple Interview Questions & Answers

The late Steve Jobs had a great vision for Apple, Inc and that is what has made it a leading tech company in the world. If you are looking forward to working in this company, perhaps you are wondering what kind of interview questions they ask. Well, worry not because we’ve got you covered. Below are some common questions to expect in Apple, Inc interviews and samples answers. 

1. Briefly Introduce Yourself and Tell Us Who You Are?

The interviewer wants to know what compels you to seek this job opportunity. Explain the reasons that draw you to this company.

Sample Answer

“Over the last few months, I have been keenly checking for opportunities in your company. I want to work in this company because you are developing your business to make it the best it can become. I also know that this is a place where I can grow and develop as a person. You are well known for supporting your workers in their job. This is something I treasure and I believe your support will help me to grow my career further. I believe that I possess the skills and expertise you are looking for and that I will be able to perform this role effectively.”

2. What Qualities Do You Possess That Make You A Good Fit For This Job?

This question is asked to assess if your abilities match what the company is looking for. State the qualities you feel will help you become productive in this role.

Sample Answer

“I have good planning and organization skills that enable me to plan and execute my work appropriately. I am a strong communicator who can convey information effectively. I can work well as part of a team as well as on my own. I perform my work with high standards whether during normal working conditions or whilst under pressure. In addition, I’m a forward-thinking, positive, and trustworthy person. I genuinely believe that these qualities will enable me to work effectively and move this company forward together.”

3. Describe How Your Experience Makes You A Good Fit For The Role You Have Applied For.

The hiring manager asks this question to find out whether your previous experience aligns with the needs of the company. Having in mind the job posting, summarize your work experience.

Sample Answer

“Previously, I have worked in the front desk for three years. During this time, I gained a lot of skills and experience in ensuring excellence in solving end-user problems, analyzing complex multisystem issues, reaching to team members to help achieve a resolution, welcoming customers as well as maintaining the first contact point to create a good impression to our clients. Given a chance, therefore, I will use the skills and expertise I have to make a success in this role.”

4. What Do You Mean By Good Customer Service? What Are The Elements Of Good Customer Service?

The interviewer asks this question to assess your familiarity with good customer service. Explain the meaning of good customer service as well as its elements.    

Sample Answer

“Good customer service is all about making sure the customer is happy and satisfied with the services and products as well as the delivery, installation, sales, and all other components of the buying process. In short, good customer service makes customers happy.

There are four elements to good customer service, namely product knowledge, attitude, efficiency, and problem-solving. To provide strong customer support, I will take time to gain a good knowledge of all the products and services offered by the company.”

5. Why Do You Think Customer Service Is So Important?

The interviewer asks this to find out whether you are aware of the importance of having excellent customer service skills. In your answer, provide a few importance of customer service as you connect them to the role at hand.

Sample Answer

“Customer service is important because it enhances customer loyalty including increasing the number of times a customer buys from a company. It can generate positive word of mouth about a company and help grow the amount of cash each customer spends every single purchase.”

6. Describe A Time That You Went Above And Beyond For A Customer.

Having in mind that the Apple company values itself as a brand that goes to any lengths necessary to meet its customer’s expectations, the hiring manager may ask you this question to assess your commitment to your job. In your answer, demonstrate that you uphold these values.

Sample Answer

“I have gone an extra mile for a customer countless times. For instance, while I was serving as a waiter at a restaurant, I a customer ordered a particular food that we didn’t have. I checked with the restaurant next door and they had that kind of fast food. I ordered for it and it was brought to the customer, and he was very happy.”

7. This Company Requires People Who Can Perform Many Tasks At A Go. Are You Ready To Work In High-Pressure Environment?

The recruiting manager may ask you this question to find out whether you can handle high-stress situations. In your response, demonstrate your stress management techniques including the strategies you use to cope with pressure.

Sample Answer

“ Yes, I thrive while working under pressure. I am more focused and I achieve positive results when working under pressure. My ability to multitask helps to maintain balance while working in stressful situations. I understand that I need to keep a level head to achieve positive results

8. Can You Describe A Solution To Someone Who Does Not Understand The Technical Terms?

Here, the interview manager wants to test if you can explain technical terms to people with little or no technical knowledge. Describe how you communicate your solution effectively.

Sample Answer

“It takes patience and skill to translate technical terms into terms that are easily understood by customers who are not tech-savvy. That said, I try to describe the solution to customers who do not understand technical terms in simple words. I break down complex concepts and allow customers to ask questions so that I can clarify anything they don’t understand.”

9. What Would You Do If A Customer With A Slow Apple Computer Approaches You For Help?

The purpose of asking this question is to test whether you can troubleshoot a problem. Explain how you would go about troubleshooting a slow computer.

Sample Answer

“I will start by asking questions to identify the problem, such as whether the customer installed a new program recently or uninstalled one before the problem started. This background information will help me to know what might be making the computer inefficient. I will also check the status of the antivirus as well as the last time the computer was updated. Once I identify the problem, I will perform related processes to resolve the problem. For example, if the computer requires updates, I will install them and so on.”

10. What Will You Do If Your Mac PC Won’t Turn On?

Here, the interviewer wants to test your critical thinking skills and your basic PC knowledge. Demonstrate that you have good critical thinking skills and that you can address the problem.

Sample Answer

“I will use a step-by-step method to identify the problem. First, I will check the power supply and make sure the cables are properly connected and ensure no cable is damaged. If it doesn’t boot or start, I will perform several other processes including running Apple diagnosis, running a power cycle, booting in safe mode, resetting the system management controller, and resetting the random-access memory. If all these attempts fail, I will use recovery mode tools. My last attempt would be to reinstall the operating system. But if every attempt fails, I will seek assistance from the in-house IT expert to investigate the problem.”

11. What Do You Do If You Disagree With The Decision Or Opinion Of Your Supervisor Or Superior?

The interviewer wants to know ​​how you can handle conflict at work, especially with your elders. Show that you will approach the matter with wisdom without disrespecting your superiors.

Sample Answer

“I will try to talk to my supervisor. If there is something I don’t understand, then I will listen to their point of view and try to make them understand mine as well. If I think they are wrong and are not ready to see it that way, I will talk to someone who can understand my point of view and ask them to make my supervisor understand that they are wrong.”

12. Which Apple Device Is Your Favorite? Why?

The interviewer seeks to know your familiarity with Apple products and your enthusiasm for the company’s products. State your favorite product and give the reason why you like it.

Sample Answer

“My favorite device is my Apple Watch. It works as my lifeline to my iPhone and Mac by helping me know when I need to pull them out based on real-time messages that I receive. I do so and I do not have to pull them out to check. That is one of the things I love about it. Also, it keeps me connected to my personal life and my work. The Apple Watch also increases my efficiency as well as my ability to manage my time.”

13. Describe A Time You Failed And What You Learned

The interviewer knows that failure is not uncommon in the workplace. However, he wants to know if you learn from your failures. So, describe a failure you experienced and the lesson you learned from it.

Sample Answer

“Early in my career, I was chosen as a tech liaison to work with the human resource manager for a confidential layoff that was happening within the finance and IT departments. Part of the people who were executing the layoff was abroad. This called for the confidential transmission of documents and information through email. We had a tight deadline and I was tasked with sending the documents to the team. Unfortunately, I inadvertently forwarded documentation to one of the persons that were being terminated instead of the hiring manager. This was a huge mistake considering the nature and confidentiality of the communication. Luckily, I informed the HR and an IT personnel and the latter managed to retrieve the message before the individual opened his mail. I learned that accuracy and double-checking anything before sending are very important.”

14. Assuming That I Am An Elementary Kid, Explain To Me What A Modem And Router Are.

This is a technical question to test your knowledge regarding the role you are seeking. In your answer, showcase that you are familiar with different information including how to convey it.

Sample Answer

“If I was to explain what the modem and router are to an elementary kid, I would begin by saying that the two are used to bring the internet into their home. Then I would let the kid know that a modem is a box that pulls the internet into the home by connecting with an internet company. Also, I would inform him or her that a router is a mechanism that sends this internet power around the computers at home and that it is where the wifi comes from. Both gadgets work together to power internet supply.”

15. Can You Name Three Accessibility Features That Are Available On The iPhone?

This is a question to test whether or not you are familiar with Apple products. Describe accessibility features of the device.

Sample Answer

“The three accessibility features that are available on today’s iPhone are the  text  size alteration, magnifier, and the digital assistant Siri.”

16. Previously, Apple Inc Was Known As Apple Computers Incorporated. Do You Know Why The Company Changed Its Name?

Here, the interviewer wants to assess how much you know about the company’s history. State the reason being the change of its name from Apple Computers Incorporated to Apple Inc.

Sample Answer

“Steve Jobs announced the change of the company’s name during a keynote speech in 2007. He said that this was done because this American technology company had shifted its emphasis from computers to consumer electronics. It is during that event that iPhone and Apple TV were unveiled. While the company still sells computers, it has since turned to electronics that have become a necessity in every home in America and across the world.”

17. How Would You Handle A Co-Worker Who Was Distracting You?

Circumstances like this can happen and the hiring manager wants to what to know whether or not you can handle this type of scenario professionally. In your answer, outline some similar situations you have ever handled and what the outcome was.

Sample Answer

“If I encounter such a scenario, I would move forward with professional and direct communication. For instance, in my previous role as an accountant, I was working with a colleague who would talk too much. He would ask for my attention including when I was busy with my daily tasks. It began to become extremely distracting since concentrating on my job was an issue yet it requires accuracy. I decided to talk to that colleague that I needed to focus on my tasks during business hours and that I would prefer to chat after work or at lunch. To my surprise, he understood, apologized, and the situation improved.”

18. What Are Your Goals In The Next Five Years From Now?

The answer you provide for this question helps the recruiting manager to understand whether or not you plan to grow within the Apple company or use it as a stepping stone for moving on to other opportunities. In your answer, portrays that you are serious about their careers.

Sample Answer

“Throughout my entire career, I have been working towards taking on more supervisory responsibilities and I hope to solidify this goal in the next five years. It will give me the joy to work at the management level of the Apple corporation. It will also enable me to demonstrate my leadership abilities.”

19. Would You Miss Anything About Your Current Position If We Hire You?

The interview manager asks this question to understand the aspects of your field or job you enjoy and how you will speak about your current employer. Be honest, respond positively, and ensure to maintain professionalism.

Sample Answer

“I will be absolutely excited to get a chance to work at Apple, Inc. I have always desired to join your team and contribute towards creating your products, serving your customers, and achieving your objectives. But I would also miss some things related to my current job. I would miss the good working relationship we have and my amazing supervisor and workmates. Nonetheless, I’m sure these are things I can also find in this company.”

20. If you get hired to work at Apple, What Does Your Current Availability Look Like?

This is a common question at the Apple interview where the interviewer seeks to understand your availability should you be offered the job. The best approach to this question is to give an accurate picture of your current availability if you were offered the job.

Sample Answer

“Currently, I do not have any assignment and thus I have open availability to take up an opportunity with Apple. I would be available to work a full-time 40-hour schedule with the possibility of overtime or weekends if required.”


These questions will help you to demonstrate that you are indeed the right candidate for the job at Apple. Be sure to put on a decent attire and also arrive early for the interview.