Top 25 Workday Interview Questions And Answers in 2024

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Workday Interview Questions And Answers

Workday is a popular cloud-based service provider ideal for handling multiple areas of human capital and financial management, like talent management, recruiting, time tracking, and simplifying HR administration activities. The number of organizations adopting Workday as part of their processes keeps growing due to its effectiveness and reliability. For this reason, the demand for Workday experts for human resources and finance roles keeps rising. 

This article shares tips on what to expect during an interview session and ideas on how to confidently respond.  

1. What’s Your Understanding Of Workday? 

Workday is a modern technology system provider specializing in human capital and financial management solutions. The application was an invention of two former executives at PeopleSoft, Dave Duffield, and Aneel Bhusri. It is a SaaS business application popularly known for its rapid setup and ease of usage. It is also a leading digital application that unifies financial and human resource management processes. The app operates online and leverages modern technology that provides wide-range information accessibility. 

2. From Your Experience And Interaction With Workday, What Are Some Of Its Main Features? 

I am familiar with almost all of Workday’s main features listed below.

  • Time tracking 
  • Goal management 
  • Payroll solutions 
  • Performance management 
  • Recruiting and onboarding 
  • Human resource management
  • Central business management 
  • Talent management 
  • Succession planning
  • Audit and internal controls 
  • Big data analytics integration 
  • Cloud Connect for third-party payroll. 
  • Career and development planning 
  • Accounting and finance 
  • Global compliance 

3. How Would You Convince A Company That Is Yet To Start Using Workday To Sign Up? 

There’s a considerable improvement in efficiency and performance for businesses that integrate Workday into their human resource management and financial management strategies. Some of the benefits I’ve would share to convince the HR manager to sign up for Workday include the following: 

  • 24-hour access to information over a secure and reliable network. 
  • The application offers employees and teams access to information from remote locations as long as there is internet access. Staff can quickly and conveniently update information. 
  • The application is a cloud-based service provider that allows services to reach clients through a minimal number of servers, thus reducing energy used and, ultimately, cost. 

4. What Does Workday HCM Mean? 

Workday HCM refers to Human Capital Management and is a reliable application that unites human resource and talent management processes. Large and middle-sized enterprises frequently use it for their day-to-day operations. The platform offers the following options for support: 

  • Knowledge base
  • Phone support and 
  • Online support

5. Which Workday Modules Are You Familiar With? 

Some of the Workday Modules that I’ve had experience with bring solutions to Human Capital Management or financial management, and they include: 

  • Workday Reporting 
  • Workday for Human Resources and payroll 
  • Workday for Finance and Supply chain 
  • Workday’s Foundation Data Model.
  • Human capital management 
  • Student 
  • Data-as-a-service 
  • Analytics 
  • Professional service automation 

6. From Your Experience, How Has Workday Been Of Benefit? 

  • Affordability: collaborating and bringing multiple functions together helps reduce technological, maintenance, and staff costs. 
  • Increase in productivity: before moving to Workday, we used a separate and disconnected system for essential processes. The challenge was that the process was much slower and production minimal. But once we integrated Workday, I noticed an improvement in our productivity as most processes we handled from a single system. 
  • Risk management and compliance: Workday has tools that strengthen compliance and audit, which helps quickly meet set regulations.  
  • Better insights: Workday has a single system with processes that give greater visibility and better insights into company data. Such a process is beneficial as it offers better and more accurate reporting as teams can easily translate data into insights and insights into practical actions. 
  • Efficient workforce: When we moved our processes to Workday in the previous organization I worked for, I noticed a considerable improvement in employee engagement and collaboration. The efficiency that comes with integrating Workday has motivated me to grow and advance in my career as a Workday consultant.  
  • Improves operational competence: In my previous job, we used multiple systems for many years. But when we moved to a single system such one offered by Workday, I noticed an improvement in operational efficiency compared to the previous design we had been using. 

7. From Your Experience And Interactions, How Reliable Is Workday? 

Having been in the human capital and financial management industry for over five years, I can attest that Workday is an effective and reliable cloud-based service. Most professional organizations rely on this system, which is proving very beneficial. Some organizations that depend on Workday include: 

  • Netflix 
  • Sony 
  • VISA
  • Prudential 
  • Puma 
  • Rolls-Royce 
  • Siemens 
  • Salesforce
  • National Geographic  
  • Ryan 
  • Airbnb
  • Walmart 
  • Adobe 
  • Bank of America 
  • Santander 

8. What Database Does Workday Rely On For Its Operations? 

Workday relies on a relational database that stores all application data and metadata. It uses the MYSQL database for online transactions and RDBMS to keep customer information in a single record system. The software stores all the application metadata and application data in memory to help improve performance and efficiency. It is a cloud-based software specializing in human resource management, capital management, and financial management applications. 

9. Which Internet Browsers Support Workday? Can It Operate On Any Computer? 

Most internet browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, and Internet Explorer, support the application. 

10. In Your View, Why Do You Think Workday Is Popular? 

It is easier to work in organizations that utilize Workday’s service. Any company that hopes to meet the current labor market demands and make an impact needs a reliable and flexible HR system. With Workday in place, it is easier to conduct analysis and get helpful insights that enable you to work more efficiently. These insights are great for data compilation and accurate decision-making processes. 

The software can provide a single HR system to enhance efficiency and productivity in any business. Workday is a cloud-based finance and planning vendor trusted by many leading companies to carry out their HR and finance-related functionalities. 

The software’s popularity also stems from the fact that it is applicable across different industries, including: 

  • Media 
  • Science 
  • Healthcare 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Education 
  • Insurance 

11. Is Workday A Free Service? What Type Of Pricing Plans Does The Workday Human Capital Management Offer?

No, Workday does not have any free plan. Human Capital Management has different pricing plans: 

  • One-time license 
  • Subscription 

The cost will depend on the features an organization decides to integrate. You need to contact the product’s sales team for a custom quote to know the exact amount it will cost. Human Capital Management’s support options include phone support, knowledge base, or online support. 

12. What Assistance Would You Extend To A New Client Trying To Access Workday? 

I would guide them on how to gain access to Workday through their website or Workday application. To access the application in an organization, I would first create an account for them and use the relevant credentials to gain entry. They will need access rights which are usually given at an individual level. The authorization will help them access specific reports and tasks. 

Their admission to Workday will depend on login credentials and settings. While all employees may have certain access rights, an individual’s admission level will determine the delivered reports or statistics they have permission to view. 

13. What Kinds Of Reporting Can Workday Provide, And What Type Of Information In Workday Helps To Report In The Future? 

Workday provides standard and custom reports in Human Capital Management, payroll, and financials according to an organization’s primary business focus. Some reports combine statistics from HCM, financials, and payroll models. Reports can include features such as:

  • analytics, 
  • interactivity, 
  • or graphic images like charts, graphs, or illustrations. 

The application provides access to real-time, multi-dimensional reports and analytics with the ability to offer detailed information. Such details enable relevant teams, including employees or management, to take instant action after analyzing raw data. Workday helps in accessing pertinent statistics of context, making information more actionable. 

Apart from being a business information resource for payroll, HCM, and financials, Workday can be an insightful source for future planning. It is possible to utilize Institutional Data Store and tools like Cognos to enhance Workday’s reporting capabilities. These tools come in handy when needed data is unavailable. For instance, suppose some data falls outside of what exists in Workday or data that Workday cannot handle; then, in such a case, the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) team will integrate the use of other tools like Institutional Data Store, Tableau, or Cognos. 

14. In Your View, What Skills Do You Need To Excel As A Workday HCM Consultant? 

From my experience, I’ve learned that for any professional to excel as a Workday HCM consultant, one must possess both hard and soft skills. Some of these skills include: 

Other more practical skills that one needs include: 

  • Technical knowledge of operating the Workday platform 
  • Extensive financial knowledge 
  • Human resource expertise 
  • Customer relations management 
  • Proficiency with computers including Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, and Ms. PowerPoint
  • Human capital management 
  • Project management 
  • Payroll 

15. What Are The Responsibilities Of A Workday HCM Consultant? 

A Workday HCM consultant must oversee a company’s planning, forecasting, and budgeting processes. That consultant must be familiar with all aspects of the Workday HCM platform. They should understand a client’s needs and be able to design, develop and test solutions to meet a client’s preferences. 

A consultant must be tech–savvy to integrate and implement new Workday platform functionalities. They should provide practical technical support and be able to resolve arising challenges in the open tickets in the ticket tracking system. 

With the support of a lead functional consultant, a Workday HCM expert must work closely with a customer to understand their needs and be able to design, develop, configure and test outcomes. HCM specialists should also offer specialized hands-on expertise in the Workday HCM suite to create solid and healthy relationships with team members, management, and clients. 

16. What Steps Should An Aspiring Workday HCM Consultant Undertake To Qualify For A Job Opportunity In The Industry? 

From the time I graduated from high school, I knew that this was the career path I wanted to take. To get to where I am, I first obtained a degree in human resources. Any aspiring candidate that wants to join this industry must first earn an undergraduate degree in related fields such as finance, entrepreneurship, project management, or business.

Soon after graduating, I applied for internship positions to help sharpen my skills in human resources and consulting. With this background, it became easier for me to get entry-level positions that enabled me to launch my career as a Workday HCM consultant.  

I plan to get my Workday HCM certification, but I must complete my training and obtain adequate and relevant experience. I plan to complete my training in a month which will qualify me to apply for a promotion to handle more responsibilities and gain more practical experience. 

17. What Other Roles Can A Workday Professional Apply For Apart From A HCM Consultant? 

Workday offers many career options that any aspiring candidate can opt to venture in. You can take multiple career paths depending on your passions, skills, experiences, and expertise. Some of these include: 

  • Project manager 
  • Consultant
  • Analyst 
  • Architect 

18. What Process Do You Integrate When Gathering Information About A Client’s Current HR System Or Their Business Requirements?

I start by requesting a meeting with the HR department to learn more about their current system. These initial meetings help me obtain any relevant information I may need about their system or business requirements. Next, I review data on their system while analyzing the processes they have been undertaking. I also note down questions I need to ask to clarify what guidance to give when recommending an alternative or new system. 

19. When Conducting An HR Audit, What Process Do You Integrate For Reviewing And Verifying Employee Data? 

The first thing is to understand the employee by analyzing their profiles, including contact information, skills, experience level, salary information, and other relevant details. I ensure accuracy by comparing my findings with company records. If I notice a discrepancy, I summon the employee and request additional information or clarification. For instance, if a staff member’s email address has changed since joining the organization, I ensure they can still receive crucial official company communication. 

20. If A Client Asks You A Technical Question About An Application And You Don’t Know The Answer. How Would You Handle It?

I would request the client to give me time to study the application and conduct further research. If, after my research, a solution is still not forthcoming, I would approach colleagues with more experience who know more about that software. If I still can’t get an answer, I would request the client for additional information and look for solutions in other resources like industry forums. 

21. Do You Have Any Experience With Large Data Arrangements? 

In my previous job, one of my responsibilities as an IT consultant was analyzing large data sets. In my most recent project, I assisted an established retailer in enhancing his company’s inventory management system. I examined data they had compiled from their current system, a complex process that took plenty of time. From there, I was able to gather information and interpret my findings and make recommendations. With the management’s approval, I created a new system that helped improve efficiency and productivity. 

22. Our Desire Is To Ensure That Our Staff Is Content With Our HR System. What Process Should We Integrate Into Conducting An Employee Fulfilment Survey?

One of the most practical ways to ensure employees are happy is to conduct regular satisfaction surveys to make the necessary adjustments before minor challenges degenerate into major issues. Creating a multiple-question study about their work-related experiences with Workday is quite effective. Once I complete creating the surveys, I send the questionnaires to all departments and wait, giving them ample time to respond. I then analyze the data and present my findings to management to make the necessary adjustments. 

23. Share Your Experience Working In A Team With Other Consultants 

I’ve previously worked with other consultants in a team, and from my experience, the ideal team brings together consultants who are experts in different areas of Workday. For instance, one person may be an excellent analyst while another may have more conversant with HR or finance. A diverse team is better equipped to complete tasks faster and with more precision. 

24. Do You Have Experience Working With Other HR Systems? If So, Which Ones? 

I have been an HR consultant for the last five years, which has given me exposure and the ability to navigate different HR systems. I have used Microsoft Dynamics for talent acquisition and SAP SuccessFactors for staff training. Though these software applications effectively manage HR departments, they can’t compare with what Workday offers. 

25. In Your View, How Often Should A Company Conduct An Audit Of Its Clients? 

Audits depend on the size and operations of a client’s business. There are instances where I’ve had to do it monthly while other times I’ve done it once every three months. However, if I notice an irregularity with a system, I quickly organize and perform an audit sooner than anticipated. 


If you are looking forward to working as a Workday expert, we hope the article above offers practical tips to help you prepare for your interview session. Though the questions asked may differ, having relevant responses in mind helps you better prepare for any questions your interviewer may throw at you. Early preparation is critical as it gives you the self-assurance to approach your interview positively. Having the right attitude will help you exude confidence which will get you shortlisted for the job you urgently need.