Top 25 Wingstop Interview Questions And Answers in 2023

Wingstop Interview Questions And Answers

As a multinational restaurant company, Wingstop is continuously looking to fill entry-level positions in its corporate-owned restaurants and independently-owned franchisees. If you seek employment at Wingstop, you should anticipate an interview. This article will provide a list of the top 25 Wingstop interview questions and sample responses to assist you in preparing for your upcoming interview.

1. Why Do You Want To Work For Wingstop?

I want to work for Wingstop because of its stellar reputation in the restaurant industry for customer service. I’ve always appreciated their services, particularly their chicken wings. Wingstop has the best chicken wings of any chain restaurant.

I am confident that I will be able to advance my career in this industry at Wingstop. It has one of the best customer service departments, from which I can learn much. I am service-oriented, as I have always worked in customer service. I enjoy exceeding my customers’ expectations and providing superior service so they will return to our organization and recommend us to their friends. I hope to be hired for this position to advance my career. In addition, I could utilize my experience and skills to provide the best customer service possible.

2. Why Do You Like Working In This Field?

I find great joy in social settings and in getting to know people from all walks of life. After spending a year working in a local restaurant, I realized that my personality and skill set match the requirements of customer-focused industries, such as the restaurant industry. Naturally, being exposed to popular dishes from various cultural traditions is also one of the things that motivate me, and I take pleasure in creating unforgettable dining experiences for my guests.

3. What Is Your Greatest Strength That Will Assist You At Wingstop?

I am naturally adept at acquiring new knowledge and collaborating with others. I’ve always been adept at fostering teamwork and resolving issues. When I began working at a local restaurant, my previous employers needed a team leader. I assumed the position and improved the workplace while ensuring that all employees provided diners superior customer service. This quality has helped me advance in my career, and I am excited to put it to use at Wingstop.

4. Do You Think Of Yourself As Someone Who Is Organized?

I am highly organized, which enables me to stay on top of my obligations. I rely on various digital tools to keep me organized and recall important events. I utilize an online calendar because sharing my schedule and working on projects is so simple. In the past, I have utilized various work management platforms to accomplish objectives and meet deadlines.

In addition, I always carry a notepad to jot down quick reminders and to-do lists. After my shift, I transfer the information from my handwritten notes to my online calendar. It has helped me become more efficient at work and enabled me to meet deadlines for projects.

5. When Would You Be Able To Start Working In This Position At Wingstop?

I am in the process of looking for a job that requires me to work full-time. I am available to work every day of the week, from Monday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. I am happy to put in additional hours whenever required. When it comes to my end time, I’m flexible on these days as well as during times of high business activity. Because I’m a good team member, my coworkers can count on me to cover their shifts if they are absent.

6. What Sort Of Experience Do You Have Working In The Food Industry?

I worked as a waiter at a local restaurant during my freshman years at the university. It was a casual dining chain whose menu was comparable to that of Wingstop. I’ve developed time management skills as a result of learning how to work quickly and efficiently. I gained valuable communication and interpersonal skills through customer interaction. After completing my studies, I spent the last five years in the food industry. Therefore, I possess the necessary credentials to work in this industry. Please employ me at Wingstop and utilize my experience to improve customer service.

7. At Wingstop, We Seek A Candidate Who Performs Well Under Pressure. Tell Us About When You Were Under Pressure And How You Responded.

In my previous position as a hotel manager, a large group of guests arrived. And our hotel needed more servers.  Consequently, I had to assist in serving our guests. The guests pressured us to get everyone’s food out quickly. I took a deep breath and concentrated on completing each customer’s order correctly before moving on to the next.  It helped me maintain composure and not rush through the remaining orders. When under pressure, I always ensure that I am taking deep breaths so that I can relax and complete my work.

8. Do You Have Experience Maintaining The Equipment Used In Restaurants?

I spent four years working in the service industry at a local restaurant. During my time there, I was trained on how to properly maintain every piece of kitchen equipment, including the fryers, ovens, and refrigerators.  In addition, I assisted in cleaning the dining room and washing the dishes whenever necessary. Because the owner was not very involved in day-to-day operations, I was given more responsibility than other servers.

9. Can You Handle The Fast-Paced Environment You’ll Be Working In At Wingstop?

 I prefer working in a restaurant with many customers to one with fewer. Being in a fast-paced environment makes me more agile and alert. When there are fewer customers, it is easier for me to become distracted or daydream.

In my previous position as a server at a local restaurant, lunchtime was extremely busy. One day, I was simultaneously taking orders from two separate tables. While taking their orders, I erroneously recorded the incorrect order for one table. I immediately realized my error and apologized to both tables. I corrected the mistake by giving them the correct order and offering them a complimentary dessert. They were pleased with the solution and provided me with a helpful tip.

10. Have You Ever Prepared Chicken Wings And Chicken Tenders?

I’ve previously worked in kitchens before and I understand the importance of proper cooking. In my previous position as a cook, I always ensured that I cooked the wings fully cooked before I would serve them. I also ensured that they were appropriately seasoned and kept warm until service. Therefore, I will perform well if you give me this position in your organization.

11. Do You Have Any Previous Experience Working With Inventory Control?

Although I have yet to gain any firsthand experience in managing inventories, I am familiar with the process and how it operates. We were able to maintain a more accurate stock record thanks to the new spreadsheet I helped develop in collaboration with my manager. Because of this, we reduced the frequency with which we ran out of stock.

12. Can You Describe The Leadership Style You Will Employ If You Are Hired At Wingstop?

It is important to be approachable and encourage my team members to ask questions whenever they require assistance. In addition, I like to set weekly goals for my employees to ensure that we are all working toward the same goals. I managed an employee just starting in the sector at my previous job. I started by assigning her simpler jobs, such as taking orders over the phone or making drinks. Then I gradually increased the responsibility she was responsible for until she worked independently with customers.

13. What Do You Consider To Be The Essential Skills Required To Work In The Food Industry?

Everyone in the restaurant industry must have strong interpersonal skills. Effective communication, teamwork, and customer service are essential for this position. After reading the job description, I realised that this position requires me to switch between supervising others and serving customers occasionally. My superior communication skills facilitate the development of healthy relationships with everyone I meet. My exceptional teamwork abilities would also allow me to thrive in this collaborative environment. At the same time, my customer service skills keep me focused on meeting the customer’s needs.

14. How Do You Resolve Disagreements With Other Employees At Your Workplace?

There is always the potential for a conflict to arise at any moment. Mainly during times when, as a team, you are working under intense pressure. I always make it a point to settle disagreements before they escalate into heated arguments by calming down all participants.

I also make it a point to keep my cool and move the conversation somewhere private, away from any customers who may be present. Whenever we meet to resolve a conflict, I make it a point to pay attention and actively listen. I always look for a mutually beneficial resolution.

15. Which Method Of Communication Between Top Managers And Employees Do You Prefer Using?

Email is the mode of communication with my team that I feel most at ease using. Using email enables me to write out my thoughts. It gives the team members the time to respond whenever it is convenient for them. On the other hand, I am aware that many businesses communicate via messaging applications such as Slack. I could easily learn how to use Slack and am already familiar with the platform.

16. How Do You Define Excellent Customer Service?

Excellent customer service involves exceeding the expectations of the customer. It entails responding to all inquiries, resolving issues, and demonstrating the significance of the customer through friendliness and hospitality.

For instance, a regular customer ordered fried fish at my first restaurant job. He told me his birthday was the following week, so I recorded it. After serving his usual meal on his birthday, I offered him a free slice of cake. My gesture made him ecstatic, and he promised to recommend the restaurant to additional friends.

17. What Aspect Of A Restaurant’s Interior Design Is The Most Crucial?

The most crucial aspect of restaurant interior design is comfort. Customers like to feel at ease when they enter a restaurant, so I always ensure plenty of comfy sitting options and dim lighting. In my previous position, I also incorporated natural elements such as plants and wood accents to create a cozier atmosphere.

18. What Modifications Would You Make To Wingstop Restaurants If You Could?

I enjoy the ambiance of Wingstop restaurants. It is quite inviting and cozy. But given an opportunity, I would alter a few things to make it even better. During peak hours, our wait times might be lengthy.

Adding more servers or a second chef could assist with that.  I also observed that the food occasionally takes longer than anticipated to reach the tables. If employed, I would collaborate with the culinary staff to expedite the preparation of orders.

19. What Steps Would You Take If Hired To Ensure That Our Kitchen Staff Adheres To  Health Regulations?

Having worked in a similar position, I recognize the importance of adhering to health regulations. In my previous position, we conducted routine inspections, which kept us on top of our sanitation practices. 

20. When Customers Leave A Table, What Should Be The First Step In Cleaning And Preparing The Table For The Next Customer?

When customers leave a table, I immediately remove any dishes they use. After eliminating these things, I will clean the surface with a moist cloth to remove any crumbs or stains. Then, I will examine the floor surrounding the table for any other debris and sweep it up.

I will next prepare the table with new silverware, napkins, and condiments as required.

I am an accomplished cashier who takes pride in my work. I recognize the significance of providing guests with a clean and comfortable dining environment, so I always ensure that each table is pristine before seating the next customer.

21. What Do You Do If A Customer Returns A Dish To The Kitchen?

If a customer sends back their food, I apologize for the inconvenience and then inquire what they would like. I then enter the kitchen to discuss how we might rectify the situation with my chef.

If I can resolve the issue promptly, I will offer the customer a complimentary dessert or appetizer as an apology. I will lower the customer’s bill if it takes five minutes to prepare the dish.

22. Have You Ever Dined At Wingstop? If So, How Was Your Experience?

I have previously dined at Wingstop, and what stuck out most was their dedication to providing exceptional customer service. I frequently observed servers going above and above while retaining a good attitude. In addition, they repeatedly supported one another, such as by bringing dishes to a large table. Ultimately, this is one of the reasons I applied. The prospect of working for an organization like this, based on my past experiences, is enticing.

23. Are You Familiar With Restaurant-Related Health And Safety Regulations?

Yes, I am aware of restaurant health and safety rules. I am familiar with following safe food handling protocols, such as maintaining the proper temperature of hot meals, washing my hands before and after handling food, and using gloves when necessary. In addition, I recognize the necessity of keeping the restaurant clean by wiping down surfaces frequently and disposing of trash properly.

24. What Is The Most Valuable Lesson You Learned From Working At A Restaurant?

Every customer deserves exceptional treatment, regardless of whether they leave a tip. It is the most important thing I’ve learned from working in restaurants. In my first work as a waiter, my supervisor instructed me to be friendly and attentive even if a table did not leave a tip. The main reason is that the customers were still spending money on dinner. The lesson has helped me develop empathy for customers who do not tip and learn how to deliver excellent service even when I am not receiving tips.

25. How Would You Manage A Customer Who Mentioned Dietary Allergies?

If a customer indicated food allergies, I would first reassure them that I am aware. And explain that I would need to consult with the kitchen to ensure we could meet their needs.

I know that navigating various allergens requires varying degrees of sophistication. Therefore, this method allows me to verify that the kitchen is fully equipped to deliver the experience needed.

Once I got the information, I would return to the restaurant and summarize it. If the kitchen can accommodate the allergy, I would take the order and indicate on the receipt that allergen accommodations are required. I will explain why it is impossible and apologize for any inconvenience.


You should always anticipate being asked questions during a job interview at Wingstop. The interview procedure at Wingstop is often brief and straightforward. As seen by the preceding questions, the discussion is manageable. Even though you may not be asked all of the questions above, you should prepare to respond confidently. I hope you find this post helpful and can acquire the employment you desire at Wingstop.