Top 20 Chipotle Interview Questions and Answers 2024

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Chipotle Interview Questions and Answers

Chipotle is one of the biggest employers in the restaurant industry. If your application went through and you got invited for an interview, we have something for you.

This article will look at some of the questions you should expect when interviewing for a position at Chipotle. We hope that your interview will be a success.

1. What Do You Know about Chipotle?

This is normally one of the first questions in interviews. You need to do your homework well and find out as much information as possible about an institution ahead of the interview. This will tell the interviewer that you are interested in the establishment and enthusiastic about the job you are interviewing for.

Sample Answer

Chipotle is an American chain of restaurants that offer Tacos, Burritos and Burritos bowls. Its name comes from Chipotle, which is the Nahuatl name for smoked and dried jalapeno chili pepper. It first opened in 1993 and currently has restaurants in the UK, Germany, Canada and France.

2. Why Do You Want to Work for Us?

This is where you reveal your real intentions to the interviewer. Say why you prefer working at Chipotle. Ensure that you find something positive that you can highlight about the organization. Convince the interviewer that it is your ideal workplace and not just any random application that you made.

Sample Answer

I love your food. I believe that you have one of the best menus when it comes to restaurant chains. I would love to be of service in any of your branches and help customers experience how good your offerings are. I also believe that I will get a chance to grow in my career and acquire more skills when working with you.

3. How Would You Deal With an Upset Customer?

The way you handle customers will dictate whether you get to keep your job or not. Your answer should show that you can stay professional and exude empathy when dealing with customers. You should also give a step-by-step solution to this situation. Highlight your customer handling skills and convince the interviewer that you know how to deal with customers.

Sample Answer

I will first find out what upset the customer and apologize. Depending on the situation, I would offer to replace it if it was an order or check with the manager. I believe that I should keep the customer happy since an unhappy customer is a client lost.

4. Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

This is a chance to share with the interviewer some of your long-term goals. What do you want to achieve in the next five years? If you are still in college, tell the interviewer what you expect to do once you finish. You can also look at other Chipotle jobs and identify a position you see yourself occupying in the next five years.

Sample Answer

I have always wanted to try management. I, therefore, see myself as a restaurant manager or supervisor in the next five years. I am also planning to open my restaurant, which I might have in the next five years if things go well.

5. What Do You Understand By Food With Integrity?

You should conduct proper homework before the interview to anticipate some of the questions that may be asked.  Every organization has its terms and standards that you should be aware of ahead of the interview. Make sure that you get this question right and convince the interviewer that you’ve done enough research.

Sample Answer

Chipotle is all about giving customers the best food possible and watching out for the environment. Therefore, food with integrity means finding the best ingredients possible, which includes homegrown vegetables and meat from free-range animals.

6. How Do You Feel about Rotating Stations?

You should expect to rotate stations while working at Chipotle. If you expect to stay in one place for a long time, then this may not be the perfect workplace for you. Expect to work as a cashier and prepare food at times. Convince the interviewer that you don’t have a problem with rotating stations.

Sample Answer

I understand my job description since I thoroughly went through it. I don’t have any problem rotating stations. I believe that I am capable of doing a good job and delivering if given a chance.

7. Can You Stand for Long Periods?

You should expect to be on your feet for long periods when working in restaurants. If you understand the job description, then you should not have a problem with that. Convince the interviewer that you are active and can stand for long durations. You can also add what you will do to ensure that you are up for longer durations.

Sample Answer

I don’t have a problem with standing for longer durations. I usually wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes that can allow me to stand for long periods. I also love low-heeled shoes that help m maintain good posture. I have also discovered that staying hydrated also helps me a lot.

8. Could You Please Explain the Gap in Your Resume

The interviewer will always want to know the missing gap in your resume. Where were you, and what were you doing? You should be honest when answering this question as it convinces the interviewer that you are a confident person with high integrity.

Sample Answer

I decided to take some time off employment to focus on some of my side investments. I am glad to report that they worked out. I also got a lot of quality experience and gained useful skills to help me in my line of work. I am now good to go and ready to work again.

9. What Motivates You?

What keeps you coming back to work every day? The interviewer wants to know where you draw your inspiration from. Ensure that whatever motivates you is not material in nature since you shouldn’t come off as materialistic in your first interview. Whatever you mention should convince the interviewer that you will be a worthy addition to the workplace. Therefore, think through your answer first.

Sample Answer

I love my job. Meeting new people and helping customers around give me the satisfaction I need. I also get to use my vast people’s skills that would have gone to waste if I was in a different career. I also have a strong support system that motivates me always to give my all and be at my best.

10. If You Could Be an Animal, What Would You Be?

Even though interviewers rarely ask this question in interviews, you should be ready just in case they do. You should pick an animal that represents a certain quality in you. The best thing about such a question is that you have lots of options to pick from. Make sure that your answer is detailed enough and sells you. Mention an animal that portrays lots of qualities in you.

Sample Answer

If I were to be an animal, I would be a gorilla. I believe that I am gentle but powerful, just like a gorilla. I am also a good parent and leader, which makes me a good candidate for this job. (Other options are a dog for loyalty, ants for hard work and team playing, dolphins for smartness and elephants for strengths)

11. Kindy Tell Us How Well You’d Perform in a Team Environment

Just like all other food service companies, Chipotle also highly values teamwork. You need to show the interviewer that you can work well with other employees, especially during rushes. If possible, mention a time when you thrived in a team setting. You should also convince the interviewer that you have what it takes and would succeed in this job if given a chance.

Sample Answer

I believe that I perform exceedingly well in team settings. Working together has been critical in the positions that I have held over time. I believe that customer lines move seamlessly when we coordinate our efforts. Also, being vigilant of our employees means that we can help them out if they are struggling. It also allows the group to stay on target.

12. Could You Mention Your Best Traits and How They Will Help You Succeed in this Job?

This is a two-part question and should be treated as such. The hiring manager wants to learn about the areas you believe that you thrive. It also informs the interviewer how you intend to use these traits to thrive in your job. Make sure that you give a genuine answer instead of telling the hiring manager what they want to hear. Mention any positive traits that will help you survive in your job.

Sample Answer

I believe that my hard work, dedication and adaptability are my best traits. They will help me while working here. Being hardworking means attending to issues on time and going above and beyond to help customers. My dedication makes me accountable and ready to exceed expectations. Lastly, being adaptable allows me to thrive in a fast-paced environment. I believe that I need all these qualities to thrive in this job.

13. What’s Your Definition of Exceptional Customer Service?

You need to understand that customer service forms a large part of several roles at Chipotle. You are expected to offer exceptional customer service to keep customers coming back. Show the interviewer that you understand the role it plays and are willing to stick to it. The hiring manager needs to know that you represent this value and would fit the current team


Sample Answer

Exceptional customer service is all about making the customer feel important. I believe that this institution recognizes that in its values. It involves being customer-oriented and having their interests at heart. One should be polite, happy and always willing to extend any form of help to the customer. (Alternatively, you can say that it involves treating the customer like family and solving their problems)

14. Do You Prefer Working Alone or in a Team?

Even though this question wants to know your preference, you need to convince the interviewer that you can work well as part of a team as you won’t be working alone when dealing with a food service company. You should communicate well with others, work collaboratively and always stove to be at your best.

Sample Answer

I am okay with working alone and as part of a team. I know that there will be tasks that I will be required to complete alone and others that require collaboration. As a person who’s worked in team settings,  I believe that teams create a friendly work environment. Working together makes the customer experience better and helps in resolving issues.

15. Have You Ever Had a Problem With a Co-worker? Would You Mind Walking Us Through How You Solved It

This question will deduce whether you can handle conflicts within your team or with a superior. Show the interviewer that you can stay calm and professional and resolve the situation instead of making it worse. Your answer should also show that you can work well with others. Do not speak negatively of your former encounters since it may shed your personality in a bad light. Also, make it known that you always try to avoid conflict as much as possible.

Sample Answer

I usually work well with my co-workers and managers. I believe that everyone should be on good terms in the workplace. I once noticed that a coworker was coming in late every day and taking longer breaks. I tried to talk to her about the importance of punctuality and timekeeping, which she told me she understood. However, she kept coming to work late and taking longer breaks and thus inconveniencing the team. I, therefore, had to have a word with the manager, who talked to her, and the issue was resolved. I later found out that she had personal issues, and speaking to the manager made her feel relieved. I was happy that we got the chance to resolve it.

16. What Would You Do if a Customer Asked for a Double Meat for Free?

Are you familiar with the store policy? The interviewer wants to know whether you will enforce it to deal with such a situation successfully. You shouldn’t give favours that are against the store’s policy. In this instance, you have to tell the customers that there is a double meat charge. You must also show that you will get the customer’s agreement before making such an addition.

Sample Answer

I have been in situations where customers ask for freebies. However, I always make it clear that there is a charge, just like the store policies suggest. I will inform the customer of a double meat charge, how much it costs and ask them to confirm if they still want it. However, if they insist, I will ask the manager for help.

17. Do You Believe that Food Can Change the World? Give Your Reasons

You should know that this institution believes that food has the power to change the world. Chipotle is all about serving customers healthy foods. Therefore, it believes that how food is raised and prepared has a significant impact on people and the world. Show that you understand and appreciate all the steps this establishment has taken to impact the world positively.

Sample Answer

I believe that food can change the world. How we raise and prepare food has a significant impact on the planet. You are an excellent example since you are committed to using well-raised meat with no added hormones and redirecting waste away from landfill sites.

18. What Do You Consider Your Greatest Weakness?

You shouldn’t deny that you have a weakness or two. We are all humans, and therefore it is expected. Prepare in advance and pick a weakness that best answers this question. Make sure that it is not harmful to the role. You can also pick a weakness that can be considered a strength or won’t be challenging to overcome.

Sample Answer

Even though I am trying hard to overcome it, my greatest weakness is my occasional lack of confidence. This usually keeps me from asking for help or speaking up. However, since I understand the take I am required to perform in this job, I am always working on it.

19. What Is/Are Your Biggest Strength(s)?

You should read the job description before the interview and think about all the skills the interviewer wants. Use this question to reveal to the interviewer how your strengths and experiences match the particular job. Make sure that you only choose relevant strengths and be honest in your answer.

Sample Answer

I believe that my greatest strength is my positive attitude. It helps me serve customers and also work well in team settings. I know that customers want friendly, approachable, and helpful people, attributes that are made possible by having a friendly attitude.

20. What is Your Availability?

The interviewer wants to know the hours you can work and the number of hours you will be willing to work weekly. Show that you are flexible.

Sample Answer

I believe that I am highly flexible. I can work throughout the week in any shift that you will deem fit.


These are a few questions that you should expect in a Chipotle interview. Make sure that you have the answers at your fingertips to increase your chances of landing the job.