Top 30 Waiter/Waitress Interview Questions and Answers in 2023


Want to become a waitress or waiter? Servants have the chance to interact with customers while earning more income with flexible shifts and the chance to interact with people. Being a waiter or waitress is a fun and satisfying experience, whether you are looking for a full-time position or a part-time opportunity to earn extra money to pay your bills.

Waiters and waitresses serve customers in a restaurant. They assist customers in making menu selections. They enhance the client experience of the company. Degrees and diplomas in Food and Beverage are an advantage, but not necessary. You should prepare for any possible interview questions if you are applying for this role. You can prepare for your next interview by studying the 30 questions below.

8 Tips to Prepare for a Waiter Interview

Here’s a breakdown of what a waiter should prepare for an interview:

Focus Area



Knowledge of the Menu Familiarize yourself with the menu to confidently describe dishes, suggest pairings, and accommodate customer inquiries. Study the menu, understand popular dishes, know any allergens, and be ready to recommend based on preferences.
Customer Service Experience Share experiences that showcase your ability to handle difficult situations, prioritize customer satisfaction, and ensure a positive dining experience. Use specific examples of how you resolved a customer’s issue or went above and beyond to satisfy their needs.
Upselling Techniques Understand how to subtly recommend higher-margin items or additions without being pushy. Demonstrate your ability to enhance the customer experience by suggesting complementary items or upgrades.
Wine and Beverage Knowledge Understand basic wine varietals, pairings, and cocktail recommendations. Study common wines and their characteristics, as well as basic cocktail recipes and pairings.
Point of Sale (POS) System Showcase your ability to manage orders, split checks, and process payments. If you’re familiar with a specific POS system, highlight your experience. If not, express your ability to quickly learn and adapt to new systems.
Restaurant Etiquette and Standards Understand the specific standards and culture of the restaurant, such as dress code, table settings, and service flow. Research the restaurant’s style and standards beforehand to align your responses with their practices.
Food Safety and Hygiene Showcase your understanding of food handling, sanitation, and safety protocols. Highlight any certifications or training related to food safety. Emphasize the importance of maintaining a clean and safe environment for guests.
Teamwork and Communication Skills Emphasize your communication skills, teamwork, and ability to collaborate in a fast-paced environment. Use examples of successful teamwork experiences or instances where clear communication improved service efficiency.

Prepare for situational questions, and consider conducting mock interviews to practice your responses. Confidence, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn can also make a lasting impression during the interview.

Top 30 Waiter/Waitress Interview Questions and Answers

Here are the top 30 Waiter/Waitress interview questions, along with a sample answer for each question.

1. Why Are You Interested In This Role?

Sample Answer

My passion for delivering excellent customer service and my excellent interpersonal skills attracted me to this position. Assisting customers with their food selections is my favorite part of the job. In addition to my two years of experience, I meet all the requirements for this job. As well as the company’s commitment to great customer service, I would enjoy being part of the team serving customers. As a result of the restaurant’s commitment to being a market leader, I see this as an opportunity to learn and grow. I believe my career aspirations and goals are perfectly aligned with your brand’s mission and that I will be a great addition to your team.

2. What Are The Roles Of A Waiter/Waitress?

Sample Answer

I will be the first person to serve clients as a waiter/waitress. My responsibilities will include greeting customers and assisting them with menu selections. Using my product knowledge, I will assist customers in making informed choices about food items. I will also take orders for food and drinks. Additionally, I will be around the dining area to attend to guests’ needs. When food is ready, I will deliver it to clients’ tables. I will make sure that the order details have been translated appropriately by the kitchen staff and that the client receives a delicious meal.

3. What Are The Qualities That Make A Waiter/Waitress Need To Be Successful?

Sample Answer

Communication and interpersonal skills are crucial to success. The role involves interacting with people from different backgrounds. While some are nice, others are downright nasty. To assist everyone equally, you need to be composed well enough. This role requires menu knowledge. Explain how a menu item is made and what ingredients are used. A sense of urgency is also important, as is being self-driven. Above all, you must be excellent at dealing with customers. I have developed my communication and interpersonal skills over the past year and feel I would be well suited for this role.

4. What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role? How Did You Manage Them?

Sample Answer

When I first started my career, I had difficulty dealing with some customers who displayed funny behaviors. When they talked to me like that, I would get offended. As I discussed it with my colleagues, I realized that such behavior is exhibited by some clients. However, I laughed it off and continued working. These days, it does not offend me, and I even jokingly match their energy.

5. Describe Your Daily Routine As A Waiter/Waitress?

Sample Answer

As walk-in clients arrive, I expect to handle them. The details of the hotel’s offers and the chef’s special of the day will also be given to me. Upon receiving orders from clients, I will ensure that an appealing meal is delivered to their table. My primary task will be to clear all the tables and transfer the dishes to the dishwashing area. Any takeaway orders clients leave with me to pick up later will also be followed.

6. Describe Briefly About Your Experience

Sample Answer

In a busy restaurant downtown, I worked for two years as a waiter. The position required this experience. During my time in this position, I have developed key sales skills such as communication and interpersonal skills. I have developed my ability to handle a variety of clients and provide complete assistance to them. My skills in customer handling and customer service have improved over the past year. My belief is that this reflects the restaurant’s continuous improvement strategy.

7. What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Is Required For This Role?

Sample Answer

An upbeat personality is essential for waiters/waitresses. Passion, creativity, and technological skills are all important. In order to handle clients of diverse backgrounds, an individual with a go-getter mentality is needed. In order to develop these attributes, I have worked hard to develop my skills.

8. What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Job?

Sample Answer

Keeping up with online sales will be the biggest challenge. I see that the company heavily invests in online marketing through social media channels. This is an area that interests me. My social media selling skills will grow as a result of this opportunity. I have a basic understanding of online marketing, and therefore this will be an excellent platform for me to improve in this area.

9. How Do You Stay Motivated In Your Work?

Sample Answer

Meeting targets motivates me, as does learning new things. My skills in Food and Beverage will be enhanced at this restaurant because it is committed to continuous improvement through learning new ways to do things. I set personal goals that I work hard to achieve, and that keeps me motivated to achieve them. Collaborating with colleagues also keeps me motivated. I enjoy being part of a team that produces results and is dedicated to helping the organization achieve its goals.

10. Describe A Time When You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learned?

Sample Answer

When I was hired for my previous role, I had no skills. Even though I had high sales targets, I barely made any sales in the first month. By failing so miserably, I invested heavily in my learning of sales. After four months, I had mastered the art of selling like a pro. As a result of this experience, I learned you can work hard at something and achieve your desired results.

11. Why Do You Feel You Are Suitable For This Role?

Sample Answer

Since I have worked as a waiter in a similar restaurant, I am the best candidate since I already have experience selling them. Because I have some background knowledge of them and the benefits they offer or the problems they solve, I will master the menu quickly. Additionally, my personal values and goals align with the company’s mission and vision. The company and I would both benefit from such a relationship, so I see this as a mutually beneficial partnership.

12. Share With Us Your Greatest Achievement.

Sample Answer

As part of my previous role, I ensured each customer was well taken care of. This included ensuring the order was correct. The meal would be very presentable and meet our standards before serving. Due to this commitment, I received repeat business from customers who requested me. As a result of my efforts, I have been voted the best waiter for the year in my second year at the restaurant. As a candidate for this role, I would bring the same level of commitment and I believe the results will be evident.

13. What Three Words Sum Up Our Brand?

Sample Answer

Excellent customer experience would be the three words. The fact that this brand is known for exceeding customers’ expectations is appealing to me. They put their best to provide a unique experience for each customer. I am most interested in this organization for this reason. Creating these experiences would be an amazing experience for me.

14. Have You Ever Had A Chance To Explain A Missing Menu Item To A Customer?

Sample Answer

I used to stock up on sensitive skin lotion in my previous role. The sales weren’t great because most people bought the normal range. We ran out of fish when we had a customer come in. This was not what we anticipated being purchased first. I assured her that a supplier had been ordered already for the same and will soon deliver. As a suggestion, I suggested other menu items she may enjoy. In the end, she chose our delicious chicken. I made her feel comfortable to such an extent that she was impressed.

15. What Do You Enjoy In Being A Waiter/Waitress?

Sample Answer

I have the opportunity to interact with many people in this position and think on my feet. I am learning to become a better server every day. My favorite part of my job is seeing the smiles on clients’ faces when they enjoy their meals. Having a busy life also fulfills me. I also enjoy interacting with my colleagues during the workday.

16. What Do You Do Especially When A Customer Asks A Question That You Don’t Know How To Reply To?

Sample Answer

Every employee had a specific set of products they had to master in my previous role. It was necessary to have a general understanding of the company’s other products. Once a customer asked about a product that wasn’t on my master list. I noted that I would easily provide inaccurate information based on the questions she asked. She was instructed to be patient while I find the person who can best assist her.

17. What Do You Absolutely Hate About Being A Waiter Or Waitress?

Sample Answer

 Dealing with a customer who is impossible to satisfy does not appeal to me. On the contrary, I dislike unhappy customers. It is always my goal to make them happy and leave them with a good impression.. In general, I never hate anything but sometimes, I get irritated as I am a human too.

18. What Other Types Of Experience Do You Have Asides From Waiting Tables?

Sample Answer

Along with serving, some restaurants require you to make desserts, make a cocktail or mixed drink occasionally, and set tables. You will be asked what additional experience you have with the tasks servers typically perform. Tell them about all the tasks you performed in previous jobs.

I used to make sundaes, simple desserts, and even the occasional cocktail to help out the bartenders at my previous job. My experience includes working as a bartender as well. In addition, I have experience setting tables. This was part of my role while working for a catering company. At the same time, I gained sommelier experience.

19. How Do You Determine If A Menu Item Is Right For Your Customer?

Sample Answer

To determine a customer’s needs, I ask questions. Upon answering, I determine what the customer is looking for. From there, I provide menu suggestions. Most people who don’t know what to eat are open to suggestions when they encounter them.

20. Why Do You Prefer Working With Us?

Sample Answer

The food you serve at your restaurant is the best in our city. I’m sure I’ll enjoy working at your restaurant. I would love to be a part of a team that offers great customer service. By connecting with customers, I will be able to contribute to the customer experience. In addition, the atmosphere is amazing and I am looking forward to working there.

But this surely is not the only reason for the same. Several other reasons I do consider too. These include your popularity, fame, and a good reputation. Moreover, you have the best customer reviews and I would love to work under the experienced professionals you already have.

21. Do You Have Any Experience Managing A Cash Register?

Sample Answer

Yes, I’ve done that. When the cashiers took their off days, I acted as a reliever cashier. As a result, I learned how to process different forms of payment. Receiving payment, processing changes, and issuing receipts for goods are all things I know how to do. Furthermore, at the end of the work shift, I can summarize the transactions and account for all money received.

22. What Key Words Would Your Colleagues Use To Describe You?

Sample Answer

I am described by my colleagues as a go-getter, ever-smiling, resilient, and hardworking individual. I always strive for excellence. I am also said to be always smiling since I don’t seem to be discouraged by anything.

I never praise myself or ask someone for praise. This is not something good from my perspective. All the traits I mentioned above given by my friends are all as per my behavior and attitude with them, this surely is my weakness too up to some extent but somehow, it makes me a stronger person too.

23. Why Do You Think You Would Make A Great Addition To Our Team?

Sample Answer

As a team player, I can bring something to the table (pun intended). As far as I know, your management looks for motivated, enthusiastic teams.

My primary goal is to make every guest feel welcome. This is evident in everything I do. My approach of leading by example rubs off on other servers, so having me around will be beneficial for everyone.

I love challenges and your company being the best and top-most in the town would surely fill me up with the daily hectic tasks, which I would love to do. This will increase my learning plus I will get ample experience for the same to serve somewhere better in the future.

24. How Important Is It To Maintain A Safe Workplace?

Sample Answer

Workplace management is something everyone should care and I personally take care of the same as it is the prime responsibility of each of us, especially the waiters.

 Wearing comfortable, stable shoes and avoiding loose clothing are always things I watch out for. When I am carrying plates near other servers, I make sure they are aware I am doing so. When it comes to solving problems, my attitude is impressive. Hence, I undoubtedly, am a good candidate for the same position.

25. Do You Have Anything To Ask?

Sample Answer

I would prefer to ask some questions, please.

  • What will be my salary?
  • Would there be any increments or I will have the same throughout with no raise?
  • Will any certification help in my promotion

26.How Do You Handle Difficult Customers Or Situations?

Sample Answer

I always try to remain calm and professional when dealing with difficult customers or situations. I listen to their concerns and try to find a solution that satisfies them and the restaurant’s policies. If I cannot resolve the issue myself, I ask for help from a manager or a senior staff member.

27. How Do You Balance Speed And Quality When Serving Customers?

Sample Answer

I prioritize quality over speed, but I also try to be efficient and timely when serving customers. I use my experience and judgment to determine the best order of tasks and the optimal route to deliver food and drinks. I also communicate with the kitchen staff and other servers to coordinate orders and avoid delays or mistakes.

28. How Do You Deal With Food Allergies Or Dietary Restrictions?

Sample Answer

I always ask customers if they have any food allergies or dietary restrictions before taking their orders. I inform them of the ingredients and preparation methods of the dishes they are interested in and suggest alternatives if needed. I also make sure to note their preferences on the order ticket and alert the kitchen staff to avoid cross-contamination.

29. How Do You Upsell Menu Items Or Specials?

Sample Answer

I upsell menu items or specials by highlighting their features and benefits and matching them to the customers’ tastes and needs. I use descriptive and positive language to make the items sound appealing and enticing. I also offer suggestions based on the customers’ orders, such as recommending a wine that pairs well with their entree or a dessert that complements their meal.

30. How Do You Handle Tips And Payments?

Sample Answer

I handle tips and payments with honesty and accuracy. I always thank customers for their tips and express my appreciation for their business. I also make sure to count the money and give the correct change or process the card payments securely and promptly. I keep track of my tips and report them to the management at the end of the shift.


Waiters and waitresses must have unique skills, which will help them succeed in any interview. Use your selling skills during the interview. Make the interviewer want to hire you. Impress the interviewer. The above-mentioned questions and answers surely are going to help you for the same but as the position is general; there is a great chance of their variation. You can still check them and also, don’t forget to look around you or ask seniors who are already working in the same field. This surely will provide you with a great insight making your chances brighter for selection.

Listed above are some of the most common interview questions and answers for waitresses and waiters. Expect some unexpected questions during your interview. Keep your cool, respond positively, and show that you are willing to learn, and you will land that higher-paying server job.