Top 25 Vans Interview Questions And Answers in 2024

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Vans Interview Questions And Answers

Vans is a popular skateboarding shoe and apparel company owned by Vanity Fair Mills Corporation, a multinational footwear and apparel company founded over 12 decades ago. Vans, our main subject of discussion, was founded in 1966 and is currently headquartered in Costa Mesa, California.

You can try your luck with this company if you are a fashion lover or skateboarder looking for a suitable job. Our article will cover some of the questions to expect in this establishment’s interview to help you prepare if you make it to the shortlist. Feel free to use our responses to craft the best possible answers in case you are asked any of the questions we will cover in this article. Let’s get started.

1. What Do You Know About Vans?

Vans is one of the most popular brands for skateboarders and fashion enthusiasts looking for simple skateboarding shoes or apparel. It is a subsidiary of the Vanity Fair Mills Corporation, a global footwear, and apparel company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Vans was founded in 1966 in Anaheim, California, although it is currently headquartered in Costa Mesa, California. The company is deeply involved in sports and currently sponsors motocross, surf, BMX, and snowboarding teams.

2. Why Do You Want To Work Here?

This is the most suitable workplace for me,  a skateboarder and fashion lover. Working here will allow me to meet and interact with people who share my skateboarding interest. I am also impressed by your commitment to sports promotion, evident from the snowboarding, motocross, BMF, and surf teams you sponsor. Lastly, I had the chance to attend and enjoy several Warped Tour music festivals you sponsored, which tripled my interest and respect for this establishment. It would be an honor to be part of this company and contribute to such great things.

3. We Serve Different Customers Daily. How Would You Handle An Upset One?

Working in retail for a long duration has taught me how to handle different types of customers. In such a scenario, I will give the customer time to vent without interruptions while listening empathetically. Depending on the issue, I may offer an apology before finding a good solution or referring them to someone who can. I will ensure that the customer’s issue is solved before they walk out of the store.

4. Do You Have Any Particular Sales Technique You Love To Use?

My favorite sales technique is talking to customers and finding their preferences before recommending any product. It works because customers feel heard, valued, and cared for. It also saves time as customers choose from a range of viable options instead of rummaging through the entire store, hoping to find something that appeals to their style or preferences. I am confident that this technique will help me serve your customers well.

5. How Do You Normally Attain  Customer Satisfaction?

I normally ensure that any customer I interact with in the store walks out satisfied with both their purchase and general experience by exercising and upholding high standards of service. I am always ready to go above and beyond to help them find products that match their preferences and get the help they need. My main aim is always to inspire customer loyalty, which directly benefits the organization.

6. How Do You Feel About Working Overtime?

I do not mind working overtime when called upon since some situations may be dire. On the other hand, I have to maintain a healthy work-life balance to achieve high focus levels and generally be in my best state, meaning it may be impossible to put in extra hours regularly. All in all, I believe we will reach a favorable agreement.

7. Could You Kindly Tell Us About Your Availability

I may not be available around the clock since I have other commitments. I am willing to put in 35- 40 hours a week, as I also understand that this is not a full-time position. However, I am quite flexible and can slightly increase the hours depending on the company’s needs. I am also fully available over the weekend and on holidays and can freely work overtime if called upon.

8. What Is Your Greatest Strength?

My most prominent strengths are my ability to fit into team settings and get along with people from diverse backgrounds. I have extensive interpersonal and people skills from years of practice and experience that help me work harmoniously with others. I am approachable and friendly, two qualities that make it easy to start conversations and win the trust of people I meet for the first time. I am confident this strength will help me blend in well and get along with your current employees if I get to work here.

9. What Would You Do If You Noticed A Member Of Your Team Ignoring Company Guidelines And Policies?

I believe every employee should follow the company’s guidelines and policies in all their undertakings. In such a scenario, I would ask to have a word in private with the coworker to discuss the importance of complying with company policies and guidelines before urging them to do so. If they don’t listen, I will notify the team leader, supervisor, manager, or anyone with actual authority to deal with them. Failing to follow company policies can negatively affect the team and should therefore be treated with the seriousness it deserves.

10. Which Product In Our Shoe Collection  Appeals To You The Most?

Even though your shoe collection has many quality and aesthetically pleasing designs, I believe none matches the Old Skools. It remains the most stylish, comfortable, and versatile option in your entire shoe catalog. I particularly love the shoe’s breathable upper and durable outsole. As a skateboarder, I appreciate that the Old Skool brakes well on the board, which may further explain its popularity among the skateboarding community. I can proudly say that I own over five pairs.

11. In Your Opinion, What Is The Best Way To Deal With An Indecisive Customer?

I have encountered many indecisive customers in my ten years as a sales associate. The best way to handle them is to discuss their preferences and deduce their most preferred feature in a product, which normally varies from one to the next. Once you know what they can’t compromise on in the product they want, it becomes easier to come up with the right suggestions and help them make up their minds.

12. How Do You Normally Handle Criticism And Negative Feedback?

My experience as a sales associate has taught me never to take any criticism or negative feedback personally. Instead, I use them to discover and improve my weak areas. A bad review or customer rating does not mean that I am incompetent or bad at my job but merely signifies an area that needs improvement. I usually respect every piece of feedback, whether favorable or unfavorable. Positive customer feedback tells me what I need to keep doing, while negative feedback informs me about the areas I need to improve.

13. What Is The Biggest Challenge You Foresee In This Job?

I have always wanted to work at Vans. I haven’t therefore thought of the possible challenges I am likely to face partly because all your past and current employees I have interacted with have only positive things to say about this establishment. I also live nearby, so I won’t struggle to get to work on time. Additionally, my level of retail experience has taught me how to handle the pressure I should expect when working for such a big brand. It’s, therefore, quite difficult to pinpoint a challenge at the moment.

14. What Does Excellent Customer Service Mean To You?

Excellent customer service means going out of my way to guarantee a customer an excellent experience. I am always ready to go above and beyond to ensure that the customer is satisfied with their purchase and overall shopping experience. As a sales associate, I usually ensure that the customer feels valued and heard the moment they step into the store. I also help indecisive customers make up their minds by finding out about their preferences and suggesting the best options based on them without pushing too hard. In short, customer service means giving someone a reason to make a repeat purchase in the future or become a loyal customer.

15. We Value Teamwork Here At Vans. Can You Assure Us That You Will Get Along Well With Other Employees?

I am an excellent team player with an outgoing personality, attributes that allow me to get along well with team members. I can guarantee that I will easily blend in and get along well with your current employees. I’ll ensure that I do my job well, learn and respect their boundaries, and help as much as possible. I also took a course in conflict resolution, which I intend to use to help solve any conflicts that may arise and maintain peace.

16. What Do You Normally Do Outside Work?

I normally strive to maintain a good work-life balance since it is impossible to succeed at work when one’s personal life is in chaos. I love to skate whenever I am free, which is one of the reasons I would like to work here at Vans. Let me add that I am pretty good at it, too, having started skating at a relatively young age. I also love hanging out with my friends and family, who make up my support system.

17. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

Even though I am grateful for the lessons I learned in my last job, I felt that the best thing to do after staying with the company for five years was to give someone else a chance also to learn and look for new learning and career growth opportunities, which I am confident I will find here. I left on good terms with the management and employees and occasionally hang out with some of my former coworkers.

18. How Would You Handle An Impatient Customer?

After encountering several impatient customers in my career, I have learned that the best thing to do when dealing with one is to politely ask them to exercise a little bit of patience as you work on their order or issue. Getting mad or feeling bullied or harassed will only worsen matters and may deter you from offering high service standards. It’s also wise to apologize and thank them for their patience if they have been waiting for long as it shows concern.

19. What Would You Do If You Caught An Employee Stealing?

I once had a chance to go through your policy and learned that it prohibits theft. Theft is also prohibited in the country’s penal code. It even attracts a jail term, meaning as a good employee and citizen, I am obligated to report any incidences of theft to the right authorities. I will inform the manager or supervisor so that disciplinary action can be taken against the employee. I will also notify security officials of theft in progress as they are usually better positioned to intervene and stop or recover the stolen items.

20. As A Sales Associate, You Will Be On Your Feet Most Of The Time. What Do You Normally Do To Stay Fit?

I usually skate and play football over the weekends, activities that have helped me stay fit for the better part of my adult life. I also work out 3-4 times a week, usually after work. Lastly, I occasionally run or hike with friends, which has immensely contributed to my physical fitness. I am therefore confident that I can handle all the physical requirements of this job.

21. Where Do You See Yourself In The Next Five Years?

As a passionate fashion enthusiast, I have always wanted to venture into fashion design and put together a few pieces. With enough determination and hard work, I am positive that it will be possible in the next five years, or better yet, I may finally start my fashion line. Working here at Vans will allow me to meet and exchange ideas with some of the most creative designers and like-minded fashion lovers, which will definitely catapult me into achieving my dreams. I am prepared to put in the extra work to learn while serving this establishment and contributing to your annual goals and targets.

22. Tell Us About Your Experience

This is my seventh year in retail. Before joining sales, I worked in the hotel industry as a chef and professional server, experiences that taught me the fundamentals of customer service. I learned how to contribute towards customer satisfaction and deal with negative feedback, lessons that have helped me reach this far. Upon joining the retail industry, I worked as a sales associate at Target and later Walmart. I was then promoted to a shift supervisor in my next workplace, where I learned how to manage others. I was the store manager in my last job, charged with overseeing the operations of a busy store and managing 45 employees, a job I did well and to the best of my ability.

23. Why Do You Think You Are The Most Suited For This Job Out Of All The Candidates?

Although I am unaware of the other candidates’ qualifications and can’t compare mine to theirs,  I believe I have everything needed to succeed in this job. I have worked in the retail industry for ten years and therefore possess the experience required to thrive in this job. I also have extensive management, teamwork, and problem-resolution skills that I find necessary for success. Lastly, I am a critical thinker and an excellent problem solver and can participate in effective problem resolution. I am confident that I will contribute positively to your operations, given a chance.

24. How Would You Sell A New Product To A Customer?

I would approach the customer with a warm smile and politely request two minutes of their time to make a pitch. I would then introduce the product and mention all the selling points before giving the customer a deal that is hard to resist, subject to the entity’s authorization. I would also answer all their questions and clarify whichever areas they haven’t understood to help them make an informed purchase.

25. Who Are Our Main Competitors?

You have a number of competitors owing to your offerings. The main ones are New Balance, Converse, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Fila, Anta Sports, and Under Armour. Despite all the competition, you enjoy permanent dominance when it comes to skateboarding shoes thanks to your unique offerings, such as the Old Skools.


These 25 recommendations are some of the most common questions in Vans interviews. We urge you to brainstorm them and come up with the best possible replies to earn you a chance to work in this globally respected brand. Also, remember to work on other interview aspects, such as making an excellent first impression. We wish you all the best in your upcoming interview