Top 20 United Airlines Interview Questions & Answers 2024

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United Airlines Interview Questions & Answers

If you are interested or qualified to be in the aviation industry, United Airlines can be a good place to try your luck. This article will look at some of the common questions asked in United Airlines interviews to give you the edge over your competitors. Take a look at the following:

1. What Do You Know About Us?

What do you know about United Airlines? This is where you convince the interviewer that you have researched the organization and are interested in their services. Ensure that you mention accurate information to assure the interviewer that this is not your first time interacting with the brand.

Sample Answer

United Airlines is the third-largest carrier in the world in terms of revenue. It is a member of Star Alliance and has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. It has a frequent flier program called MileagePlus. (You can also mention their member Longue called United Club)

2. Why Do You Want to Work Here?

This is a straightforward question that shouldn’t break you a sweat. It would be best to reveal your real intentions to the interviewer. Mention how you would benefit United Airlines or how working for them will help you in your career. Avoid materialistic reasons such as the pay they offer or the benefits customers get.

Sample Answer

I have been keeping up with this airline for some time. I would love to be part of an organization committed to reducing greenhouse emissions by 50% by 2050, given my love for the environment. I would also love to continue learning and growing in the aviation industry, and United Airlines is the perfect place, given that it is a Fortune 500 company.

3. How Do You Feel About Being Away from Your Loved Ones?

Every job comes with its challenges. When it comes to airline jobs, the biggest obstacle you may face is being away from your loved ones, pets or family and at times for prolonged periods. Learn more about what your position requires and convince the interviewer that you understand what is needed from you. If you are interviewing to become a flight attendant, you must be okay with staying away from your loved ones for some time.

Sample Answer

I used to have a problem with being away from my family and friends at the start of my career. However, it ceased to be an issue after some time. Also, with this era of modern technology, I can video call my friends, family, and loved ones from everywhere in the world to keep in touch with them. Additionally, I find meeting new people highly fulfilling, and even though it may not prevent me from missing my family and loved ones, it at least covers the void.

4. How Many Languages Can You Speak?

This is a common interview question for flight attendants. Interviewers and generally airlines love people with extra qualifications. Speaking more than one language means connecting to people from different regions, which improves your customer service reach. Be honest.

Sample Answer

I can speak three languages. Apart from English, which is my native language, I am fluent in French and German. I learnt the other two after high school partly in anticipation of an airline job. (Remember, you don’t have to give reasons)

5. Do You Have any Other Qualification that We Should be Aware Of?

This is generally a follow-up question, especially if asked after the former. Also, this would be an excellent time to talk about the additional languages you can speak, especially if you didn’t get the chance. You can also mention any previous experience in customer service or some of the workshops you have attended. Make sure that you sell yourself and convince the interviewer that you deserve this position.

Sample Answer

I spent five years as a customer service attendant in a retail store. I leant how to deal with upset, difficult and demanding customers. It also opened me up to several interactions that allowed me to understand people better. This will come in handy in this job, given how much you value your customers.

6. Why Should We Hire You?

The interviewer has given you a chance to sell yourself by talking about some of the contributions you will make to the workplace. What will your employer gain from your services? Talk highly about yourself and convince the interviewer that you are the perfect choice for the job. You can also look at the job description, identify the needed qualities and convince the interviewer that you possess them.

Sample Answer

I have an array of skills that I believe will come in handy in this job. I am an excellent communicator, which will make me work well with both my crew members and customers. I also have strong multitasking skills that allow me to handle several situations that may come up when handling customers. ( Other skills you can mention are attention to detail, ability to work in team settings and leadership)

7. Can You Work Irregular Hours and During the  Holidays?

You need to stop and think about the potential workplace before answering this question. Airlines do not stop transporting people because of holidays. In fact, those are some of the busiest times since they guarantee more clients. Also, this is not a Monday to Friday job, meaning that you should be okay with working anytime.

Sample Answer

I understand that this is not a Monday to Friday job and therefore have no problem working irregular hours and during the holidays. I am okay with any hours you will assign me.

8. Walk Us Through How You Would Handle an Upset Customer?

The interviewer will constantly assess your customer handling skills. Remember, airlines greatly value their customers, meaning that you have to uphold their interests. You can draw from a previous experience or give an overview of how you would handle such situations. Show empathy and professionalism in your answer.

Sample Answer

I would listen to and sympathise with the customer. I have realized that the best way of helping customers is by showing them that you care. I would then apologise and try to fix the problem to the best of my ability, which shouldn’t be hard once I know what they are upset about.

9. Comment about Our Brand

What do you think the United Brand is? This is where you mention what you believe United Airlines pride itself in and what their services target. Remember to get this right. Convince the interviewer that you know about their potential workplace. Be honest. Admit if you don’t know.

Sample Answer

From what I have observed, your brand is all about connecting people and uniting the world. It is pretty visible from your services and the fact that you fly to over six continents. (This is just a sample answer. You can choose to be as detailed as you want)

10. What is Your Greatest Strength?

In anticipation of this question, make sure you list your greatest strengths and those required in the job description. Once everything is in order, compare the lists and mention the greatest strength captured in both. The hack is to make sure that whatever you mention is relevant to your job.

Sample Answer

My greatest strength is empathy, an attribute that is highly needed when working with customers and the general public. It has countlessly helped me in delivering excellent customer service to clients and attending to those in need. I believe that it will also come in handy in this job, given that you highly value your customers.

11. Have You Ever Received Excellent Customer Service? Give Us an Experience

The interviewer wants to know how you would personally define excellent customer service. This is a common question in customer-oriented roles that you should always be ready for. Make sure that your explanation is detailed. You can talk about a service that you received from a restaurant, store, hotel or another airline(do not mention names), provided that it is unforgettable.

Sample Answer

My best customer experience was from an Airline company when travelling to Asia. They welcomed me warmly and ensured that my voice was heard throughout the flight. The crew also had little surprises for all passengers. I particularly loved the system they had in place, which made me feel safe the entire time. I would love to replicate the service I received here if I get this job.

12. Tell Us About a Time You Disagreed With a Colleague

Conflicts are pretty common, especially in team settings. You must have had your fair share of disputes throughout your career. For this interview, settle on one that you managed to solve quickly. Also, make sure that the conflict revolves around a professional issue and not something personal. Show the interviewer that you can prevent disputes from escalating into something big.

Sample Answer

I once disagreed with a colleague on an approach. He wanted the shorter way out of a problem that carried lots of risks, whereas I thought we should take the longer route with lesser risks. I tabled my idea, brainstormed it and, together with other team members, adopted it. It turned out to be a big success.

13. Mention Your Greatest Achievement

The interviewer wants you to mention a work experience that you are most proud of. We advise that you focus more on what you did for others and less on the accolades or prizes you have received. Convince the hiring manager that you enjoy such moments and find satisfaction in them by talking passionately and enthusiastically about your achievements.

Sample Answer

I worked in a restaurant during my early days in customer service. I once helped an elderly customer to her car on a rainy evening and later called her to confirm that she safely arrived at her residence. She happened to be the first loyal customer I created for my restaurant. I smile whenever I remember this experience.

14. Do You Have any Situation You Wish You Had Handled Differently?

The interviewer wants to know whether you can admit to making mistakes and even learn from them. The best subject to refer to when answering this question is customer service, given that it is one of the most important aspects when dealing with airlines. Do not shy away from talking about your past experiences. Just ensure that the interviewer is convinced that you have grown.

Sample Answer

I once lost my cool when dealing with a difficult customer. I responded inappropriately, and the situation escalated. Luckily, my supervisor understood that I was having a bad day and let me off with a warning. This experience taught me not to let my personal issues affect my work. I have lived by that since then.

15. What is the Most Challenging Aspect of this Job?

This question is always dependent on the position you are interviewing for. It should be easy to answer if you are experienced. Remember, your answer will depend on your expectations and preferences. However, do not mention a challenge that will make you look incompetent. Think through your response.

Sample Answer

I grew up in a close-knit company. My parents were always home since they didn’t work far away. Therefore, the most challenging aspect of this job for me is being away from home. However, I have been managing well, and I can also video call my family from anywhere in the world.

16. How Would You React If One of Your Colleagues Refused to Follow the Rules?

Even though United Airlines greatly values teamwork and camaraderie, you should understand that rules and policies come first. You shouldn’t cover up for your employees if they blatantly break the rules or fail to adhere to them. Assure the interviewer that you will intervene instantly.

Sample Answer

I believe that everyone should adhere to workplace rules and policies. I would immediately intervene and talk to the employee, explaining how they are ignoring the rules. Everybody can make a mistake and will not be too quick to report unless it’s something serious. However, I would inform the managers if I see them breaking the rules again.

17. Do You Know Our Values?

Every business has values that dictate its operations. Answering this question right will convince the interviewer that you took your time to research the organization and find out as much information as possible. You can quickly obtain this company’s values from its mission statement found on the website.

Sample Answer

United Airlines has five main values: diversity and inclusion, fly friendly, fly together, fly right, and fly above the ground. They are more of principles that guide your operation and activities. (Remember that values are generally responsible for the success of the company)

18. Do You Know Our Goal? How Do They Align to Yours?

It would be best if you always strived to find out as much information as possible about an organization before the interview. Make sure that you get such questions right since they have definite answers. Do not also forget to answer the second part of the question since it is equally important. The hack here is to learn more about your workplace in anticipation of succeeding in the interview.

Sample Answer

Your goal is to equip customers with a positive experience on every flight. This aligns with my goal of positively impacting everyone I come across or interact with within my life.

19. What Do You Hope to Gain Most From Your Time With Us?

This question will help the interviewer know that you are entirely interested in working with them. Mention your hopes and expectations from your interaction with United Airlines. This is a chance to tell the interviewer about how you believe you will benefit from this position.

Sample Answer

I hope to gain vast experience and additional skills that will help me fit in better in the airline industry. Your airline is one of the most renowned companies when it comes to training. Most of your training programs are also famous and respected.

20. Can You Handle an In-flight Emergency?

The interviewer wants to know if you have received enough training to handle an in-flight emergency. You need to convince the interviewer that you can manage an emergency professionally. You should also be honest if relatively new to the industry and lack any training.

Sample Answer

I received over 120 hours of in-flight situational training during my former role at Blights Airline. I, therefore, believe that I can professionally and appropriately handle an emergency. ( Or you can say that you are new to the airline industry and have not received any tangible in-flight emergency training. However, you took an emergency response training which should help you in any situation)


These are some of the commonest interview questions that you should expect in a United Airline Interview. Ensure that you have all the answers at your fingertips and convince the interviewer that you are the perfect fit for this position.