Top 20 Product Development Manager Interview Questions & Answers 2022

Product Development Manager Interview Questions & Answers

Who is a product development manager? This is an individual who is responsible for researching, assessing, and coordinating the development of innovative and compelling new products.

Below are the top 20 Interview Questions and Answers you are likely to be asked. Also, there is a sample answer about how you are supposed to phrase your answer when answering the questions.

1.   Why Are You Interested In This Role?

Here, your interviewer expects you to tell them why you want to work in their company. Consider talking about getting a job to earn a living and learning from them as well.

Sample Answer

“As a graduate in a degree associated with this field, I would like to put my skills that I have learned in the university and through experience into work. I would be delighted to use the knowledge and skills I have gained to better your company as a product development manager. According to a research I have conducted about your company, I have seen a great performance in the sales of the new products. I want to be part of this team that is doing great work in maximizing sales of your company by innovating and developing new products. In addition, I would like to learn and improve my skills through your team as well.”

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2.   What Are The Roles Of a Product Development Manager?

The interviewer wants to know whether you are aware of the duties and responsibilities that you are supposed to perform as a product development manager. Talk about the critical roles of a product development manager.

Sample Answer

“As a product development manager, I am expected to perform several duties which among them are;

a)    managing and coordinating product development projects

b)    Evaluating and resolving technical feasibility, issues regarding product issues, and designing optimization

c)    Ensuring that products are well labeled and their specifications match the products

d)    Innovate new products, designs, and their market prices

e)    Manages project budget and prepares financial reports

f)     Supervises and ensures product goals are fully met

These are the primary duties that I am responsible for.”

3.   What Are The Qualities That A Product Development Manager Need To Be Successful

Your interviewer wants to know what qualities you would need to be successful in this role. Talk about the qualities of a good product development manager that would make them successful in this role.

Sample Answer

“A good product development manager would possess good communication skills since there is a lot of communication between the product development manager and the top managers briefing them about ongoing projects and new product proposals. A product development manager should be innovative and creative so that they can come up with creative ideas to make unique products. In addition, a product development manager should be friendly to the company employees to ensure that they are working as they should be and make them feel free to engage with them. Also, a good product development manager should have a high level of attention to detail. Lastly, a product development manager should be well equipped with products that the company is producing.”

4.   What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role? How Did You Manage?

Your interviewer wants to know what challenges you came across and how you solved them. Talk about the difficulties that you have had in your previous roles.

Sample Answer

“One of the biggest challenges that I have faced in this role is market viability. As you are doing research as a product development manager, you will find that there is fast and stiff competition in this industry. Products are developing day by day and need to be watched every time so that you can know where to improve. If this monitoring is not done keenly, you may find your products being left behind and losing.”

5.   Describe Your Daily Routine As A Product Development Manager

The interviewer wants to know what your daily schedule would be like. Give them an organized routine starting from the first activity to the last activity of the day.

Sample Answer

“As a product development manager, once I arrive at my workplace I would start by checking my emails to see whether I have any burning issue about any product. Once I am done, I would start following up to know the progress of ongoing projects and make sure that whatever should be done is done. After knowing the progress, I attend a meeting organized by the management to brief them about the projects and tell them the challenges we are facing if any. Lastly, I have to meet my team and brief them about new ideas on new products and product development strategies that we should put in place. That would be a busy day at work.”

6.   Describe Briefly About Your Experience

Here, your interviewer wants you to talk about your past roles and how long you worked as a product development manager. Talk about the positions you have held, for how long, and the experience you got.

Sample Answer

“As a product development manager, I have worked for five years in two different workplaces. One was a company, and the other one was a factory. The first year, I started working as a product development assistant manager, and I was promoted to be a product development manager since I had all the qualifications needed. After that, I worked as a product development manager for one year, and due to my excellent performance, I was transferred to a higher company where I gained a lot of experience since I could do more work on developing products. I worked there for two years, and my contract ended.”

7.   What Kind Of Strategies And Mindsets Are Required For This Role?

The interviewer wants to know the attitudes you have towards this role. Talk about your attitudes and a key focus in this role.

Sample Answer

“As a well-experienced product development manager, I should be able to focus on long-term quality work. The main focus should be on learning and observing what I can add to my skills to better my performance as a product development manager and, at the same time, satisfy my customer’s expectations. Whenever I try out new ideas and make mistakes, I should know that I am learning new techniques to please my customers and am interested in the products we are offering. All that is always on my mind is meeting all the customer expectations.”

8.   What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Job?

The interviewer knows that you must have foreseen a big challenge that might affect this field in the future. Talk about the challenge that you think might bring a negative impact in the future.

Sample Answer

“The biggest challenge that we are facing right now is rapid growth in technology. Of course, it is not easy to cope up with the fast-growing technology. Everything in this industry is changing daily making us look into ways in which we should develop our products to be up to date. Every product manager should be very alert to technology changes to make sure that they are up to date. ”

9.   How Do You Stay Motivated In Your Work?

When the interviewer asks you this question, they expect you to talk about what keeps your morale day by day. Talk about your motivation while working.

Sample Answer

“As far as my motivation is concerned, it all comes from my career. Giving interesting and professional service has always been my motivation. Whenever I designed new products, I could even see customers giving positive feedback. That would tell me that services are pleasing someone. That is all that motivates me. Seeing your products being loved by others is everyone’s dream that they expect to come true.”

10.   Describe A Time When You Failed In This Role And The Lessons You Learned

The interviewer expects you to tell them when you made a mistake in your career and were able to learn a lesson from it. Talk about one event you failed, and the results were not as you expected them to be.

Sample Answer

“As we all know, when introducing new products in the market, one should design limited stock to see the performance and decide whether this product is going to continue being produced in the market, or should it quit the market. This will depend on the product performance in the market. At my entry-level, we produced unlimited stock without first evaluating the market and knowing the performance. Unfortunately, the product did not do well in the market. This was a lesson learned the hard way. I learned that it is important to produce limited stock for new products.”

11.   Why Do You Feel You Are Most Suited For This Role?

The interviewer wants to know why you think you are the best candidate for this role. Consider talking about the unique experience and skills that differentiate you from any other candidate.

Sample Answer

“This is a post that needs an experienced person who can handle all the situations and with a lot of professionalism and interests. I believe that I have all the experience needed for this post. Having worked in this relevant field for five years, I believe I have all it takes to be the product development manager you are looking for in your company. In addition, I believe that I have all the strategies and qualities needed for this post. I would be delighted if you considered my four-year experience in this field as an added advantage to me.”

12.   Share With Us Your Greatest Achievement

Your interviewer wants to know what aims you have dreamed of achieving and you achieved them. Talk about the most meaningful goals that you have achieved, awards, and promotions in your career.

Sample Answer

“As a sort of appreciation and recognition of the employer’s efforts, my previous employer would recognize and award ‘the best staff every year. I won this title for three consecutive years. This would be determined by the customers. There would be a rating message that the customer is supposed to reply to for customer feedback. At the end of the year, each staff would get all the performance, and the best would win this title. This award came along with a certificate.”

13.   What Are The Essential Stages Of Product Development?

The interviewer wants to know whether you have the right knowledge in this industry about the critical phases of product development.

Sample Answer

“There are stages of product development. These are;

(i)           Idea generation

(ii)          Screening

(iii)        Concept development

(iv)         Product development

(v)          Commercialization

These are the main phases that a product should undergo when developing.”

14.   What Is New Product Development?

The interviewer wants to know whether you know what NPD is all about.

Sample Answer

“New product development is the process of bringing a new product to the marketplace.”

15.   What Common Challenges Do You Expect To Encounter As A Product Development Manager In Our Company?

The interviewer wants to know whether you are aware of the common challenges that are faced by product development managers.

Sample Answer

“There are several challenges that are faced by product development managers. These are;

·         Ideation

·         Market viability

·         Product roadmap problems

·         Workflow management

·         Pricing policy

·         The pace of innovation

·         Time to market

·         Product engineering issues

16.   Give Us Three Product Design Best Practices To Follow As A Product Manager

The interviewer wants to know the product design best practices that you know of. Mention your top three.

Sample Answer

“These are;

·         Determine the rationale and realities of the product

·         Create a relationship with the product and users

·         Understand your brand, your mission, and your place in the market thoroughly.”

17.    What Are The Core Activities Of The Product Design Process?

Your interviewer wants to know whether you are aware of the core activities used in the product design process.

Sample Answer

·         Concept design

·         Architecture design

·         User experience design

·         Product integration

·         Prototyping and testing

·         Product verification

·         Product validation

·         Design calculations

·         Detailed product design

18.   How Did You Learn That We Are Recruiting?

The interviewer wants to know how you knew that there was a product development manager vacancy in their company. Tell them whether someone referred you, you learned from a poster, or from an advert.

Sample Answer

“Since I love walking around my hood, I learned through a poster I saw that you were recruiting a product development manager. Since I have no job at the moment, I did not hesitate to apply for this job. Luckily, I was shortlisted to attend the interview. I believe that I will also get a chance to work for you as well.”

19.   What Is Your Biggest Strength?

The interviewer wants to know what it is that you are best at.

Sample Answer

“As far as my career is concerned, I just love working in teams. Teamwork is my biggest strength. When people work together towards a common goal, they achieve the goal easily and faster.”

20.   Why Did You Leave Your Previous Role?

The interviewer wants to know why you quit your previous role. Be sincere and tell your interviewer why you left your previous role.

Sample Answer

“The reason why I left my previous workplace it’s because it closed down due to the world Pandemic which has affected a lot of businesses across the world. Still, my contract was about to expire before the pandemic spread out.”


Being a product development manager is one of the best careers which are enjoyable while performing. Answer the questions with creativity and show your interviewers that you are the best for that position. All the best.

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