Top 25 Real Estate Agent Interview Question and Answers 2024

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Real Estate Agent Interview Question & Answers

A real estate agent is someone who negotiates and sells the property of a person or company. They are responsible for ensuring the property is marketed to the best of their ability, which includes open houses and outreach to potential buyers. Employers use interviews as a great way to strategically choose the ideal person to hire. I’ve compiled a list of questions worth revising before your next interview as a Real Estate Agent.

1. Why Are You Interested In This Role?

First, I feel the role may put my abilities and expertise to good use in the real estate industry. Second, I feel I possess all the requirements required for this position. I’ve seen promising performance in your organization and would want to contribute my expertise to help it succeed. This position, I feel, necessitates a candidate with extensive experience and abilities, which I am confident in my ability to provide. I’d want to acquire this job to support my family and make a livelihood.

2. What Are The Roles Of A Real Estate Agent?

My roles as a real estate agent would include:

  • Assisting their customers in purchasing and selling real estate in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Providing market, pricing, and mortgage advice to their customers.
  • Displaying prospective buyers’ and tenants’ homes that are for sale.
  • Making it easier for sellers and tenants to reach an agreement.
  • Going through purchase contracts to ensure that all the terms and conditions are adhered to.
  • Assisting in property promotion via advertisements, listings, and open houses.
  • Drafting loyalty contracts, purchase agreements, rental agreements, and other legal papers.

3. What Qualities Does A Real Estate Agent Needs To Be Successful?

Despite possessing the necessary academic and technical qualifications, this position necessitates the development of personal traits that will enhance success in this position. An investor attitude is necessary for a real estate agent. The professional should be able to communicate with customers nicely and establish solid, professional connections. Real estate agents must also be familiar with the market and be able to follow up on it. Finally, a real estate agent must be able to pay close attention to detail and concentrate, particularly when creating agreements and signing contracts on behalf of their organization.

4. What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role? How Did You Manage Them?

I understand that this market has several problems, and you must devise tactics to overcome them. I had a lot of estates to lease, rent, and sell in my former position. At some point, the workload became too much for me. Some colleagues advised me to concentrate on the high-earning estates first, but I didn’t think this was a fair strategy for the low-earning estate. I learned the importance of assembling a team of agents to assist me in representing each property.

5. Describe Your Daily Routine As A Real Estate Agent?

To begin, I’ll check and answer any phone messages, email, and traditional mail when I’ve settled into my office. Second, I undertake short-term tasks such as writing property agreements and contracts that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes and arranging for longer-term tasks such as meeting with property sellers and buyers/renters. After finishing all that day’s responsibilities, I depart the workplace for the next day. As a real estate agent, you’ve had a fantastic day.

6. Describe Briefly About Your Experience?

I’ve been in the real estate sales and lease management business for a long time. I served as a real estate agent for three years at my previous firm before moving on to another for two years. As a result, I have 5 years as a real estate agent. In this profession, I’ve gathered a lot of experience. I hope to get the opportunity to speak with you about my experience with your fantastic firm.

7. What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Is Required For This Role?

Happiness is a result of one’s attitude and perspective. First, I’d want to leverage technology to improve this business by using social media to post property adverts. This is a technique that will improve the industry’s performance while also increasing traffic to our website. It is critical, in my opinion, to have a good attitude about your job. It encourages you and your colleagues to work harder. I want to enhance this industry by using technology to assure time efficiency, accurate record-keeping, accountability, and research.

8. What Is The Biggest Challenge You Foresee In This Job?

An unpleasant customer is one of the most difficult aspects of this profession! The best way to deal with them is to never let anything get close to your heart. If their feedback is accurate, include it in front of them, and they will undoubtedly leave a positive review at the end of their transaction. I used to get offended when someone said anything harsh, but through time, I’ve learned to swallow the criticism and not take it personally. I now make it a point to concentrate on my responsibilities and provide as much comfort to the visitors as possible.

Poor performance owing to a lack of skilled staff is the other significant difficulty I see in our business. This position necessitates the hiring of skilled and experienced candidates. Property selling and renting is a specialist profession, and those who work in it should know about finance, accounting, legal, and decision-making. Decisions should be taken only after thorough consultation with experts in the domains covered. Property companies nowadays do not make such investments. This might pose a major problem, resulting in the company’s demise or bad customer service.

9. How Do You Stay Motivated At Work?

My biggest motivation is the satisfaction of conquering problems. I always come up with a solution when I’m given duties, no matter how difficult they are. This is what keeps my spirits up on a day-to-day basis. I always feel like I can perform more and better each day when I use my techniques to address a problem. Everyone in the business wishes for this.

10. Describe A Time You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learned?

Humans are prone to mistakes, as we usually remark. I’ve made mistakes before in this field, but I’ve always learned from them. Failure teaches us something. Fraudsters prey on this business, particularly in high-end homes. I leased a house to a customer only to be raided by security officials seeking the tenant. He had, unfortunately, utilized forged documents and certifications. It’s tricky for us to locate the terrible man. I’ve learned that it’s critical to do further investigation, even if authorities are required for your and your property’s protection.

11. Why Do You Feel You Are Qualified For This Role?

I think I’m the right person for the job. I have a high school diploma, a permanent Rental Estate certificate, four years of work experience, the skills you listed, and all the qualities you mentioned. In addition, this is my fifth year in this position. Because I already know how, when, and where I should respond to my responsibilities, I will be able to react whenever they are needed. It will be ideal for your firm to have me on board. i

12. Share With Us Your Greatest Achievement

I used to oversee a large estate at my previous job. It offered 30 rental mansions and ten for sale. The management recognized me as the only successful real estate agent in the company. To me, it was a huge honor. I started to notice that my hard work and strategies were paying off. For this accomplishment, I was given a gold medal. I was able to keep customers by providing excellent customer service and responding quickly to their inquiries. Thus, I felt as if my efforts had been noticed and valued.

13. How Do You Keep Yourself Organized So That You Never Miss An Appointment And Always Arrive On Time?

I utilize a variety of tactics, including the usage of a calendar, to keep organized throughout the week. I integrate my phone with my computer and schedule reminders for 30 minutes before each appointment. Some of my appointments are color-coded to signify the customers I’m presently working with, making appointment prep a bit simpler. Then, to ensure that all my information is readily accessible, I match the colors to the files and emails I have on file for that customer.

14. What Makes A Reliable Real Estate Agent?

I’m keen on my customers, but I also go above and beyond by physically seeing the houses before recommending them. I may detect things that my client may find attractive during a brief tour of possible residences, boosting the possibility that my client would like the property. For example, I could see a walk-in closet in the main bedroom, which the customer stated was significant. I think my active listening and empathy abilities help me choose the most relevant listing to expedite the search process.

15. What Methods Do You Use To Sell Homes Online And Via Social Media?

To market my houses, I utilize my website, Facebook, and Instagram. To guarantee that the properties seem great on the Internet, I always engage expert photographers to capture them. Last month, one of my postings got 50 Facebook shares and 30 Instagram comments, which was a new high.

Furthermore, I invest in monthly social media marketing specifically targeted toward my potential homebuyer. This marketing approach has resulted in a 10% rise in revenue over the last nine months.

16. What Is The First Step In The Home-Buying Process?

To begin, figure out how much you can borrow. Knowing your budget will assist you in narrowing down your online home search to properties that meet your requirements. Your lender’s loan estimate will show the required down payment and closing costs. Third, your family may require additional time to save money or liquidate assets. You’ll be aware of the financial requirements in any case. Finally, getting pre-approved for a mortgage demonstrates to your real estate agent and seller that you are serious about buying a home.

17. Define The Terms “Seller’s Market” And “Seller’s Market,” Respectively.

In seller’s markets, demand for homes pushes up prices. Some demand drivers are as follows: Economy factors – the local labor market heats up, attracting new residents and driving up home prices. Falling interest rates make homes more affordable, attracting more buyers, particularly first-time buyers who can now afford larger homes as their financial costs decrease. If “on the fence” purchasers feel the trend will continue, interest rate rises may drive them to buy. Buyers desire to act as soon as possible before their buying power (borrowing power) erodes. There are fewer properties on the market due to a shortage of new buildings. Existing property prices will rise due to a lack of available inventory.

18. Share Time For Each Other You’ve Been Held Responsible For A Problem That Wasn’t Your Fault.

I accept responsibility for my team’s overall performance as a team leader. However, when something occurs, you are called upon to respond even if you are unaware of the circumstances. When I queried why one of the staff members was missing on my vacation day, he said he had contacted me. I was held accountable by the HR department for the absence of a staff member since I failed to alert them. I informed HR that I could not attend work and that I did not have access to my emails. When questioned for proof of the correspondence, the staff member said they didn’t have any.

19. Share The Key Trends In The Real Estate Industry As Of Now.

There is a rise in demand because of remote and hybrid working arrangements. People seek places to put up their workstations that are both useful and attractive. People now can work from wherever they desire, which has raised the demand for rural properties. People regard houses as a method to retain their spending power due to inflation. Therefore the demand for them is strong. Individuals and corporations are pursuing house purchases as the value of the dollar rises. This may continue for some time.

20. How Would You Market A Property That Is Inconveniently Situated?

If a property is in a good location, the first thing I’d check is that it’s easy to get to. By this, I mean that I’d be able to provide benefits such as smooth roads, tight security, a better-looking property, and easy access to all amenities. As a result, many clients are willing to lease the property because it provides everything they require.

21. How Would You Write Contracts That Are 100% Error-Free?

To begin, contracts are extremely important and must be error-free. I’d get the correct agreement by the law that governs the property leasing industry and go over it thoroughly to make sure it’s free of errors. The agreements will be error-free, thanks to meticulous proofreading.

22. When Should You Withhold A Renter’s Deposit As A Real Estate Agent?

There are reasons why, as a real estate agent, I may not be able to assist in the return of a renter’s deposit funds. When this occurs,

  • If the rentee breaks the contract before the agreed-upon deadline.
  • If the resident delays paying rent.
  • When utilities, such as water, electricity, and gas, are not paid on time.
  • When cleaning, expenditures are not taken into consideration.

23. What Do You Know About Our Company?

I learned from my research that your company was founded in 2007 by the late Eric Donaldson, who owned several country estates. His two sons took over after he died in 2010. Your firm owns 42 properties across the United States, according to my research. ‘Our housing, Your comfort’ is your company’s mission statement, and it demonstrates how you work to ensure customer satisfaction.

24. How Did You Hear About Our Job Opening?

I must confess that I am a voracious reader. When I’m not working, I spend most of my time reading. A newspaper, most likely. I came across a job vacancy that would be a good fit while going through one. I quickly completed the application process and was delighted to be chosen for an interview.

25. In Five Years, How Do You See Yourself?

You progress more than you assumed if you aim higher than expected. I’m shooting for the stars. In five years, I see myself heading top management in this area in terms of decision-making and customer service. It would be simpler for you to implement your plans and assist clients in receiving good service if you are in top management with the necessary abilities. If I were to get to the top of this sector, ensuring client happiness would be a breeze. It would be the pinnacle of my success if this were to happen.


To succeed in a real estate agent interview, you must be self-assured and demonstrate that you can run a firm. Luckily, these 25 questions and their respective responses can help you emerge a winner during your next real estate interview. Best of luck to you!