Top 20 Nordstrom Interview Questions & Answers 2024

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Nordstrom Interview Questions & Answers

If you love clothing and fashion accessories, then Nordstrom may be an excellent place to work in. To help you secure a chance, we will look at some of the questions that you should expect when interviewing for a position with them. Take a look at the following:

1. What Do You Know About Us?

What can you tell the interviewer about Nordstrom? This question normally helps the interviewer weed out applicants trying their luck by randomly applying for several jobs. Hiring managers want people who have researched about the company and can mention a few facts about it.

Sample Answer

Nordstrom is a company that specializes in clothing, shoes, and accessories for both genders and children. It began as a shoe shop in Seattle in 1901 and currently has 100 full-line stores in the United States and Canada. You also have an online website where customers can spruce your products.

2. Why Do You Want to Work for Us?

This is a common question that you should know to answer by now, especially if you have been attending interviews. Nordstrom wants to know your motives. Find something that you love about the organization and tell the interviewer. However, make sure that you don’t give a material reason or won’t get the job.

Sample Answer

Given your success over the past few years, I want to obtain valuable insight into the retail industry, which I believe you can offer. I also love your products and services and would be happy to represent you if given a chance. (You can also go ahead and mention what the company stands to gain if they employ you)

3. Why Should We Hire You?

This is one of the commonest opening questions in interviews. It is a chance to sell yourself and tell the interviewer why you deserve the position. Make sure that you will contribute to value addition and make the workplace a better place for everyone. Highlight your key attributes and convince the interviewer that you will do a good job.

Sample Answer

I believe that I have all it takes to perform well in this job. I am a hard worker, a quick learner, and always punctual. I am respectful and can work with different people. I, therefore, believe that I can handle the job description.

4. What Hours Can You Work?

This is where you comment about your availability. You should be honest with the interviewer. Also, show that you are flexible since the more flexible you are with your hours, the higher your chances of landing the job. You should also let the interviewer know that you can work over the weekend and during holidays if possible.

Sample Answer

I consider myself highly flexible. I am willing to work any shift and will be open to any shift revisions. I can also work during the holidays and weekends since I have nothing much to do. Count on me to report early to the job and leave late.

5. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

Even though this question may trigger resentment that you are trying hard to swallow, talking about why you left your last job will tell the interviewer the type of employee you are. Do not badmouth your previous employer for workmates. Also, be honest with the interviewer, as you don’t want to come out as a liar if the interviewer decides to perform a background check.

Sample Answer

I left my last job in search of new challenges. I saw it wise to give someone else a chance after staying for over eight years and amassing all the experience I could get. I believe that Nordstrom will expose me to the challenges I am looking for and make me more qualified in this field.

6. Mention about Your Attendance on Your Previous Job?

Nobody wants an employee who will miss work and give all sorts of excuses. Your past attendance will show whether you are a reliable person or not. Ensure that you are honest when answering this question, as the interviewer may check with your references.

Sample Answer

I had perfect attendance in my last role. I understand the importance of starting my shift on time and reporting to the workplace daily. My references will also give you the same answer if you check with them.

7. How Did You Know about This Job?

The interviewer wants to know if you are specific in your job hunt. Did you want this job or just applied to hundreds of stores and git lucky to be invited for an interview? Show the employee that you know what you want. Your answer should also reveal interest and enthusiasm in the given workplace.

Sample Answer

I have been actively monitoring your website and was happy when I got the interview. I am also a regular shopper at your stores and have always wanted to work for you. I am glad that I am almost living my dreams.

8. Who Are Our Competitors?

Do you know Nordstrom’s competitors? Have you taken the time to research and understand its market dynamics? This is a chance to show the interviewer that you are familiar with Nordstrom and even know some companies giving it a run for its money. Ensure that you only mention worthy competitors, or your answer may be misinterpreted.

Sample Answer

Some of your biggest competitors are Neiman Marcus, Saks, Macy’s, and Dillard’s. ( Remember, these competitors have to be in the same niche as the interviewing company)

9. Could You Define Excellent Customer Service

How you treat customers is critical as it dictates whether they will be loyal to the company or not. Your definition of customer service should match the company’s standards if you are serious about working for them. Answer this question from a customer’s perspective by mentioning what qualifies as excellent customer service to you.

Sample Answer

Excellent customer service is all about making the customers feel valued. This is usually achieved by having a friendly staff willing to help the customer around the store, ensuring that customers do not stay in the queue for long, keeping the store display in perfect condition, and having adequate inventory.

10. What is Your Greatest Strength?

This is an open-ended question that doesn’t have a specific answer. However, make sure that the strength you mention qualifies you for the job. We advise that you look at the job description, see what the company needs, and try to match it to your qualities or skills. Mentioning the right strength shows that you understand the job description.

Sample Answer

I have two strengths that I wish to mention. First, I am a quick learner, so you will spend less time and resources training me if I get the job. I am also good with people, which should help me deal with customers and keep them satisfied.

11. Which Department Would You Enjoy Working in Most?

Hiring managers will always want to ensure that you are paired with the right department for optimum performance. You need to share with the interviewer what your perfect fit will be. However, you should start by first mentioning that you are okay with any department. Your answer should also show that you are a competent team player.

Sample Answer

I can happily work in any department. However, if I were to choose, I would go for the sales department given that I love interacting with people and have vast sales experience. (Ensure that you are honest with the interview since you are likely to be paired with the department you mention)

12. What Outfit Would You Pick From Our Store is Asked to?

Since Nordstrom deals in fashion accessories and clothing, the interviewer will want to know if you can assemble a fashionable outfit without breaking a sweat. Try to envision a great outfit, which can either be classic or formal. Ensure that you stick to a style that you appreciate.

Sample Answer

I would pick a dark bespoke striped suit and pair it with classic brogues, a white shirt, and a matching pocket square. I will also put on a striped tie to break the monotony.

13. How Do You Normally Ensure that You Get along Well With Others?

The interviewer is testing your teamwork ability. Can you get along well with your coworkers? Remember, Nordstrom highly values collaborative work. You, therefore, need to maintain healthy relationships and understand the dynamics of your coworkers. You can also mention some of the qualities that aid teamwork.

Sample Answer

I usually get along well with my coworkers. I am always ready to address any issue that comes up and threatens our peaceful coexistence. I believe that we shouldn’t let issues go out of hand and divide us in the workplace. I am also pretty supportive and believe that I am a good team player. I respect boundaries, try to help as much as I can, and stay positive.

14. Who are Your Favourite Designers?

This question will tell whether you enjoy fashion and know several famous designers. You can visit this company’s website before the interview and familiarise yourself with its designers. Ensure that you pick one whose style appeals to you. Talk about their creations enthusiastically.

Sample Answer

I particularly love Alexander Wang. I believe that his handbags are fashionable given their timelessness and elegance. I hope that I will get to work with him in the future.

15. What Type of Manager Brings Out the Best in You?

The interviewer wants to know your preferred type of manager. What type of person would you like to be under? Remember, every organization has its management styles and guidelines, which you should observe when describing your most preferred manager. Make sure that you are honest with the interviewer and try as much as possible to remain objective.

Sample Answer

I have worked under different managers with different management styles. However, I find those who try to inspire employees ideal. I believe that management is not about ruling with an iron fist but bringing everyone on board, motivating, and making them feel appreciated. I would fancy a manager who knows how to bring out the best in me at all times. However, he should also be strict and quick to offer corrections.

16. What Would You Do if a Customer Complained of a Service?

The interviewer wants to know how you handle feedback. This is a common question in sales associate and assistant manager interviews. You should inform the interviewer that you plan to take every customer’s feedback seriously and act on it. Customer satisfaction needs to be your first goal. Remember, you cannot grow and create a fantastic career path if you can’t take feedback from customers.

Sample Answer

Customer satisfaction is always my first goal in all my workplaces. In such an instance, I will interview the customer and understand what I may have done wrong or what they did not like about their shopping experience. I cannot argue with them since I believe that customers’ voices need to be heard. If I cannot solve their complaints and make them happy, I would call the manager and involve them in handling the situation. (Show the interviewer that you are willing to try your level best to make the customer satisfied. An appreciation for feedback also means that you value growth)

17. Where Do You See Yourself in the Next Five Years?

Even though there are different responses that you can give to this question, we advise you to try and connect your career to Nordstrom if possible. Keep in mind that this company observes internal promotions, which may see sales associates becoming team leaders and assistant managers store managers. Share with the interviewer if you intend to become a manager at their establishment in the next five years. You can also say that you usually live in the present moment and don’t think much about the future but instead focus on the role at hand.

Sample Answer

I consider myself someone who lives in the present moment. I don’t, therefore, think much about the future but instead focus on getting the job done at the position I am in. I give my best every day. However, I am also open to what the future might bring and whether I will continue staying with you or take a different career path.

18. What Will You  Do if You Notice a Colleague Just Hanging Around in the Store and Not Helping The Customer?

Answering this question right will earn you lots of points and make the interviewer see you as a worthy candidate. One of the worst answers you can give is reporting the colleague to the interviewer. You shouldn’t also discipline them before your colleagues or ignore them. Your answer should show team spirit and the right attitude for your colleagues. Show that you are a team worker who can inspire your team members.

Sample Answer

I will politely ask them if they are right or undergoing something. I will let them voice their concerns and listen attentively as I watch their body language. They may be feeling sick or experiencing problems in their personal life. After finding out, I will encourage them, say the right words, or suggest that they take sick leave if the situation is serious. I believe that ai should always try my best to help my colleagues since I am a team player.

19. Tell Us about Your Previous Working Experience

When answering this question, you need to focus mainly on sales, customer service, and other retail experiences. You can choose to describe what you did in your last job. However, make sure that you emphasize customer service, teamwork, and proactiveness. You can also tell the interviewer why you left your last job or how it prepared you for a role with Nordstrom. However, don’t feel discouraged if this is your first job attempt. This company has a good training program that should bring you up to speed with what is expected from you.

Sample Answer

Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience in this field since this is my first job attempt. However, I am a first learner, meaning that you won’t have a hard time bringing me up to speed with your operations.

20. Mention Your Greatest Weakness

This is a chance to highlight your shortcomings to the interviewer. Please do not shy away from mentioning your weaknesses since we are all humans. However, make sure that it is critical to the job, or you may lose your chance. You should also mention how you are working on the weakness.

Sample Answer

My greatest weakness is my reluctance to ask for help, especially if something seems doable. I am accustomed to finding solutions to all my problems and therefore experience a hard time asking for help. However, I am constantly working on this weakness.


This marks the end of our article. I hope you are now better positioned to tackle some of the questions that may be thrown your way in your Nordstrom interview.