Top 20 U-Haul Interview Questions and Answers 2024

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U-Haul Interview Questions and Answers

U-Haul is a movement and storage rental company based in Arizona. It has several job positions for different professionals that you may be interested in. This article will look at some of the common questions in U-Haul interviews that you should know. Take a look at the following:

1. What Do You Know About Us?

Can you tell the interviewer about U-Haul? This is a chance to mention any factual information about the company that you might be aware of.

Sample Answer

U-Haul is a moving equipment and storage rental company headquartered in Phoenix. It was founded in 1945 and has therefore been in operation for over seven decades. It was initially founded by Leonard Shown in Ridgefield, Washington, in this wife’s family garage. Leonard then expanded the company with the help of gas stations.

2. Who are Our Main Competitors?

You should always expect the interviewer to determine if you understand the market dynamics around the hiring company. Only mention worthy competitors.

Sample Answer

Even though there are several moving equipment and storage rental companies in the United States, only three come close to your standards and quality of service. These are Budget Truck Rental, one of the cheapest options in the US, Penske, and Enterprise Truck Rental. Just like U-Haul, all these have their pros and cons.

3. Why Should We Hire You?

It would help if you convinced the interviewer that you have what they need. This is your chance to sell yourself and reveal your value to the hiring manager.

Sample Answer

This is my fifth year working in moving equipment and storage rental companies. I know my way around lots of things and won’t, therefore, need any extra training. I am physically fit and can help in loading and high-effort activities around the workplace. I am also a disciplined and highly motivated individual willing to work extra hard to better this company.

4. What is the Main Challenge that You Faced in Your Former Workplace? Did You Overcome It?

Interviewers and hiring managers love asking this question as it tells whether you are a good problem solver or not. Give an experience highlighting your problem-solving skills.

Sample Answer

The main challenge that I faced in my former workplace was making overnight travels.  I am not a night person, and therefore, it was pretty challenging at first. We had also agreed with the hiring manager that I would be working during the day and wasn’t prepared. I had to adjust, sleeping during the day as I waited for overnight travels. I also avoided any strenuous activities during the day to preserve energy for my night travels.

5. What is Your Greatest Strength?

The interviewer expects you to mention an attribute that qualifies you for this position. Sell yourself.

Sample Answer

My greatest strength lies in my ability to work well with people. I have an array of teamwork skills that come in handy when working in group settings. I know how to motivate and inspire my team members while maintaining the necessary boundaries. I can also help my workmates solve any conflicts that they have since these are often inevitable. I believe that I will have a good time working in this institution.

6. Why Do You Believe that You Deserve this Position Out of all the Available Candidates?

This is a chance to convince the interviewer that you are the best option out of all the candidates who applied for this position. Therefore, sell yourself.

Sample Answer

I have vast experience in this field since I have worked in different moving equipment rental companies. The company won’t, therefore, have to spend a lot on training and orientation purposes. I am also a great team worker, having been part of several teams before. I am self-motivated, an attribute that gives me the drive to give my all. I am optimistic that I will do a good job and help this company advance if given a chance.

7. What is Your Biggest Weakness?

The interviewer wants to know more about you. Do not, therefore, shy away from answering this question. However, ensure that you don’t mention a weakness that will reduce your chances of landing the job.

Sample Answer

I believe that my greatest weakness is my constant desire for perfection. I usually expect things to turn out perfectly, which puts lots of pressure on me. Even though some may argue that this is a positive trait, I find it overwhelming at times. However, I am working on it by constantly reminding myself that things dont turn out how we’ve envisioned them all the time and that I should be easy on myself. You shouldn’t worry about this since it won’t affect my job output.

8. What is the Greatest Challenge that You Foresee in this Role?

Have you taken the time to find out more about this job? While doing so, ensure that you identify a challenge you are likely to face.

Sample Answer

I have done extensive research on this organization and must say that I am pleased. You have impressive work policies and schedules. However, the most significant challenge I am likely to face is being included in the night shift. I prefer working during the day, given that I am not a night person. However, I know that we will find a way to go about it if circumstances demand. I will also give my all to ensure that I overcome any challenge I am likely to face.

9. How Do You Always Stay Motivated in Your Work?

This is an equally important question as it tells the interviewer where you draw your motivation and inspiration. Make sure that you don’t mention any material reason such as money or the benefits of working in such a place.

Sample Answer

I love my job. I enjoy showing up and making my workplace a better place. I don’t, therefore, struggle with motivation. I also have goals and milestones that I have to achieve. These usually push me to give my best and show up to work every day. Additionally, I know that we depend on one another in the workplace, and therefore, I have to work hard and give my all to avoid inconveniencing others.

10. Why are You Leaving Your Former Workplace?

The interviewer wants to know what made you decide to leave your former job. Make sure that you don’t badmouth your last workplace, bosses, or fellow employees.

Sample Answer

My last workplace was amazing. I had a good time and managed to create lots of valuable networks. However, I was slowly slipping into a comfort zone since I had stayed for quite some time and therefore knew all the processes and operations. I decided to leave in search of new challenges, which I know U-Haul will offer. I am also looking forward to meeting new faces and creating more networks.

11. You Should Expect a Number of Daily Travels to Storage Sites in this Role. Do You Have any Problem?

Working for U-Haul will see you traveling occasionally. Be honest with the interviewer and mention any travel setbacks that you may face. You should also find out more about where you will be traveling before the interview.

Sample Answer

I enjoy traveling. It is one of my main hobbies. I dont therefore have a problem making daily travels. I am just starting out in life and have yet to start a family. I don’t also have many commitments in my life, which makes me available for daily travels. However, I’d be glad if you shared with me about the territory beforehand to prepare well, both mentally and physically. All in all, I believe that I will manage pretty well if given a chance.

12. Do You Have any Customer Service Background or Experience?

You should have at the back of your mind that customer service comes first before anything else when dealing with establishments. You must therefore show the interviewer that you can handle customers well based on your previous experience. Be honest.

Sample Answer

I finished school not so long ago, and therefore, this is my first time applying for a job. I don’t have any tangible customer service background or experience. However, I know that the customers’ interests come first and that the best way of marketing a company is through the service extended to its customers. I am willing to do everything to make your customers happy. I will ensure that I am friendly and cheerful when dealing with them and offer all the necessary assistance.

13. What is Your Greatest Achievement

The interviewer wants to know about some of the experiences or highlights of your life or career that you value. This will also tell how you define success.

Sample Answer

My most outstanding achievement in my career occurred in my first year working as a customer care attendant. I was mandated to help customers around the mall by directing them to the right shelves and carrying their luggage. I was so good to them that one of them asked the manager to give me a promotion. Seeing that I positively impacted the customers, I was made a supervisor just six months after joining the establishment.

14. We Like Creative Employees. Have You Ever Suggested Something that Improved the Workplace? Tell Us More

Everybody wants an employee who can bring in fresh ideas for workplace improvement. Showing that you are creative and capable of thinking on your feet will convince the hiring manager that you deserve the position.

Sample Answer

While working for an upcoming establishment, I suggested automating all the possible processes and operations instead of relying on manual work. I convinced the founder that it would save us time and effort and even generate more revenue. Luckily, he saw that it was a good idea, sourced some funding and a few investors, and we managed to automate lots of our processes. The results were outstanding. I am glad to report that our operations were made more efficient and we managed to save lots of time due to this automation.

15. Can You Rate Your Communication Skills?

Communication is vital in the workplace as it offers a medium for passing instructions and fosters teamwork. You must therefore be an excellent communicator to work at U-Haul.

Sample Answer

I am an excellent communicator. On a scale of 1-10, I would give myself an eight. This is because I know how to take instructions, pass information around and read into what people say and do. I know the importance of proper communication in the workplace and therefore constantly strive to uphold it. I always talk clearly and give as many clarifications as possible when giving instructions. I believe that this is my greatest skill.

16. How Long are You Planning to Stay With Us?

Every organization wants employees who will stay. The process of training employees and equipping them with everything that they need to deliver is pretty costly. You must convince the interviewer that they will get value for their money.

Sample Answer

I have always wanted to work for this company, and therefore, this chance is a dream come true. I intend to stay with you for as long as it takes. I don’t have any plans to leave anytime soon since I will enjoy working here. I am ready to do everything possible and deliver excellent results to increase my chances of staying here for a longer duration. I also plan on giving management a try and believe that this establishment will help me achieve my dreams.

17. Do You Prefer Working Alone or With Others?

The interviewer wants to know your preference. Do you love working in team settings, or are you more of an independent worker? Mention that you can do both but also highlight your preference.

Sample Answer

I don’t have a problem with either. I can work alone and in team settings depending on the circumstances. However, I prefer working in team settings since collaborative work helps save time and increases accuracy. I also enjoy boring with others and inspiring in them the team spirit. If allowed to pick between the two, I’d settle on teamwork, given the results I have witnessed over time.

18. Mention Some of the Qualities that Make You a Good Fit for this Position

This is also another chance to sell yourself. Mention some of your attributes, skills, and abilities that make you qualified for the position you are interviewing for.

Sample Answer

I have several qualities that I believe make me a good choice for this position. I am a highly organized individual who can list, prioritize tasks and meet deadlines. I am also a good team worker. I know how to get along well with others and motivate them to give their all to meet the team and overall company’s objectives. I am competent, self-motivated, and diligent. I am also physically fit, which means I can handle any vigorous activities that this job demands. I am also a fast learner, a quality that I believe is highly needed in this workplace.

19. Can You Work Under Pressure?

Working for a moving equipment rental company can take a significant toll on you. It may get stressful owing to the expectations and duties you are mandated with. You should convince the interviewer that you can handle stress and deliver results when working under pressure.

Sample Answer

I can work well under pressure. I know what this industry entails and therefore understand what I am getting into. I believe that after almost a decade of working as a driver and mover, I am well equipped to work under pressure. I think that it brings the best out of me and helps me grow. I have learned how to organize myself, prioritize work and meet deadlines. I meditate, an activity that improves my focus immensely, especially in stressful situations. In my quest for new challenges, I have discovered that being ready to work under pressure is mandatory.

20. Most Employees Slip into a Comfort Zone after Some Time. How Will You Ensure That It Won’t Happen to You?

Employees get reluctant over time, primarily due to a lack of new challenges or the repetitive nature of their jobs. The interviewer wants to know how you will keep yourself engaged and deliver regardless of the time you will have spent in the institution.

Sample Answer

 I love challenges because they get me engaged and prevent me from slipping into a comfort zone. I will look for new challenges and problems to solve every day in my job, which will help me avoid falling into a comfort zone. Luckily, this won’t be a problem based on your services. I also have goals and milestones that I intend to achieve and, therefore, can’t allow myself to be comfortable.


These are a few questions that you should expect in your upcoming interview. Ensure that you prepare well ahead of your interview and impress the interviewer to increase your chances of landing the job. We wish you all the best.