Top 25 Volunteer Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Are you preparing for a volunteer interview? If so, we have you in mind. Review our top 25 volunteer interview questions and answers to know what to expect during your interview and the best responses you can give.

8 Tips to Prepare for a Volunteer Interview

Here’s a list of eight items that a volunteer should prepare for in a volunteer interview, including focus areas, details, and tips. I’ll also include a few items on the technical area:

Volunteer Interview Preparation

Focus Area Details Tips
Understanding the Organization Research the organization’s mission, values, and current projects. Demonstrate commitment by aligning values. Discuss specific initiatives or recent accomplishments.
Relevant Skills and Experience Highlight any relevant skills or experiences related to the volunteer position. Provide specific examples of how your skills and experiences make you a good fit.
Motivation for Volunteering Clearly articulate why you want to volunteer with the organization. Share personal stories or experiences that inspired you. Express genuine enthusiasm.
Teamwork and Collaboration Emphasize your ability to work well in a team and collaborate with diverse groups. Use examples from previous experiences to showcase teamwork and communication skills.
Time Commitment and Availability Be clear about your availability and the time you can commit to volunteering. Demonstrate reliability and consistency. Discuss how you plan to manage conflicts.
Problem-Solving Skills Highlight instances where you’ve demonstrated effective problem-solving skills. Show your ability to think critically and find solutions using specific examples.
Technical Skills (if applicable) Outline any technical skills relevant to the volunteer role. Discuss how your technical skills can contribute. Provide examples of past usage.
Questions for the Interviewer Prepare thoughtful questions about the organization and the volunteer position. Demonstrate genuine interest and engagement. Inquire about future plans and challenges.

Remember to tailor your responses to the specific volunteer role and organization you are interviewing with.

Top 25 Volunteer Interview Questions and Answers

Here are the top 25 Volunteer interview questions, along with a sample answer for each question.

1. Tell Me About Yourself

The employer wants to hear the qualifications, experience, and qualities that make you the best fit for this job.

Tip #1: Highlight your experience, skills, achievements, and traits

Tip #2: Be realistic and confident

Sample Answer

I hold a degree in public health. I am committed to my work. I have good communication skills, keep time while performing a duty assigned, and ensure a strong work ethic. I have volunteered in different areas in my community, including cleaning the marketplace, schools, and hospitals. Washing the sick in the hospital and volunteering in UN and NGO projects such as ENGO and BINGO.

2. Tell Me About a Great Idea You Suggested During Your Last Role

The interviewer is testing your level of creativity and wants to know if you are proactive.

Tip #1: Highlight some of the opinions you suggested which proved a success

Tip #2: Prove that you have excellent ideas that will help the organization

Sample Answer

I was once a volunteer in ENGO, and I suggested that we go clean up the whole town and make people see the importance of cleanliness. We then erected several dustbins in the city with stickers that read “PLEASE THROW DIRT IN ME,” and people started throwing dirt inside. After a month, people began identifying the town as the cleanest in the region.

3. What Do You Know About Our Organization’s Culture?

The employer wants to know if you are aware of the norms that govern the organization.

Tip #1: Assure the interviewer that you have researched the organization, and that you are comfortable with their culture

Tip #2: Highlight some of the cultures of the organization

Sample Answer

I am fully aware that this organization works to provide the best services to the community. I have gone through all the rules and regulations that govern you; I am ready to work with you, put in all my efforts, and employ my creativity skills to add value to the organization.

4. What Keeps You Motivated On Tough Days?

The interviewer I to know how you cope with difficult times and how they can motivate you

Tip #1: Show that you can cope with the difficult times

Tip #2: Demonstrate excellent qualities that will interest the interviewer

Sample Answer

I enjoy serving people, and by interacting with them, I get motivated to keep going. The cooperation from my team elevates me to work with them and achieve our goals. The urge to use the time and better the lives of the community also inspires me a lot.

5. Do People Around You View You as a Role Model?

The employer wants to know what others think of you.

Tip #1: Highlight all the great qualities that others see in you

Tip #2: Assure the employer that you inspire a lot of people

Sample Answer

I have volunteered in so many charity organizations, and all this time, I met lots of people, including the youths. They all admired my commitment to every job I am doing because I do it wholeheartedly and with passion. I always motivate the children during my free time and engage with them in donating to the needy and cleaning the environment; thus, most emulate my behaviors.

6. What’s Pushing You To Work as a Volunteer?

The employer wants to know the reason why you want to volunteer

Tip #1: Give the reason as to why you want to volunteer

Tip #2: Showcase the positive impact of your volunteer work

Sample Answer

I intend to gain more skills and experience, challenge myself to try something different; achieve personal goals, and make a difference in people’s lives. Moreover, I want to connect with the community through charity work and use my skills in a productive way to give out excellent services to the community.

7. Do You Have Any Experience Working in This Field?

The employer wants to know if you understand the requirements of the organization.

Tip #1: Be honest about your experience

Tip #2: Showcase your skills in the field

Sample Answer

I have worked in a local organization that has the same objective as this organization. I volunteered for five years and was able to gain more skills and sharpen my knowledge. I always give room to listen to people’s ideas, and from this, I have acquired all the skills needed to work with you.

8. How Long Do You Plan to Volunteer For Us?

The interviewer wants to know the time you will spend in their organization.

Tip #1: Check the organization’s description and learn the maximum and minimum stay as a volunteer in the organization

Tip #2: Give out the realistic time you plan to stay in the organization

Sample Answer

I plan to stay long enough to learn and improve my skills. I believe there is so much to learn from this organization. I want to add value to the organization and contribute positively to the surrounding communities. This act of volunteering will also enable me to meet new contacts that are important for my personal growth, and hence I will be able to enhance my resume.

9. How Would You Describe an Ideal Volunteer?

The employer wants to know your thoughts on a good volunteer

Tip #1: Highlight the qualities which make a volunteer stand out among the rest

Tip #2: Give the employer the impression that you are the best fit for the volunteer opportunity

Sample Answer

A volunteer should have the courage to work in any environment, be patient, and persevere the tough times since your goal is to gain skills, and from this, you will know how to handle challenging situations. He should have the ability to think critically and be creative enough to come up with good ideas that will benefit the organization. Lastly, he should be driven by passion and work as a team without disagreeing with the rest.

10. When are You Ready To start Volunteering Work?

The interviewer wants to know the most efficient time you can start the work.

Tip #1: Assure the interviewer you are flexible and can start working any time once allowed

Tip #2: Show how determined you are to begin the volunteering work

Sample Answer

I am very eager to start the volunteering work, hence able to begin any sooner. Working here is the best opportunity to showcase my skills, learn more skills, and help the community in one way or another. I have a passion for this field, and engaging in the organization’s activity is a way of exploring my passion, thus making me happy.

11. What Do You Consider Challenging In Volunteering Work

The interviewer wants to know the problematic issues relating to volunteering

Tip #1: Relate some of the tough occasions you encountered

Tip #2: Explain how you managed to cope with the situation

Sample Answer

In some organizations, volunteers may be undermined by the staff members as low organization members. However, I use these challenges to learn to bear with the condition and make fair use. Some communities also tend to be harsh and can’t listen or apply what you are trying to say since they don’t see the meaning. I always research the communities I wish to empower, discover what they love, and use it to gain their trust.

12. What Makes a Good Team?

The interviewer intends to know your understanding of a good team

Tip #1:  Give out all the excellent traits of a good team

Tip #2: Be brief and eloquent

Sample Answer

A successful team should cooperate and make informed decisions. They should plan events together to ensure success. Working as a team enables members to anticipate areas where things might fall, thus creating ways to kick off. A good team should share duties among themselves and work efficiently to produce results within a short time.

13. What are Your Career Goals as a Volunteer?

The interviewer wants to know your future career ambitions.

Tip #1: Highlight some of the achievements you hope to accomplish as a volunteer

Tip #2: Demonstrate that you have more significant goals to accomplish

Sample Answer

My goal is to develop new skills and use the skills to influence the organization positively. Additionally, I want to help the community and make it a better place. I want to inspire and mentor young people by engaging them in significant activities and ensuring they also participate in charity organizations, which will improve the community.

14. What is Your Greatest Weakness?

The employer wants to know some of your downfalls

Tip #1: Turn your strong point into a weak point

Tip #2: Show how you have effectively managed to turn your weak point into success

Sample Answer

I am a perfectionist, and I believe I give out the best outcome in whatever I do. I find it challenging to delegate duties to my team members. Nonetheless, I evaluated myself and discovered that everyone needs a chance to gain more skills and experience; I learned to share responsibilities and teach new skills to my team members. From this, I learned unity brings success.

15. What Measures Have You Used To Improve Your Volunteer Knowledge?

The interviewer wants to know how you have enhanced your knowledge through volunteering.

Tip #1: Highlight improvement activities that relate to the organization

Tip #2: Have a variety of useful exercises that you can mention

Sample Answer

I always accommodate other people’s opinions and make fair use of them. I continuously seek advice and consult with the seniors to get knowledge about doing different things. I attend all seminars that aim at giving more ideas to improve the organization, and I always use my mistakes as a learning tool for improvement and success.

16. Why Did You Leave the Previous Organization You Volunteered For?

The interviewer wants to know what prompted you to leave the organization

Tip #1: Only give the positive reasons that made you leave

Tip #2: Be confident and straight to the point

Sample Answer

I gained so much knowledge from the organization and implemented them effectively. While volunteering, the experience was unique since there was good teamwork among members, and the employees were more than willing to help out. My contract then expired, and I had to leave the organization. I reluctantly left because I knew I had gained enough knowledge and wanted a new environment to learn more skills.

17. Why Should We Give You the Chance To Volunteer?

The interviewer wants to know why they should grant you a position in their organization.

Tip #1: Assure the interviewer that you are the best and will benefit their organization

Tip #2: Highlight how you will improve the organization

Sample Answer

I am determined and always aim to provide the best services to the organization I am working with and the community. I am sure that I will use the skills I have gained in the previous organization to positively influence this organization. I have excellent communication ethics; hence I can work efficiently with a team to produce quality services.

18. Have You Ever Engaged in a Conflict With Your Colleagues?

The interviewer wants to know if you have ever had a misunderstanding while working with your team

Tip #1: In case you engaged in a conflict, focus on ways you used to resolve the conflict

Tip #2: Be honest and realistic

Sample Answer

While volunteering in a local NGO, I disagreed with one team member about a decision I made. Nonetheless, I calmed down and listened to what she had to say. I saw sense in her argument and apologized to her. From the disagreement, I learned that I should accommodate other people’s opinions and understand their perspectives of a situation.

19. How Would Your Previous Coworker Describe You?

The interviewer wants to know what your coworkers think of you.

Tip #1: Stay positive and mention impressive qualities

Tip #2: Show that you are an excellent colleague to work with

Sample Answer

My colleagues always referred to me as a creative problem solver because I always incorporated ways to solve an issue without being biased. They also say I am reliable due to my willingness to help out in any situation. Lastly, I am hardworking. I always worked to give results within the appropriate time and never tolerated laziness.

20. Have You Ever Worked With Someone You Disliked?

The interviewer wants to know if you dislike some people in your work area

Tip #1: Assure the interviewer that you never hate your colleagues

Tip #2: Mention ways to ensure you never cross paths with colleagues leading to hatred

Sample Answer

 I always treat everyone equally and avoid engaging in activities that may trigger me to hate some workmates. I always respect everyone, whether old or young, and practice proper communication skills. Additionally, I follow all the work ethics to avoid unnecessary disagreements.

21. What Inspired You To Become A Volunteer?

Sample Answer

I have always been passionate about giving back to the community and helping those in need. Volunteering provides me with an opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives and contribute to a cause that I believe in.

22. What Are Some Of The Challenges You Have Faced While Volunteering, And How Did You Overcome Them?

Sample Answer

One of the biggest challenges I faced while volunteering was managing my time effectively. I had to balance my volunteer work with my other commitments, such as work and family. To overcome this challenge, I created a schedule that allowed me to allocate time for each activity and prioritize my tasks based on their importance.

23. How Do You Manage Your Time While Volunteering?

Sample Answer

I manage my time by creating a schedule that outlines my tasks and deadlines. I also prioritize my tasks based on their importance and urgency. This helps me stay organized and ensures that I complete my work on time.

24. What Are Some Of The Skills You Have Learned While Volunteering, And How Have You Applied Them In Your Personal Or Professional Life?

Sample Answer

Volunteering has helped me develop several skills, such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. I have applied these skills in my personal and professional life by using them to build better relationships, work more effectively with others, and solve problems more efficiently.

25. What Are Some Of The Ways You Have Contributed To The Community Through Volunteering?

Sample Answer

I have contributed to the community by volunteering at local food banks, organizing charity events, and participating in community clean-up drives. These activities have helped me make a positive impact on people’s lives and contribute to the betterment of the community.


Volunteering is an excellent role for both volunteers and employers. Since there is a lot of competition in this field, use these questions and answers to ensure you are well prepared for your next volunteer. Practice them and customize the answers to reflect your context.