The Ultimate Gift Buying Guide For Your Remote Team

The Ultimate Gift Buying Guide

Remote work has become the norm in today’s modern workplace. And during this season of giving, it’s best to make your team feel appreciated, even if you don’t see them much in the office.

On the other hand, finding the best gifts for your employees has always been daunting. Being on a remote team where you don’t see each other very often can be even more of a challenge. Fortunately, this article provides gift-buying advice and ideas to help you express your gratitude to your team.

How To Choose The Perfect Corporate Gifts For Remote Employees?

If this is your first time shopping for gifts for your remote employees, there are a few things you need to consider before deciding which gifts to give.

  • Tailor Gifts To Individuals

Nothing makes a recipient happier than knowing the gift was chosen based on their unique interests. Personalized gifts show your remote workers that you care enough about them to know their preferences and tastes.

  • Avoid Inappropriate And Controversial Gifts

You must know where the boundaries of appropriateness lie. A funny gift for a family member or a friend could be an HR issue if given to a subordinate. So, it’s necessary to avoid any practical jokes or inappropriate innuendo that the recipient could easily misunderstand.

  • Opt For Practicality

Flashy gifts might be exciting, but something more practical is often more appreciated in the long run. Think about what your remote employees will use and let that information guide you in your gift-buying choices.

  • Include Their Families

Instead of just giving gifts to your remote employees, you might want to consider how their families may also benefit from the gift. This can emphasize that you’re not only taking care of your employee but their loved ones too.

Gift Ideas For Remote Teams

Now that you have an idea of how to choose the perfect gift for a remote employee, here are some fun gift suggestions you can try.

1.      Create Your Gift Box

Creating customizable corporate gift boxes for your team is an effective way to engage your remote employees and show your appreciation. With this gift idea, your imagination is the limit. You can also create a theme for your gift boxes to make it easier.

You can build a package containing functional office supplies like pens, notebooks, shirts, and water bottles. You can also opt for a self-care package filled with bath bombs, essential oils, luxury soaps, and candles.

What’s more, you can customize the content of your gift boxes based on your employee’s needs or preferences. Alternatively, you can look for companies that provide gifting solutions to help you plan, design, create, and ship your corporate gift boxes, saving you time and effort.

2.      Remote Work Upgrades

Help your remote workers create a fun and more productive home office environment they’ll love spending time in. Your remote employees depend on technology to continue working for your business. Hence, it’s best if you can start there.

Depending on your budget, you can gift them a new headset, power bank, keyboard, laptop, office chair, or any necessary upgrades in their home office. If you’re short on budget, you can still find thoughtful presents to give.

You can give plants, a desk lamp, a mug heater, and an essential oil diffuser. These items can help transform their space, making it more comfortable and functional.

3.      Digital Gift Card

Gift cards will always be one of the best presents for your employees, especially those working remotely. They’re easy to send and provide many options to suit all kinds of employees. Gift cards make it simple to send and reward remote workers. Meanwhile, if you offer various options, your employees will appreciate the flexibility in choosing which gift card to redeem.

4.      Entertainment Subscription

Like gift cards, entertainment subscriptions are one of the easiest to send and most convenient gifts for remote employees. What’s more, their loved ones can also benefit from it. Entertainment subscriptions such as Netflix, Peacock, or Apple TV+ allow your remote employees to set a date night and bond with their families.

5.      Experience Gifts

Corporate gifts don’t always have to be physical items. Experiential gifts are one of the best and most unique ways to show your appreciation. Examples of experience-based gifts include cooking lessons, massage certificates, and travel gifts.

Ensure the experiential gifts you’ll give involve their families, such as an admission ticket to a local amusement park or a plane ticket to an exotic hideaway.


For the holiday season, it’s important to celebrate the people who keep your company running remotely. Even if they can’t be there in your end-of-year celebrations in person, they still deserve meaningful gifts for all their hard work. Keep in mind the above tips and ideas to help you find the perfect gift that your remote employee will love.