Top 25 Cyber Security Startup Ideas For New Entrepreneurs

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Cyber Security Startup Ideas For New Entrepreneurs

Cyber security is the practice of defending sensitive information, computer system, mobile data, and network from digital attacks or damage. It is also called information technology security and is designed to fight against cyber threats because threats can change or destroy information data to obtain money from the organization and originate from inside or outside the organization. Today cyber security is crucial because it protects all types of data, protects health information, and government and business information. Due to the high demand, new entrepreneurs have many business opportunities to the initiative in the cyber security business. In this article, some business ideas are discussed here for starting a new business.

1. Cryptography

Cryptography refers to a process of protecting information and communication by using code to encrypt sensitive information and allow the sender and recipient to read hidden contents. Cryptographers provide many services to their clients and make complex computer security systems and protect data from hackers. Cryptography is used in many applications such as:

  • Computer passwords
  • E-commerce
  • Banking transaction cards
  • Test cipher texts
  • Encrypts data

This business needs some analytical skills and a brief knowledge of mathematical principles like combinatorics and linear algebra.

2. Malware Analysis

Malware analysis is the method of determining the origin, function, and impact of a given malware sample such as viruses, backdoors, and worms through dynamic and static analysis. A malware analyst works with computer security to examine and understand the threats related to cyber security. Analysts have special programming and language skills and know the use of complex tools to serve clients effectively. It is a self-rewarding business for new entrepreneurs who need training, practice, discipline, and knows the use of computer systems to flourish the business.

3. Cyber Security Analysis

A cyber security analyst is an expert who specializes in information technology infrastructure security and performs several duties like protecting a computer system from damage, malware, and unauthorized access. They serve their clients in several ways and can install and update new software and develop a system for best practices. They possess many technical skills such as:

  • Scripting
  • Monitoring
  • System operating
  • Regulatory guideline skills

Starting a business as a cyber-security analyst is a very lucrative idea due to the high demand for cyber security, it has become a very popular and profitable business with a specialized IT degree and experience in this field.

4. Security Auditing

This is a unique cyber security business idea and can start from home. An auditor audits the computer information and examines the system and activities to ensure the stability of system control, recommends changes for countermeasures, and writes technical reports to analyze audit results to ensure the effectiveness of the system. This business needs a degree in computer science and a lot of experience in a related field. So if one needs to provide services to clients must build an organization, and this business requires many skills like audit planning, accounting, and internal auditing. 

5.  Security Software Development

Security software development is a methodology to develop new software and experts merge the security into the application system, make changes to existing programs and protect hardware and software from external threats. They are responsible for producing efficient code based on:

  • Specification
  • Integrating software components
  • Managing troubleshooting software

They search, design, evaluate, and manage software programs and bring modifications to programs according to customer demand. To start a business as a security software developer, new entrepreneurs must hire a team to make a profit and give services to other companies.

6.  Application Development Security

Application development consultants provide customized services to their clients and develop software or technology systems customized for particular tasks. They are responsible for all aspects of developing applications, working according to the need of customers, providing troubleshooting services, and creating specific applications for them.  It is a good idea for new entrepreneurs because many large organizations need a web and application development consultant to ensure the work specification.

7. Cyber Security Training

Due to the increasing demand for IT, everyone wants to learn about the use of software and invest money to learn it.  It is the best business idea for entrepreneurs can start from home. A trainer provides many courses related to cyber security at different prices and coaches people online or offline. They train the students in computer security with practical work and also give online classes via the internet.

8. Cyber Security Blogging

Cybersecurity blogging is another unique online business idea to earn income. The content of the cyber security blog consists of material about the latest information, tutorial, and cloud technology. These articles cover the solution of troubleshooting and training people on how to deliver software services to clients. To start this business blogger selects a website and specific topics related to the following:

  • Cyber security
  • Designs the blog
  • Provides solutions to customers

To write a blog, a blogger must have good writing skills and enough cyber security information to attract clients on social media and can work from home.

9. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become a very demanding and profitable business nowadays due to desired availability of network resources like cloud storage with its types of object storage and block storage without direct management by the users and distributed in many locations. So, cloud computing is a process of delivering services including servers, data storage, networking, software, and intelligence over the cloud to offer faster and more flexible change and these services enable the users to save files and collect all the data through the internet. Technical skills, database skills, cloud security, and machine learning skills are needed to start this business.

10.   Marketing Software Technology

Market technology refers to providing a range of software that assists a business in achieving market goals, and a marketing technologist is an expert who designs the best marketing software technology solutions in the services of marketing. They are responsible for

  • Developing the marketing software, implementing it, and ensuring all marketing strategies align with the company.
  • Remaining up-to-date with changing situations and protecting clients from market threats by developing technology.

Technologists work with marketing staff and teach them how to protect information from marketers. They have good communication skills with an agile mindset and an adopter mindset to communicate with others and to learn new marketing tools.

11. Vulnerability Research

Vulnerability research is a good business idea for a new entrepreneur to detect any vulnerability that affects his organization’s system. There are some types of vulnerabilities network vulnerability refers to issues with hardware or software, process vulnerability, and human vulnerability because user errors expose the sensitive data of a company. So vulnerability researchers provide services to their clients in crisis and perform many responsibilities like analyzing the software, tracking new vectors, and discovering new methods for cyber security.

12. Customer Relationship Management

A CRM business analyst who specializes in customer relationship management, and analyzes customer data. They give many services like maximizing the CRM data, working with the marketing team to deepen their market effect, developing software to improve customer care, and building strong customer relationships. CRM skills are necessary for each businessman, whether new or experienced to make a profit and attract more clients to the business. They possess excellent communication skills to communicate with customers and other staff members.

13. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP technical analysts give many services to their clients including:

  • Preparing work flowcharts
  • Identifying problems related to cybersecurity
  • Analyzing operational processes
  • Developing database configuration

ERP business analysts can start a business independently or with a team and show their expertise in related fields and work according to the requirements of the clients. They have excellent mathematical, problem-solving, analyzing, multi-tasking, and decision-making skills to facilitate their customers. It is a good business idea related to cyber security for those who understand business operations and work for system improvements.

14. Sell Cyber Security Books

Due to great business opportunities in this field, people want to know about cyber security to get a job. Thus, selling books related to cyber security is a profitable business idea because people spend so much money to purchase these books. If one has experience or knowledge about IT can write a book to educate others and share his experiences with people. The contents of the book encircle all the information related to this field and also give solutions to the problems regarding software, hardware, and website protection. An entrepreneur can sell these books online by creating a website because there are many potential clients on social media.

15. Sell Cyber Security Hardware

Hardware has become an important part of cyber security, so the sale rate is expected to grow in the next years. It is the best business idea to earn cash with little experience and qualification. You can sell security tools, cyber security cameras, and anti-virus tools to your clients online or offline. You can also give advice to clients on the use of hardware, build a community, and manage the requirements of customers to build a reputation in the market and attract more clients.

16. Become A web Penetration Tester

It is the process of simulating an attack to check the security and vulnerability of the target system and an attempt to gain access to sensitive data to make it secure. Web penetration testers must know about application security, different program languages, security assessment tools, and threat modeling. In fact, finding fulfilling jobs for penetration tester can be indeed a rewarding career path for new entrepreneurs. They are responsible for performing tests on applications, developing new strategies for testing, increasing security improvements, and reverse engineering spam. Clients pay them to check the cyber threats in the system and make the system secure and safe from hackers.

17. Data Modeling

Data modeling is the process of creating a data model of a software system by using symbols and text. A data modeler is a professional or engineer who designs computer data models to change complex data into useful data. A data modeler serves their clients in many ways such as:

  • Gathering information according to the need of customers
  • Building data models
  • Finalizing the database model
  • Creating a physical table

To start a data modeling business, a new businessman needs some skills, the ability to learn efficiently, skills to work independently or hire a team to grow the business, and software development skills.

18. User Experience Design

User experience design refers to the process of designing to make products or websites that provide relevant experiences to users. User experience designers change the application into a useful form for the use of users. They design the application, optimize it and create the best user experience using different strategies or tools. They are responsible for evaluating and collecting information with the interaction of clients, giving design ideas, designing graphic user interface elements, and building the page navigation buttons to facilitate the users. It is a creative cyber security business idea for a startup if one has an interest in graphic designing and user experience designing.

19. Wireless Network Engineering

Wireless network engineering is a type of computer network and data communication technology. Large organizations are dependent on wireless systems to connect mobile workers to the organization. So starting a business as a wireless network engineer is a lucrative idea to serve others and make money by designing a wireless network according to the demand. Wireless network engineers are cyber security professionals who are responsible for optimizing, installing, and maintaining wireless network equipment and security.

20. Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is an innovative cyber security business idea and the process of developing software applications on mobile devices. Mobile application developers must know the use of program languages and source code to develop, create, install, and test mobile applications. They show expertise in related fields and attract clients in every sector of the life government as well as the public and develop applications according to customer needs. They can work independently or build a team according to work demands and have app design, software design, brainstorming, and coding skills.

21. Web Development

Web development is a profitable cyber security business idea for entrepreneurs to run a business. Web development is a process of developing the web for the internet and ranges from a simple static page to a complex web system. Web developers:

  • Make and maintain websites
  • Create content for the site
  • Ensure their performance or activity at different stages

They handle the traffic on site, measure the website speed, and make sure users do not face any problems while using it.

22. Network Analysis

A network analyst refers to a supporting engineer who works with many networks like LANs, MANs, and WANs to determine which network capacity fulfills the client’s demands. Cyber security network analysts solve the troubleshooting problems and complete the projects within the time limit to satisfy the clients. They perform many duties such as gathering and analyzing data, implementing, designing and maintaining the network. Network analysis is a good business option for starting a business.

23. Cyber Security Portal Administration

A portal administration involves several portal administrative activities, and a cyber-security portal administrator manages key records and ensures the page layout is developed and maintained functionally. A portal provides all necessary information to users and solves issues. Portal administrators do many duties for the users or clients described in the following ways:

  • Installing and administrating,
  • Managing, and preparing information on a digital page
  • Handling portal setup and configuration
  • Organizing the contents of all the users
  • Troubleshooting the clients’ portal security

It is the best online cyber security business idea, so become a portal administrator and serve people from home.

24. Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster recovery plays a vital part in security services and protecting the customer organization from cyber-attacks. Disaster recovery specialists provide services to their clients in a disaster situation, it is the best business idea for IT specialists. Data center disaster recovery, virtualized disaster recovery, cloud disaster recovery, and network disaster recovery are the main types of disaster recovery. The specialists do many tasks such as the estimation of potential vulnerability and development methods to minimize it.

25. A Source Code Auditing

A source code auditor is a cyber-security specialist who changes the source code in an application to check the bugs that damage the security. To audit a source code, a specialist gets information about the project structure, checks vulnerabilities, discovers potential bugs, reaches code maintainability level, verifies compliance with software developments, and gives guidelines to his customers on how to manage a source code. There are many potential clients for source code auditors to provide services and establish a business at the market scale.


Cyber security plays a crucial role in people’s lives, and everyone wants to protect their information from hackers. There are many business opportunities for new entrepreneurs to start a business as a cyber-security specialist with an IT degree and software operating skills. In this article, top businesses are discussed, so you can pick one according to your experience and specialization in cyber security and give services to others to earn profit.