Streaming Services Are Always Available With A Free VPN

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Streaming Services Are Always Available With A Free VPN

Being a modern internet user can be tough at times, for a whole host of different reasons. Chief among these reasons is the continuous invasion of personal privacy in the digital world, and the effect that this can have on your online experience.

Specifically, in this case, we’re talking about streaming services, and how they can use your information against you in order to preclude you from accessing the content that you want to watch. These blocks exist in opposition to the very spirit of the Internet, which was designed to enable people around the world to freely access information and media content without restrictions. Moreover, blocks can feel extremely unjust on an individual level, especially if you are a paying subscriber who is simply trying to use your streaming service while abroad.

With the trend toward censorship and content blocking unlikely to cease in the near future, it is unfortunately up to you as an individual to find a workaround for blocks on websites and streaming services. Luckily, such a solution does exist, and you can bypass blocks by simply installing a free VPN for streaming and web browsing.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a software application that secures your internet connection by creating a tunnel through which to send your traffic. This enables you to engage in online activities without having your security breached or privacy encroached upon by other parties.

VPNs can be installed as a fully-fledged desktop client, or alternatively, as an extension for your chosen web browser. A VPN client will secure all traffic from your device, while an extension is a more lightweight option that just secures your browser traffic.

Both VPN clients and extensions have their own benefits. With the market booming, there are a wide variety of free client and extension options on the market, too, so you have complete freedom to decide which will best fit your needs.

Why do streaming services get blocked?

There can a number of reasons why you might encounter blocks with streaming services, such as government bans or other geopolitical factors, for instance. Within streaming services, the reasoning is generally economic, as corporations seek to protect licensing agreements on content by offering certain content to segments of their subscriber bases. Whether you are unable to log in to your streaming service or struggling to access specific content, the block is usually IP-based.

The issue is to do with your online visibility. When you connect your device to the Internet, your IP address is visible to ISPs (Internet service providers) and websites alike. This enables them to identify your specific device as well as your geographical location, and this allows them to impose geo-blocks on you, restricting your ability to gain proper access to your chosen streaming service. This does not take into account the country where you subscribed from or typically reside. For this reason, many users have issues accessing their streaming services when abroad, which can be extremely frustrating.

How does a VPN help with accessing online streaming services?

VPNs are the perfect solution to the issue of geo-blocking due to their innate design.

When you utilize a VPN, you create a secure tunnel that directs your internet traffic to a server in another geographic location. This process allows you to mask your personal IP address and connect to websites using an alternative one. This essentially allows you to use the internet as though you were a resident in the location of that server.

By activating your VPN, you can effectively fly under the radar, remaining anonymous and avoiding all geo-based restrictions on streaming services. Should you travel often, maintaining access to your streaming service is as simple as changing your server location whenever you might encounter a block.

With a free VPN, you can avail of a wide range of different server locations in regions all around the world. This means that you can always log in to your chosen streaming service, regardless of where you go.

The wrap-up

As an internet user in today’s world, there is an extremely high likelihood that you have encountered a geo-blocked website at one time or another. This can be irritating, no doubt, but these blocks are all the more frustrating if they are preventing you from using a streaming service subscription that you have paid for in good faith.

To improve your online experience and avoid wasting your hard-earned money, you should seek to avail of a free VPN service. This will enable you to change your location and bypass any potential blocks, giving you constant access to your chosen streaming service so that you can get your money’s worth out of your subscription.