Top 25 Social Media Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Social Media Interview Questions

One of the things that have been widely used and have a huge impact on bridging the gap of the world is social media. It could be used anytime, anywhere, and allows you to interact with people who could be a thousand miles away from you. According to the most recent social media statistics, there are 3.78 billion social media users globally as of 2021. And the research found that the numbers will keep on rising even in the upcoming years. The number translates to roughly 48% of the world’s current population, who are using social media. Apart from being communication means for social purposes, social media may be innovatively used as a platform for businesses.

In this article, we will look at 25 interview questions related to social media along with the answers. Let’s get started!

1. Tell Me About Yourself?

I have been a social media manager for one of the local companies for the past five years. I was assigned to handle and monitor the social media activity used by the company. My working experience taught me a lot about how to engage with customers through social media platforms.

2. What Are The Main Roles Of Asocial Media Manager?

One of the responsibilities of a social media manager is creating social media strategies. The tasks range from content production, conceptualization, planning, funding, campaigns, and even implementation. We also have to collaborate actively with the marketing department to ensure the consistency of the brand as well as achieve marketing goals. The other tasks include obtaining consumers’ information to generate detailed buyer profiles and reports. The social media manager also needs to monitor and provide reports revolving around the social media used for the company.

3. What Are The Skills Needed To Become An Effective Social Media Manager?

A good social media manager needs to have a creative mind to come up with appealing content. They also have to be well equipped with strategies planning and good management skills to be able to maximize the use of social media to boost the business. That aside, a good manager has to be flexible and updated with current trends in order to not be left behind by other competitors in the industry.

4. What Major Challenges Did You Have During Your Previous Role? How Did You Handle It?

One of the challenges I had before was to juggle several platforms at one time. Before getting hired by my previous working place, I worked as a social media content creator for a small business and all things were done manually. When I got hired, the jobs to handle several media at once were overwhelming until I learned to use social media management tools. Learning the tool boosted my performance and ease my work a lot.

5. How Do You Roughly Analyse The Effectiveness Of your Social Media Usage?

Most social media have analytics features where the summary of an account performance will be displayed. This includes the number of likes, engagements, viewers, followers from the specific post, or even the number of profile visits. We could roughly check if our contents are effective by checking this analytics summary. Apart from using these built-in features, the analytical measurement should be followed by comparing how well the account performs compared to previous weeks, months, or even years, depending on the age of the account.

6. What Would You Do If The Social Media Platforms You Use To Make Changes In Their Features?

Whenever this happens, it is best to accommodate the changes and maximize the usage of the functions. It may take a while to adapt and get used to the new functions. It is good to keep in mind that no matter how hard it is for a person to start adapting to the new features, people will eventually get used to it. For instance, Instagram got a lot of negative feedback when they wanted to introduce reels functions, claiming that people are more interested in static photos. However, as time passes, more and more people are getting comfortable with using reels now. Hence, we must also keep updated and utilize the functions to the fullest as well.

7. What Do You Think About Marketing Using Social Media Platforms?

I believe marketing through social media platforms is highly needed nowadays due to the very high usage of it among people from all walks of life. It is also safe to say that almost everyone owns at least one social media. It is also mostly used during leisure time hence the engagement with prospects via social media might be even stronger rather than opting to other platforms. It is very advisable for businesses to create engaging social media so that they could thrive in the industry.

8. In your Opinion, Why Is Social Media Marketing Important Nowadays?

One of the biggest advantages of using social media marketing is its low cost. Signing up is free for almost all social media. Besides, using social media is helpful due to its strong engagement. Most people nowadays own all kinds of social media hence getting audience and viewability would be easier compared to using platforms that may be unfamiliar to customers. Having an official social media page, aside from marketing purposes, may also help to become a more user-friendly platform for interaction. Even customer service could be done via social media.

9. What Is A Hashtag In Social Media?

The hashtag is when the symbol “#” is put before a word or a series of words without any spaces between them. It is used in social media to make it simpler to identify posts or materials that have specific content or topic. Most social media platform allows easy search function by using the hashtag. This will allow users to find their preferable content easily by searching words or phrases with the hashtag.

10. What Is The Function Of A Hashtag In Social Media?

There are several functions of the hashtag in social media. One of them is when searching for a hashtag, it brings up results for every post that uses the tag. It will also allow you to target audience and viewers aside from making your posts easier to be found by others who are outside of your following or followers lists. Aside from allowing easier search, the hashtag will also make information easier to be delivered since people may spend a long time exploring one hashtag of their interest topic or content.

11. How To Make An Effective Hashtag?

Try to vary the usage of both general and specific hashtags. A hashtag that is too general might not be able to help expand engagement since the posts might be overwhelmed by other people who use the same hashtag, hence the need to use more specific ones. It is also important to make a unique hashtag and be concise about it. Avoid using too many hashtags in one post since it will make the post looks messy. Last but not least, be sure to consistently analyze the effectiveness of the hashtags to check which hashtag works better than the other.

12. Which Social Media Platforms Do You Think Are Most Suitable For Our Company?

I highly recommend Facebook and Youtube. Facebook is highly friendly with infographics hence it may be able to provide comprehensive details to convey the messages for our consumers. Youtube, on the other hand, could be actively used to post related videos to promote and boost consumers’ trust and knowledge about our business. These two platforms are two examples of the most used platforms hence they may be able to reach the audience targeted for our business.

13. What Does Social Media ROI Refer To?

ROI or return of investment is the metric used to measure the amount of value delivered by social media investments. It is usually expressed in monetary terms but non-monetary metrics could be used in certain circumstances as well. For instance, when it is difficult to attribute the direct impact on revenue. The social media ROI’s criteria should be set up based on the goals established. There are many ways to assess ROI which can even be measured by analyzing the numbers of followers gained or engagement of posts updated.

14. What Would You Do If You Were To Face Negative Comments On Your Social Media?

It is best to reply to the comment professionally. Completely ignoring the negative might create an unnecessary backlash. We can make use of the negative comments to build a FAQ as well. Apart from this, handling the comments nicely may create good impressions towards viewers.

15. Do You Think The Timing Is Important When Promoting Via Social Media?

Yes, posting updates at the best times will improve the engagement greatly. There are different times of optimum time to post depending on the type of social media users. These could be done by researching, experimenting, brainstorming and analyzing existing analytics for posts. Timing is important when posting to ensure there are viewers viewing the posts, instead of posting at times when users hardly use social media at the time.

16. Are You Familiar With Any Social Media Tools?

Yes, I am familiar with several social media tools such as Hootsuite. I have been using Hootsuite for several years including the time with my previous role. Other tools that I have used before including Loomly, Buffer, Napoleon cat, and several more. While I am very comfortable in using these tools, I always explore new ones, especially the newly introduced ones to try out new features that might not be available in the ones I am using. I am also ready to try out new unfamiliar tools if required.

17. What Are The Functions Of Social Media Management Tools?

One of the benefits of using social media management tools is that it could ease the tasks of analyzing the social engagement with viewers. Apart from that, it allows better and more feasible handling of multiple platforms at the same time. This can ease the job rather than juggling multiple in a disorganized way. Using social media tools could also help to streamline the collaboration between teams. Social media may be run by several teams at the same time hence using this tool will help to share the progress and things done by other teams in real-time. This could avoid doing redundant posts or updates on social media.

18. What Would You Do If Social Media Got Hacked?

The first thing to do is to control the damage. It is best to lock down all the social media so that the hackers could not harm the accounts by posting irrelevant content. Next is to find the specific information that got breached. When social media got hacked, it is a good step to clearly inform the viewers about it so that they will not have any trust issues or misunderstandings about the current situation that occurred to the account. After the matter has been sorted out, it is best to opt for stronger ways to avoid hacking to happen again in the future.

19. What Are The Drawbacks Of Using Social Media?

One of the drawbacks is that we have to be extra careful when handling or posting updates through social media. One wrong step or words may be used against us and outrage the public. Aside from that, it may take some time for an account to grow and reach a wider audience, especially for small businesses. This comes with the time-consuming tasks of checking the analytics of engagement.

20. What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Position?

The first challenge that has been a problem is the fact that social media are prone to be spammed or intruded with negative comments or feedback. This may be quite hard since one person is able to create multiple accounts for themselves and may do everything they can to taint the business reputation. It needs extra care to handle these negative feedbacks to sustain a good reputation, especially in social media where the coverage is wider than any other platform.

21. What Would You Do To Connect With Customers Better Via Social Media?

One of the steps is by enabling reviews and rating features on our social media platforms. Firstly, the social media pages need to be set as business accounts in order to implement these features. Doing this will allow users or customers to provide their feedback easily. Apart from engaging and hearing customers’ comments, reviews could be viewed by everyone hence it may help to make our business more trusted among prospects.

22. What Would You Do To Keep Up To Date With Current Trends Or Innovations In Social Media Platforms?

It is best to follow and actively participate in webinars or channels that heavily share new changes occurring in social media. There may be some features that we never knew existed and gaining new knowledge through following these contents would be very helpful.

23. What Are Your Tricks To Improve Better Engagement Or Views Among Social Media Users?

First and foremost, it is good to follow current viral trends and create content referencing those trends. It is alright to be unique but sometimes, doing trending content may attract people more. Next is to keep our content simple and concise. People use social media to get quick information thus they may ignore lengthy content.

24. What Was Your Biggest Accomplishment?

In my previous role, I was assigned to lead one campaign via social media. It was a new experience for me and I had to research and brainstorm a lot with my team to come up with brilliant ideas and content. The experience was very pleasant and the campaign ended successfully. We managed to improve the engagement by 10% compared to the previous month and were able to get a huge number of new followers during the time of the campaign.

25. How Do You Find Motivation In Your Work?

I often find great motivation when my content reaches people and my works are able to boost the performance of the social media run by the company. The best thing is when people remember some of the details about our content. That makes me strive to be able to come up with more unique content that will be appealing to social media users.


Considering the huge number of social media users, almost half of the world population, it is very wise to utilize the platforms actively regardless of what industry or fields your company is in. With the right and superb management and handling of social media, besides boosting engagement with prospects, it may even help to boost up the sales and marketing as well. Hence, if your company has no official social media yet, it might be the best time to start one!

If you are hiring or going to get interviewed for social media-related jobs, we wish you the best of luck!