Top 25 Pfizer Interview Questions And Answers in 2023

Pfizer Interview Questions And Answers

Pfizer is one of the world’s major pharmaceutical corporations, producing everything from over-the-counter medications to prescription prescriptions. When you interview for a position at Pfizer, you may anticipate being questioned about your experience, credentials, and aspirations.

You could also be asked questions regarding Pfizer, such as “What do you know about our business?” or “Why do you want to work at Pfizer?”.

You may distinguish yourself from other applicants and demonstrate your genuine interest in the position by providing thoughtful answers to these questions. This post will advise you on how to respond to Pfizer interview questions.

1. Have You Worked In The Pharmaceutical Sector Before?

I worked as an assistant manager at a neighborhood drugstore during my college studies. This work taught me important customer service skills and how to manage people. It also allowed me to hone my communication skills with patients who were occasionally dissatisfied or agitated.

I’ve always wanted to work in pharmaceuticals since I was a kid. I’ve always found it fascinating how different medications may assist with different ailments. Not only that, but it makes me pleased to know that the job I perform may help transform and improve someone’s life. I’ve been preparing for this work for a long time, and I feel I have the talents and attributes to assist the organization meet all of its objectives.

2. What Is Your Background In Clinical Trials?

Previously, I worked in various clinical trials. They fascinate me because it’s fascinating to observe how drugs impact people. In my previous work, I was in charge of recruiting people for a study of new depression medicine. Getting enough volunteers took a lot of work, but we ultimately found enough to finish the research.

3. What Words Would You Use To Define Your Leadership Style?

My greatest strength as a leader is my ability to encourage people through positive reinforcement. I’m always searching for new methods to motivate and recognize my team members’ achievements. This contributes to a pleasant work atmosphere where workers feel valued and respected. Another one of my strengths is my ability to assign duties efficiently. I may analyze each member of my team’s strengths and give assignments to them based on those assessments.

4. Are You At Ease Discussing Medical Treatments And Drugs With Others?

For the last five years, I have worked as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative and have gained a thorough grasp of medical treatments and drugs. I feel relaxed when speaking with patients and health professionals about these subjects. My expertise has also allowed me to build good communication skills and successfully express complicated facts in an easy-to-understand manner. Furthermore, I am constantly keen to learn more about discoveries in the industry so that I may keep current on the most recent treatments and drugs available.

5. Can You Tell Me About A Period When You Were In Charge Of Designing New Processes, And How You Decided What Needed To Be Done And Who Should Execute It?

I realized we had problems with our inventory management system at my previous work. It couldn’t keep up with all the varied items we had on hand, so I convened a meeting with my boss and other accounting department employees to explore what might be done. We devised many options, such as improving the program or employing more people. We chose to upgrade the program after discussing both possibilities.

6. What Characteristics Are Essential For A Successful Pharmaceutical Sales Representative?

Pharmaceutical sales agents that thrive in their positions have distinct characteristics. First and foremost, they must thoroughly grasp what they are selling and clearly and effectively explain their features and benefits. They must also be well-organized and detail-oriented to track client information, product specifics, and other critical data.

The other important commercial part of pharmaceutical employment is giving the finest possible service to clients and patients. It is critical that customers have a positive experience and do not encounter any problems. Assisting patients should be our number one goal, and it may also help us create strong relationships with our clients.

Furthermore, successful pharmaceutical sales reps must be excellent communicators who can rapidly and efficiently create connections with consumers. When promoting items and services to potential buyers, they should be convincing and confident. Finally, to stay motivated and achieve their goals, they must be enthusiastic about their profession and determined to succeed.

7. Pfizer Employs About 80,000 People Worldwide. How Well Do You Think You’ll Fit In That Setting?

I would perform well at a major corporation. In my previous employment, I was part of a five-person team. We were in charge of developing a marketing campaign from start to end. I used my interpersonal skills to communicate successfully with my coworkers and allocate tasks to complete our tasks by the deadline.

8. Please Explain Why You Want To Work With Pfizer.

The opportunity at Pfizer caught my attention since I’ve always had a passion for the pharmaceutical industry. The firm has a good reputation, and I’m excited to be a part of such a renowned company. I also like how much Pfizer regards its workers. From the training programs to the benefits, Pfizer cares about its employees.

9. What Are Your Thoughts On Our Current Product Line?

My family members use several Pfizer products, so I’ve kept up with you. I am happy with your changes to Prevnar 13 last year because it is one of your best-known vaccines. I’ve also heard that Viagra was authorized as an erectile dysfunction medication.

10. How Do You Establish Rapport With Doctors And Other  Professionals?

I recognize the significance of developing ties with doctors and other providers. I devised a few successful methods in my past positions as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.

The first tactic is to be well-versed in the items I’m marketing. This enables me to answer their queries, contributing to our mutual trust confidently. I also remain current on industry trends and research to present them with the most relevant information.

Along with being informed, I have open discussions with physicians and healthcare professionals. I listen to their problems and suggestions and adjust my approach when introducing new items or services.

11. What Types Of Healthcare Concerns Are You Enthusiastic About, And Why?

I am enthusiastic about mental health problems since I have personally experienced depression. In my previous position as a nurse, I found that many patients were afraid to seek treatment for mental health issues. I began providing counseling services at the hospital where I worked, which allowed me to connect with patients who needed assistance but were unsure how to receive it. Now I’m searching for a new job where I can continue to help individuals overcome similar obstacles.

12. What Scientific Expertise Could You Offer If Hired?

I am well-versed in research methodology and data analysis. I also detect trends and patterns in large amounts of data. These qualities would be useful to Pfizer since they enable me to discover fresh approaches to enhance current products and create brand-new ones.

13. Give An Example Of A Moment When You Overcame A Problem When Marketing Pharmaceuticals.

I recently encountered a problem while selling medications to a new customer. The needs and expectations of this customer were precise and challenging to fulfill.

I spent time comprehending their requirements and expectations to overcome this hurdle. I collaborated extensively with them to create a designed solution to satisfy their needs. I also leveraged my expertise in the field to offer extra resources and information to aid in their decision-making.

In the end, I was able to seal the transaction and establish a solid rapport with the client. I came up with an effective solution for all parties because of my capacity to pay attention to their demands, think creatively, and draw on my knowledge of the subject.

14. What Would You Do If A Doctor Asked You A Question Regarding A Medication That You Didn’t Know The Answer To?

I would pay close attention and make notes while a doctor asked me a question regarding a medication for which I had no idea of the answer. I will be better able to comprehend their particular wants and have the chance to elucidate my understanding of their query.

I would use my resources to do more research on the topic after I have obtained all the relevant data. This can entail reading product manuals or interacting with coworkers who might be more knowledgeable in this field. I am also at ease with exploring online sources for further knowledge, such as medical publications and websites.

Finally, I would provide the doctor with the most accurate and up-to-date information. I can follow up with them after presenting the answer to confirm their satisfaction and address any subsequent questions if necessary. My objective is to constantly offer the finest advice and assistance to physicians so that they can make the best decisions for their patients.

15. Do You Have Any Experience With The Instruments A Pharmaceutical Lab Might Utilize?

I’m familiar with various laboratory equipment, including centrifuges, chromatography machines, spectrophotometers, and gas chromatographs. I am also familiar with how each apparatus functions and what it is usually used for. My previous employment required me to maintain the lab’s equipment, so I became adept at troubleshooting when something went wrong.

16. What Kind Of Relationship Exists Between A Scientist And A Pharmaceutical Lab Technician?

Despite having different functions, scientists and pharmaceutical lab technicians work together on projects. I conduct research and test samples as a pharmaceutical lab technician working under the direction of a scientist. In my former role, I collaborated with a scientist on a new diabetes drug. I was given guidelines by the scientist regarding the appropriate times and types of tests to run. I then experimented as the scientist had advised.

17. What Are The Acceptable Outcomes For Each Test While Executing Quality Control Checks?

In my previous job, I conducted quality control checks on samples with different pH, conductivity, temperature, and turbidity readings. The pH range that was considered appropriate was 6.0 to 8.5. The acceptable range for conductivity was 0-200 mS/cm. An appropriate temperature range was between 2 and 30 degrees Celsius. The accepted range for turbidity was 0–100 NTU.

18. What Would You Do If You Discovered That One Of Your Accounts Was Being Used To Procure A Drug Made By A Competitor?

I would first examine the situation if I discovered a competitor’s product was dominant in one of my accounts. I’d speak with the doctor or health practitioner to see why they chose the competitor’s product and what advantages it has that our product does not. I would gain more knowledge about the market’s competitive environment and how to better position our product for success.

After gathering this information, I would collaborate with my team to devise a strategy to solve any flaws in our product offering. We could examine pricing, packaging, or other aspects to ensure that our product is competitively positioned against the competition. Finally, I would utilize my sales talents to demonstrate the advantages of our product over the competitor’s and explain why switching back to our product would benefit them.

19. How Well-Versed Are You In The Fda Approval Procedure?

I am well-versed in the FDA approval procedure. Since I have been in the pharmaceutical sales industry for more than five years, I have learned much about the rules and specifications of FDA clearance. I am acquainted with the many phases of the procedure and the paperwork needed to assure compliance. I also recognize the value of being current on regulatory environment changes and how they may affect product approvals. I’ve had experience collaborating closely with internal teams to ensure all requirements are met to get FDA clearance.

20. What Do You Believe Is The Most Critical Part Of Safety In A Pharmaceutical Laboratory?

Following appropriate protocol while handling chemicals is the most crucial part of safety in a pharmaceutical lab. You might contaminate samples or hurt yourself or someone else if you don’t utilize the proper equipment or take the appropriate precautions. Before beginning any assignment, I always read the directions attentively and ask questions if something needs clarification. I also encourage my colleagues to follow suit.

21. What Is Your Methodology For Determining The Safety Of A New Drug?

My method for assessing the safety of a new medicine begins with a thorough examination of all available data. I begin by analyzing preclinical research to analyze the drug’s potential toxicity, pharmacokinetics, and effectiveness. Then I go to clinical studies, assessing the drug’s safety profile in humans. It involves reviewing adverse events recorded during the study and any other relevant data that may be available. Finally, I utilize my knowledge to determine whether the medicine is safe for human consumption.

22. Give An Example Of A Moment When You Had To Present Your Results To A Group Of Experts From Various Backgrounds And Areas Of Expertise.

The results of a study I was working on were presented at an interdisciplinary conference, which gave me a chance to do so. The audience included pharmacists, doctors, chemists, and biologists with several backgrounds and experiences.

I used graphics such as graphs and diagrams to clarify complicated subjects and guarantee everyone understood my presentation. I also ensured that each piece of information was contextualized by describing why it was essential and how it linked to other issues. Finally, based on the evidence I gave, I made clear conclusions that everyone could follow.

23. What Level Of Understanding Do You Have Of The Legal And Ethical Ramifications Of Your Job As A Pharmaceutical Scientist?

When researching or creating new medications, I take satisfaction in upholding the highest professional standards. Mistakes might have ramifications for the firm and people who utilize our goods. As a result, I constantly aim to perform my business ethically and lawfully. Furthermore, I analyze industry best practices daily and stay current on any changes in the legislation.

24. What Conditions Would Your Custom Medication Treat, And What Components Would It Have?

I would develop a medication that treats persistent pain without making users drowsy or addicted. I would use natural ingredients like ginger root extract, capsaicin, and curcumin to treat inflammation and lessen pain. Additionally, risk-free and without side effects for long-term use are these ingredients.

25. How Do You Respond To Criticism From Other Team Members When Working In A Group Setting?

Working in a collaborative atmosphere has taught me that criticism is a necessary part of the process. Criticism from other team members serves as a chance for me to learn and progress. Before answering, it is critical to thoroughly listen to what others say and understand their point of view. When taking feedback, I also stay open-minded and courteous.


Overall, the Pfizer interviews are positive. The organization is well-known for conducting rigorous candidate evaluations. They want to ensure that they hire the best personnel available. While the interview process can be difficult, it is also an opportunity to demonstrate your talents and abilities.