Metaverse and Its Impacts on the Future

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Metaverse and Its Impacts

We cannot adequately discuss the metaverse without focusing on its future impacts. It is a virtual world whose creation is currently underway, although online games such as Roblox, Sandbox, and Decentraland are illustrations. We cannot deny its impacts even at its development stages, as seen from the raging conversations.

Try to imagine a virtual world that lets you access everything in your everyday world. You can attend conferences, report to your workstation, interact with friends, and attend concerts at the comfort of your home. You can also supervise your employees, meet with stakeholders and manage your business if you have the right equipment. Well, that is just a glimpse of what this virtual world will offer. This article will focus on how the metaverse will shape humanity’s future, just like the internet did when it became popular more than three decades ago. Let’s explore

1. Improved Communication and Expression

The metaverse is set to revolutionize communication. You can liken it to the internet, which completely changed how people interacted and relayed information. It holds better prospects since it is a bigger version of the internet, popularly referred to as ‘the future of the internet. Creating an immersive virtual world with many functionalities will allow people to have a one-on-one feel when communicating, adequately filling in for actual communications.

You don’t need to video call someone or arrange a physical meeting when you can link up on the metaverse. This will significantly benefit organizations as they can efficiently conduct interviews and hold board meetings without traveling or depending on less immersive technologies such as Zoom. We are also likely to do away with phone calls and physical emails unless necessary. Change is inevitable, and even the most static individuals will adapt to the metaverse.

Note that people are destined to communicate through avatars, which will allow us to express ourselves in ways we have never thought of before. Users will also have an opportunity to try different skins, thereby boosting their confidence. We are set to witness a better version of real-life by tapping into both the physical and virtual spheres.

The metaverse will also allow organizations and politicians to hold conferences, thus saving time and expenses such as travel and security. People will not also have to leave their homes and wait on the scorching sin or chilly weather to witness a politician speak. We will be a more organized society, brought closer by an amazing technological invention.

2. Creation of More Jobs

Every technological revolution creates several job opportunities. The invention of the internet introduced remote work, allowing people to take advantage of different opportunities regardless of their geographical location. It also created jobs such as software engineering, computer development, and online tutoring, giving people an opportunity to meet their daily needs.

Well, the metaverse will not be an exception as people are set to benefit from several metaverse-related jobs. We will see a rise of virtual property managers metaverse designers among many other professionals. The companies responsible for the metaverse will also need developers, coders, and engineers for the smooth running of the virtual platform.

It is worth noting that it has started creating jobs for several people despite still being in the early stages of development. Musicians and artists have greatly benefitted from this invention through virtual concerts and NFT sales, respectively. This is the right time to acquire any metaverse-related skills to take advantage of the early recruitment opportunities when Meta finally gives us a fully functional metaverse.

We should also mention that the metaverse will allow companies to recruit talents quickly, given that it is a limitless centralized world. People will access opportunities faster and easier, and interviews will be better. Therefore, this may be your only chance to work for the company you admire. You can also choose something different and become a metaverse tour guide, helping people explore several attractions and making money without lifting a finger.

3. Better Work Environment

We cannot downplay the benefits we have enjoyed by working remotely during the pandemic. Most people did not physically report to work for months as most governments issued work-at-home orders. This notable shift from physical working brought about extreme levels of convenience, allowing people to work from the comforts of their homes.

It also saved employees the stress of commuting to the workplace every day, saving time and improving productivity. Family members also got to stay around one another for longer durations. However, remote working lacked a sense of collaboration despite all these benefits since none of the platforms used were immersive. Employees depend on calls and emails, which lack a personal touch.

The metaverse promises employees an immersive environment where they can hang out with colleagues or meet for work-related discussions. Companies will also have the chance to offer enhanced employee experience by creating an environment that best suits them, thus increasing productivity. This will definitely change the work environment by improving employee satisfaction and allowing limitless flexibility.

4. It Will Change the Music and Entertainment Industry

Have you ever thought about how the metaverse will impact the music and general entertainment industry? Well, we have and cannot hide out excitement. We have already started seeing some of the impacts of this virtual world in the entertainment scene. Platforms such as Decentraland and Fortnite have organized virtual concerts for millions of players and invited renowned musicians.

Ariana Grande and Future are among the growing list of musicians who have attracted huge crowds in the metaverse. This is an impressive concept, especially during pandemics. People don’t have to crowd in a physical venue and risk their lives since they can easily enjoy performances from the virtual world. It is also worth noting that these metaverse concerts have no limits and can host as many concert attendees as possible. People from all over the world will have a chance to witness their favorite musicians perform, an opportunity that is challenging to get in the ordinary world.

We also expect better developments in the movie industry, brought about by the limitless operation and capabilities of the metaverse. How about attending a meet and greet session organized by your favorite movie star or watching an entire movie in enhanced 3D technology? You should be excited.

5. Easier Movement

This virtual environment will eliminate air or road transport, thus ending human travel. We will witness less traffic, accidents, and pollution brought about by cars, airplanes, and private jets. Imagine traveling to your preferred destination right from your house. Isn’t it amazing?

The metaverse will therefore reduce the expenses incurred when traveling and related logistics. You can visit your colleagues and relatives without an air ticket or a transportation means, which is highly convenient. This is a time-saving invention that promises vast returns if utilized well. Imagine seeing your parents whenever you like instead of planning for an upcountry trip. It is worth waiting for as these promises will change our lives for the better.

Apart from the convenience, it will bring, we will also get to conserve the environment and reduce global warming through a pollution reduction. The air transport industry emits tons of carbon into the atmosphere through jet fuel combustion, making it one of the most significant contributors to global warming. We will not also need trains and cars, known for noise pollution. The metaverse will offer us a peaceful world where we can quickly move from place to place without harming the environment. This should be everyone’s dream.

6. A Better Education Sector

The metaverse will also impact the education sector, a vital contributor to our economy and society. Students will have an easy time studying different subjects, conducting practicals, and, where necessary, getting more than what the syllabus offers.

We will likely witness a world where people will develop interests in areas customarily considered technical such as coding and software development. This virtual world will expose kids to different technologies and resources at a younger age, allowing them to easily choose and chart their career paths courageously. Augmented reality will also allow people to obtain real-time information, thus presenting limitless possibilities.

We won’t need physical schools or institutions as students will conveniently attend classes through their VR and AR devices. It will eliminate the need to travel to the United States or Canada to pursue a degree, saving you time, money, and resources. Imagine attending classes at Yale while sitting at your desk, sitting for exams, and finally graduating. Jobs will also be readily available once you have graduated, allowing you to join the job market as fast as possible.

Lastly, students and teachers will obtain information on different topics quickly. The metaverse will save them from the burden of carrying heavy dictionaries and books as everything is decentralized and easy to get. It may give you a chance to go back to school and finish your degree.

7. Augmented Reality

The metaverse will heavily depend on both virtual and augmented realities. VR is common and has grown in popularity over time. Professional players and video game enthusiasts have VR glasses, creating a virtual gaming atmosphere with enhanced experiences.

However, augmented reality is not as popular as virtual reality and can be considered ‘a technology in the movies’. It expresses itself as a digital overlay, complete with the required information and enhanced real-life experiences. You know what I mean if you love science fiction movies.

The metaverse will allow us to experience augmented reality, enjoying things our physical world cannot offer. This is a world worth visiting.

8. Digital Ownership

The metaverse will revolutionize ownership by introducing new styles and methods. Instead of deeds and receipts, we will have non-fungible tokens. People have already started acquiring virtual land and a range of other related property, a sign that things are changing for the better. These assets are registered on the blockchain, and the buyer is given a unique token.

A landowner can choose to partition his acquisition or lease it at a profit. Note that land is not the only asset that one can own in the metaverse. Most platforms have different offerings, including tokens that increase value over time. Also, note that the digital twin technology will be widespread and famous when Meta and Apple will unroll their metaverses, which means we will get NFTs alongside physical purchases. Nike has already started incorporating this technology in some of its latest creations. Imagine buying a pair of shoes and receiving the physical product and a digital copy stored on the blockchain.

This is a good move as it will help prove authenticity and ownership since blockchain records cannot be tampered with easily.

Negative Impacts

Despite the advantages we will witness once the metaverse is unveiled, w should be ready for several negative impacts negative impact. Every tech advancement has its ugly sides. For example, despite the internet’s benefits over the years, it is a haven for online fraudsters who swindle lots of unsuspecting users. It has also led to increased cybercrimes, among other evils, making it a manifestation of every technological revolution’s dark side.

Here are some of the ways the metaverse will impact our future.

1. Increased emissions

Even though we mentioned that the metaverse would reduce carbon emissions, it has the potential of causing more. Most environmentalists have raised concerns about increased emissions once people widely adopt the metaverse. This is due to VR technology and data centers.

We have the perfect explanation if you are wondering how this will happen. This platform will heavily rely on artificial intelligence for movement detection purposes. AI greatly depends on cloud services, whose operation is not as easy as one may think.

A fully functional cloud system requires extremely high energy levels, which directly translates to carbon emissions. Since it is created with e-commerce in mind, people will sell non-fungible tokens on the metaverse, which have been found to leave high levels of carbon footprints. These tokens require a tremendous amount of energy for mining, transferring, and trading purposes, which translates to increased carbon emissions due to the combustion of fossil fuels.

This is one of the most significant adverse impacts of the metaverse. Remember, we are already battling global warming, and anything that makes it worse puts us in harm’s way. We hope that Facebook, Apple, and other metaverse companies have a remedy in mind even as they compete to launch the metaverse. We shouldn’t enjoy worldwide connectivity at the expense of the environment.

2. Dissonance Between the Real World and the Metaverse

You should also note the possibility of experiencing dissonance between reality and this virtual world. If big tech companies such as Facebook and Apple stick to their word, we are likely to end up with a world that lets you access whatever you want whenever you do, and even though it may sound like fun, it comes with its share fair of challenges.

Shifting from the metaverse into a completely different world, where things seem slower and not as attractive, may not be as manageable as you may think. Most people will prefer disconnecting from reality and choosing the virtual world associated with the metaverse. The human race will need more time to learn how to handle both of these worlds since they have different experiences. Also, note that you can’t spend your entire day in the metaverse since you have to conduct some things in real life.

3. Stringent Requirements

The metaverse will be bigger than the internet, which presents a challenge. It has to solve most of the setbacks the internet is experiencing, data privacy and security being good examples. Therefore, we will likely experience strict measures and procedures for identity verification and overall metaverse experience.

This virtual world will be the genesis of essential conversations, such as how we can uphold data security and privacy at all times. The internet has been home to several cybercriminals who hack users, containing personal data or stealing from them. This cannot be permitted in the metaverse, which will serve as a ‘home away from home.

4. Potential Loss of Jobs

Even though the metaverse will create new jobs, it may lead to the simultaneous loss of employment. Decreased air and road transport may push drivers and pilots out of the job market unless they are absorbed in this virtual world. Masons may also be affected, as most organizations will prefer virtual buildings and office spaces. Therefore, we must find a way of curbing the potential job loss occasioned by the metaverse.

5. Increased Addiction

Some people are likely to use the metaverse to escape their everyday lives and physical environments, leading to over-dependence and, finally, addiction. This is also common with gamers who have higher chances of overindulgence, leading to addiction.


The metaverse presents both positive and negative future impacts. We can only hope that the pros will outweigh the cons, especially if it becomes widespread. I hope that this article has furnished you with the necessary information regarding the topic.