Must-Have Shopify Integrations For Online Stores

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Must-Have Shopify Integrations For Online Stores

You can use Shopify integrations to your advantage and improve how quickly your profits rise. It may confuse you to choose which integrations to use, as some perform better than others. These tools can be a powerful game-changer for your online shop, so discovering the right ones can put you on the path to success.

The Best Performing Shopify Integrations for Clothing Supply Stores

It is hard to compete online with other retail industries globally. That is why Shopify integrations can give you that extra edge necessary to beat the competition.


About 93% of customers read reviews before making a purchase. This app allows your customers to review products and provide additional feedback on products they purchased. As your business grows and you continue to deliver valuable fashion needs, you will need reviews to help boost your track record and give your online store an excellent reputation. Yotpo will let your customers provide their reviews directly on the page of your products.


You may know how annoying it is to purchase a clothing item you thought was your size; then, you realize that it is not the right fit when it arrives. This can be avoided, and you can prevent your customers’ stress by using an integration that reveals sizing information. The Virtusize app gives recommendations and allows customers to compare the product’s realistic sizing to items they own at home. It’s available to place on every product.


To automate your marketing processes, you can use Klaviyo to expand your sales. This app allows you to communicate with your customers and develop relationships that make them loyal buyers. It creates email marketing campaigns that can be split tested to target specific customer demographics. You can target groups of customers with specific campaigns tailored to their purchasing habits.

Gift Box

You can reward your customers and encourage loyalty by providing free gifts to them. You set up the parameters that allow them to receive free gifts based on their shopping activities. The customer must reach specific requirements, such as buying certain items or spending a minimum amount to receive the reward.


Another idea to expand your customer base is to provide products you don’t have the inventory for. Oberlo will let you drop ship any product off of AliExpress. It allows you to depict a professional image, description, and price. Of course, you would have to set the price higher than the price on AliExpress to make a margin on the sale.

Shop the Look

This is a clever app that allows you to combine complementary items. It helps improve your sales by enabling you to cross-sell items. For example, customers may be looking for a specific look or are seeking a style. If you have several products that can be grouped together, they can be featured on the store page. This will appeal to the customer as the clothes all match. If your store features models, you can do this with all the items the model is wearing.

Learn More About the Top Shopify Integrations

You can discover more useful app integrations on These integrations can help boost sales and make managing an online shop so much simpler.