Top 25 Marriot Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

Marriot Interview Questions and Answers

Do you have some hospitality experience and would like to work for Marriot Hotels? Well, look no further since we have something for you. We will look at some of the questions you should look out for in your upcoming interview to increase your chances of landing the job.

Remember, this is a Fortune 500 company, and therefore, your preparation needs to be apt. We will cover both your job’s behavioral and technical aspects to help you anticipate what to expect in your interview. Take a look at the following questions:

1. Why Do You Want To Work For Us?

I have always wanted to work for Marriot. I believe that being in a Fortune 500 company will give me a chance to grow my career in hospitality. I have also gone through the job description and realized that I have all it takes to succeed in this establishment. I would like to apply all my skills, including excellent communication and problem solving, to better this organization if given a chance.

2. What Do You Know About Us?

I did my fair share of research ahead of this interview. I discovered that you are an American multinational company founded in 1927 that operates, licenses, and franchises hotels, timeshare, and residential properties. You are headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, and own several brands, including Courtyard, Residence Inn, and the Ritz-Carlton. You acquired Starwood Hotels and Resorts and were present in 133 countries in 2002, holding a staggering 7600 properties.

3. Why Are You Interested In This Job?

I believe that this job will expose me to new challenges and a whole different world. Working for a Fortune 500 company will definitely better every aspect of my career, allowing me to learn and continue getting better at my job. I will also be able to meet some of the renowned faces in the hospitality industry, which I have always longed for. I believe that my previous experience has prepared me for this job.

4. Can You Walk Us Through How You Would Handle An Upset Customer?

I have been asked to deal with upset customers several times since I always know how to respond to such circumstances. I normally give the customer time to vent as I listen while showing empathy. I then apologize for their issue, being careful not to blame them or the company. Afterward, I offer all the needed help and, if not possible, inform the proper authority. I also don’t usually make promises that I can’t keep to prevent future disappointment.

5. Why Do You Believe That You Are The Most Suitable Candidate For This Role?

I have all the skills and qualities required for this job, as detailed in its description. I am a good communicator, an effective problem solver, and a hardworking employee. I also have extensive customer care service, which is greatly needed in the hospitality industry. I also know how to work well with different people and blend perfectly in diverse teams, an important quality in such an establishment. Therefore, I am confident that I will deliver if given a chance.

6. Can You Work Well Under Pressure?

I understand the pressure of working for a Fortune 500 company, which I am fortunately prepared for. I can work well under pressure and deliver excellent results. Normally, I step back and reevaluate my priorities before organizing myself, as these play an important role when working on several tasks with relatively shorter deadlines. I also ask for help where necessary since I do the same for others whenever they are overwhelmed. I am confident that I will handle the pressure that comes with this job.

7. What Normally Motivates You To Be At Your Best?

I have many motivating factors that have helped me build a flourishing career in hospitality. I am always motivated by meeting deadlines, targets, and goals since I believe that they define how good an employee is. Learning new things also gives me the urge to press further and be at my best and bring value to my team. Lastly, I love it when I think of new ideas that help improve or better things in the workplace.

8. What Hours Do You Prefer Working?

Even though I can work any hours, I am normally engaged in school during the day and, therefore, prefer working at night. I am a student majoring in Hospitality, a degree that I will complete next year. However, I will be free to work during the weekends or holidays if called upon to make up for that. I do not also mind stepping in for my colleagues whenever I am free or not in school. I am sure that we will work something out and settle on a convenient duration for both of us.

9. Mention The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Role

Getting this job will be my first time working for a Fortune 500 company, and therefore, I expect lots of pressure and extremely high levels of thoroughness. I also expect a sudden change in operations and hotel norms. However, I am confident that I will adequately handle these challenges. First, I can adapt fast to change, be it in the environment or operations, meaning I will blend in well and quickly. Secondly, I am a perfectionist who observes thoroughness in her work.

10. Mention A Time That You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learned

I believe that we all fail at one point in our lives; experiences that should never define us. I have had my fair share of failures, even though the main one was failing to clean an executive room in time and having a VIP wait for minutes. I was engaged at the time I was assigned the job, cleaning a honeymoon suite for a couple who were arriving shortly. I must have miscalculated and ended up keeping the VIP waiting. Luckily, she was understanding and allowed me to take a few minutes to finish up. This experience taught me that it is important to ask for help if swamped with work.

11. What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

I have been sensitive to criticism for a long time and occasionally took some personally to the point of them ruining my entire day. However, I came to learn not to overreact to bad reviews or harsh criticisms and focus on constructive ones instead. The results have been great since I have managed to be a better employee capable of acting on customer feedback.

12. Are You A Team Worker?

I am an excellent team worker since it is almost impossible to survive in the hospitality industry without knowing how to work and get along with others. On has to coordinate with other employees and, if possible, join in on projects, which require excellent teamwork skills. I am confident in my ability to work with others and blend into any team. I normally respect boundaries and my team members and motivate them to be at their best. I don’t also mind stepping in for someone when they are busy or engaged. I am sure that my teamwork skills will help me thrive in this hotel.

13. What Are The Main Challenges That You Faced In Your Last Role, And How Did You Solve Them?

I worked for an upcoming hotel on the outskirts of town. It hadn’t picked up well, and we were, therefore, understaffed. I personally worked as a cashier and, at times, customer care assistant, which I found overwhelming. However, I had learned how to multitask from my school days and brought forward my multitasking skills which helped me perform both duties exceedingly well. After some time, they added more staff members, saving us from fatigue.

14. Can You Shed More Light On Your Working Experience?

This is my third year in the hotel industry. I worked for Aberdour Group of hotels at the start of my career as a junior cashier before rising steadily in ranks to become the senior-most accountant, charged with managing the particular branch’s accounts. The hotel received excellent reviews and more profits during my time, which made me feel accomplished. I have since worked for two companies in the same rank after that, which like the first, achieved excellent results during my time. I am confident that a similar thing will happen here.

15. Have You Ever Offered Excellent Customer Service To A Customer?

Working in the hotel industry is all about offering excellent customer service since it dictates whether they will be back or not. I particularly remember when I held the door for a client and, since it was raining, walked her to the car and only left once she was safe inside without being rained on. I have also helped older customers out of their vehicles, which is great customer service. I am willing to replicate the same here.

16. How Will You Help Customers Who Come Complaining That They Have Waited For Too Long At The Check-In?

I understand that no one fancies waiting in the queue for longer durations, which makes it understandable if the customers come complaining. In such a case, I will keep my eyes open to respond faster whenever I see any sign of dissatisfaction. I normally prefer taking preventive measures by personally going to the customers and apologizing for the inconvenience. I may also offer them a free cup of coffee or a comfortable lobby to rest in as they wait.

17. Have You Ever Felt Overwhelmed With Work?

Getting overwhelmed with work is common in the hospitality industry unless one prioritizes work and organizes themselves well. I once worked for ten hours straight and felt so overwhelmed that I had to take an off the next day. We were receiving important guests at our hotel and therefore had to work overnight to ensure that the rooms and toiletries were perfect. We finished working and got the hotel in excellent condition, but most of us could not report for work the next day. Fortunately, the manager understood. I also don’t mind getting overwhelmed as long the customers are happy.

18. Mention A Time You Showed Initiative At Work

I always love showing and taking the initiative at work, given my excellent leadership skills. I once offered to supervise my colleagues when the supervisor called in sick while still attending to my duties. We managed to do a good job, and even the manager was satisfied by the end of the day. I am glad that I got this chance, as it allowed me to showcase my leadership skills. I am ready and willing to show initiative at all times.

19. What Got You Interested In This Industry?

I believe that service is the greatest gift to humanity, and that’s what the hospitality industry is all about. I joined this industry to put a smile on people’s faces and ensure that they feel valued and welcome. I also love fine dining and hotel management, which is also a reason why I joined this industry. I feel elated whenever I see people try something and their faces light up. Lastly, I grew up in a family of restauranteurs and may have partly gained my love for hospitality from my sisters and parents.

20. Give Us An Experience Where You Disagreed With A Colleague

Even though I avoid arguments in the workplace, they are inevitable, especially where the establishment relies a lot on collaborative work. As a shift supervisor, I disagreed with a colleague who was always sub-delegating his duties, despite not being engaged. He would assign junior employees most of his work, and they ended up overworking. However, they were scared to come forwards, and I obtained that piece of information from one of his friends. I told him whatever he was doing was illegal and reassigned to him all the duties of the junior employees for a week. He was remorseful.

21. When Did You Last Feel Successful In Your Last Job?

The last time I felt successful in my job was when I prepared a presidential suite for our former president. He was visiting the northern part of the country, and our hotel was chosen owing to its amazing facilities and presidential features. I was duly informed that we would be expecting an important person, whose name was withheld for obvious reasons, and I got to work immediately. I was dumbfounded when the presidential motorcade showed up a while later, and the president and the wife alighted. I am glad to have served the president.

22. What Would You Do If You Found A Bundle Of Notes On A Client’s Room While Cleaning?

I believe in honesty and often pride myself on my integrity. I have found many valuable items left behind by customers, including diamond rings and gold necklaces. However, I always have one policy: never take what’s not yours. In such a case, I would leave it with the front desk and fill out the details of the room, after which the owner would be traced and given the money. I have done that before and would do it again.

23. What Do You Feel About Tips?

Even though one should not be solely motivated by tips, it does feel nice to be tipped, especially if it is in appreciation of good service. I love tips, but it is not my only motivating factor when going about my job. I attend to every customer equally, smile as usual, and ensure that they are comfortable, whether there is a possibility of getting a tip or not. I love what I do, and tips are just a bonus.

24. How Do We Differ From Our Competitors?

Marriot has a lot of competitive advantages that most people seem to enjoy. I have found out that you have a vibrant, expanded loyalty program that not many luxurious establishments have. Your luxury properties also benefit the entire organization, including the workers. People also appreciate your proprietary booking channels that most of your competitors lack. Lastly, it is a well-known fact that Marriot puts people first, which explains why you only employ the best of the best. I am particularly happy with your family-like inclusive culture, which guests enjoy.

25. What Extra Qualities Or Skills Do You Have?

Even though I applied for a chef position, I have vast experience in mixology. I have worked as a mixologist and bartender and can make some of the most complicated cocktails ever. I also have my own cocktail recipe that people will enjoy. I am willing to make one if you can bet on me, to see how good I am. I am sure that your mixologists will benefit from an occasional extra hand since I’d love to help out.


We have come to the end of our article and hope it has been helpful. We would like to see you working for this luxurious establishment, so make sure you prepare well ahead of your interview. Do not forget about the power of a good first impression, as it can work wonders.