Impress Your Employer: Ultimate Guide for Trainees

Editorial Team

Guide for Trainees

Maybe someone has told you that impressing other people is just a waste of time. And due to haste generalization, you forgot that work-life is different from social life. You need to rethink what you know about impressing others. 

It’s your duty to impress your boss. If you don’t, you might get laid off just a few months after you commenced working. Here are a few trips for the trainees on impressing your employer when you are thrust into the job market.

Do your job

It sounds simple, right? But you will wake up one day and find out that you haven’t completed your work. Maybe something didn’t work as expected, and you failed to communicate on time. Of course, you shouldn’t expect things to always be right, but you can show some effort.

Most of the employees are laid off for failing to do their jobs. You should treat the work assigned to you as equally important as everything else. If you are a student working part-time and struggling with assignments, you can let paper writing service get the work done for you. This will save you from colliding with your boss most of the time. 

Change, adapt and grow

Different people take disparate amounts of time to change, adapt and grow in the work environment. But others are just looking for a conducive environment. Maybe they don’t realize that whatever they read in books is different when doing it. Change is the hardest thing when trainees are thrust into the job world. Maybe you have been used to not working night shifts, but you have to.

Struggling for the first few days is acceptable, but if you keep on demanding changes. You can’t always be stuck in the same way of doing things. At the same time, there will be a change in the production process, and you will need to shift to another department. In this case, you need to find ways to adjust as soon as possible.

Learn from your mistakes

The employers desire to see workers learn from the mistakes they committed when inducted into the company. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, and you can’t get away with them. Some of the mistakes are obvious and mostly happen if you don’t invest a lot of time planning for what you are doing.

Different bosses will react to mistakes in various ways. There are those that will take you for further training if you are learning. But others will give you a few warnings! So, unfortunately, this is the reality for most companies. 

Learn to say no

Saying yes to everything that the boss is telling isn’t a sign that you are the best in the organization. As a trainee, there are things that you have to say yes to and others that you shouldn’t. You have to decide what works for you and what doesn’t work for you. Most of the decisions you will make in the job market are very clear to you. 

There is no way you will take up more work than you can do and claim it was a mistake later. Suppose something unavoidable happens and disrupts your schedule. That’s understandable. But if nothing happens and you fail to get the work done, it’s irritating. Employers want honest people. 

Be a leader in the workplace

Do you have to wait for the boss to tell you to start working on obvious tasks? Of course, you don’t. The employer is just there to oversee the entire operation of the production process. So, as a trainee, you have to learn how to be a leader in the workplace. Too, there are times when there will be no one to supervise you.

In this case, you ensure that the ship is sailing smoothly whether someone is watching. This will automatically impress your employer, and you are likely to be promoted within a short span of time. That’s because you clearly show that you are ready for the leadership responsibilities.

Be positive

There are people who like complaining, and this habit is carried on to the job world. Being positive about your workplace is something you cannot achieve easily. Not every day will things work as expected. There are times when one day will mess out your whole plan for the week. In this case, it’s easier to complain and find something negative to talk about the organization.

That’s not the way things are done. You don’t need to complain anymore. There is always a way possible for you to get out of trouble. Either you can deal with the issue or adapt to it accordingly. Adapting to the challenges in the workplace is what amazes most employers.

Find solutions to problems

Finding solutions to the issues you are facing at work is not entirely left to the boss. Most employers hate being asked about simple tasks that an average person can do. As a trainee, you have to understand that if you find a problem, you should try it out before taking it to the employer to have it fixed. No one will be impressed by this kind of behavior.

You should at least show that you are learning something new and you can tackle most of your challenges on your own. The boss should only be kept in the loop when a greater problem needs to be solved. If you do this for petty issues, you might seem like you are trying to make yourself look good.


Impressing your boss is part of your job duties. This doesn’t mean you do petty things that make you look good. It’s all about how you are doing your work. You have to be a problem solver, be optimistic about the challenges you will face, have strong leadership skills and learn to say no when things are not working hard. The most important tip for you is to do your job. Even if you make a few mistakes, learn from them, change and adapt.