A Practical Guide to Increasing Parking Lot Security

Editorial Team

Guide to Increasing Parking Lot Security

Parking lots are natural targets for criminal activity, with vastly valuable vehicles and the personal possessions left within them attracting opportunistic thieves looking for a big score.

There are several ways to bolster security if you’re responsible for running a parking lot, so let’s talk over the best tactics to put into practice so that customers can trust you to keep their cars and their contents safe.

Well-lit areas are safer

Criminals prefer to operate in the shadows, so you can’t afford for your parking lot to be anything less than thoroughly illuminated.

If there are dark spots, add more lighting to deal with this. You needn’t be concerned about the sustainability of this, since modern outdoor lighting is LED-based, and can even be motion-sensitive for added convenience and eco-friendliness.

Hire security employees strategically

If your parking lot isn’t monitored around the clock, then you’re missing a trick. Even a single security guard on-site can deter would-be thieves, while also making up for gaps in surveillance tech and being affordable to employ.

Most importantly, you should consider how your parking enforcement personnel are deployed depending on the business of the season.

When the number of cars you’re accommodating is at its peak, this is the time when criminals are most likely to strike, because they’re better hidden and have more potential targets. Adding more team members to the rota to account for this is sensible.

Take inspiration from exclusive resorts & venues

There are plenty of top-tier hotels and resort complexes out there that have invested in high-end parking garage systems.

While you may not have the budget to match the kind of hardware and software they’re using, you can get a sense of what elements of these systems are most impactful by visiting them in person and taking stock of the setup.

Maintain mission-critical assets

If your aim is to keep customer cars secure, then you can’t afford for the systems you’ve put in place to fall short when they’re actually needed.

Faults and flaws can develop with time and regular use, so following a set maintenance schedule and carrying out regular checks is crucial.

Also, remember that your maintenance efforts must extend to include the entire premises and any on-site features that could be a security concern. This includes trimming and pruning foliage so that there aren’t illicit access points or hiding places for criminals.

Control access for entry and exit

Some parking lots are free-for-all in terms of who can drive in and out, which is far from ideal if you’re worried about security.

It’s better to have control over the comings and goings so that everyone who drives in and leaves behind the wheel of a vehicle has to go through the same level of scrutiny.

Provide information to customers about security and safety

Some parking lots are open to the public and have a very varied user base from day to day. Others are provided to a set number of individuals, such as in the case of a parking lot that serves a business.

Whatever the case, it’s your responsibility to pass on relevant information to users so that they can stay safe and keep their vehicles secure.

Having adequate signage in a place where it cannot be missed outlining the best practices and preferred procedures to customers will save you from a lot of hassle.

Wrapping up

The right attitude, the right tech, and the right people to support you will increase parking lot security significantly. When it comes to preventing crime, hoping for the best but not acting is the worst thing you can do.