Top 25 HireVue Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Hirevue Interview Questions and AnswersHirevue Interview Questions and Answers

Companies are quickly shifting from physical interviews to online employee assessments and interviews, which have many advantages. People don’t have to travel across states for interviews that may be unsuccessful, and organizations also get to save on time and resources.

However, how are these interviews done? Several enterprise video viewing technologies aid in the online screening and interviewing of candidates for different positions. HireVue is one of the most renowned vendors of such technologies. In case you have an upcoming interview with HireVue or your company has scheduled a HireVue interview, we have something for you. Take a look at the following questions:

1. Do You Know How We Work?

Yes. Having been interviewed using your technology, I know that you use Artificial Intelligence and aim to prevent any bias against an individual or a group. You have a team of engineers that consistently review all your datasets, ensuring they are both diverse and accurate.

2. What Do You Know About Us?

You are an enterprise video technology vendor headquartered in South Jordan with offices in seven different places in the United States. Most of your clients are based in the United States and are found in the computer software industry. This entity employs artificial intelligence to screen and conduct interviews, making it one of its kind. Your technology monitors the facial movements, voice, and choices of words of potential employees and finally uses a proprietary algorithm for result comparison.

3. Have You Attended A HireVue Interview Before? How Was It?

I underwent a Hirevue job interview for my last role. I was startled initially since I hadn’t seen anything like that before. The interview followed a similar format to the practice questions. I was then given 30 seconds to prepare for each question and three minutes to answer. All I had to do after answering all the questions was to click the ‘I’m done button, stop the recording and save the answers.

4. Do You Know Some Of The Things We Assess In Our Interviews?

Yes. HireVue is generally wired to assess and monitor the cognitive skills and psychological traits a company wants through artificial intelligence. It aims to ensure that companies end up with high performers capable of steering the entity to higher levels. You thus combine years of psychological research and successful traditional assessment tasks for job performance prediction.

5. What Do You Know About Digital Interviews? Do You Recommend Them?

Digital Interviews are done online using a set of technologies and artificial intelligence. Interviewees can undertake them in the comfort of their homes if they stick to the provided interview duration. They are normally given time to prepare for each question and a fixed duration to offer an answer. Most of these interviews are also done through live chats with the employee, or the potential employees can be directed to provide recordings of them answering the questions. A hiring team then later reviews such interviews. Some, such as HireVue interviews, use artificial intelligence to monitor potential employees’ psychological traits and cognitive skills. I recommend such interviews since they are more convenient than traditional ones.

6. Walk Us Through How Video Interviews Are Assessed

The interviews are normally done by software that incorporates artificial intelligence. After their completion, a hiring team or human assessor can either watch the recordings of the particular candidate or use the scores offered by the interviewing software in making a decision. All in all, such interviews are normally assessed by several assessors who attend to different candidates. They can go through the recordings at their own convenient time.

7. Have You Ever Acted With Integrity?

I normally strive to observe high levels of integrity in all my undertakings, which has helped me scale to such heights. While working at a hotel, a client who had checked off two days earlier left her diamond ring and a wad of cash, which I discovered during my routine checks. I could have decided to keep the money and sell the jewelry since no one was watching but instead took it to the reception and had them contact the rightful owner, who was elated. I have had many such experiences, given the nature of this industry, but I always ensure that my morals and principles come first.

8. Mention A Time That You Failed And The Lesson You Learned From It

My experiences in this field haven’t been all rosy, as I have failed a few times. Fortunately, I have always picked myself up and learned valuable lessons that have greatly improved my career. As a project leader, I once delegate duties poorly, remaining with the largest chunk of the workload. I struggled to finish my part and could occasionally bring work home and work overnight. Even though I managed to finish before our set deadlines, I experienced one of the worst burnouts in my career and had to take a leave. I learned the importance of proper work delegation and always vowed to ensure equal task distribution.

9. Have You Ever Worked On A-Team?

I have been part of several teams in my career since most of my former workplaces valued and promoted teamwork. I have also held several roles, including leadership in these teams. I particularly enjoy working in such settings since teamwork allows people to bring fresh and improved ideas during project execution or daily work. It also promotes good relations among employees who work closely on different projects. I am glad that this institution values teamwork. I am ready to bring my team playing skills on board.

10. Have You Ever Taken Up A Leadership Role When Working In A Team Setting?

My framer workplace’s supervisor got an emergency call immediately after reporting to work and had to rush to attend to it, leaving us with no supervisor. Seeing that no one was ready to take up the mantle, I offered to supervise as I was also the most experienced among other employees. I did my work and performed supervisory roles until the supervisor returned and took over. In my first experience with leadership, I learned lots of insightful information that has come in handy in my interactions with colleagues.

11. Why Do You Want To Work For This Company?

Working here has always been my dream. You are currently the biggest retail company in the region and will give me valuable experience to help me advance in my career. You also take employee training and mentorship seriously, which will significantly benefit my career. Lastly, you deal in products that I use and believe in, and therefore, I will be filled with great pride being part of the team developing and marketing those products.

12. What Do You Think This Entity Offers That Is Different From Others?

This entity channels a fifth of its yearly profits to different humanitarian fronts and societal development, making you outstanding. You support several initiatives targeting children, widows, and the less fortunate in this society, which warms my heart. As a great believer in service, generosity, and kindness, I am positive that I will enjoy working here. You also invest heavily in your employees’ training and career advancement, which explains the loyalty you get from them. It would therefore be an honor to work here.

13. What Would You Do If You Have A Lot On Your Plate But Little Time To Attend To Them?

I understand this is a highly competitive field, so I expect to handle lots of pressure when going about my duties occasionally. Fortunately, I have worked in several highly demanding workplaces before and can adequately deal with high levels of pressure occasioned by lots of workloads. Whenever I have a lot to do and less time to attend to them, I avoid panicking and instead take time to organize myself. I first list everything I should attend to and arrange them in terms of priority, starting with the most urgent. I can also multitask depending on the weight of the roles or ask for help if possible.

14. How Would Others Describe You?

I normally ensure that I positively contribute to the lives of those around me. Others would describe me as friendly, approachable, understanding, and always willing to help. They would also say I am a hardworking team member, given our former team experience. I believe I am a good conflict manager given my years of experience, which they will definitely mention. I helped many of my team members handle their disagreements, acting as a mediator. I was even appointed to the conflict resolution board of my former workplace, where I did an excellent job restoring good relationships among employees.

15. What Are You Passionate About?

I am passionate about service. I love making a difference in other people’s lives regardless of my position or role. I normally start with those around me, assuring them that I am available in case they need help and making them feel loved and valued. I love seeing people happy and contented; therefore, most of my free time is always dedicated to mentorship and community service, which give me the satisfaction I need. I am sure that your team will appreciate my passion for serving others. I am also passionate about art and have been keen on growing my collection in the last two years.

16. What Is Your Greatest Strength?

I have several positive qualities and attributes that apply in my daily roles. However, I believe that my ability to adapt to different environments is the most valuable. I don’t normally have a problem blending into new environments, rarely struggling to transition to new workplaces. My ability to adapt faster also comes in handy during workplace changes since I normally manage them better than others. I am positive that this quality will come in handy here.

17. Have You Ever Had To Make A Lightning Quick Decision? Mention One Experience

I had to quickly decide between two highly qualified employees given that we were seriously understaffed and needed a new entry as soon as possible. I had less than two hours to decide when the interview ended. Given that they both had the same qualifications and the relevant needed experience, I had to look for ways of eliminating one. Therefore I had a call with both of them where I asked a few specific behavioral interview questions and got the best candidate at the end of the call. I never regretted my decision.

18. How Do You Normally Handle Disagreements With Your Team Members?

Disagreements are common, given that everyone cannot have the same views. However, it is important to manage these disagreements and ensure they do not create hostility in the workplace. As a general principle, I ensure that I solve conflicts by sunset, given that lasting disagreements can affect productivity. I usually approach the other party and institute conflict resolution, giving them a chance to argue their part of the story. Thanks to my conflict resolution skills, I am also always available for those who need help solving their conflicts.

19. Mention Your Team Working Experience

I have developed a liking for working closely with others, given that I have been in several teams in my career. I am an excellent team player, and thanks to my interpersonal and people skills I do not hesitate to bring them out when necessary. I have been part of product, management, and project teams and therefore experienced teamwork from different perspectives. I have also taken up leadership roles in some of the teams I have been part of, obtaining much-needed leadership skills.

20. What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

I have mentored many employees in my career, which remains my greatest achievement. Most of them have gone ahead to become extremely valuable employees in their workplaces. I decided to mentor at least five employees a year seven years ago, and the results have been impressive. I normally love helping others transition into career life or improve their skills, given that someone also held my hand at the beginning of my career. I am willing to take up a few mentees here if given a chance to serve in this position. I am positive they will learn valuable lessons to help them in their careers.

21. Why Are You Interested In This Department?

I have always wanted to work in this department because it aligns with what I learned in school. I haven’t had the chance to experience how it feels, given that I have been taking many unrelated roles in my former workplaces. However, I feel it is time to pursue what I learned and prove my prowess. I also enjoy directly helping business expand their operations and increase profitability, which is the role of this department. I am confident that I will succeed here.

22. What Convinces You That You Would Be A Good Employee Here?

I have valuable experience that I have obtained in the ten years I have been in this field which I will apply here. I am conversant with most of your software applications, services, and operations and won’t need too much time to adjust. I also have many skills that will come in handy in this setting. I can easily fit in team settings and work with diverse people to advance the business. I am also hardworking, honest, and reliable, which will play a huge role here.

23. What Is The Main Challenge That You Foresee In This Job?

It is difficult to identify any major challenges in this job while on the outside, even though I expect common challenges such as huge workloads. I will be better positioned to identify and tackle challenges from the inside. I am confident in my problem-solving ability, which will come in handy. I will also work closely with others and ask for help where necessary.

24. What Are Some Of The Attributes You Expect In Your Colleagues?

I have been part of diverse teams before; hence I understand that people differ. However, despite our differences, I expect to work with kind, honest, hardworking colleagues. I normally expect people willing to collaborate on different projects and offer help where necessary. I am glad that I have always surrounded myself with supportive colleagues. I also thrive in settings where people are well motivated.

25. Why Do You Believe You Are The Most Suitable Candidate For This Role?

This is my seventh year in this field, making me highly experienced. I have been part of several diverse teams in my former workplaces and taken up different roles, all of which have added to my experience. I also have several skills and qualities that will be useful in this job. I am a fast learner, highly adaptable to change, and a good team player- qualities needed to succeed at this job.


Whether you are looking forward to a HireVue interview or to working at HireVue, the questions we have covered will apply. Make sure that you give the right answers and clinch the job. We wish you all the best!