Top 25 Sales Advisor Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Sales Advisor Interview Questions and Answers

Like recommending products to customers as per their need and turning it into a purchase? If yes, you can be a perfect candidate for the Sales Advisor job! In this article, we will be sharing some of the questions with answers that you might be asked in your interview as a Sales Advisor.

1. Why Are You Interested In This Role?

The main reason for applying for this role was to get more exposure in this field. My exposure was limited in my previous role but it was a learning experience for me. I have been a regular customer myself here for many years now. It would be nice to sit on the other side of the table to learn more things and grow here.

2. What Are The Roles Of A Sales Advisor?

The responsibilities and roles of a sales advisor vary as per the industry. I can share the basic requirements of this role as per my understanding.

  • Make sure that all aisles and shelves at the store are well stocked with a variety of products,
  • Managing queries of customers regarding discount offers or returns or exchanges,
  • Knowledge regarding complete inventory to recommend the alternate product if needed,
  • Management of cash operation including cash register i.e. Credit or Debit Card Payment or Cash handling,
  • Maintenance of floor and storeroom,
  • Providing a solution to all customer complaints,
  • Answering all incoming calls from customers,
  • And unloading and stocking all products at a store.

3. What Are The Qualities That Asales Advisor Needs To Be Successful?

I believe that it has to be a combination of several qualities to achieve in this role. In my opinion, an advisor should have basic problem solving and organizational skills to manage the load of a store. On the other hand, he should have good communication skills that will automatically turn into good customer service skills, leading to good sales and reviews.

4. What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role? How Did You Manage Them?

In my previous role where the shopping had shifted to online due to pandemics, I had to submit a report to my line manager regarding precautions and safety measurements we could take in all stores. I told him that I will submit the first round of reports in 2 days but in reality, it was time-consuming and it finished in a week. My supervisor knew about my over-commitment, he did not bother me on the job. On the other hand, I did learn that I should not overcommit and manage the expectations as per the workload.

5. Describe Your Daily Routine As A Sales Advisor?

My daily routine begins with a quick meeting with my team at 9 am before our first customer walks into the store. We align ourselves to be prepared for the targets that need to achieve in this role and what possible challenges we might face during the day. I then move into my designated aisle and go through the products on display to know what we have in store and what is going to be the best purchase for any customer who walks toward me.

6. Describe Briefly About Your Experience?

My first job was in the Sales department of XYZ Company back in 2019. I believe it was my kick start in this field where I got a chance to develop multiple skills that made me progress professionally and personally too. In 2020, before the pandemic, I got an opportunity in ABC Company where I had more responsibility in the sales department and was a learning place!

7. What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Are Required For This Role?

Good customer service skill with friendly behaviours is the mindset required for this role. In my experience, I have always approached customers and my team with friendly behaviour so that they can discuss their requirements openly with me. Talking with customers helps me identify their requirements and match what a store had to offer. I can walk up to the required aisle with them and help them choose a product wisely.

8. What Is The Biggest Challenge You Foresee In This Job?

I am assuming that this will be a very challenging role here. One of the biggest challenges will be dealing with real-time customers face to face and responding to their queries. I guess we all know that customers can be rude at times yet they are always right. I am sure I am going to tackle this challenge well because of my good communication skills. This will be a great learning opportunity for me.

9. How Do You Stay Motivated At Work?

I make sure that I start my day early and spend some time with myself before coming to the job. I like going out for an early morning walk or sometimes I cycle too. This freshens ups my mind before I start my day at 9 am. This helps me in staying motivated and focused during my work. If at any point in time at work, I feel that I am losing focus. I walk around or get some fresh air in a mini-break.

10. Describe A Time You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learned?

At the start of my career, I did not perform well in time management. I was spending a lot of time doing tiny jobs like reading product manuals several times and that was affecting my goals. My supervisor pointed out the issue on time and told me that these tasks are not helping my sales commission figure. He introduced me to a very basic rule of 80:20 where I should be spending a maximum of 20% of my time doing activities that support the process of sales and my 80% of time should be on locking a sale. I started implementing it ever since and now I make sure that I can lock more sales in a week.

11. Why Do You Feel You Are Qualified For This Role?

With my skillset and experience of several years in this role, I believe I am qualified for this role here. I am a goal-oriented person and I work well with other departments and teams in a professional capacity. As you can see on my resume that I have been able to achieve really good results in my previous role and I do plan to maintain the same in this role as well.

12. Share With Us Your Greatest Achievement

In my previous role at XYZ Company, I was awarded employee of the month twice in 6 months tenure. I was able to reach my target in time and it later translated well into long term customers. I am very passionate about my problem-solving skills and I adapt myself to upcoming trends and purchase behaviour of my customers. I am sure I will be able to prove my skills in this company too.

13. What Is Our Target Audience?

Based on what I have researched, you primarily focus on millennials i.e. Young parents or People who are now stable in their careers. In the past few months, you have launched product ranges for the younger audience i.e. GenZ so I believe that we should reach via the Internet and the platforms they use especially TikTok. Such new marketing strategies would attract those young minds to visit the store whenever they can but they still can surf through the website and enjoy shopping.

14. Are You Familiar With Point Of Sales Systems?

Yes, I have experience in using POS, not only limited to making a transaction but also analyzing the buying behaviour of customers along with all inventory information and also employee interaction of the system.

15. Share An Example Where You Outshined A Customer’s Expectations?

In my recent role, I was working in a home appliances section where I met a customer who was looking to buy a new vacuum cleaner for her home. While talking, I came to know that she already had one that she bought from another store and it has broken down now. I simply requested her to bring it to the store, maybe it can be fixed. She bought it the next day and I took it to the concerned department, they fixed it immediately because its filter was not working only. Even though the store did not make a sale from the filter repair but our store got a lifetime customer instead.  In a few weeks, the same lady returned with her husband and wanted to purchase a few home appliances.

16. How Do You Approach A Customer?

I make sure that I introduce myself properly to approach a customer and start a conversation. My general sentence, to begin with, is what can I help you look for today? The customer feels easy as they know I can assist them instead of pressurizing them to make a sale. I talk very naturally to them regarding the product I introduce and share opinions to help them make a purchase.

17. What Is Your Opinion On Using Visual Merchandising To Increase Sales?

I believe that a display does help in pushing sales. It acts like a silent salesperson in an aisle that attracts the customer first, then entices the customer to put the item in their cart and persuades them to pay for the item. Colours and good design in the aisle always make it easier to lock a sale. A dull and untidy display gives a bad impression about the company and also the sales advisor on board.

18. Do You Think Appropriate Shelving In A Store Can Help In Retail Sales?

Making the most out of the provided area is always going to work in this field. For example, impulse purchase items are always placed at the checkout counter and items are most likely to be added to their carts. It catches the shopper’s eye and grabs their attention in seconds.

19. How Do You Stay Updated In This Field?

To stay updated on the latest trend in Sales, I have several ways. I read articles and online blogs to read about topics that help me in knowing new information. I have subscribed to several business publications and I am very active on LinkedIn where I get a chance to interact with people from the same field.

20. Are You A Team Player Or Do You Like Working Separately?

In my career, I have performed in both roles so there is no preference. I believe a team environment does give a lot of learning and achieving target sales of the company. Together, you not only face problems but also you can find solutions and better strategies while working in the team. Working alone has its benefits too since there is less distraction. I am in favour of both.

21. How Do You Maintain Good Relationships With A Customer Or A Client?

As you know that all customers are not the same. I make sure that I can provide a personalized solution to their needs and requirements when they interact with me. I have gotten 2 pieces of training in this regard in customer service and I can implement the training and learning in my day to day activities with any customer I interact with.

To generate new customers, I am always well versed in the products I am representing. I have researched online and looked for similar or related products in the same capacity that I can offer to customers. I also make sure that I know how to operate a machine or appliance so that I don’t sound unprofessional while giving a test run to a customer who might be a potential customer. I keep my information handy so that I can always check the specs and give the right information to the customer.

22. If Sales Figures Are Down, What Is Your Approach?

First of all, I do not panic. This helps me in staying focused to find a solution to the problem. If the sale figures are going down and I am aware, I rework my strategy as per the need of the hour and reach more customers differently. I always set my goal to make sure that I am working in the right direction. Still, I believe that there should always be a plan B when it comes to sales figures.

23. Do You Adapt Well To The Changing Scenarios Of This Role?

I am all up to adapting myself as per the requirement. I do not hesitate in reworking my strategy or pitch to lock a sale. Unexpected incidents happen all the time and I do keep myself well planned and organized to meet any surprises that may come my way. In this industry, it’s very common to have last-minute changes and problems but you need to thrive.

24. What Is Your Leadership Behaviour Like?

I take pride in my work and I am constantly working on how to be a better version of myself. I am a keen observer when dealing with my team and even customers. So it gives me a better idea to understand their traits and behaviour. I also track my progress with help of weekly or monthly goals I need to achieve and I am constantly keeping a check on my behaviour. I do not hesitate in committing to any learning opportunity that comes my way and this helps me in acing my professional goals.

25. Are You Comfortable In Making Cold Calls?

Yes, I don’t see a problem in it but I do believe in a little bit of research before picking up a receiver randomly. If I know about the person I am going to speak to and the company’s profile, the cold call can turn into somehow successful. In my experience, I have learnt that if the cold call can last more than 2 minutes then there are chances that the person might be interested. The first 2 minutes are the toughest of all since you can gauge from the person’s tone if they are interested in your product or they are least bothered about this product of yours. That is why I always make sure that I don’t get a quote to complete in making these cold calls that I have to make 50 calls every day. I don’t want to sound like a parrot on call that does not know the other person on the call.


Make sure that you have an updated resume with you when you go for an interview. An un-updated resume gives a bad impression. Another important thing you need to do is to make sure that you are well dressed. A good haircut and a well-ironed shirt add to your presentation overall. These 25 questions are surely going to help in acing the first round of interviews as sales Advisor. Good luck!