Top 25 Harvard Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Harvard Interview Questions and Answers

Being an Ivy League school, Harvard is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It only admits the best of the best; therefore, pursuing your undergraduate or higher studies at this institution would be an honor. However, you have to pass their interview to be considered.

In this article, we will look at some of the interview questions you should anticipate getting to Harvard. Remember, the school will want to know if you are an all-rounded student before giving you a chance, and therefore, you should also focus on other aspects aside from your academic prowess, as we will see in this article. Take a look at the following:

1. Why Are You Interested In Joining Harvard?

I have always dreamt of studying at Harvard since almost everyone I look up to in the medical profession studied here. I worked extremely hard in senior school with only one dream: to study in this institution. I would love to learn from some of the best lecturers and share classes with the best students globally. I will use whatever I have learned here to benefit my society and the world at large.

2. What Do You Want To Study?

I would love to pursue an LLM (Masters of Law) program at this institution. I recently finished my Bachelor of Laws degree, which I excelled in, as seen from my transcript. The Harvard school of law is one of the most prestigious law schools worldwide; therefore, earning my Masters here would be a dream come true. It will open doors for me and help me positively impact the world.

3. Several Ivy Leagues School Worldwide Are Offering This Course. Why Harvard?

My mind has been fixated on Harvard for quite some time. I have also had the chance to meet and interact with several of your alumni, who solidified my decision to pursue higher education in this institution. It’s obvious from how they talk, tackle issues, and carry themselves out that this institution offers holistic education. Also, you have the best law school globally, making you the perfect place to pursue an LLM.

4. What Do You Do Outside Class?

I am an all-rounded student. I played rugby in senior high school up to the national level. I was the best fullback in my region and even got an invite to play for a national team, which I declined in pursuit of education. I am currently involved with several non-governmental organizations dealing with environmental conservation. I also play chess and a few board games.

5. What Experiences Have Motivated You To Pursue Your Area Of Education?

I grew up with sickly brothers. As the first born, I witnessed and even accompanied my parents to many physicians looking for the right diagnoses and treatments. Even though they got the treatment and relief from pain, our experiences made me decide to be a doctor. I, therefore, worked hard at school, focusing on sciences and ensuring that my grades were exceptional, earning me straight As in my last year of senior school.

6. Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?

I would love to be an academician and help train more lawyers and improve society. I, therefore, see myself as a dean in my former college, nurturing young people interested in the legal profession. Given my love for refugee and human rights law, I will also be involved in several organizations championing human rights. All in all, I will be making a positive difference wherever I am in the next ten years.

7. How Do You Find This Application Process?

I was constantly looking out for opportunities to study here. I checked your website daily until I came across your call for applications targeting those interested in your undergraduate programs. I finally applied and went through the entire process. I particularly loved learning about your programs and writing an essay on my best experience in senior school and what I would like to achieve in my career. I also had a chance to tour this school, which I greatly enjoyed.

8. Who Do You Expect To Meet On Your Reporting Day?

I think a lot about my first days at Harvard. I expect to meet people from different nationalities, committed to making the world a better place just as I am. I also expect to be in the company of fun-loving, polite, well-behaved people who appreciate cultural diversity. I am also looking forward to warm, engaging, and supportive lecturers. I hope Harvard will allow me to witness the world through my classmates. I am willing to work as hard as possible, giving my all to my education to ensure that I get a distinction when graduation arrives.

9. Can You Work Well Under Pressure?

I know that this profession can be stressful. However, I have learned to work well under pressure based on my undergrad experience. We had projects to work on, research papers to write, and exams to read for, which we did successfully. I have discovered that prioritization is one of the best things to do whenever one has a lot on their plate. Knowing how to organize yourself and prioritize work based on urgency will always be an important hack when dealing with pressure. I am also a good time-keeper, which is needed in such instances. I am confident that I will succeed if given a chance.

10. How Would Your Friends Describe You?

My friends would say that I am kind, friendly, and enthusiastic. I have managed to be friends with some of them for thirteen years now, which would not have happened if I had been a bad friend. They would also tell you that I am always there for them and willing to go the extra mile to ensure they are okay. I love all my friends and value my friendships. I am positive that I will create more friendships here.

11. You Have Applied For A Law Degree. Which Area Of Law Are You Most Interested In?

I love the side of the law that caters to the vulnerable in this society. I see myself pursuing children and the law, refugee law, and international human rights law. I would love to use this degree to better the lives of others; therefore, any area of the law that helps me fulfill my desire is welcome. I have also considered energy, climate, and biodiversity laws, given my love for climate and environmental conservation. I am confident that I will do a good job pursuing such fields.

12. Tell Us About Your Greatest Achievement

Despite being the best performing student in my senior school, I was also the school’s soccer captain. During my first year as the captain, we beat all our former opponents and reached regional levels. We clinched the national title in the next season, which is by far my greatest achievement up to this moment. We faced one of the toughest teams nationally and managed to flog them 5-1, a victory that shocked even our school principal. Above all, my time as the school soccer captain taught me how to get along well with others and thrive in team settings.

13. Mention The Types Of People You Would Thrive Around

I thrive in team settings and enjoy being around people with teamwork experience. I find it highly fulfilling to collaborate with others on different projects. Therefore, I am happy that this institution values collaboration and teamwork on projects and general learning. I also love being around supportive, open-minded, and kind people as such environments push me to be at my best and give my all. I enjoyed my time in senior high school, given that I was mostly surrounded by those I just mentioned.

14. How Do You Define Success?

I believe that the definition of success is relative, and therefore I don’t particularly define it by results. To me, success is all about giving your all and having a clear conscience by the end of the day that you gave something your best shot, regardless of the results. My success, therefore, comes from a place of fulfillment and not necessarily winning. All in all, hard work is often rewarded, so I always succeed in most things I venture into.

15. In Your Opinion, What Makes People Succeed In What They Do?

I always believe that the ultimate recipe to success is discipline and consistency. Discipline entails avoiding distractions and keeping one’s eyes fixed on a particular target. A disciplined person will always be on track, which is one of the success requirements. Consistency means doing the right things repeatedly without giving up or yielding to distractions. It also breeds hard work. I have managed to achieve quite a number of things in my life owing to my consistency. A disciplined and consistent person can never be defeated.

16. Are You A Team Player?

Yes. I love being part of teams after discovering that I thrive well in team settings. I have learned lots of team-playing skills in my academic journey. Most of our continuous assessment tests were in the form of group work. We would then write our experiences at the end of the tests and point out the areas we wished to improve on concerning working with our classmates. I learned how to contribute to the team’s overall effort and encourage others to work hard.

17. How Will You Contribute To Your Society After Your Degree?

I have always wanted to study at Harvard because of your commitment to making the world a better place and positively impacting society. I intend to give back to society by being an academician and helping nurture talents. I plan to become a lecturer or researcher aside from active practice to help students take up this career and improve society even further. I grew up in a family of professors, and my parent’s impact on my friends, the general society, and I can be seen and felt.

18. We Can See That You Are An International Student. Do You Know Our Administration Requirements?

Yes. I have prepared for this opportunity and worked hard to meet your admission requirements. You need the applicants to submit their SAT or ACT test scores and prepare for such an interview before admission. They should also be fluent in English and grasp different language aspects such as speaking, reading, and writing. Applicants are also advised to prepare for financial aid regardless of their country. I am glad that I have everything in order.

19. What Was The Biggest Mistake You Made In High School? What Did You Learn?

My biggest mistake in high school was failing to pick music as one of the subjects I did despite my love for playing musical instruments and staying in environments that appreciate music. After missing out on a free chance, I had to enroll in a music school after high school. I prioritized sciences and History, disregarding a subject that gives me much joy. This experience taught me the importance of pursuing the things we love. Even though I am fulfilled with my high school performance, picking music would have made me happier.

20. We Want To Know About You. Tell Us About Yourself

My name is XYZ. I am a Bachelor of Medicine Graduate from the University of ABC. I am interested in pursuing a master’s degree in the same field at this institution, owing to your reputation and contribution to the medical world. I would love to delve deeper into the medical world and interact with your able team of researchers, who I believe will help me sharpen my knowledge in this field. I love to play chess and travel in my free time, and I’m also passionate about the climate and environment.

21. Why Do You Think You Deserve A Chance At Harvard?

I am an all-rounded candidate, as seen from my high school certificates and transcripts. I am a hardworking and diligent student who registered excellent performance in my final exams. My GPA in high school secures me a chance to study here. I am also brilliant in extracurricular activities. I played badminton in high school and managed to clinch five national titles. I have also participated in several chess competitions and emerged victorious. Additionally, I love dancing, singing, and volunteering. Therefore, I believe I am a good match for this institution.

22. What Do You Think About Diversity?

I believe in diversity and embrace it at all times. I believe that our strength as a society stems from being diverse. We can get different perspectives and viewpoints, which are important in our day-to-day activities. Being diverse also helps us become more empathetic as we understand other people’s plights and interests more.

I look forward to learning at Harvard as I will meet people from diverse backgrounds and cultures and learn something from them. I am of the idea that diversity should be supported in all areas of our lives.

23. What’s Your Family Background?

I come from a small, disciplined family. My parents are both college professors, working in different universities in my country. I have three siblings. The eldest is a civil engineer, while our secondborn is a visual artist. Our last born is still in high school, where she is a top performer. My parents instilled in us important values that have helped me get to where I am in life. My father believes in discipline and hard work and always encourages me to give my best at all times. My mother taught me the importance of embracing diversity and having empathy, values that have helped me in life.

24. What Was The Favorite Part Of Your Undergraduate Program?

The most favorite part of my undergrad program was the attachment program. I had a chance to witness how the legal system we had been reading about in school worked. I was attached to the biggest court in our country and got to see some of the best legal minds arguing in court. I also met students from other universities and built helpful networks. It was a highly fulfilling period that I always wish I could relive.

25. Tell Us About Your Research Interests

I am passionate about climate and the environment. I am therefore interested in researching more about global warming and what we can do to stop it. Climate change affects biodiversity and every ecosystem globally, making it an important field of research. I would also love to research more about marine pollution and what can be done to prevent it. We are fast losing several marine species, and within no time, the available marine life won’t be able to support human needs and activities.


Harvard is one of the world’s most prestigious schools; therefore, you must prepare well for your upcoming interview with them. Ensure that you show passion and commitment to your field of study to get a chance. We wish you all the best and don’t forget that you deserve the chance.