Top 25 GIT Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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GIT is gaining a lot of popularity in the world. Getting a job with GIT is quite competitive. However, the following 25 questions along with how to respond to them will help you ace your chance of getting a job here.

1. Tell Me The Language Used In Git.

Git uses the language ‘c’.  language ‘c’ makes Git be fast by reducing the overhead of run times that come along with high-level languages.

2. Provide Me With Some Git Commands Stating The Function Of Each Of Them

Git init: format an empty Git repository

Git diff: View the alterations made to the file

Git commit: Commit modifications to the head and not to the remote repository

Git add: Add files to the staging area

Git config: Configure the email address and the username

3. Highlight Some Benefits Of Using Git

There are many advantages associated with Git such as:

  • Collaboration friendly
  • Widespread acceptance
  • High availability
  • Data replication and redundancy
  • Easy pull requests
  • Superior network performance and disk utilization
  • Maintains the integrity of source code

4. Highlight The Difference Between Github And Git

Github represents a Git repository hosting service that offers a web-based graphical interface. Github supply access control as well as collaboration features such as task management tools. On the other hand, Git is a control system used to track alterations in source code in the course of software development. It helps programmers to coordinate work and also identify changes in any set of files.

5. What Comes Into Your Mind When You Hear The Word ‘GitMerge Conflict’?

A Git merge conflict refers to the occurrence that takes place when Git fails to automatically resolve the code difference between two commits.

6. Take Me Through On How You Can Resolve Conflicts In Git

A user can resolve conflict by following these steps:

  • Key out the file that has contributed to the conflict
  • Put in place the desired modification to the file
  • Using the Git add command, add the files
  • Using the Git commit command, commit the changes in the file

7. What Is GitStash?

Supposing you are working on a project and in the middle, you think of switching branches so that you can handle something else. Here, you do not want to make commits to unfinished work because you need to get back to it later. The solution to the event is Git stash.

Stashing takes your changed files and saves them on a stack of unfinished changes enabling you to apply for the work again at any time.

8. At What Point Can A Merge Enter A Conflicted Stage?

There are two points at which a merge can enter a conflicted stage including:

  • Starting the merge process

If there are alterations or modifications in the data record on the current project, the merge can fail to start. Before the user stabilizes the changes using different Git commands, the pending changes may result in a conflict stage.

  • During the merge process

There can arise a conflict between the branch being merged and the local branch. When this takes place, Gittries to resolve it as much as possible. However, some of the problems may need to be fixed manually in the conflicted files.

9. How Can You Revert A Commit That Has Already Been Pushed And Made Public?

There are two approaches to reverting a commit that has been pushed and made public. First, you can use the command to create a new commit that goes through all the alterations that were made in the present bad commit. Secondly, you can remove the bad file in a new commit and push it to the remote repository. After modifying the file, you can then commit it to the remote repository by using the git commit-m ’commit message’ command.

10. What Benefits Does A User Get By Using A Version Control System?

It gives the user the flexibility to merge all the alterations made on the file into a common version. This helps the user to work freely on any given file at any time.

When using a version control system, all members of the team remain updated on the progress of the project. In case a breakdown occurs in the central server, the members can use each other local git repository.

The user can ask for any version of a project at any time as per his or her specifications. This will enable the user to have a clear picture of the complete project right away.

Using the version control system, it is easier to write a short description of the changes that the user has made on the project. This helps to refer to the changes later.

11. What Strategies Can You Implement To Know Whether Or Not A Branch Has Been Merged Or Not?

I will use the git branch- no- merged command and git-merged – returns command.

git branch –merged will help to return the list of branches that have been merged into the current branch.

git branch –no-merged will help the user to return the list of branches that have not been merged.

12. Highlight The Difference Between SVN And GIT.

 SVN allows the user to treat a tag as a branch as well as to create many versions under a tag root. On the other side, gits are unchangeable.

Git less handles large files and other changing binary files while SVN is preferred for handling multiple files stored in the same repository.

Git doesn’t handle commits across multiple branches. On the other hand, SVN allows users to create folders at any location in the repository layout.

13. Tell Me What Is Subgit And Its Benefits Are.

Subgit is a tool for a stress-free and smooth SVN to Git migration.  A user needs to use subgit because of the reasons such as:

  • Enables a smooth and stress-free migration
  • The user can use both git and svn features
  • You donot need to change the tool that is already in place

14. Would You Miss Anything About Your Current Position If We Hire You?

I will be absolutely excited to get a chance to work in your company. I have always desired to join your team and contribute towards creating your products, serving your customers, and achieving your objectives. But I would also miss some things related to my current job. I would miss the good working relationship we have and my amazing supervisor and workmates. Nonetheless, I’m sure these are things I can also find in this company.

15. How Do You Handle Pressures At Work?

 Pressure is inevitable at the workplace. However, I value meeting deadlines. This is one of my strong traits. I examine every deadline that I have to meet in good time. I prioritize all my tasks depending on their due dates as well as the importance of each project. Once I am done with this, I then use a spreadsheet or a paper calendar to keep track of the deadlines.

16. How Do You Stay Motivated In Your Work?

I love my work and I’m passionate about this role even though it requires me to do the same tasks over and over. My main focus is to satisfy my clients and other team members and this helps me to remain motivated in my roles. I can focus more when following a particular routine. In case I find myself losing focus, I normally change the order in which I am performing my roles or even take periodic breaks. I set goals that I aim to achieve, which motivates me to work hard. It’s important to remember why I’m working so hard because it keeps me focused on doing a good job. Plus, setting small milestones along the way makes the process easier and more enjoyable. If you want something in life, you can achieve anything, so my ultimate goal is to become an established leader in my field one day, which motivates me a lot. I know that this position offers me tremendous growth opportunities since I will be working closely with experienced team members at all times who will help me develop both personally and professionally.

17. What Is The Difference Between Fork, Branch, And Clone?

  • A fork refers to a copy of a repository that enables the user to freely experiment with the modifications without altering the primary project. A Fork can be used to point out the changes that need to be done on a project.
  • A branch is an individual project within a git repository.
  • Clone refers to an existing repository and allows making a copy of that repository in a new directory intoanother location.

18. Take Me Through A Gitflow Workflow.

Gitflow workflow contains the following component:

Master-this is a branch that is released on live(production-ready branch)

Hotfix- branches that patch production releases

Develop – branch to which features are merged and where tests are done

Feature – every new feature resides on its own.

19. Why Do You Feel You Are The Most Suited For This Role?

Besides being a  critical thinker; I possess very strong analytical, organizational, and decision-making skills.  I hold a bachelors’ degree in information science. Previously, I have worked as a junior web developer for four years. During this time, I gained experience working with different coding languages such as JSON, Ajax, HTML, and Python JQuery. My solid understanding of website designing and development has made me competent in this field. I am flexible in the workplace. I believe that given a chance, I will make a success in this role.

20. What Kind Of A Boss Would You Prefer Working With?

I would prefer a boss who leads his or her team in a unified direction while clearly stating the mission, vision, and strategic goals of the company to help the employees realize their optimum performance in their roles. Additionally, I would love to work with a boss who gives constant feedback on whether I am meeting the expectation of the company. This will help me know the areas that need improvement to enable me to deliver efficiently in my roles.

21. What Roles Will You Be Performing Should You Get Hired Here?

I will be responsible for designing and executing automated tools to support software development projects; Design, building, and setting up tooling for a constant build, deployment, integration, and release of software; complete responsibility for technical input to qualification and business approval meetings, designing larger more complex solutions.; guide teams in designing, building, testing, and deploying changes to existing software; enhance the company’s IT infrastructure security protocols; Identify manual processes that can be automated; Consider the organization’s entire IT infrastructure when making changes and improvements; Maintain and improve the company’s cloud infrastructure and many more roles as required from me. I am also a fast learner and I will learn any other duty that I will be expected to perform.

22. What Skills And Traits Do You Have That Makes You The Best Fit For This Role?

Besides being a team player, I am a flexible person and available to update sections of software and manage changes. I hold strong management, communication, interpersonal, and decision-making skills. I am also familiar with scripting programs such as PHP, Python, Pearl, and Ruby. I am keen on both details and security. In the process of updating code so as to make the system run faster, I always ensure that the changes do not make the system vulnerable to attacks. Should you hire me for this role, I will use all the skills that I possess to ensure that all the software tools are updated smoothly and on time.

23. Do You Have Any Experience In The Role You Are Seeking?

Yes. I have been a DevOps Engineer for four years. During this time, I gained a lot of skills in designing and executing automated tools to support software development projects; Designing, building, and setting up tooling for constant building, deployment, integration, and release of software; complete responsibility for technical input to qualification and business approval meetings, designing larger more complex solutions.; guiding teams in designing, building, testing, and deploying changes to existing software; enhancing the company’s IT infrastructure security protocols; Identifying manual processes that can be automated; Considering the organization’s entire IT infrastructure when making changes and improvements; Maintaining and improving the company’s cloud infrastructure.  I have also performed many practical projects in the course of my degree course that prepared me to become competent in this field. I am also a fast learner and I will learn any other duty that I will be expected to perform.

24. What Strategy Will You Use To Ensure That You Get Along With Other Colleagues Should You Get This Job?

If I get this job, I will take time to understand the nature of my colleagues. This will help me know how to interact with each one of them. I get along with my colleagues after I have understood their personalities. For instance, in my previous role, we had a colleague who would continually complain about the work she had to do. At first, I didn’t take this seriously until I realized that this attitude was negatively affecting the other team members. I felt that something needed to be done. I decided to speak to her privately and I encouraged her to change her work view and that at the end of the day she is the one to benefit. I made her see that doing different tasks will help her gain more skills and experience that will benefit her in the future and her career. From that day, she has never complained over any given task. This also improved her relationship with all the other members who thought that she was lazy and that she was pulling the productivity of the company down.

25. Highlight A Time That You Demonstrated A Proactive Approach In Your Role.

During my internship, my boss was absent from work. One of the company’s major clients called to know about his project. When I checked with the boss, he informed me that there were a lot of pending tasks on that project. Since the client wanted his project done by 4 pm that day, I knew that something had to be done. I called my team members and I delegated tasks to them according to their ability. I reorganized myself too to concentrate on the project. Within four hours, we were done with the project. The customer was very happy with the results and he has continued being a loyal customer in that company till today. When the boss reported on the following day, he was happy with what I had done and he ordered that I get hired permanently in that company.


Having practiced the above questions, remember to show motivation and the right attitude to the job during the interview. The impression you will create before the employer matters a lot.