Top 25 Fidelity Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Fidelity Interview Questions and Answers

Let us have the 25 best interview questions and their answers, which may be asked in the Fidelity interview.

1. Tell Us About Yourself.

Sure, my name is ABC, and I am 27 years old.

For the last six or more years, I have worked as a business analyst at companies X and Z.

I have a great data analysis background, with a degree from University XY. What took me into this field, though, was the internship I had done at some Company before. 

Throughout my entire career, I have noticed that I have always been good with numbers and data handling.

For instance, when working at Company X, I successfully led a huge project to migrate all operations data to a new latest fresh data warehousing system to cut down all the costs. The final solution was epic and proved to be a much better fit for our business. This eventually saved up to USD200, 000 annually. 

Moreover, I wish that I can expand my experience across different industries. That is the only reason why I love to work in your company.

2. What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment?

 My last role was as a manager. I worked at a seasonal restaurant in Nantucket. Out of four months, 3 of those were a big nightmare for me. The restaurant was all completely packed 90%+ of the time, and we barely had any breathing room.

To avoid being overwhelmed, we had to be very efficient at work.

It was important to be proactive to make this work. The whole thing would have turned into a mess had we just rolled with the punches and put out fires. We adhered to a very strict schedule at the beginning of the summer. A reward system was also implemented – if someone called in sick, you got rewarded for filling in for them. I filled in for them if no one was available.

The summer was relatively incident-free. Over 99% of the customers were satisfied, and no negative reviews were left.

3. What Is A Challenge You Have Overcome?

My last job presented me with one of the biggest challenges of my career. After the departure of two team members, I was left with the workload of three people. My manager helped me when I fell behind and knew I could not keep up. Our solution involved hiring, getting temporary help from another team, and streamlining our team’s processes. Since I overcame that previous obstacle despite initially feeling hopeless, I think I am even better prepared for the next project or challenge I’ll face.

4. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

After leaving my last job, I focused on full-time caregiving for a needy family member. In my opinion, it was a very fulfilling and eye-opening experience and the right thing to do. My time away from full-time work allowed me to stay abreast of industry changes and evolutions. I refreshed my skills in several areas before diving into my job search, including [X, Y, and Z]. And now, I am excited and energized to return to work.

5. How Would You Describe Yourself?

As a self-driven individual, I am ambitious. Having goals to strive toward keeps me motivated, so I thrive on challenges. As someone who isn’t comfortable settling, I always search for opportunities to achieve greatness and do better. In my previous position, I was promoted three times within two years.

6. Why Should We Hire You?

My skills make me the perfect candidate for the job. You can count on me to be loyal and beneficial to your organization. After working in multiple roles for over six years, I am confident about the same. I assure you that I won’t ever disappoint you if you give me a chance.

7. What Do You Know About Us?

Founded in the year 1946 as a mutual fund company, Fidelity Investments is a privately owned investment management company. In addition, to fund distribution and investment advice, Fidelity offers wealth management, life insurance, retirement services, and securities execution and clearance.

Investor’s Business Daily readers chose Fidelity as the most trusted wealth management company for 2020, 6, earning top rankings for “security and protecting privacy, quality products and services, and customer service.”

8. What Do You Think Can Be The Biggest Challenge You Might Face In The Role?

Learning about each member of the team will be the most challenging part. I thrive on finding the best in my colleagues and enjoy working with a large and diverse team. One of the major challenges in this job is keeping up with the technological changes in this industry. For me, this is also the most rewarding aspect of this industry.

9. Can You Define Success?

I define success as achieving company and personal goals and helping my team achieve the same. We grow when we set effective goals. Meeting such goals helps the company meet its goals and objectives, and we as employees become more effective and can contribute to even greater growth in the future. To help my team achieve their goals and the company’s objectives, I make it a priority to help them reach individualized milestones.

10. Why Do You Prefer Working With Us?

As part of our commitment to improving people’s lives, Fidelity Investments treats every moment as an opportunity. When we act in good faith and get things right for our customers, we help them live the lives they want. Fidelity donates to various causes as part of its commitment to the community.

As someone who believes in taking a collaborative approach to each project, I knew I had to apply for the position with your company. You have been an inspiration to me because I was able to see teamwork in action in your behind-the-scenes video. Having worked in production previously, I know how to work with a team to accomplish a common goal.

This team is phenomenal, and I look forward to contributing to it.

11. What Is Our Mission Statement?

Every decision made at Fidelity Investments is based on the needs of our customers. Your mission as a privately held company with a rich 75-year history has remained the same: to strengthen our client’s financial well-being. Investing and planning for the future are two of the services provided by Fidelity. Institutions and independent advisors can invest their client’s money with the help of their investment and technology solutions, which they provide to companies and organizations.

12. What Areas Do We Focus On?

Fidelity is committed to five focus areas that they believe will engender further positive change for their organization:

  • Increasing the diversity within their company at all levels.
  • Ensuring inclusion across their workforce by removing the barriers that can deter or delay it.
  • Creating new opportunities and value for their customers and the communities where they work, live and serve. This can be done by participating in efforts addressing systemic issues that drive inequalities.
  • Being open about their diversity and inclusion progress, including what is working and what is not, concerning increasing their diversity values.
  • Being clear about accountability for all associates and roles plus collaborating to achieve their desired outcomes and maintain our safe and inclusive workplace.  

13. How Is Career Boost Made If You Work At Fidelity? 

Fidelity offers endless career opportunities that positively impact people’s lives.

Their flexible benefits help everyone thrive at work and home, no matter where they are in their career. With Fidelity, nobody needs to have a finance background to succeed—they offer a range of learning and career development opportunities. To help their customers and communities, they welcome associates from different backgrounds and perspectives. 

14. What About Commuting And Travel?

Quality of life is a big concern here. It can be detrimental to your happiness if you commute daily or several times a week for a long time. A more convenient employment option may be worth considering. It can be similar to traveling for a job. Not everyone enjoys traveling for work. You need to understand what works for you to find the right fit for your life and preferences.

15. Are There Any Opportunities for Students At Fidelity?

If you are a college student, Fidelity is proud to invite you to learn about the many career opportunities there.

They welcome and value diverse experiences and support ongoing career vitality. You can get more information regarding the same if you visit their Students section on their Careers site.

16. Does Fidelity Provide Any Benefits To Meet Your Needs?

Fidelity offers benefits designed to help its associates thrive at work and home, no matter where they are in their careers. The same includes helping in education through student loan assistance, tuition reimbursement, retirement savings i.e. dollar-to-dollar match up to 7% of eligible compensation, charitable gift matching, generous paid time off, and paid maternal and parental leave.

17. Mention Some Career Areas Of Fidelity?

Having a job at Fidelity can open up a world of career possibilities. Moreover, it also offers employees the opportunity to build careers, and develop professionally, and lets them explore infinite opportunities and career paths through the company. Most companies and business units at Fidelity hire employees to work in several different career areas, including Customer Service, Technology, Business Strategy & Operations, Sales & Wealth Planning, and Asset Management.

18. Which Regional Locations Does Fidelity Cover?

Across the U.S., Fidelity associates enjoy working at our regional and 200 investor centers. Our regional center locations include:

  • Albuquerque, NM | American Fork, UT | Boston, MA
  • Covington, KY | Denver, CO | Jacksonville, FL
  • Jersey City, NJ | Merrimack, NH | New York, NY
  • Raleigh-Durham, NC | Salt Lake City, UT
  • Smithfield, RI | Westlake, TX.

19. What Are The Latest Key Trends In This Industry? 

My knowledge of your organization comes from reading up on it in advance. Having perfectly and dedicatedly worked in the industry for many years, I am familiar with the latest trends and challenges. According to industry reviews and similar studies in various fields, I have checked the latest publications. My overall opinion is that I am fortunate to be a part of your organization. 

20. If Your Colleagues Were Here, How Would They Describe You? 

My people skills are excellent. My colleagues describe me as a great listener and good team builder. In addition, they would describe me as a tireless worker. Flexible and tolerant, I plan well.

21. Your CV Contains Several Gaps. Can You Explain Why? 

Traveling is my passion, so I took a year off to travel the world. My experiences gave me perspective on my career, and I needed to get out of my wanderlust rut. It is now the time for me to buckle down and put my heart and soul into this job. Furthermore, during the gap in my employment, I was a full-time parent, studying or caring for a relative. During that time, I also took an online course.

22. What’s Your Management Style?

It’s so hard to pinpoint a management style. Generally, a good manager gives clear directions and stays mostly hands-off but is always available to offer guidance, expertise, and help when needed. That’s how I try to manage. I also make it an awareness point when my team needs assistance. You should check in with them regularly, both on their work and on their general job satisfaction. My most recent position involved a project where everyone worked on a different part of the product. Rather than bog everyone down with repetitive meetings to discuss progress, I created a project wiki to allow us to communicate new information when it was necessary without disrupting the work of other team members. Right after that, I finally decided to make it my mission to ensure no one was ever stuck/trapped on a problem for too long without a sounding board. Even though we had disparate project responsibilities, the result was a well-coordinated product and, more importantly, a well-rested team.

23. Who Fidelity Serves?

Fidelity is proud to help more than 40 million people. They all feel more confident in their most important financial goals, manage employee benefit programs for nearly 23,000 businesses, and support more than 3,600 advisory firms* with innovative investment and technology solutions to grow their businesses. Our diverse businesses and independence give us insight into the entire market and the stability needed to think and act for the long term as we deliver value to you.

24. How Do You Stay Organized?

My organizational skills have come in handy in my past roles, especially in my current role as a social media assistant. As a first step, I keep a detailed calendar for each platform I am responsible for using Hootsuite – which I noticed you also use here – and schedule time twice a week to schedule posts. 

Second, I love Trello. My board is color-coded by type of task and prioritized, and my marketing team board is used to coordinate campaigns across social, email, and other channels. When we need to pause a campaign, we closely monitor the news. All relevant stakeholders should be tagged on Trello, scheduled content should be suspended in Hootsuite, and a strategy meeting should be suggested, if necessary.

My final step was to create a shared folder on Google Drive with subfolders for each campaign, which I update with one-pagers on goals and strategies, assets, a record of the actual posts deployed, performance analyses, and retro. So, everyone on the team can refer back to past projects, which I have found helps us learn from every campaign and incorporate those learning materials into what we’re working on moving forward.

25. Do You Have Anything To Ask?

I would love to ask about the work scope, job duties, and how frequently the salary raise takes place. I understand the company’s repute and surely won’t get disappointed but had these concerns so wanted to ask.


We have listed the 25 best Fidelity questions and answers, which may vary per interviewer and the current situation.

The mentioned questions and answers are all given as per experience and online content. If you have issues with their authenticity, you should check online resources for a better understanding. Also, it depends on the situation and the job position especially when you appear physically.