Top 30 Genpact Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Genpact has created more than 80000 jobs worldwide, owing to its success as an entity. It has positions for different professionals ranging from cleaners to analysts. You can also choose to apply for a management or consultation position. If you have applied for a job at Genpact and were successfully shortlisted for an interview, this article is meant for you.

We will look at 25 of the most common questions at Genpact that you are likely to be asked in your interview. Keep in mind that these will differ from one job to another even though we will cover as many areas as possible to help you prepare. Take a look at the following:

8 Tips to Prepare for a Genpact Interview

Below are eight items to help prepare for a Genpact interview, including focus areas, details, and tips, with a few items specifically targeting technical areas:

Genpact Interview Preparation

Focus AreaDetailsTips
Company OverviewUnderstanding Genpact’s history, values, and services.Research Genpact’s background, mission, and industries served. Demonstrate knowledge during the interview.
Job Description AnalysisAnalyzing the specific requirements of the job role.Review the job description, align your experiences with the requirements, and provide relevant examples.
Behavioral QuestionsAssessing your past behavior in various situations.Anticipate competency-based questions. Use the STAR method to structure responses with concrete examples.
Technical KnowledgeDemonstrating proficiency in relevant technical skills.Showcase hands-on experience and projects related to the required technical skills. Stay updated on industry trends.
Industry TrendsStaying informed about the industry Genpact operates in.Research current trends and innovations. Discuss how your skills align with industry needs.
Problem-Solving ScenariosEvaluating your analytical and critical thinking skills.Practice solving case studies. Showcase your systematic problem-solving approach.
Communication SkillsAssessing your ability to communicate effectively.Practice clear and concise communication. Pay attention to tone, pace, and body language.
Cultural FitEvaluating if you align with Genpact’s culture.Understand the company’s values. Emphasize aspects of your personality that match Genpact’s culture.
Remember to tailor your responses to showcase how your unique skills and experiences align with Genpact’s needs.

Top 30 Genpact Interview Questions and Answers

Here are the top 30 Genpact interview questions, along with a sample answer for each question.

1. What Do You Know About Genpact?

Sample Answer

Genpact is a worldwide professional services company that creates a competitive advantage for businesses and establishments through digital transformation. It was founded in 1997 as part of General Electric, only serving the company. It later opened its doors to external companies in 2005 when it became independent. Genpact also decided to set foot into the media industry when it joined arms with NDTV, a famous Indian company. The firm has its headquarters in New York, USA and continues to widen its reach.

2. Why Do You Want To Work With Us?

Sample Answer

I am after new challenges, which I am optimistic Genpact will offer. This international company has won lots of awards and accolades, with your presence being felt in significant parts of the world. I would love to be part of your team and collectively work on solutions for different challenges. One of my friends recommended Genpact, mentioning your supportive and friendly working environment. Generally, everybody I have met says great things about this establishment, which I’d also love to witness.

3. Can You Work At Night?

Sample Answer

Your company is present in areas outside the US, such as Asia, which necessitates night shifts. I want to make it known that I am okay with working at night and will do everything possible to deliver outstanding performance. In fact, I was psychologically prepared for this fact before submitting my application. I have worked night shifts before and believe that my body and mind are used to it. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a challenge once I get this job.

4. Have You Ever Gone Above And Beyond For A Client?

Sample Answer

I believe in showing up for clients, regardless of their social or economic standards, since I understand the importance of excellent customer service. I enjoy doing everything possible to make clients comfortable and satisfied, which is one of my strengths. I once went past my shift, leaving work one hour later since I figured out how to help a client with his problem. I would do that any other time without thinking twice.

5. What Motivates You The Most In Your Line Of Work?

Sample Answer

I love showing up for my teammates and ensuring that projects are successfully done. I always remember that we all depend on each other’s efforts to succeed whenever I am on the verge of giving up. This is closely related to the fact that I am a great believer in teamwork. Additionally, I love accomplishing my goals and aspirations, whether long or short term. I am happy that I don’t struggle with motivation like most people and will always find a reason to report for work each passing day.

6. Mention Some Of The Traits You Desire In Your Colleagues

Sample Answer

I am fully aware that we all have our shortcomings and therefore, being part of a team with ideal colleagues is practically impossible. All in all, I would love to work with someone who understands and appreciates the importance of teamwork and remains approachable. I also believe that a good colleague should be willing to motivate and push others to achieve their potential without sounding condescending. Lastly, a good colleague should be compassionate, willing to offer help and always ready to improve and achieve excellence. I am optimistic that I will meet such employees in this establishment.

7. How Do You Normally Prioritize Work When Overwhelmed With Projects?

Sample Answer

I have always held that the best way of dealing with multiple projects is to know how to prioritize them and, after that, whole-heartedly work on them. When prioritizing, I always go for the most urgent task or project first to meet the deadline. I also prefer to handle the easier projects first and create time to focus on the most challenging ones. Challenging projects require more time and focus, which I cannot achieve if I don’t clear the easier ones first. Lastly, I am good at multitasking, even though most people do not recommend it. It comes in handy when swamped with work. All in all, I am confident in my ability to handle multiple projects.

8. Have You Ever Felt Overwhelmed With Work?

Sample Answer

Yes. I believe that everyone feels overwhelmed at one point, especially when working on multiple projects. I was assigned a project midway while working on another since the team leader went on sick leave. I had to balance two heavy projects at once, ensuring that I was making progress on the first and mobilizing other team members on the second. I am glad to mention that I succeeded due to my prioritization and multitasking skills, even though I had to leave a week afterward due to fatigue.

9. Can You Mention An Obstacle That You Managed To Overcome In Your Last Role?

Sample Answer

My previous company was struggling with employee motivation when I joined. The former manager insisted on extrinsic motivation, dishing out gifts and incentives to employees for their achievement for the past two years. However, having been in the same predicament in my former institution, I knew that too much focus on extrinsic motivation always proves unsuccessful in the end. I, therefore, resorted to intrinsic motivation, where I made every employee feel valued, loved and heard. I congratulated them on their achievements, encouraged them to work hard and created an environment to offer feedback. My approach worked, and we needed to create a team of amazing, motivated employees.

10. Have You Ever Struggled With Communication?

Sample Answer

I have had a few experiences where I struggled to put across information to colleagues and customers. However, I have always ensured that we are at par at the end of the day. I once dealt with a customer who knew nothing about digital transformation and therefore took everything I mentioned as technological. I had to break it down to them in the simplest term possible, using basic real-life examples at some points to enhance their understanding. We were able to communicate by the end of the day.

11. Have You Ever Dealt With An Angry Client?

Sample Answer

I have experienced angry customers every time in my career. Some believe that their methods are the best and therefore get mad whenever I suggest others. One even threatened to let go of our services at one point when we decided to stick to our plan and asked him not to interfere. When he came by the office gun blazing, I decided to talk to him and explain that we had their company’s best interest at heart and would have gone by their plan if we thought it was viable in the long term. I gave them time to explain and support their preferred plan, after which we had a discussion where I made them see our point and ultimately plan. The client understood since I was patient with them and pledged not to interfere. It was one of the most successful projects my team ever worked on.

12. What Is Your Main Strength?

Sample Answer

I have several strengths but generally hold that the most significant is my self-motivation. I don’t need any external factor to get me at my best because I am always pushing myself to achieve my goals. My desire to succeed gets me out of bed every day and keeps me willing to give my best. I am glad that my efforts have always paid off throughout my career and will do the same here.

13. Can You Mention Some Of The Requirements Of Working With Us?

Sample Answer

I took some time to learn more about your company ahead of this interview. I mainly discovered that proficiency in English is mandatory despite Genpact’s presence in more than 20 countries worldwide, simply because most of your customers are English-speaking, and an employee may need to interact with other US colleagues. I am glad to have always worked on my language skills, which means that I meet one of the requirements.

14. Have You Ever Thought About A Typical Day At Genpact?

Sample Answer

Yes. After submitting my application at a given workplace, I normally take time to think about a typical day at work, being careful not to be carried away. Since this is a big corporation and I am not as experienced, my first days will be spent attending to monotonous tasks and helping in more experienced teams. I will mainly gather data, come up with reports and respond to customers given my line of work. All in all, I am ready as I anticipate a busy day, pushing me to give my best.

15. Have You Ever Tried To Think About Where You Will Be Five Years From Now?

Sample Answer

Yes. Since I have always wanted to work for Genpact, I believe that the next five years will find me here, even though I would have scaled in height at the moment. There are several options to settle on, given that this is a big establishment. Al in all, I  believe that the future is luminous and will work to secure such a future when given a chance.

16. Have You Ever Disagreed With Your Supervisor?

Sample Answer

Most of the organizations I have worked in have strict and straight policies that do not leave any room for creativity. Most of the processes were well defined, and every employee, including the supervisors, had to stick by these guidelines. However, I once disagreed with a supervisor asking me to violate a policy. I explained to them that they were putting me and the entire workforce at risk and refused to adhere to that type of violation. He got mad but couldn’t act since I was right. I knew that I had to always abide by the workplace policy since my contract was between the establishment and not a supervisor.

17. How Did You Know About This Vacancy?

Sample Answer

I have always wanted to work at Genpact, given that some of the people I know have built a career working here. I, therefore, followed you on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with this establishment and abreast of any vacancies I could hop on. I decided to take advantage of your last job listings, and here we are.

18. Mention Any Of Your Weakness We Should Be Aware Of

Sample Answer

Even though I understand that some employees may find sharing weaknesses embarrassing, I am confident enough to let you in. I have always had a hard time embracing change and transformation. Even though I normally get the job done by the end of the day, I struggle twice as hard to succeed. I am trying extremely hard to overcome this trait and have even been attending personality grooming lessons, which are paying off from the look of things.

19. When Are You Free To Start?

Sample Answer

Even though I am still with my current employer, I have a notice ending in a week. I apologize that I cannot start immediately, which I understand can be disappointing. However, I am working fast to ensure that everything is sorted out when it’s time to leave so that I can assume my new duties immediately if I get the job. I, therefore, need a week and an extra day to get things in order.

20. How Do You Normally Measure Success?

Sample Answer

I believe that there are many ways of measuring success, dependent on an individual’s preferences. However, I normally prefer the accomplishment method, where I define success by completing my jobs in a timely fashion and meeting all the set milestones. I also focus on the quality of the results to define success. I am glad that I have ticked lots of projects to be successful using this method.

21. Mention One Of The Few Facts That Most People Don’t Know About Genpact

Sample Answer

Many people don’t know that Genpact was not a single entity at conception and felt under General Electricity, only allowed to serve it. It, however, separated seven years later and, in 2005, became an entity on its own. It was later listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2007 and allowed to trade privately since today.

22. Are You Okay With Rotational Shifts?

Sample Answer

I understand that you are a famous multinational organization that outsources employees, necessitating both night and day shifts. I am okay with working rotational shifts as I don’t have as many engagements at the moment and can adequately work both night and rotational shifts since I am free and available at the moment. I don’t have any problem with working rotational shifts to answer this question.

23. Have You Applied With Any Of Our Competitor

Sample Answer

No. I haven’t applied with your competitors since Genpact appeals to me the most. I am sure that I will find everything I need in an organization of your kind here. You have existed for only three decades but managed to create jobs for tens of thousands of employees as well as achieve a presence in more than 30 countries. You also train and take care of your employees, allowing them to explore their creativity and enjoy a unique working environment. Therefore, you are better than most organizations of your caliber that I know.

24. Can You Mention Our Values?

Sample Answer

Genpact has four main values, which you have always strived to achieve regardless of the challenges you face in your operations. These are courage, incisiveness, integrity and curiosity. Courage is the strength and confidence to go for what someone wants regardless of the challenges and situations, while curiosity is the drive to know or find out more about something. Integrity evokes trust among employees and clients since it fosters openness. Lastly, incisiveness refers to clarity and directness when explaining or putting across an idea.

25. Which Of Our Values Do You Love The Most?

Sample Answer

All your values are important. However, I mostly resonate with courage, given that I usually believe in myself to deliver despite negative or heavily challenging circumstances. Every employee in the organization should be courageous enough to face challenges head-on and deliver. Generally, I am a courageous person, which some people confuse or mistake for overconfidence. All in all, I am confident that I will live up to all your values.

26. What Is Your Experience With Data Analysis And How Have You Used It To Solve Business Problems? 

Sample Answer

I have extensive experience with data analysis and have used it to solve various business problems. For example, in my previous role, I analyzed customer data to identify trends and patterns that helped us improve our product offerings and increase customer satisfaction.

27. Can You Describe A Time When You Had To Work With A Difficult Team Member?

Sample Answer

In my previous job, I had to work with a team member who was not cooperative and often missed deadlines. To handle the situation, I scheduled a meeting with the team member to discuss the issues and understand their perspective. I then worked with them to create a plan to improve their performance and provided them with the necessary resources and support to achieve their goals.

28. What Is Your Experience With Project Management Tools Such As Jira, Trello, Or Asana?

Sample Answer

I have extensive experience with project management tools such as Jira, Trello, and Asana. In my previous role, I used Jira to manage project timelines, track progress, and communicate with team members. I also used Trello to manage tasks and collaborate with team members on various projects.

29. Can You Describe A Time When You Had To Make A Difficult Decision?

Sample Answer

In my previous job, I had to make a difficult decision regarding a project that was behind schedule and over budget. After analyzing the situation and consulting with my team members, I decided to restructure the project plan and allocate additional resources to ensure that we met the project deadline. Although it was a difficult decision, it ultimately led to the successful completion of the project.”

30. What Is Your Experience With Data Visualization Tools Such As Tableau, Power BI, Or Google Data Studio?

Sample Answer

I have extensive experience with data visualization tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Google Data Studio. In my previous role, I used Tableau to create interactive dashboards and reports that helped our team analyze data and make informed decisions. I also used Power BI to create data models and visualizations that helped us identify trends and patterns in our data.


These twenty-five questions should get you set for your upcoming interview with Genpact. Make sure you also focus more on technical questions since we have mostly covered those cutting across different positions. We wish you all the best in your upcoming interview.