Top 25 Fisher Investment Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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25 Fisher Investment Interview Questions and Answers

Like any other establishment, Fisher Investment is constantly looking for new and well-trained employees to occupy different roles in the organization. You will easily land a job with them if you can prove your worth as an employee during the interview. This article will look at some of the questions that you should expect in a Fisher Investment Interview to help you land the job of your choice.

Remember, the interview is all about preparedness, so ensure that you know as much as possible about your potential employer. Research and find out any information you can get about Fisher Investment to increase your chances of landing the job. Keenly look at the following questions:

1. Do You Know About Fisher Investments? Can You Tell Us Any Important Information

I obtained a ton of information by researching your institution and conversing with some of your employees. Fisher Investment, popularly referred to as FI, is one of the best money management firms in Camas, Washington. It was founded in 1979 and corporates seven years later with Ken Fisher as the Chief Executive Officer. Ken was succeeded by Damian Omani, one of the best Fisher Investments employees, in 2016, even though the former remained as the co-chief investment officer and executive officer. Lastly, Fisher Investment is grouped into the Fisher Investments International Group, Fisher Investments Private Client Group, Fisher Investment Institutional Group, and Fisher Investment 401(k) Solutions Group.

2. There Are Several Money Management Firms In The United States. Why Did You Settle On Us?

From the reviews, I have read and the conversations I have had, most employees believe that Fisher Investment is one of the best places anyone interested in money management can work. Most employees are motivated owing to the work environment and the benefits of exploring one’s potential. I have also heard many things about this company’s work culture and believe it will push me to give my best. Therefore, Fisher Investment will help me reach my potential by exposing me to lots of new challenges and giving me a chance to prove myself. I am positive that I will excel at this job.

3. Have You Ever Worked With People In Senior Management Positions?

Fortunately, my career has allowed me to interact with the high and mighty, including some of the renowned investors in the business world. I have dealt with colleagues in senior management positions, entertainment stars, and entrepreneurs. What helps me is that I am always courageous and confident enough when dealing with different types of customers. Most of my clients are senior managers and chief executive officers, and it is heartwarming that we always get along well and achieve all the set objectives. I believe the same will happen in this institution.

4. Describe An Unpleasant Experience With A Team Mate

Working in a team setting can be extremely difficult due to different personalities and expectations. However, I have been indifferent to teams and understand how to go through such occasions. I once got into a heated argument with a teammate stuck on an option that even other candidates found unviable, and he pushed and even got hysterical at a point. However, I decided to be the bigger person and humbly organized a meeting, where I explained why most of the team members backed the other option, being careful to answer all the questions he had. I managed to influence him and got him on board.

5. Describe An Experience Where You Exceeded A Client’s Expectations

I once stayed behind to attend to a client long after my shift, which he couldn’t believe. Most employees preferred to reschedule client meetings, attending to them the next day or much later. The client was genuinely shocked and left an awesome review on the company. It wasn’t difficult since I value customer satisfaction above everything else.

6. How Well Can You Work In A Team Setting?

One of my greatest strengths is my ability to work in any team setting. I know how to get along with different personalities and abilities, which will come in handy in this job. I have worked with over ten teams in my career, motivating them to ensure that they are constantly at their best. I love that your team values teamwork and has the right measures to ensure it. I will learn about every team member and work together with them for their benefit if given a chance.

7. Mention Any Of Your Strengths

I believe that my greatest strength is my compassion. I can always show up for my team members and even step in when they are engaged. I do not mind coming through for one of them whenever they run late since we should be more understanding, especially in institutions that appreciate collaborative work. I also learn more about how every team member is fairing and do my best to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible.

8. Do You Have A Weakness That We Should Note Before Giving You This Job?

I normally embrace all my weaknesses since everyone has their shortcomings. I am generally impatient, a trait I have dealt with for a long time. Even though it doesn’t normally show when dealing with customers,  it never extends to my fellow workers, especially when working on projects with tight deadlines. However, I am trying to remember that people have different capabilities and experience distinct life situations, making me more patient. I will do a better job if I get this chance.

9. What’s Your Main Source Of Motivation?

Even though I am generally motivated, I believe that my main source of motivation comes from my desire to leave a good example to my subordinates or the employees that look up to me. I normally take up many mentorship positions in the workplace and therefore strive to be in my best to influence my subordinates positively. I will be a good example in this place if given a chance.

10. Walk Us Through How You Would Handle A Difficult Client

I have worked with lots of difficult clients in my career, given my line of business. However, I always remember to give my all to clients regardless of their state or behavior. Therefore, I normally try as much as possible to deescalate the situation whenever I am dealing with an angry client since I believe that I owe them excellent customer service. I give them time to expound on their issues before offering an apology and work on the best solution. I also don’t mind asking for help or involving the right department whenever I am faced with such a challenge.

11. Where Do You See Yourself In The Next Five Years?

I am normally committed to making the best out of my career and do not rely on short-term goals. In the next five years, I would have made great strides in my career with a management position that allows me to mentor as many people as possible. I believe that I have all it takes to be a good example to other employees and push them to give their best.

12. Why Should We Pick You Out Of All The Candidates?

Even though I don’t necessarily view myself as better than other candidates, I possess several qualities that will help me deliver excellent results in this job. First, I am a dedicated and hardworking individual who will stop at nothing to achieve everything this establishment has tasked me with. I am also receptive to change and will work twice as hard to deliver if given a chance. Lastly, my customer handling skills have always been applauded by my workmates, which makes me believe that I will be an awesome team member.

13. Can You Mention Some Of Your Shortcomings?

I also have some weaknesses, even though I pride myself on my many strengths. However, the biggest is my quest for perfection. I normally strive to give my all and expect others to do the same. This has been a problem when working in team settings, as most employees believe that I am pushing them too hard. However, I am working hard to reduce my quest for perfection and understand everybody as they are without compromising on work quality. I believe that I will do an excellent job if given this chance.

14. What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

I normally pride myself in helping others, and therefore my greatest achievements stem from what for my colleagues and those around me. I once offered to go out of my way despite playing a management position in my office, working with and mentoring a number of employees who later became assets in my office. I am glad that they cooperated, giving me an easy time working with them.

15. Mention About Your Availability

I am available around the clock. I have cleared out of my former establishments and therefore not engaged at the moment. I am willing to take up any shift and work hard to prove my worth if given a chance. I am also available for holiday and weekend shifts if needed, provided that the establishment gives me an early notice. I will put in the work to prove my worth.

16. Do You Know Our Client-Base?

Fisher Investments deals with a wide range of clients, explaining its popularity. They are mainly divided into individuals and high net worth individuals. These can be later broken down into non-high net worth individuals,  state and municipal government entities, investment companies, pooled investment vehicles, charitable organizations, pension, and profit-sharing plans, investment advisors, insurance companies, foreign official institutions, sovereign wealth funds, and proprietary accounts.

17. We Normally Have Certain Requirements For Those Intending To Open An Account With Us. Mention Them

I have taken time to find out as much information as possible about the organization, including account opening. I know that the firm requires an investment of at least $500 000 to have an account. However, there are certain circumstances where people with less than the required value can have an account. Fisher Investment also has a WealthBuilder account which requires $200 000. This explains why most of the investors are Fisher investments are high net, worth individuals.

18. Can You Mention Some Of The Services We Offer At Fisher Investments

Fisher Investments mainly offers investment and portfolio management services, including investment advisory services popularly known as portfolio management, annuity evaluation and conversion, IRA and 401(k) rollovers, annuity conversion and evaluation, financial planning services and different types of investments such as workshops, seminars, and videos. Under financial planning services, the establishment deals with estate and retirement planning, cash flow forecasting, tax planning, spending budgeting and analysis, and social security optimization.

19. How Would You Convince A Client To Invest With Us?

The primary way of convincing a customer to bank with an institution is to explain to sell the company and list the benefits they stand to get. I will tell them of the awards you have obtained for your performance and size, the availability of unique customized and flexible investment approaches, the presence of a high profile investment team to offer guidance, provision of educational resources and the company’s excellent track record.

20. What Would You Change At Fisher Investments If You Had The Chance To?

I would lower the minimum investment value required for account holders since it locks several people or investors. One must have at least $500 000 to be considered eligible for an account. Even though this institution provides that the value can be lowered under some circumstances, it is not guaranteed. Accounts such as the WealthBuilder account have minimum investment values but attract some fees.

21. How Would You Determine The Best Investment Opportunity For A Client

As an analyst, I will closely study the market, taking note of all the opportunities to earn the client a higher return on investments. I understand that you do not sell broad portfolios, which makes my work as an analyst important. I will also use qualitative and quantitative tools such as computer databases, software, and a centralized portfolio management system. I will also personalize the investment recommendations to meet the client’s goals, tolerance to risk, cash flow needs and time horizon.

22. What Would You Tell A Client Who Wants To Know How We Will Invest Their Money?

I would tell the customer that this company prefers the top-down approach when managing portfolios based on forecasts and comprehensive economic analysis. The client’s money will be invested in fixed income securities, structured products, domestic and foreign common stocks, as well as any other derivative capable of leverage. Fisher Investments also uses hedging strategies, including short equity positions and options.

23. What Other Qualities Do You Possess Outside The Financial Industry?

I did a course in psychology owing to my love for the human mind and interactions. I, therefore, understand behaviors and patterns, which come in handy when dealing with different clients. I can manage expectations, approach different types of customers, respond to several occurrences and even convince people on the right courses to pursue. I am also ready to share my knowledge on human behavior and interactions with other employees to ensure that they are in a better position to treat or deal with customers. I believe that this extra information will come in handy.

24. Can You Speak Any Other Language Efficiently?

I am usually proud of the fact that I am bilingual. I can speak English and French fluently. I attended French classes in high school and pursued the language further afterward. I also had a French roommate on campus who helped me in my quest for fluency in French. I can therefore pass and receive information free from any French speaker. It is also worth mentioning that one of my favorite weekend activities is to attend French operas and plays. I don’t, therefore, mind being stationed in areas with a higher French-speaking population.

25. How Do You Achieve A Work-Life Balance?

I understand the importance of achieving a life-work balance since productivity at work is heavily influenced by our lives outside work. I, therefore, try as much as possible to balance both by shutting off any distractions while at work and maximizing my hobbies outside work. I love painting and reading, which takes up most of my weekends and free time. I also prefer completing all tasks by the end of the week, creating time to pursue other non-work-related activities during the weekend. I am glad that I don’t always struggle with achieving a life-work balance.


You have to be well prepared ahead of your interview at Fishers Investments to secure a chance at the establishment. Note that most of our recommendations are general, cutting across all the positions, and therefore, do not forget to work on the technical aspects of your job. We wish you all the best ahead of your interview and do remember to go through our article once more before stepping into the interview room.