Top 20 Gallup Interview Questions and Answers for 2024

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Gallup Interview Questions and Answers

Gallup is one of the biggest American analytics and advisory companies. It is based in Washington, DC, the capital city of the United States of America. This article will look at some of the questions that you should expect in a Gallup interview. Take a look at the following:

1. What Do You Know About Us?

The interviewer wants to know if you took some time to learn about the establishment ahead of your interview. Mention a few facts about Gallup, such as its year of formation, founders, the type of business it does, or even the CEO. Be as detailed as possible to convince the interviewer that you know your potential workplace.

Sample Answer

You are an American analytics and advisory company headquartered in Washington, D.C. The company was founded by George Gallup in 1935 and rose to fame due to its worldwide public opinions. You have over 30 offices globally and two subsidiaries, namely Gallup India and The Gallup Organization.

2. Why Do You Want to Work For Us?

This is a common interview question that you should consistently anticipate. Why are you interested in the particular organization? This is a chance to mention a few praiseworthy things about Gallup and convince the interviewer that you are proud of them. You can also sell yourself in your answer.

Sample Answer

Gallup, one of the biggest analytics and advisory companies globally, will expose me to new challenges that will help me grow in my career. I have also come across many positive employee reviews, reaffirming that you have some of the best policies and work environments. I am willing to use my skills and everything I have learned in this field to better your workplace.

3. What Skills Will You Bring Onboard if We Hire You?

The interviewer wants to know how you will benefit the workplace if hired. This is a chance to sell yourself and convince the interviewer that you understand what it takes to fit in at Gallup. Mention how you will benefit your team or workplace in general.

Sample Answer

I have an array of skills that I believe will benefit my team and the general workplace. I am a good communicator and can therefore pass messages across effectively. I am diligent, hardworking, and optimistic, qualities that helped me deliver in my former workplaces. I also have people skills that allow me to work in team settings and inspire others to give their all.

4. Do You Normally Give Yourself Challenges Outside Your Comfort Zone?

The interviewer wants to know if you are eager to grow in your career. Sliding and finally settling into the comfort zone can make one unhappy with work, denying you a chance to grow. Convince the interviewer that you are interested in growth and new challenges.

Sample Answer

I love challenges. I am always open to new challenges. I usually strive to stay out of my comfort zone and grow in my career. Even though challenges can be uncomfortable, I have found out that facing them is the fastest and surest way of increasing in the workplace.

5. Have You Ever Offered Honest Feedback to a Co-worker?

Being honest with your co-workers can be pretty tedious. The interviewer wants to know if you can offer great feedback. Your answer should also show that you value workplace honesty. You can also include some of the formal training you have received regarding providing feedback or a particular method that works for you all the time.

Sample Answer

My first management position taught me one of the best methods of offering feedback. I usually use the 3×3 method, where I outline three strengths and potential areas of development. If a co-worker keeps coming late to work, I will highlight three of their strengths and positive qualities and offer three ways to improve their punctuality. I have discovered that it works all the time.

6. Do You Think that this Job Will allow You to Do Your Best every day?

The interviewer wants to know if this is the best job for you, especially during your career. Your answer will also reveal the level of research you have done on the role and whether you understand the particular position. Mention why you think the specific job is a good fit at that point in your career.

Sample Answer

Yes. I believe that this job will allow me to do my best every day. In fact, it is what I need at this point in my career. I have quite an array of skills that will help me do a good job and post results. I am also eager to gain more experience in the course of our interactions. I am optimistic that everything I have learned in the past has been preparing me for this job.

7. Mention a Task in Your Current Job that You Wish You Could Perform More Often

The best trick that you can use when answering this question is to mention a task that you perform  best because even the interviewer knows that there is a task you love performing. You can think about some of your best days at work and what you enjoyed the most. Was it being on the phone with the customers, arranging things around the workplace, or organizing supplies?

Sample Answer

I enjoy lots of tasks in my current job but making client visits is top of the list. I love meeting people in person and learning how their businesses operate. I also enjoy recommending solutions to help solve different everyday problems. Any role that makes me feel helpful around the workplace is welcomed any day. ( Or you can say that you love research and therefore, you wouldn’t mind performing database searches and analysis all the time)

8. Who is Our Main Competitors?

This is a common question in such interviews. Establishments will always want to know if you understand the surrounding market dynamics. Can you mention some of the companies giving the interviewer a run for their money?  Make sure that you mention worthy competitors.

Sample Answer

You have several renowned competitors, given your niche. However, the most notable ones are MarkPlus, Kantar IMRB, and Oxford Economics. All these furnish analytics and management consulting solutions to enterprises.

9. How Can We as a Company Encourage Your Professional Growth?

The interviewer wants to know how they can help you advance professionally. Mention something that works for you, be it training or mentorship. These are some of the few chances of telling the interviewer what works for you that you will get.

Sample Answer

I work hard and strive to develop myself, and therefore, all I’ll need is just a little help from you. You can share any training or advancement opportunity with me to aid my professional growth or pair me with a workplace mentor with experience in this field. I’d also love to have a supervisor who loves development to help me advance.

10. What is Your Greatest Weakness?

This is a common question in interviews that you should expect to answer. The hiring manager wants you to talk about your shortcomings, which as a matter of fact, don’t make you less worthy of the position you are interviewing for. Mentioning your weaknesses shows that you are brave and at peace with yourself. Just ensure that you don’t touch on something critical to the job description.

Sample Answer

A weakness that I have struggled with,  though I am finally overcoming, is my occasional impatience. I usually keep time and therefore expect everyone around me to do so. I am particularly wary of deadlines and have crossed paths with most of my workmates who didn’t value them in the recent past. However, I am learning to be patient with people by working on my empathy.

11. Do You Know Our Company’s Values?

The interviewer expects you to conduct extensive research on the company and obtain all the necessary information. These include its values, mission, vision, and guiding principles. Therefore, do your homework well in anticipation of such questions.  You don’t have to be detailed; ensure that you capture the correct values.

Sample Answer

I have gone through your website and established that all your operations are guided by integrity, compliance, and maintaining solid ethics. It is also worth mentioning that all these values align with your core mission which is to help employees believe in the company values, which enhances performance.

12. Do You Prefer Working Alone or in a Team?

The interviewer wants to know about your personality and how well you can work independently and with others. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answer to this question. However, always strive to find out what the company prefers. Convince the interviewer that you can blend both.

Sample Answer

Even though I can do both, I prefer working in team settings since collaboration enhances productivity and allows for the free flow of ideas. It also helps people bond and explore their creativity. I don’t also mind working alone when the situation requires it, as I believe that I am self-sufficient.

13. Do You Have any Long-Term Goals?

The interviewer wants to know some of your future plans and whether they align with the organization. If possible,  your long-term goals should show that you are willing to stay in the organization. Remember employers want loyalty among their employees, which is essential if they conquer their market share against competitors.

Sample Answer

I live in the present and, therefore, haven’t given it much of a thought. However, every goal I have ever had always aims at advancing myself and my workplace. Therefore, if I were to think about any long-term goals at the moment, it would be to gain more experience, help this company grow and maybe give management a try.

14. Give an example of a Time When You Showed Integrity in Your Professional Life

Companies and entities want employees who can be trusted given their scope of possessions and finances. You should therefore expect the interviewer to assess your integrity, which will tell whether you deserve the job or not. Show the interviewer that you will do a good job and stick to the provided policies if given a chance.

Sample Answer

I pride myself on the fact that I am a person of high integrity. I respect the policies and rules in my workplace. I once turned down a proposal by a senior manager to rob off the company. I was the chief financial officer and therefore had access to the company’s money. He hatched a plan to take some money off the company and tried to convince me, but I turned him down.

15. What is Your Leadership Style?

This is an essential question in management interviews. Therefore, when interviewing for a management position with Deloitte, take some time and think about the correct answer. Find out what the company prefers and mention a leadership style that aligns with the principles and beliefs of the company. Convince the interviewer that you are a good leader.

Sample Answer

I believe in leaders that appreciate open communication and feedback. My leadership style gives people room to express themselves and take part in management. I also love working as a team and delegating tasks as it makes projects more manageable. I always inspire my subordinates to give their all instead of micromanaging them.

16. What is Your Ideal Workplace?

The interviewer wants to know what you consider your best workplace. Have you ever researched about an entity and felt that you’d love working there? Mention the qualities and characteristics of a place you would love to work in. You can also find out more about Deloitte and describe it to the interviewer.

Sample Answer

I love workplaces that allow employees to be themselves. Entities that maintain open lines of communication are my favorite since they appreciate feedback and respect the voice of their employees. However, I prefer working on an establishment that is strict on deadlines, delivery, and work standards as they prevent one from slipping into the comfort zone, which comes with its repercussions.

17. What is Your Greatest Strength?

The interviewer wants to know if you can match your skills or qualities to the job description. Therefore, ensure that whatever strength you mention convinces the interviewer that you will be valuable to your team. Reread the job description, understand what is required and link it to your greatest strength. This is a chance to sell yourself. Therefore, make good use of it.

Sample Answer

My greatest strength is my passion and interest in learning new things. I am always on the lookout for further information and ways of advancing myself. I have taken lots of related courses in the past, which have taught me many things about this job. I am also part of different groups focused on furnishing people with new information regarding accounting and consultation.

18. What Do You Think Will Be the Impact of AI and Automation on Our Operations?

Questions like these don’t have right or wrong answers. The interviewer wants to know if you are aware of a critical trend that will likely impact your field of interest. Are you aware of the changes happening in this field? Are you concerned about AI and Automation? Convince the interviewer that you are willing to embrace these changes.

Sample Answer

I believe that AI and Automation are interesting advancements since they are capable of streamlining operations. They will come in handy for repetitive tasks such as replicating data between two systems,giving people more time to focus on tasks that will boost engagement. Automation will also reduce error rates and enhance productivity.

19. What is the Biggest Challenge that You Faced in Your Last Job, and How Did You Overcome It?

The interviewer is assessing your problem-solving skills and how good you are in this field. You need to show them that you are informed about the common challenges and have a plan to deal with them if the same occurs.

Sample Answer

I can’t point out a specific challenge since I worked in a good environment. However, just like every accountant, the biggest challenge that I faced was changing laws and regulations. These included income tax code updates, sales tax rates, compliance and reporting rule changes. I subscribed to industry publications and also monitored upcoming legislations, to mention a few.

20. What is Your Greatest Achievement?

The interviewer wants you to share with them any great highlight of your career or personal life. Think about the incidences that made you proud or left you feeling like an achiever to answer this question well.

Sample Answer

My most outstanding achievement was financing my Master’s in Business Administration degree while working two jobs a day. I needed to make extra money since I didn’t get any scholarships. I succeeded.


These 20 recommendations sum up some of the common questions asked in Deloitte interviews. Ensure that you prepare well.