Promising Professions That You Can Quickly Learn On The Courses

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Professions That You Can Quickly Learn On The Courses

Higher education – a useful and necessary thing, but sometimes it happens that there is simply no time to get it, because studying in high school – a waste of time, nerves, and so on. Fortunately the 21 century makes it possible to find a promising job without having to obtain higher education. To do this you need to enroll and take special educational courses, which are quite realistic to finish in six months, and sometimes even less. Do you think that such a pleasure is expensive? A year in high school is much more expensive, and some courses are even free. The main thing is the desire.

Why do they choose courses?

A study found that since 2015, the number of people taking courses has increased significantly. And hence the quite logical question: what are the advantages of courses over higher education? We’ve found three important advantages that people take courses for:

  • Courses rarely last longer than that, when a college degree requires a four-year minimum. And while spending 4 years to study doesn’t seem like such a bad idea at 18, spending 4 years to study at 30-40 is an unaffordable luxury. Besides, during your studies at the university you may realize that you are not interested in the subject and it is not rational to continue studying for a few more years thinking about who will write my essay, while the courses do not oblige you to do anything.
  • Courses allow you to drastically change your field of work, choosing something more relevant and interesting to you personally. This is especially important in times of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills is always needed.

Professions you can learn in courses

It’s naive to believe that any profession or specialty can be learned through courses. But the reality is that modern and promising professions are possible to learn online. We will talk about the most interesting variants, which will help you to become a highly paid specialist without spending a lot of time on training.


The programmer profession has really taken off lately. Everyone and everywhere needs programmers. The only difference is what level of programming is needed in one place or another. If you don’t particularly understand this, then you’ll be great to start with as a front- or backend developer.

  • Front-enders design websites. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will help you with that.
  • Backenders design the invisible part of the site, where things function beyond the user’s eyes. In addition to HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you also need MySQL and PHP.

Many people are scared of such a scary combination of letters, but many courses are committed to training from scratch, literally in 6-8 months. For example: GeekBrains or Netology.

Specialist in the IT-sphere

In fact, there are more than enough professions in the IT-sphere, you can find almost everything to your liking. As already mentioned above: the main thing is the desire. And various online schools will help you to become a true professional in such areas:

  • Mobile game and app developer.
  • SEO-specialist.
  • Tester.

SMM Specialist

SMM specialists are experts in maintaining the social media of companies, firms or even individuals. They have to promote products and services in social networks, create unique and interesting posts, shoot posts and engage in targeting advertising.

SEO Copywriter

Ordinary copywriters are gradually becoming a thing of the past, making way for experts in writing SEO texts. SEO-copywriters don’t just write beautiful enticing text, but they do it in such a way that it quotes perfectly in the Google search engine, and the text must be readable. Believe us, it’s not that easy.

Business Analyst

Business analyst is a profession whose necessity seems questionable exactly until you encounter its necessity personally. In fact, business analysts are the link between the customer and the executor. Business analysts research, calculate, plan, develop and structure business processes.

UX Designer

A UX designer is involved in creating or improving the visual appearance of a website, app or device. The responsibility of such a specialist is to create an intuitive interface that the user will be happy to use without any guides and manuals, as the buttons and transitions within the site will look like.

Scrum Master

Scrum methodology is a very popular approach for running businesses and projects.  If you do not go too deep, then Scrum master – a person who is engaged in supervising the team, the distribution of responsibilities and control over their implementation.