Top 25 Family Dollar Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Family Dollar Interview Questions and Answers

Family Dollar is one of the subsidiaries of Dollar Tree, a successful Fortune 500 company that manages over 13000 stores in the US and Canada. This variety store chain has over 8,000 locations in the United States alone, which should tell you just how successful it is.

If you are looking for a retail job, Family Dollar would be a good option. You will get a chance to work for an entity affiliated with a Fortune 500 company, which will help you decorate your resume and allow you to advance your retail career. Here are some of the questions you should expect in your interview if your application is accepted:

1. Why are You Interested in Working with Us?

I am currently looking for new challenges and a chance to advance my career, better obtained from a Fortune 500 company or any of their subsidiaries. I am willing to work hard and give my all to succeed in this job if given an opportunity. I also love and resonate with your company’s values and general culture.

2. What Do You Know About Us?

You are a variety store chain located in 8000 locations in the United States. Before your acquisition by Dollar Tree in 2015, you were the second-largest variety store chain in the United States. Upon acquisition, your headquarters changed from Matthews to Chesapeake in Virginia. This chain of variety stores was founded in 1959 by Leon Levine, who was only 21 years old.

3. Why Do You Believe that You are the Most Suited Candidate for this Position?

I have extensive retail experience, which I believe will come in handy in this institution. I have worked in several Fortune 500 companies and different positions and know a lot about the retail environment. I have also worked with Family Dollar, one of the brands under your mother company, Dollar Tree, and therefore understand what is expected of me. Lastly, I have various skills that fit your job’s description, which assures me success if I get this job.

4. Can You Work for a Long Number of Hours?

Yes. I can work for longer durations due to my experience in this field and general fitness. I worked for over 12 hours as a shift supervisor for a manufacturing company not long ago, which helped me build my resilience. I also love being productive and spending my days engaged. I am also physically fit, which comes in handy for heavy workloads and longer working durations.

5. Mention Your Former Experience

I have worked in different retail stores as a customer service assistant and salesperson, which will play a great role here. I have gathered extensive customer care skills throughout my career and therefore know how to respond to different situations and handle all types of customers. Your job description also requires cash handling experience, which I have. I worked as a cashier in my former workplace, a job that earned me the best employee of the month several times. I have also been crowned the best employee of the year five times in my career, owing to my diligence, hard work, and ability to work well in team settings.

6. Do You Consider Yourself a Team Worker?

Yes. I am a team worker, owing to my successful team experience in this field. I know how to get along well with team members and motivate them to work hard and exceed the set expectations. I can also blend in well in team settings and collaborate on several projects; thanks to my teamwork ability, I have been unanimously elected as a team leader several times. I believe that my teamwork experience will help me succeed in this role.

7. How Will You Make Our Customers Happy?

I am committed to ensuring that customers are delighted. I normally offer tangible and intangible services to make them happy. I will warmly offer help and, instead of pointing towards a general direction whenever they need help in locating a product, walk them to the right location. I will also listen to their feedback and make all the necessary adjustments. Lastly, I am prepared to go above and beyond for all of your customers, provided that they walk out of the store smiling. I am positive that I will attain their delight if allowed to work here.

8. Do You Have all the Required Customer Handling Skills?

Yes. I attribute my success in this field to my customer handling skills. I am a good listener, encouraging customers to share their issues with me. I am also a calm person and, therefore, very approachable if a customer needs help. I am always available and ready to offer assistance when needed, which many customers love. Lastly, I always strive to resolve customer issues within my policy limitations. I have had a good experience dealing with customers in all the entities I have worked in.

9. How Do You Stay Motivated in this Field?

The retail environment comes with many challenges that can be demotivating. However, I cherish every customer interaction, motivating me to give my all. I also believe in service, and therefore helping the customer around the store and planting a smile on their faces gives me a reason to report to work every day. Lastly, I live meeting and exceeding targets as tI view it as a way of challenging myself. I enjoy my work, which is all the motivation I need.

10. What is the Main Challenge that You Foresee in this Role?

I haven’t worked in a fast-paced environment for some time now. I formerly worked at the post office, which mostly got busy during holidays. I may therefore take some time to adjust to a new fast-paced environment. However, I can quickly adapt to change, meaning it won’t be an inhibiting factor. I also work hard, an attribute that will come in handy as I adjust to the new changes in my work environment.

11. What is Your Greatest Strength, and How Will it Help You Succeed in this Field?

I am an excellent communicator, both verbally and in writing. I know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it -an attribute that comes in handy in such an environment. My excellent communications skills will help me interact well with customers and help them make good purchase decisions. They will also come in handy when interacting with my team and reporting to the management. I also compliment these skills with my interpersonal and people skills, which are highly needed for customer interactions.

12. How Would You Deal with a Disappointed Customer?

I have handled several disappointed customers in my career, and therefore, I understand just what to do when I encounter one. I would find out the issue and listen empathetically as they explain before apologizing without blaming anyone and working on the most excellent solution. I am always careful not to make promises I can’t fulfill as the customer would be disappointed even more. I am also ready to bring in the manager or supervisor, provided that the customer gets the help they need. I am glad that most of such experiences turn out successful.

13. Can You Work in a Fast-Paced Environment?

Yes. I have worked in three fast-paced environments before. I am good at multitasking, which helps me respond to several situations simultaneously. I also know how to work well under pressure owing to my former experiences, and I can help others do the same. Additionally, I am pretty fast, a quality needed in such a fast-paced environment. However, I also ensure that I do not make mistakes when multitasking. I can perform an array of activities and respond to different situations without compromising the quality of my work.

14. How Do You Plan to Advance in Your Career in the Next Five Years?

I appreciate changes and advancements, which explains why I would love to work for this establishment. To advance in my career, I intend to gather as much experience and knowledge as possible in the next five years, working independently and in team settings. I am also getting a mentor to hold my hand every step of the way. Even though I have not given it much thought, I may seek the services of a reputable career coach. All in all, I will ensure that I am in a better place career-wise in the next five years.

15. What is Your Favorite Retail Environment?

I love working in places where employees are on good terms with one another and collaborate well. I enjoy working as part of a team, which I am happy that this company values. I also love working under supportive and friendly management. Such managers tend to be free and more involved in employee welfare. I have learned more about your work culture and policy, and from what I have discovered, I will fit in well in this entity, given that almost all the boxes are ticked.

16.  Why Did You Leave Your Former Job?

I love change and advancement in my life. I am grateful for my experience working in my former company, as they greatly shaped my career. However, I felt that I needed to focus on new career challenges to advance my career, which this job offers. I would also like to network more and get out of my comfort zone. I am still on good terms with my former employers and colleagues.

17. How Do You Intend to Deal with Workplace Conflicts?

Working in several team settings has taught me how to handle workplace conflicts well, even though I normally strive to avoid them. I respect boundaries and abide by all the laid down policies and procedures to avoid workplace conflict. However, I ensure that they are handled as swiftly as possible if they occur. I also act as a mediator in most situations, helping the conflicting parties to work on their differences. I am happy that a conflict has never blown out of proportion and negatively affected my team’s productivity.

18. How Do You Intend to Motivate Other Employees?

The best way to motivate others to be at their best is by leading by example. I intend to inspire them by being at the forefront of different project execution instead of expecting them to handle everything while behind the shadows. As a manager, I will also listen and create a free environment where they can share their ideas and freely air their opinions. Lastly, I will make sure that they have all the tools and resources needed to execute their duties. All in all, I will strive hard to keep employees motivated since a motivated lot is always productive.

19. Would You Allow a customer to See the Manager if they Demanded?

Most customers who demand to see the manager are always angry. However, I believe in deescalating situations. I would try to calm the customer and find out the issue. If they agree to talk to me, I will give them time to vent out while listening attentively. I will then apologize for the issue and work on resolving it without making any false promises. However, if I cannot calm them, I will give in to their demands and let them see the manager.

20. Have You Ever Gone Above and Beyond for a Customer?

Yes. I believe that part of good customer service is doing everything possible within your policy limits to ensure that the customer is happy. I, therefore, always go above and beyond for customers when necessary. At one point, a customer couldn’t decide on the right ointment to pick, and therefore, I called my spouse, a cosmetologist, to help her pick. She was delighted and came back a week later bearing great results. I was happy that she received all the help she needed.

21. How Do You Plan to Impact the Team Positively?

I normally strive to positively impact those around me, an attribute that has helped me thrive in different team settings. I intend to share everything I have learned in this field to help them succeed in their roles. I will also work closely with them on different projects, looking out for everyone and ensuring they are in their best state. Additionally, I will offer any relevant guidance when going about work, which most people appreciate. Given that this is a management position, I don’t also mind mentoring a few employees here and there.

22. What’s Your Availability?

I have not finished school and can only work in the evening. I have classes up to 2 pm every day, after which I am free for any engagement. I would therefore ask to be included in afternoon or evening shifts when preparing the roster if I succeed in getting this job. However, I am free over the weekend and can work any shift, be it morning, afternoon or evening. I am also reliable, and therefore you can expect me to come to work unless I am sick or attend to an emergency.

23. Our Stores are Spread Evenly Across the States. Are You Willing to Move?

I cannot move due to school and different family commitments, even though I would love to. I wouldn’t mind moving during the summer holidays as they are normally longer and I have relatives in almost every state. I hope that this factor will influence the final interview results. However, if they do, I will be more than willing to work with you once I am through with school and done with the family commitments I have now.

24.Your Job Involved Standing for a Longer Duration. Can You?

Yes. I am physically fit and can therefore stand for an extended duration. I work out regularly and jog during the evening, making me a good option for any physically demanding work. I can also stoop, jump and squat easily when helping customers get products from shelves. I also ensure that I have the right types of shoes, which come in handy for extended standing durations. I am positive that I will succeed in such a physically demanding job.

25. What Other Skills Do You Have Apart from the Ones Included in the Job Description?

I have extensive cash handling skills gained from my years of experience. I was a cashier at the school cafeteria during my college days, which taught me many things about handling cash and using different software for cash-related entries. I can therefore fill in for your cashiers and even interchange roles where necessary. I am also excellent at conflict management, which will come in handy in this establishment. I am looking forward to showcasing all these skills if you allow me to work here.


We have equipped you with some questions that should help you ace a Family Tree Interview. Ensure that you also focus on other aspects of your interview, such as your grooming and fast impression, as they also count. All the best in your interview!