Top 30 F2 Visa Interview Questions And Answers in 2024

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The F-2 dependent visa is a nonimmigrant visa that allows F-1 student visa holders’ spouses and children to enter the United States. Those with an F-1 Visa are permitted to pursue various levels of education in the United States, from elementary school through graduate school. They are also allowed to work in some circumstances but primarily come to the United States to study. Suppose they have dependents, such as spouses or unmarried children under 21. In that case, they may apply for an F2 dependent visa to bring them to the United States. During the application procedure, the dependents should expect some interview questions. This article lists the top 30 F2 visa interview questions and provides sample answers to help you prepare.

8 Tips to Prepare for a F2 Visa Interview

The F2 visa is a nonimmigrant visa that allows dependents (spouses and unmarried children under 21 years of age) of F1 visa holders, who are students, to accompany them to the United States. Here are eight items that a F2 visa applicant should prepare for their visa interview:

F2 Visa Interview Preparation

F2 Visa Interview Preparation

Focus Area Details Tips
Proof of Relationship Provide documents such as marriage certificates or birth certificates (for children) to establish the relationship with the F1 visa holder. Ensure that the documents are clear, accurate, and up-to-date. If the documents are not in English, provide certified translations.
Form DS-160 Confirmation Page Complete the DS-160 form online and bring the confirmation page to the interview. Double-check all information for accuracy before submitting the form. Print the confirmation page with the barcode.
Valid Passport Ensure that the passport is valid for at least six months beyond the intended period of stay in the U.S. Make a copy of the passport and keep it with you. Present the original during the interview.
F1 Visa Holder’s Documents Bring the F1 visa holder’s I-20 form, valid visa, and proof of enrollment in a U.S. educational institution. Highlight the F1 visa holder’s commitment to their studies and the validity of their status.
Financial Proof Provide evidence of financial support, such as bank statements, scholarship letters, or an Affidavit of Support (Form I-134). Clearly demonstrate that there are sufficient funds to cover living expenses and tuition without the need for employment.
Home Ties Show ties to the home country, such as employment letters, property ownership, or other commitments. Convince the consular officer that you have strong reasons to return to your home country after the authorized stay in the U.S.
Health and Travel Insurance Purchase health and travel insurance that covers the F2 visa holder’s stay in the U.S. Provide documentation of the insurance policy with coverage details.
Communication Skills Be prepared to answer questions about your relationship, your spouse’s study plans, and your intentions in the U.S. Practice answering common interview questions to communicate confidently and clearly. Be honest and concise in your responses.

Remember, each visa application is unique, and additional documentation may be required based on individual circumstances. It’s advisable to check the specific requirements of the U.S. embassy or consulate where the interview will take place.

Top 30 F2 Visa Interview Questions And Answers

Here are the top 30 F2 Visa interview questions, along with a sample answer for each question.

1. Are Any Members Of Your Family Or Friends Reside In The United States?

Sample Answer

My husband is enrolled at a California university in the United States. He received a scholarship to go to law school in California. One year has passed since he left us at home. We want to go to the United States to live as a family. Some of my former university classmates now reside and work in the United States. They will help me settle into the country before I become used to it. It will be easier for me to adapt to the American way of life since my husband and friends are already here. It will be a wonderful occasion for us to reunite as a family.

2. Why Do You Wish To Relocate To The United States And Leave Your Country Of Origin?

Sample Answer

I intend to leave the nation to join my spouse in California, where he is studying for a graduate degree at the university. Living in various countries is tearing us apart, so we wish to reconnect as a family and reside together. We have attempted to maintain contact via WhatsApp, but more is needed. We want to be a family unit and assist one another. Since their father left them behind, the youngsters are quite disturbed. I would also like to advance my career in information technology in the United States, where there are numerous excellent employment chances. After my boyfriend completes his education, we will return to our homeland and launch a new enterprise.

3. For How Many Years Have You Been Married To Your Current Partner?

Sample Answer

I’ve been married since the year 2019. I want to state that we adore and are compatible with one another. We are fortunate to have two gorgeous children. Before my spouse received a scholarship to study in the United States, we lived as a family. My partner moved to the United States, and we have been chatting via Skype. We desire a family reunion since we miss each other. Additionally, we want to assist one another, which is only possible if we live together. I hope you will grant my F2 visa application so our family can reunite.

4. Please Describe Yourself So We Can Know More About You.

Sample Answer

I was born in a little community in Kenya in 1990, and my name is Mercy. I was the first of two boys and five girls in my family. My siblings and I were raised and educated in Kenya.

I received my postgraduate degree in Network engineering from the University of Nairobi, where I was also trained.

Since 2005, I have worked as a network engineer for a startup company in Nairobi. My favorite activities are swimming, traveling, reading, coding, and engaging with new people. Politics and other controversial themes, such as human rights, also pique my interest.

5. Have You Ever Taken A Trip To The United States Of America Previously?

Sample Answer

I have traveled to the United States multiple times, primarily for business purposes. When I first arrived in the state, I was ecstatic to be in this magnificent nation. I had studied extensively about the nation’s founders and its history. I have never been able to live and work in the United States of America. But I’m asking for this visa to move in with my spouse and establish a family. Please permit me to reside with my partner in the United States while he completes his studies.

6. Who Will Provide You And Your Partner With Financial Support While Residing In The United States?

Sample Answer

I plan to make a living as a freelance software engineer to support myself financially. I plan to keep working as a freelancer to provide for my fundamental needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter. In addition, my business partner has a sponsor who takes care of all his educational costs, including his fees and tuition. While we are here in the United States, one of our primary goals is to stick to our budget and only spend what we have available.

7. Who Will You Be Traveling With To The Us?

Sample Answer

We are going to travel to the United States of America together as a family. My extended family plans to stay put and keep in touch; we plan to use video calling. I wish that all of us could go together, but I know this is not always possible. I know I will miss my brother and sisters, but I’m hoping they’ll understand, and I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with them over skype. I pray that our trip will go well and that we will settle quickly in California.

8. How Do We Know That You Will Return To Your Own Country When Your Visa Expires?

Sample Answer

We will return to our nation once my spouse completes his studies. We can assure you that we will return to our home nation once our visa expires. Our extended family has returned to our own country, and we cannot abandon them there. My extended family also depends on me; therefore, it would be unjust for me to leave and never return. We also have home-based enterprises, such as real estate, that provide income to support our family. We can thus assure you that we will return to the land we adore with our hearts.

9. What Do You And Your Partner Disagree About Most Often?

Sample Answer

In any marriage, disagreements are common, and ours is no exception. We disagree periodically, but we do not quarrel or fight. The majority of the time, we oppose civilly and refrain from using insulting language. The majority of our most contentious issues involve politics, gender equality, education, and finances. Despite our struggles, we adore one another. Like any other relationship, we confront problems, but we do so together. Due to our mutual support, my three years of marriage have been the best of my life.

10. Which Country Do You Call Home As A Citizen?

Sample Answer

I am a citizen of Kenya, having been born and reared there. My entire family calls it home, and we are proud to do so. My country allows its citizens to go overseas, and its constitution provides dual citizenship. I possess all the required identification documents to establish my citizenship. My travel documents are also with me, should you choose to verify them. I am relocating to the United States to live with my spouse, with whom I have been married for five years.

Please evaluate my application for an F2 visa.

11. Do You And Your Partner Have Any Children Together?

Sample Answer

I have two children, a boy aged four and a girl aged two. Being a parent is a tremendous blessing, and I’ve always cherished my responsibilities. I agree that we have a small family, but my spouse and I have effectively raised kids. We want to travel together, as we cannot leave them behind due to their youth. Our relocation together will allow us to meet our parental responsibilities.

12. When And In What Country Was Your Passport Issued?

Sample Answer

My passport was issued in Kenya, where I also made my reservation for the nonstop flight to Minnesota. Since I am a Kenyan citizen and possess the required papers to obtain a passport, you may rest confident that it is a valid travel document. All my travel documentation is in order if you want to verify it. I demonstrated that I met all the requirements, including having a valid identification card and a marriage certificate.

13. Where Do You Intend To Live After You Arrive In The United States?

Sample Answer

I intend to reside with my partner, who lives in Minnesota, for the duration of my time in the United States before returning home. I also wish to obtain a career that will allow me to support my partner and myself. I also enjoy extracurricular activities to maintain my health and fitness. Nonetheless, I aspire to pursue a higher education degree and advance my job in information technology. My time in the United States will be calm, and I will be able to help my partner finish his study without interruption.

14. Which Foreign Countries Have You Visited In The Last Five Years?

Sample Answer

I adore traveling and interacting with people from other cultures around the world. I have been to several nations for business and pleasure in the past five years. I’ve traveled to Canada, which I visited during the summer, to take advantage of the beautiful climate. I also traveled to Great Britain to study the great philosophers and tour the key landmarks. I have also visited China, where I obtained professional software engineering training.

15. Have You Ever Avoided Filing Your Government Tax Return?

Sample Answer

I have always filed my income tax return and my business tax return. Good citizens are those that submit and pay their tax returns on time. The government collects taxes from its citizens to provide them free education and healthcare. Punctual tax payments help the government to provide these services on time. Failure to file a tax return incurs penalties and impedes government service provision. I will therefore continue to act responsibly and encourage my fellow citizens to file their tax returns.

16. In Your Opinion, What Is The United States Of America Like?

Sample Answer

It is famous for its royal history and its rich culture. It is the homeland of renowned figures such as Barack Obama. Due to its rich culture and stunning coasts, it is thus a popular tourist destination. I have studied the culture of the American people extensively, and I would like to live there and interact with them. Foreigners have access to various professional opportunities and the chance to learn from the country’s diversified experience.

17. Have You Ever Engaged In The Abusive Use Of Drugs?

Sample Answer

I have never used illegal drugs, not even in college. I will not contest that peer pressure was tremendous, and sometimes I would be tempted. Most pals were drug abusers, and they almost succeeded in recruiting me, but I escaped them. I spent much of my time studying or swimming at the library. Participation in curriculum-based activities provided me with an outlet to prevent substance abuse. Since attending college, I’ve been able to avoid drugs.

18. Do You Speak English Perfectly, And If Not, What Other Languages Are You Fluent When Speaking?

Sample Answer

In contrast to most of my fellow citizens, I am proficient in understanding and speaking the English language.

I am also fluent in Spanish, but my English skills far surpass those of the language. As a result, I anticipate having no trouble striking up conversations and making small talk with anyone I meet in this country. I also aim to sign up for English classes to learn how to correctly articulate the most difficult words, which may be challenging.

19. Have You Committed A Crime In Any Country?

Sample Answer

I have never committed a crime in any country; thus, my record is clean. I would never engage in unlawful actions due to the terrible repercussions, such as jail time and harm to my family. My friends and family are law-abiding individuals who live in harmony with others. If I notice someone engaging in unlawful conduct, such as theft, I will not hesitate to notify the appropriate authorities.

20. How Would You Define Your Character?

Sample Answer

I am an outgoing, diligent, and devoted individual. Always devoted to my IT profession, I have learned to be performance-oriented to produce outstanding results. My former coworker frequently praised my diligence; thus, he promoted me to technical lead. In addition to these qualities, I possess good communication and leadership capabilities. I would describe myself as conversational. Because of these characteristics, I’ve created professional relationships with my staff that have proven fruitful.

21. What Are Your Thoughts On Your Physical Appearance?

Sample Answer

I am intelligent, attractive, and pleasant. Every time I look in the mirror, I see a youthful, optimistic person. I resemble the people from my hometown since I am of average height, muscular, and have flat cheeks. I always maintain excellent grooming by keeping my hair neat. For hygiene, I always wear clean clothes and keep my nails short.

22. What Obstacles Do You Anticipate When Relocating Your Family To The United States?

Sample Answer

Finding a house to rent in California will be difficult. According to my research, there is a housing shortage in California due to the enormous influx of new residents. Sadly, the large number of immigrants has created a housing shortage. Another difficulty I anticipate is the likelihood of negative cultural influence, particularly on my two young children. I wish to remember my people’s culture in the United States. Despite these challenges, I am ready to move my family to the United States.

23. Have You Made Travel And Lodging Plans In State In The United States, Where You Will Be Relocating?

Sample Answer

I have already made travel and housing arrangements for my family’s transfer to the United States. My spouse has already determined with his sponsors when he will enroll at the University of California. As a result, we have booked direct flights to California as part of the trip arrangements. A former university friend will meet me at the airport. We shall stay with them and locate our apartment.

24. What Do You Think The Estimated Cost Of Living In The United States Is, And How Are You Planning To Ensure You Can Afford It?

Sample Answer

On average, the cost of living in the United States is relatively high. My partner’s scholarship covers most of these costs, such as rent and food. In addition to having well-paying work, he will be able to handle the family’s expenses. I also plan to hunt for a job that will allow me to pay a portion of the family’s expenses. In addition, I would like to enroll in programs to enhance my abilities and acquire better employment.

25. Do You Suffer From Any Infectious Diseases That Could Possibly Pose A Threat To The Health Of The General Public?

Sample Answer

There are no infectious diseases about which I should be concerned. I am immunized and have the required paperwork to prove it. Due to my healthy diet and regular exercise, I am in good health. My health has always been my number one priority, and anytime I suffer a health problem, I always make an appointment with a doctor. I am also willing to undertake any requested medical procedure.

26. What Are Your Plans After Your Spouse Completes Their Studies? 

Sample Answer

After my spouse completes their studies, I plan to support them in their job search and help them find a job that aligns with their career goals. I also plan to continue my own education and pursue my own career goals.

27. How Do You Plan To Support Your Spouse During Their Studies?

Sample Answer

 I plan to support my spouse by helping them with their coursework, providing emotional support, and taking care of household responsibilities. I also plan to help them network with other students and professionals in their field.

28. What Are Your Career Goals In The United States?

Sample Answer

 My career goals in the United States are to gain valuable work experience in my field, develop new skills, and build a professional network. I also hope to contribute to my community and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

29. What Are Your Hobbies And Interests? 

Sample Answer

My hobbies and interests include reading, hiking, cooking, and spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy volunteering and giving back to my community.

30. What Are Your Plans For Your Children’s Education? 

Sample Answer

My plans for my children’s education are to provide them with a high-quality education that prepares them for success in life. I plan to be involved in their education and help them develop a love of learning. I also plan to encourage them to pursue their passions and interests.


The F2 visa is directly tied to the requirements of the F1 visa. There is no limit; dependents must meet the standards and follow the application procedures to obtain a visa. These are among the most common questions asked during F2 interviews. As you can see, the questions are simple. Take the time to review and practice answering these questions so that you can successfully finish the interview and obtain an F2 visa.