Top 20 Chick-Fil-A Interview Questions & Answers 2024

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Chick-Fil-A Interview Questions & Answers

Being one of the largest American fast-food restaurants that provide Original Chicken Sandwich, Chick-Fil-A is very competitive when it comes to hiring a new employee. However, the following 20 Chick-Fil-A Interview Questions & Answers will help you prepare for the interview and increase your chances of getting your dream job.

1. Tell Us Your Experience In Fast Food Service

The interviewer wants to get insights into your experience in the fast-food business. To answer this question, mention what you have gained over the period you have worked.

Sample Answer

“Soon after completing my diploma, I got a job at a local fast-food restaurant. As a fast-food worker, I quickly got acquainted with getting takeaways orders at the counter, notifying kitchen staff about the orders, and delivering ready food to clients. To date, I perform my duties effectively and ensure every guest is satisfied. Over time, I have gained excellent food handling and general math skills. I’m also skilled in exercising quick thinking. I believe that my experience will help me to perform this role as required.”

2. How Do You Entertain Clients At The Counter?

This question is aimed at testing your ability to keep the clients entertained as they wait for their ordered food. Mention ways through which you entertain customers.

Sample Answer

“I greet every client warmly whenever they get to the counter. I use respectful titles such as sir, ma’am, madam, etc. I also ensure to listen carefully and understand all that my customers have to say. I have a good knowledge of the menu to help customers know the best combinations they can order based on their taste and preferences. In addition, I wear decently and always put a smile on my face when talking to customers.”

3. In Your Opinion, What Do Does It Take To Be Successful In This Position?

This question allows the employer to know whether you are aware of the qualities you should have to be successful in your roles at Chick-Fil-A. In your answer, provide insights about the traits and strengths you will bring to the table.

Sample Answers

“In my opinion, I think communication, perseverance, and teamwork are great traits in far as this job is concerned. Every employee must be able to rely on each other thus making teamwork important. With solid communication skills, customer experience and team dynamics are strengthened making it essential. Additionally, with perseverance, an employee will hold on regardless of obstacles. Also, if one has to be successful working at chick-fil-A, he or she must  be a responsible, hardworking, team player, and trustworthy.”

4. What Can You Tell Me About Chick-Fil-A?

Here, the employer wants to find out what you know about the restaurant. Having researched about the restaurant before will help you describe what you know about chick-fil-A.

Sample Answer

 “Chick-Fil-A is one of the largest quick-service chicken restaurant chains by sales and it specializes in chicken sandwiches. This company operates in more than 2600 restaurants. All the restaurants close on Sundays.”

5. How Would You Describe Your Ability To Work As A Team Member?

Having in mind that a lot of work in a restaurant requires teamwork, the interviewer asks this to test your interpersonal skills. In your response, demonstrate your ability to work in a team.

Sample Answer

“In high school, I have been a member of tennis team as well as a band program. Here, I got experience working in a team. Thus, I understand what it means to be a part of something larger than yourself and how to work with a group to accomplish a shared goal.”

6.  What  Do You Understand By The Term” Going The Extra Mile”?

Having in mind that Chick-fil-A- A is known for exceeding customer expectations, the employer will ask you this question to understand your preparedness in exceeding expectations. The best strategy for answering this question is to showcase your desire to exceed expectations.

Sample Answer

“In my opinion, I think going the extra mile means doing something extra that the customer is not expecting. In other words, it involves doing something special and making sure that the experience stands out as memorable and meaningful. If I am hired for this role, exceeding expectations will always be my goal while serving my customers and my employer. I will ensure to deliver amazing experiences and results as a way of ensuring that everyone is thrilled along the way.”

7. Chick-Fil-A Is Community-Focused. Can You Explain How You Are Involved With Charitable Or Community Organizations?

Here, the hiring manager is seeking to find out whether you have a charitable mindset. In your answer, explain how you match with their culture of giving.

Sample Answer

“I have been volunteering in an after-school tutoring program at a local middle school near my home. This program offers kids a safe place to go when school lets out as well as ensures that they have serious academic support. This increases the odds that they will thrive and become ready for high school. Additionally, I also volunteer to coach for a city youth sports league during the summer holiday.  Besides creating an emphasis on fitness and fun, it offers kids amazing activities and a place to keep themselves busy. At the end of the day, this makes our community a brighter place .”

8. Sometimes, Parts Of The Job Can Be A Little Repetitive. How Do You Stay Motivated When During Monotonous Tasks?

The employer asks this question to assess whether you have an affinity for this type of job or not. Demonstrate that you enjoy repetitive tasks and that you can maintain efficiency.

Sample Answer

“Besides being a self-motivated person, my passion to satisfy my customers drives me to work well in this role. In addition, I have a responsible and conscientious working attitude. Additionally, I am passionate about this role even though it is repetitive in nature. I work efficiently when I follow a particular routine. I am able to focus on every task at hand. In case I find myself losing focus, I normally change the order in which I am putting the data or even taking periodic breaks.”

9. During Peak Meal Times, This Location Can Get Incredibly Busy. Do You Do Well In A Fast-Paced, High-Pressure Environment?

The interviewer will ask you this question to find out whether you can handle high-stress situations. In your response, demonstrate your stress management techniques including the strategies you use to cope with pressure.

Sample Answer

“ Yes, I actually thrive while working under pressure. I am more focused and I achieve positive results when working under pressure. My ability to multitask helps to maintain balance while working in stressful situations. I understand that I need to keep a level head to achieve positive results.”

10. This Role May Require You To Work Using A Computer. How Would You Rate Your Computer Skills?

The hiring team asks this question to assess whether you have a reasonable knowledge of various keyboards and software. In your response, showcase your familiarity with a wide range of databases.

Sample Answer

“I’m proficient with Microsoft suite and I can comfortably work with it. Previously, I have worked with software such as type form and jot form. Additionally, I have done an advanced course in Microsoft excel. I am a quick learner should the job requires me to learn using new software. I have a typing speed of 60 words per minute. Regardless of my speed, I produce error-free content to the best of my ability.”

11. If You Were In Charge, What Would You Do To Make Chick-Fil-A A Better Place To Work?

The interviewer asks this question to test your leadership skills. In your answer, demonstrate your creativity, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

Sample Answer

“If I were to be in charge of Chick-Fil-A, I would pay more attention to how people have to work outside for hours on end without a break. I would also space outbreaks so that workers aren’t forced to take their breaks an hour after they get to work. I would also make sure that everyone is in a new position every day and that nobody is favored for a position over someone else.”

12. How Do You Feel About Standing For Long Periods Of Time?

Most of the tasks in restaurants require a candidate to stand for long hours. The employer will ask you this question to assess whether you are aware of the nature of the job that awaits you. In your answer, demonstrate that you don’t have a problem standing for a long time.

Sample Answer

“I do not have any problem standing for long periods of time. I know it is a requirement for this role. I wear well-fitting shoes with low heels, stay hydrated as well as maintain a good posture. This enables me to remain comfortable while performing my duties.”

13. Could You Tell Me About A Time Your Punctuality Or Attendance Impacted Your Work?

The employer is aware that one can miss work from time to time due to different reasons. This question will help the employer to know the steps you can take in case you miss work. The best strategy for responding to this question is to explain the steps you took to reduce the impact of your absence.

Sample Answer

“Previously, I have been working at a popular fast food in my district. However, one day I fell ill and I could not attend my shift. I called several team members requesting them to stand in for me. In a short while, I was able to find a colleague to cover my shift.”

14. Have You Ever Gone Above And Beyond For A Customer?

The hiring manager asks this question to get a grasp of what you refer to as going beyond for a customer. Share about a time you went beyond and above for a customer.

Sample Answer

“Yes, I have gone above and beyond for a customer countless times. For instance, while I was serving as a waiter at a restaurant, a customer ordered a particular dessert but we didn’t have it. Luckily the next-door restaurant had it. I went for that desert next door, brought it to the customer, and he was very happy.”

15. In Your Opinion, Why Is Customer Service So Important?

The interviewer asks this to find out whether you are aware of the importance of having excellent customer service skills. In your answer, provide a few importance of customer service as you connect them to the role at hand.

Sample Answer

“Customer service is important because it enhances customer loyalty including increasing the number of times a customer buys from a restaurant. It can generate positive word of mouth about a restaurant and help grow the amount of cash each customer spends every single visit.”

16. Define What Excellent Customer Service Is Like.

Here the hiring manager wants to understand your definition of excellent customer service. Having worked in a restaurant before, this should be pretty easy.

Sample Answer

“Excellent customer service involves going beyond meeting your customer’s basic needs. Some excellent customer service includes being friendly to customers, ensuring that the restaurant is clean, customers are not waiting long for their orders, ensuring that the food is fresh and prepared according to order, etc.”

17. Describe How You Would Deal With An Irate Customer

Here, the hiring manager is gauging your ability to relate with different types of people. In your answer, demonstrate your interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

Sample Answer.

“Some situations are inevitable while working at a restaurant. For instance, if I encounter an irate customer, I will begin by listening and allowing him or her to vent. This will demonstrate that I care for the customer. Whatever the case might be, I will restrain from blaming the company as well as the customer. After the customer has calmed down, I will try to solve the problem without taking it personally. However, I wouldn’t make promises that I can’t keep at the expense of pleasing our customers.”

18. What Do You Consider As Your Greatest Strength And Weakness?

This is one of the most tricky questions asked in an interview to help your interviewer know more about your characteristics. While answering about your strength, highlight it as you make it more cohesive to connect it with the job role. While answering about the weakness, provide one that doesn’t relate to the job role and indicates that you are working on improving it.

 Sample Answer

“My greatest strength is that I’m self-motivated, a fast learner, and a team player. In addition, I have solid people skills. Whatever task I put myself into, I commit myself to it and I diligently complete it. On the other side, one of my greatest weaknesses is that I trust people quite easily. I also tend to overwork myself. However, I am learning to delegate tasks and soon I will become better and these weaknesses will be a thing of the past. I am working hard to make this happen!”

19.  I Can See That You Have A Diploma. How Has School Prepared You For Working At Our Company?

The hiring manager may ask you this question to determine whether your education aligns with what they are looking for from a candidate. The best way to respond to this question is to share how your education training relates to the role at hand.

Sample Answer

“While at school, I had to meet daily deadlines as well as setting goals for myself including a variety of activities and subjects. This led to accomplishing so much.  I truly believe that the experience I have gained in school will help me to excel at your restaurant. Still at school, I would work with my teachers and peers every day. Therefore,  I understand how to work with teams as well as supervisors.”

20. We Are Having Other Candidates Interested In The Same Position As You. Why Should We Hire You And Not Them?

Here, the employer is digging more to understand the unique traits that you possess. Having read the job posting, you should highlight the skills they are looking for and demonstrate how you can use those skills in the success of the role at hand.

Sample Answer

“ Besides having a diploma in food and beverages, I am a fast learner, flexible, customer-focused, hardworking, and a great professional who can effectively work independently and as a team. I have read the job description and I am aware of the duties that await me here at chick-fil-A. I am very confident that I will bring positivity to the team as well as a level of service that your customers will be impressed with. Should you hire me in this Chick-fil-A job role, I will make sure I carry out my duties responsibly and to a high standard. I will work hard to ensure that we retain all our customers.”


Having reviewed these questions and answers, you have insights that will make you shine during your Chick- fill- A interview. Chick-Fil-A has set high standards and it will be wise to wear a smart and presentable outfit during the interview.