Top 20 Car Salesperson Interview Question & Answers 2024

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Car Salesperson Interview Question & Answers

You’ve finally managed to be called in for the car salesperson interview, kudos! Seeing that you went a step further to search for potential questions that the employer might ask shows that you want this job. That’s the spirit!

The good thing is there are common questions interviewers ask, and going through them can help you get the job. Before we check on the questions, we should understand who a car salesperson is. A car salesperson acts as a liaison between a car dealership and the customer.

The car salesperson tries to come up with a great deal that will favor both parties. The professional is responsible for selling cars, trucks, and vans for either commercial or personal use. 

Now that you know who a car salesperson is let’s get into the questions.

1. Why Are You Interested In This Role? 

This question is sure to come up in your interview. While answering the question, you should align your experience with the role you are applying for. 

Sample Answer 

When I saw the position posted, what caught my attention was that your company is well known to deal with all types of cars. I know this has helped you attract all clients that need a car. 

The part that spoke to me is that I’ll have the chance to use my sales skills, which I gained from a course I took. This is one place where I’ll combine my interpersonal skills and experience to help bring in success to the company. 

2. What Are The Roles Of a Car Salesperson?

This question may also be phrased as “describe your job responsibilities?” These two questions are similar. The interviewer may ask this to assess if you understand what is required of you. This will also help them know if your experience aligns with the position you are applying for.

Sample Answer

I work to provide my car dealership with my great negotiation skills and negotiate the car prices and trade-in values. I understand that I’ll also be required to showcase the car’s features and warranties whenever the customer wants it. 

I’ll also be required to maintain a customer database and reach out to them to ask if they are satisfied with the car. My position will also require me to take the customer on a test drive and showcase the car’s features. 

If the dealership has a showroom or has a promotional display, I’ll assist set it up. 

3. What Are The Qualities That A Car Salesperson Need To Be Successful?

This is a question that can help sell yourself. In this, while answering, it is best that you show the interviewer what makes you unique. 

Sample Answer 

As a car salesperson, having great sales skills can help foster the success of your career. But what I believe can help the professional to be successful is having great interpersonal skills. As a car salesperson we are bound to interact with different people constantly. 

Listening to the client and being patient with them actively will help you have more satisfied clients. These are skills I have made use of in my career, and they have beared good fruits.

4. What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role? How Did You Manage It?

This question can offer insights into the kind of candidate you are. The answer you give out will help them know how you solve problems. 

Sample Answer 

While I was working at Company X, there was this time a frustrated client walked in the dealership stating that the car we sold to him was not fully functioning. He threw a tantrum which invited onlookers. 

This was a huge problem as we understood this issue would affect our rapport. Unfortunately, the car salesperson who sold him the car was not in. So my boss requested me to help the customer. I assured him that our team would solve the problem.

So I went and counter-checked if the car had any issues, and true to his word, it had some problems. I made sure to apologize for the mistake. Then I asked him if he would like to switch to another car. 

He chose a car that shared the same value as the one he bought. We also gave him a free car checkup as a token of our apology. As he walked out of the dealership, he was satisfied with our work.

5. Describe Your Daily Routine As A Car Salesperson

In a case where you may not have worked as a car salesperson before, you should research the company’s typical daily routine. Interviewers tend to ask this to assess if the candidate understands how to prioritize their work well. 

Sample Answer

As a car salesperson, working on a tight schedule is challenging as you may not know when a client might walk in. To ensure I complete my daily tasks, I often walk into the dealership a bit early. 

This gives me the chance to check my emails and see if I have any voicemails left. There are those days when few clients might walk in the dealership. During these times, I usually take the time to email and call my contacts.

I understand my administrative role, and having a great bond with my contacts will help me close the deal. 

6. Describe Briefly About Your Experience?

This is a common question most hiring managers tend to ask. This question helps the interviewer gauge how well you are prepared for the role. 

Sample Answer

I have three years experience in sales. My experience includes helping to negotiate with clients. There was a time my boss appointed me as the manager of the sales team. During this time, my team and I would hold meetings to assess how to improve the company.

I have also had the chance to work as an insurance broker. This also required me to use my sales skills to convince the client to buy an insurance plan with us. 

During this time, I picked up a skill on how to use car dealership CRM software, and it is a skill I’m hoping to make use of once I join your company.

7. What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Is Required For This Role?

Remember that this is a behavioral question. How you answer this question will help set you aside from other candidates.

Sample Answer

A strategy that I have seen do wonders anytime I used it is psychologically profiling the prospect. This strategy helps me to carefully assess the prospect as it will guide me on the questions that will help speed up the sales process. 

The mindset I usually use is patience. It takes time to convince a client to buy a particular time. I’ll also have to be patient whenever I contact clients. If I’m not patient, I may get frustrated by the situation or even given up. 

8. What Is The Biggest Challenge You Foresee In This Job?

This question may help the interviewer know how well you are prepared for this role. Use this chance to show that you are motivated to face the challenges and handle them.

Sample Answer

A challenge I foresee in this role is my offers being rejected. I understand it can be demoralizing, seeing that you are not closing any sales. One particular lesson I learned in my three years in sales is that there will be those low days. 

The good thing is that they do not all last for long. If I get rejected, I’ll take it as an opportunity to assess my sales drive skills. This will push me to tweak up the strategies I’m using and see how well they’ll help me close a deal.

9. How Do You Stay Motivated In Your Work?

This question helps the interviewer to have a sense of your personality. While answering the question, you ought to show that you will not work just for the paycheck. 

Sample Answer

What motivates me to work is seeing my clients happy. My position requires me to follow up with my clients after buying the car and ask them how their experience is. Every time they thank me for advising them to buy that particular car brings me joy.

Seeing that I helped meet their needs makes me want to work harder to see hear how happy they are.

10. Describe A Time You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learnt?

This question helps the interviewer assess if the candidate is willing to take responsibility for their own mistake or if they are the ones who blame their mistakes on others. 

This question also helps them assess if the candidate can bounce back and learn from their mistakes.

Sample Answer

While working with company X, I interacted with a client whose main goal was to buy a particular car. I did not pay attention to even listen to her needs; my priority was to meet my quota. 

This costed me as the client noticed I’m not listening and told me that she is no longer interested in buying. This mistake prompted me to want to learn how to listen to my clients actively. 

A strategy that has helped me choose cars that specifically meet their needs. This also helped me set my priorities straight and learned that seeing a client happy is more important than making the sale.

11. Why Do You Feel You Are Most Suited For This Position?

Ensure that your answer helps the interviewer see why they should pick you instead of any other candidate. 

Sample Answer

I believe my experience in sales and CRM makes me the best match for this position. In my previous position, I was required to make use of CRM software to help ensure that no client is ignored. 

This helped me spend more time with the customers and created a great bond with them. I’d love to bring the skills I picked up while working at company X here.

12. Share With Us Your Greatest Achievement

This question may help the interviewer know your work ethic. How you answer the question will help the hiring manager know what you deem as success. 

Sample Answer 

While I was working at Company X, a customer came in the dealer shop and seemed a bit difficult. I used my skills to help him see the value of buying car X. He bought the car and later became our repetitive customer. 

The exciting part anytime he comes, he used to ask for me as he believed in my judgment. The manager then was proud of my skills since the loyal customer brought in a couple of other clients who later on became our loyal customers. 

13. Describe Your Greatest Strength

Make sure that you highlight a strength that applies to your job. 

Sample Answer

In sales, I’m required to interact with several clients. I believe a strength that has helped me form great bonds is my people skills. While I was working at company X. Most of the clients highlighted that they wanted me to be their sales representative every time they walked into the dealership. 

They praised my excellent customer service and communication skills

14. What Are Your Salary Expectations?

This question helps the employer assess if they can afford your service or not. Understand that car salespeople are usually paid on commission. So make certain that you do your research as it will help ensure that you do not set a very high or low salary expectation. 

Sample Answer 

My salary range is flexible. I have significant experience in car sales, and I understand the salary ranges between 38$ to 26$ per hour. Note that I’m open to discussing the salary.

15. What Do You Know About Our Dealership?

Often than not, candidates tend to apply for multiple job opportunities. This is why interviewers tend to ask this question to see if the candidate knows anything about their company. 

Sample Answer 

Your award as among the best dealership in location X is what caught my eye as I was applying for this role. Your success shows that you have many satisfied customers. I also read through the vision your dealership has, and it perfectly aligns with my goals.

I hope that I’ll get the opportunity to help your dealership achieve its vision. 

16. Are There Steps You’ve Taken To Develop Your Sales Skills?

This is a question that can help the interviewer assess if you are a self-motivated person. 

Sample Answer 

I recently joined a networking platform that helps salespeople develop their skills. It is a six-week course which I’m certain by the end of the course I’ll have improved my skills in sales. 

17. Are You Comfortable With Interacting With People To Convince Them To Buy Cars?

The interviewer may ask this as it is a great venture to assess the candidate’s interpersonal skills. While answering your question, you should showcase your confident demeanor. 

Sample Answer

I’ve always thought of myself as someone who has great interpersonal skills. I’m a great listener, and this skill helps the client feel valued. Also, my team and some of the loyal customers I had highlighted that I’m easy to talk to. 

I believe I can make use of these skills to transform into an asset in my career. 

18. Imagine A Scenario Where A Client Takes The Car On A Test Drive And Crashes It, What Do You Do?

This question helps the interviewer see how well you understand your responsibilities. This will also showcase your problem-solving skills. 

Sample Answer 

In most cases, if the accident occurs, the client’s personal insurance company will cover the damage. I’ll take the responsibility to assess the damages and see how the amount required. 

In most cases, car dealership tends to have their cars insured, if this is the case. I’ll alert the manager that one of our cars was involved in an accident as he will be the best person to send out the invoice in order for the insurance to pay.

19. What Is Your Experience With car model X and model Y?

Before walking in the interview, it is best that you research on the car models the car dealership sells. Take the time to research on them as the interviewer is likely to ask this question. 

Sample Answer

While working at Company X, I had the chance to sell models X and Y. I know the best features that I can highlight to the clients for them to want to buy it. I understand that model Y is a bit pricier than Y. 

But the good thing after profiling the client, it is easy for me to know which car to recommend them to. 

20. How Do You Approach A Client In A Showroom Floor

Make sure that you highlight skills that showcase you best know how to interact with a potential client. This is one question that can help you secure the job. 

Sample Answer 

Before I approach the client, I’d start by profiling the client. Doing this will help me know if the client is the best person to try and close the deal. I believe a tactic I’d use while approaching a client is discussing the price last. The first thing I’d do is to try and know their needs. 

By starting with the price, you may end up scaring the customer, particularly if they do not have the funds to buy that car. Once I approach the client, I’d occasionally use their name in the conversation. It is proven that by using their name, it will help them feel valued. 


In most cases, interviews to do with sales, you might be required to role play ie try to sell them a pen or a car. However, going through this question will give you a glimpse of the questions the interviewer is likely to ask. Best of luck!