Top 25 Burlington Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Burlington Interview Questions and Answers

Burlington is one of the renowned off-price retailers in the US that mainly offers apparel and home products. If you aspire to work there, you need to be adequately prepared for their interview. To land a job at Burlington Stores, familiarize yourself with these top 25 interview questions and answers.

1. Why Do You Want To Leave Your Current Employer?

I have worked in the company for seven years. I have gained a lot of expertise and experience over time. But I feel that it’s time I have an experience in another working environment that will offer me growth opportunities. Based on my research about your company, I do not doubt that you offer the kind of working environment that will help me to advance my career. Besides, I am ready for new challenges that will also enable me to enhance my skills. I am eager to learn new things in order to improve my experience and skill set.

2. What Do You Know About Burlington?

Burlington Stores began as a family-owned business in 1972 in Burlington, New Jersey. Serving your consumers back then meant supplying a large assortment of low-cost coats and outerwear. Initially known as Burlington Coat Factory, your company began expanding its product offerings to include ladies’ sportswear, men’s activewear, and children’s products while remaining true to your off-price model. Over the years, your product assortment has expanded to include baby, home, and beauty. Your company rebranded to Burlington Stores to represent the breadth of your product offerings.

3. Tell Us About A Difficult Decision You Have Made In Your Career

One of the most difficult decisions I have made is laying off staff. As the head of the sales department in my current workplace, I laid off three employees. Before making this difficult decision, I always consider what is best for the company and my subordinates as well. While I don’t enjoy laying off workers, I do not shy away from making such a decision because it is part of my job. Due to the economic climate at the time, I had to let the staff go. It was a difficult decision, but one that was ultimately necessary for the company’s benefit.

4. If Your Shift Ends And The Replacement Staff For The Next Shift Hasn’t Arrived, What Would You Do?

To begin with, I would talk to my supervisor and inquire if I am required to remain and maintain adequate coverage. I would seek to know if my boss is aware of the situation, whether they have already made alternate plans, or if the employee is only a few minutes away. If the situation demands that I stay to maintain adequate coverage, I would do so while my supervisor seeks to address the matter.

5. What Have You Done To Improve Your Skills In The Past 12 Months?

Eight months ago, I enrolled in the sales professional certificate course. In other words, I’m studying to become a certified sales professional. I’ve finished all of the required online coursework and so far I have passed two of the four examinations. The third exam is coming up next month, and the fourth and final exam is coming up in two months. Through this program, I expect to enhance my expertise and ultimately become more productive.

6. How Would You Rate Yourself In Terms Of Being Organized?

I consider myself to be very organized. I strive to keep things as simple as possible. I make schedules for the day and week, prioritize tasks, and remain focused at work. Of course, tasks can get overwhelming at times. On such days, I have no problem with remaining a little longer at work or asking my boss to delegate part of my responsibilities to a coworker with a less hectic schedule than mine. I rarely miss deadlines, which is another reason I consider myself well organized.

7. How Would You Handle A Case Where A Customer Wants To Return A Product After The Return Period Has Expired?

I know showing empathy is crucial, so, I would recognize their dissatisfaction and apologize for the product’s shortcomings. Then, in a friendly and professional manner, I would inform the customer that the purchase is sadly outside of the company’s return window and thus it’s ineligible. I would go ahead and offer a summary of the relevant section of the return policy. If that doesn’t completely solve the problem, and I don’t have any more company-approved solutions to offer the client, I would seek help and guidance from my supervisor.

8. Tell Us A Time You Demonstrated Your Flexibility

I showed my flexibility in my last role when a store colleague was asked to take immediate bed rest since she was expectant. My supervisor called me and asked that I take over her duties until a replacement staff is hired. I accepted and adjusted my working hours. In order to work comfortably and still perform all the tasks I needed to, I choose to work for two extra hours every day. That way, I was able to receive all the new products and keep the store organized for two weeks after which a temporal employee reported.

9. How Do You Stay Motivated? 

The desire to push me and do as much as I can is one of the things that motivates me. Thus, I pride myself on performing roles that help me to learn and challenge myself as well. Whenever I encounter challenging situations, I draw inspiration from the past challenges that I have overcome. Other than that, I get inspired when I talk to or read about people that have been very successful in the industry. I also get motivated by the desire to hit deadlines early and surpass my targets. These provide me with a sense of success.

10. Describe The Experience That Makes You Suitable For This Job

Soon after graduating with a diploma in sales and management, I secured a job with a retailer in my home city. This job exposed me to different areas of a retail business including storekeeping, shelf-stacking, and cashier work. With two years of experience from my first job, I secured a job with a national retailer where I have worked for four years. Thus, I have the experience and expertise you are looking for. 

11. What’s Your Availability?

I am available all weekdays from 8 am. From Monday to Friday, I can cover any shift during the day. I am also available for night shifts although I need to be informed in advance to plan myself. In addition, I am available on Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

12. How Do You Deal With Criticism?

I always welcome criticism, particularly positive or constructive criticism. A couple of times, positive criticism has helped me to identify my mistakes and know ways I can improve. I consider it useful feedback. I have also received destructive criticism in the past. This used to anger and stress me a lot. But over time, I have come to understand that different people will criticize someone differently, either positively or negatively. So long as my idea, motive, character, and ability are not in the wrong, I never get offended by destructive criticism.

13. If You Didn’t Get Promoted, Say After 3 Years, Yet You Felt You Need To, How Would You React?

I believe that everything happens for a reason. If I didn’t get a promotion when I thought I earned it, the last thing I would think is foul play. I would look at myself and the work I have done, and then concentrate on the positive things. I would also ask my supervisor for a performance evaluation to determine where I’m at. This information would help me know areas I need to improve. 

14. What Do You Consider To Be Your Greatest Weakness?

I used to find it difficult to reach out for help, even when I desperately needed it. I once lost a significant client while working for my former employer because they needed prices for various products including home appliances that were in a different department. I had no idea about the prices of home appliances. Instead of asking my supervisor for help, I submitted a quotation with estimates that were far beyond the retail prices. When the client realized some products were overpriced, he left and did business with a competitor. I used to think that asking for help meant I was a failure, but that experience taught me that requesting assistance may be the first step to my success.

15. When A Change You Can’t Control Arises, How Do You Manage And Adjust To It?

I am very flexible and I adjust to change easily, whether it’s about changing location, department, deadlines, and so on. By taking a step back and making a strategy, I can adjust to any change. A month ago, I used to work during the later shift. Then, a staff in the morning shift resigned. So, I was requested to work the opening shift which meant reporting early in the morning to cover for the worker who left. To make this transition simpler, I spent some time planning a new routine and transport plan. It took a few days to fine-tune my routine and get used to the change. I was happy with the shift by the following week.

16. Tell Us How You Measure Your Success

I consider success as going beyond and above what I’m assigned to or expected to do. As a cashier, I consider myself successful when I provide services without making losses. Over the past year, I have been very successful at transacting without losing a penny. This has made me one of the best employees in the company. I also measure how well I am doing by looking at how much time I take to dispense my duties, especially during peak time. I have also been successful in terms of serving customers very fast without making errors or losses.

17. Why Are You Interested In Working At Burlington Stores Over A Rival Retailer?

I did some research about your competitors and realized that they are not as innovative. In addition, they don’t offer the kind of opportunities you provide. These are the main reasons I am seeking a chance to work at Burlington Stores. I enjoy your company’s working culture and the growth opportunities you provide to your workers. Also, you provide a wide range of products. I have desired to work in such a store with lots of different products and customers.

18. We Are An Off-Price Retailer. Are You Familiar With Off-Price Business Model?

The off-price model involves selling an assortment of fashion-oriented and brand-name soft products at a low cost. Usually, off-price retailers buy huge quantities of branded items directly from manufacturers. The off-price retail business is based on buying over-produced or branded items at a lower price and then selling them to customers at a lower price than other retailers. Off-price stores sell items from well-known brands that have been acquired straight from the trademark owners, wholesalers, and manufacturers.

19. Share With Us A Problem You Encountered In Your Last Role And How You Addressed It.

During my last role, I happened to be working one rainy Saturday. My supervisor asked me to ensure all services were running as expected since he was held up because of the rains. Upon settling at work, I noted that some colleagues had not reported yet more and more customers kept coming into the store. I grabbed my phone immediately and started calling. I didn’t know who exactly was to report that Saturday morning. So, it took nine calls but I was able to get in touch with those scheduled to report. Meanwhile, I asked colleagues that we provide adequate cover before everyone reported.

20. How Do You Handle Pressure And Stress?

I know how to handle pressure and stress at work. I can stay motivated and productive when I am under pressure, such as when I have a lot of responsibilities or a deadline is approaching. There are situations, though, when too much pressure can lead to stress. However, I am good at juggling several tasks and sticking to deadlines, which keeps me from becoming overly overwhelmed.

21. What Is Your Understanding Of Good Customer Service?

For me, it involves listening to customers and understanding their needs. Then, doing my best to satisfy those needs. It is also about staying helpful and engaging as well as being empathetic to customers when they get frustrated. Besides, I value every customer that comes to the store and remain friendly to customers at all times. My goal is to make every person feel appreciated when they leave the store.

22. What Do You Do When A Customer Becomes Rude?

When a customer is rude or angry, I recognize that there is a cause behind it, even if I do not really know what it is. I try to be as empathic as possible while attempting to identify the source of the problem. Then, rather than dwelling on the problem, I focus on possible solutions. The earlier I can find a solution, the more likely the consumer will relax and become more courteous.

23. Describe How You Remain Helpful To Customers While Helping The Business To Grow.

I make sure to focus on the customer’s needs and make every effort to mention similar items. For example, if a customer picks a ball as a birthday gift for their kid, I also recommend other complimentary gifts such as a toy, a children’s book, fuzzy socks, and so on. By concentrating on the client’s goal, I make sales by providing relevant and useful suggestions.

24. Have You Ever Gone Above And Beyond For Your Customers?

Yes. I have done this in different ways on several occasions. In one case, a new customer came looking for an item that wasn’t in stock. I went out of my way and followed up with my supervisor concerning the acquisition of the item. When it arrived, I went back to the request’s book, picked the customer’s number, and called her. She was very happy and from that time going forward, she became a loyal customer. Also, I have always answered questions about other departments whenever I have the information, rather than making them spend time waiting to get an answer I can provide.

25. Where Do You See Yourself In The Next Five Years?

I see myself as a valuable employee who has a direct influence on how the store operates and the outcomes it produces. I can also see myself taking on more responsibilities and accountability in the future. In addition, becoming a leader is one of my career goals. I’ve always appreciated leading in my job. So, I aim to work hard and acquire the necessary skills and experience to warrant a leadership role.


By familiarizing yourself with these interview questions and answers, you will maximize your chances of acing your next interview. As you practice, be sure to customize the answers to fit your experience and expertise. Also, ensure to dress decently and arrive early for the Burlington interview.