Top 20 Best Buy Interview Questions & Answers 2024

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Best Buy Interview Questions & Answers

You need to prepare well before an interview to increase your chances of landing the job. This article looks at some of the questions that you should expect in a Best Buy interview. We hope that it will help you land a job at this establishment. Take a look at the following:

1. What Do You Know about Best Buy?

The interviewer wants to know if you are familiar with their establishment. Make sure that you research the interviewing institution beforehand to help you answer such questions. You should highlight key features about Best Buy or mention any relevant facts you know about it.

Sample Answer

Best Buy mainly deals with electronics, computers, video games, and appliances. It was launched in 1966 and was originally known as Sound of Music.  It was later rebranded to Best Buy in 1983. Currently, Best Buy has stores in Canada, Mexico, and United States.

2. Why Do You Want to Work Here?

The interviewer wants to know why you are interested in the particular workplace since there are many stores of its caliber that you can choose to work in. Find out something praiseworthy about the institution and mention it to the interviewer. You can talk about their work environment, products, or anything general.

Sample Answer

I have bought lots of quality appliances from Best Buy. I, therefore, want to work in a place I can trust. I have also researched your institution, and I am happy with your work culture. I want to be part of such an amazing establishment.

3. Why Should We Hire You?

You will always be given a chance to sell yourself in interviews. Make sure that you intensively read the job description to know what the establishment expects from you. It would be best to convince the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the given position.

Sample Answer

I have vast experience in the retail sector that will help me navigate this job. I also have an array of skills that you will find useful. I can work well in team settings and inspire others to give their all and achieve excellent results. I am also a first learner who can quickly adapt to workplace changes.

4. Do You Know the Skills that Every Best Buy Employee Must Possess?

Interviewers love asking such questions to gauge just how much you know about the institution. Every establishment has its rules and requirements that you must meet to become a part of them. The right answer will show the interviewer that you took some time to research the organization.

Sample Answer

Best Buy requires three skills from all its employees. They have to be good communicators, team players, and able to handle difficult customers and achieve customer satisfaction. I am happy to say that I have all these skills.

5. What Shifts Do You Prefer?

Every employer wants an employee who can work well in a flexible working environment. You should convince the interviewer that you will be available and willing to work. However, make sure that you are honest with the hiring manager. Look at your schedule and then think through your answer.

Sample Answer

I consider myself pretty flexible. However, I can only work afternoon and evening shifts since I have classes in the morning. I am also available during the weekend and will be willing to work during the holidays. (Ensure that you give a reason for your choice of shift. Try to be as detailed as possible)

6. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

Nobody wants to talk about their last job, especially if it ended badly. However, the interviewer needs to know to gauge the type of employee you are. It may also be part of conducting a background check. Make sure that you tell the truth since they may decide to call your previous boss and find the information directly from the source.  You can also mention a referee if you have one.

Sample Answer

I loved my last job. It taught me lots of valuable lessons about the retail sector. However, I felt that I had stayed for so long and left to allow someone else to give someone else a chance. I am looking for new challenges and better growth opportunities, which I believe this institution offers.

7. Could You Please Share With Us Some of Your Strengths

The interviewer wants to know some of the positive attributes or skills that you possess.  Make sure that you talk about them positively and highlight all the professional and personal skills that your last jobs taught you. The interviewer should see a potential employee in you. Also, remember to include only the relevant strengths.

Sample Answer

I am a hard worker who doesn’t stop until I have achieved what I set out to do. I am also a good team player, thanks to the years I have spent in this field. I get along well with others and can steer conversations to help customers as they go about their shopping. (You can also mention that you are empathetic and can therefore help customers out as they shop for products)

8. How Will You Ensure That Our Customers Get Exceptional Customer Service?

The quality of customer service is essential in retail jobs. Establishments must always ensure that their customers are in the right hands. Remember, stores depend on these customers to make money. Convince the interviewer that you can help retain them through the quality of service. Describe how you would love to be treated if you were a customer.

Sample Answer

I will maintain a friendly and helpful attitude when interacting with the customer. I won’t keep them waiting for long to avoid inconveniencing them. Products will also be adequately stocked in the store to help save their time. In short, I will treat them how I’d love to be treated in a store. (The interviewer wants you to define excellent customer service. You are allowed to be as detailed as you wish)

9. Can You Deal With Unhappy Customers?

Before answering this question, remember that all customers must be treated equally. Therefore, you should be able to handle the different types of customers walking into the store. Your answer should showcase empathy and care. No retailer will employ you if you can’t treat customers well. You can also draw from a previous experience when answering this question.

Sample Answer

I have dealt with lots of unhappy customers before and therefore understand what to do in such situations. I normally give them time to voice their concerns as I listen actively. After finding out the source of their unhappiness, I apologize and do everything possible to help them out. I may also involve the manager if I can’t offer a good solution.

10. Can You Handle Criticism at Work?

You should expect lots of criticism if you want to shape your career path. The interviewer will therefore want to know what you would do if someone criticized your work. Tell them that you are receptive to criticism and take such information as an opportunity to learn and improve on your work. Show an appreciation for it.

Sample Answer

I appreciate criticism since it helps me get better at my job. I believe that I wouldn’t be here if people around me weren’t honest with me. I normally take any criticism as an opportunity to learn. (Just ensure that you convince the interviewer that you appreciate feedback, be it from customers, employees, or managers)

11. Tell Us Something About Your Previous working Experience

The interviewer wants to know some of the relevant previous jobs that you have had. If you intend to work on the sales floor, you ought to mention any experience with sales and customer service. Ensure that you talk positively and enthusiastically about your former workmates and duties. You can also include how your former jobs prepared you for the role you are currently interviewing for. You should also be honest if you have no experience.

Sample Answer

Unfortunately, I have no experience in this field. I just finished school and haven’t had any real job before. However, I know what is expected from me from the job description and will give my all.

I am looking forward to your employee training program.

12. Do You Have Any goals? What Do You Want to Achieve?

The interviewer wants to know if you are a goal planner. Ideally, you should try to connect your future goals with your employment at Best Buy. Remember, this establishment offers its workers promotions after they have proved themselves. Talk about your ambitions but remember to stay humble. Do not come off as overconfident or overambitious.

Sample Answer

I am still in college. I decided to work here to raise some money for my studies. However, I am planning to keep it when my studies resume. I hope to prove myself and learn more about sales and customer service. (Alternatively, you can mention that you’d like to try your luck with management in the next five years)

13. Do You Consider Yourself a Team Player?

As we mentioned, teamwork is important in this establishment. Therefore, the interviewer will want to know if you can collaborate with others instead of seeing them as competitors. Assure them that you will work with your colleagues to achieve a higher sales volume and enhance customer satisfaction. You can also use an example from your last job.

Sample Answer

I believe that I am a team worker. I find working in groups highly satisfying as it brings out the best in me. It is also pretty efficient and fosters good relationships in the workplace. I am willing to collaborate with other employees on projects and help them out of different situations.

14. How Would You Like To Be Paid?

Best Buy has a different option when it comes to payment. It is quite different from other stores where you earn commissions from the sales you make. Sales employees in this establishment do not receive sales commissions, meaning they don’t have to lie to customers as they promote new products. They offer a flat rate to their employees. However, assure the interviewer that you will do your best to increase the sales volume.

Sample Answer

I prefer a flat rate, which is among the reasons why I applied for a job here. It is better than a commission since I don’t have to compete with my fellow employees to make sales. However, I will still try my best to generate good sales volume with my colleagues and ensure that every customer is attended to. I am confident in my ability.

15. How Would You Sell a Product to a Customer?

The interviewer wants to know just how good you are. You may be given a real product such as a mobile phone or laptop to sell during the interview. You need to reveal your sales skills and convince the interviewer that you can become a good salesperson if given the job. Keep in mind that nobody expects you to be perfect since you’ll still undergo some training. Just show some courage and try your best.

Sample Answer

I would ask objective questions to know what they want and the exact specifications they need. I would then tell them how the product I am about to sell to them can meet their expectations and needs while keeping eye contact and showing enthusiasm for the product the entire time. I believe that the customer will be sold.

16. You Will Be Required to Wear a Uniform at Work. How Do You Feel About That?

Best Buy expects you to adhere to its uniform policy as a sales associate. You will get a branded polo shirt, but you can wear your khaki or dark pants. You must also have closed-toed shoes at all times. You should convince the interviewer that you won’t have a problem with putting on their new uniform.

Sample Answer

I don’t have any problem putting on your uniform. I believe that uniforms promote workplace unity and make getting ready to work easier. I will commit to yours and adhere to any dressing policies that you may have.

17. Describe Your Ideal Employee

The interviewer wants to know the kind of companies that get your attention. You need to find out more about Best Buy and try to describe it. Remember, there are many things to love about this institution, including its commitment to a clean environment and fun workplace. Best Buy needs you to see a long career with them and not view your position as any other job.

Sample Answer

I love companies that take environmentally ethical actions. I can’t work for an institution that does nothing to minimize its carbon footprint and help save the environment. This is actually one of the reasons why I applied for a job here. Your dedication to renewable energy and assisting customers in leading a sustainable life has not been in vain. I will therefore be honored to work for you.

18. Can You Handle Difficult Customers?

Best Buy believes in showing respect, humility, and integrity in all its operations. Every customer must be accorded the best service, regardless sod their attitude. Therefore, you shouldn’t lose your cool and engage the customer in a shouting match or show the wrong attitude when dealing with frustrated customers. Convince the interviewer that you can remain objective and professional throughout your interaction.

Sample Answer

I normally ensure that I am a brand ambassador when at work, meaning that I will always ensure that customers’ needs are met regardless of their attitude. I deal with rude or aggressive customers by showing them kindness and hospitality. I have never reacted negatively towards a customer as I understand that they may be having a bad day. I can swallow my pride when a customer acts rudely and stay professional.

19. How Would You Handle a Customer Arguing With You about a Potential Return?

You need to be familiar with Best Buy’s return policy to answer this question well. Remember, Best Buy promises its customers to be a trusted technology partner by offering advice, quality service, and convenience. Tell the interviewer how you would handle a customer trying to make a return not covered in the policy. Can you make a negative customer interaction positive? Prove yourself.

Sample Answer

I would inform the customer that Best Buy has different return policies for our members. We cater for Elite and Elite Plus members differently. I would listen to their frustrations and let them know that I understand them by showing empathy before checking with the manager whether I could offer a small discount or merchandise card to the customer. Lastly, I would advise the customer to take advantage of any of our memberships to avoid such a mistake in the future.

20. How Would You Handle a Situation that Would Force You to Be Late at Work?

The interviewer is assessing your punctuality and reliability. Convince them that you take great strides to avoid being late at work and that you can handle a situation threatening to make you late.

Sample Answer

I normally plan my day to see what might go wrong and what I need to do right. I normally find ways of dealing with such situations beforehand to avoid being late for work. However, if I can’t, I will inform my supervisor in good time.


These are some of the questions that you should expect in a Best Buy interview. Ensure that you answer them confidently and assure the interviewer that you are worthy of this position.