Top 25 Applebee’s Interview Questions And Answers in 2023

Applebee's Interview Questions And Answers

Many people apply for jobs at Applebee’s because it is one of the top restaurants in the United States. Therefore, you must prepare well if you have been selected for an interview in order to stand out from the competition.

While most of the interview questions at Applebee’s will be general inquiries about your background and credentials, you might also be asked some questions specific to the business. We’ve listed the top 25 Applebee interview questions and sample responses to help you prepare for the interview. Use these to help you formulate your own response.

1. Why Do You Want To Work Here?

I can write my own chapter while working here because of your flexible schedule and collaborative environment. I’ve been keeping track of the most recent events at this restaurant, and I can confidently say that Applebee values a positive, friendly, and inclusive culture. Additionally, team members receive the support they require to flourish here, and hard work creates opportunities. This restaurant will be the ideal setting for me to start a profession that promotes growth.

2. Describe Your Experience Relating To The Role You Have Applied? 

For the past two years, I have performed in a similar role. I was in charge of taking clients’ food orders and serving them. I would primarily receive food and drink orders, record them on order slips, make sure tables are neat, and collect money. Due to my extensive experience taking orders, addressing inquiries about the menu, selling the restaurant’s food and drinks, collecting payments, relaying orders to the kitchen staff, seating customers, and assisting with customer service and cleaning, I firmly believe that I am the best candidate for the position.

3. What Skills Do You Have To Work Effectively In This Role?

I can function well under pressure and work well with cooks, bussers, and other employees as I maintain a positive attitude. I can produce high-quality work independently while handling money responsibly and operating a point-of-sale system. In addition, I recently completed a course on food and drinks and have a high school diploma. I can relate well to other members of the staff and consumers because of my courteous, kind, and polite nature. I also possess the physical stamina to stand for extended periods of time and the necessary interpersonal, organizational, and customer service skills to carry out this job. Moreover, I am a great candidate for this position because of my prior expertise in providing customer support in a fast-paced work environment.

4. What Makes You The Most Suitable Candidate For This Role?

I am an excellent professional who can work individually and as a team, besides having a diploma in food and drinks. I am also quick to pick up new skills, adaptable, customer-focused, hardworking, and outstanding at what I do. I’ve read the job description, so I know the responsibilities I’ll be handling at Apple Bees. I am confident that I will bring the team positivity and a quality of service that will impress your clients. If you decide to hire me for this position, I’ll make sure to perform my obligations responsibly and to a high standard. I’ll put in a lot of effort to ensure we keep all our clients.

5. How Would You Ensure The Restaurant Runs Smoothly During Peak Hours? 

The restaurant’s personnel levels must be increased during peak periods to handle customer orders. Although most customers know they could have to wait for a while, they become irritated when the wait duration is unanticipated and unknowable. I would set up self-service kiosks to deal with this problem. New technology cannot completely replace employees, but it can make it easier for them to complete other essential duties. With this technology, Customers can order their own meals rather than being made to wait or having staff members assigned to handle orders. Moreover, by integrating the kiosks with the Point of sale system, sending orders directly to the kitchen 

will be easy. This will enable clients to place orders right away in busy areas.

6. One Of The Most Important Elements That Affects The Reputation Of The Restaurant Industry Is Delays. How Do You Plan To Handle This?

Without a doubt, service timings can negatively impact the visitor’s experience, whether by delaying the processing of orders or presenting customers with the proper seating. Maintaining the restaurant’s reputation and customer enjoyment depends on accurate wait times. Additionally, I’ll see that clients receive free snacks or coffee while waiting for their orders. In addition, I can turn on the television to keep them engaged. Thus, they Thy will feel free while they wait.

If there is a queue of customers waiting, I will ensure the new customer is aware that it can take longer for his order to be prepared.

7. If You Get The Job, How Will You Promote Open Communication Among Employees? 

I’ve held a position such as this before, so I am aware that adequate and continuous communication is crucial to delivering restaurant service. If I get the job, I’ll prioritize encouraging staff to stay in touch and teaching them how to engage with each other, especially during busy periods. Secondly, I shall uphold regular staff meetings. I will also ensure that the restaurant kitchen and ordering staff work well together. This will guarantee rapid service and hasten food preparation.

Furthermore, I also believe in delegating tasks. In my opinion, the delegation of responsibilities among team members greatly facilitates teamwork. One person is all that is required to issue the orders while others perform other vital chores.

8. Could You Please Define A Pos Transaction?

Point of Sales is what is referred to as POS. When customers buy something from a seller offline or online, they typically engage in a POS transaction. POS systems keep track of and document all business dealings between buyers and sellers.

In restaurants, point-of-sale transactions are common. After their meal, customers can pay their bills with cash, a card, or a digital wallet. The POS transaction occurs when the waiter uses a swiping device to swipe the card.

9. Kindly Explain What Pos Transaction Is

Point of Sales is referred to as POS. When customers buy something from a seller offline or online, they typically engage in a POS transaction. POS systems track and document all business dealings between buyers and sellers.

In restaurants, point-of-sale transactions are common. After their meal, customers can pay their bills with cash, a card, or a digital wallet. The POS transaction occurs when the waiter uses a swiping device to swipe the card.

10. Does Pos Payments Require Reconciliation? 

To guarantee complete correctness and transparency in the process, the sellers cross-reference the POS data with the sales made each day, month, and year after the Point of sale has issued payment. In a nutshell, they contrast the cash inflow data with the POS sales data.

11. What Practical Strategies Have You Ever Used To Handle Conflict In The Workplace?

In a person’s daily existence, conflicts are unavoidable. I identify the source of the dispute before attempting to resolve it. Understanding the conflict’s root causes helps me to comprehend how the problem developed in the first place. I then hunt for a setting where the parties may speak freely. After arranging a safe and confidential meeting for all sides, I give each party a chance to express their opinions and impressions about the current situation. After hearing the parties ‘ complaints, I spend some time looking into the case. After analyzing the situation, I meet with both parties to explore how we can work together to achieve the common goal of managing and resolving the current issue.

12. Take Me Through How You Interact With Difficult People

Almost everyone encounters a difficult person now and then in their personal and professional life. To handle difficult people, I have learnt to Listen to what they say instead of getting ready to react. When interacting with a difficult person, I focus on the facts and not generalizing issues.

13. How Would You Deal With A Question A Customer Asks You But You Don T Know The Answer Yourself?

I would maintain my calmness as I try to identify the question’s root. I will then provide the information I can. If I don’t have enough information to satisfy the client fully, I’ll try to divert his attention to another issue first. I wouldn’t feel embarrassed if I was stumped for an answer if his queries weren’t particularly pertinent to the assistance he needs. But if the inquiry is pertinent, I would direct him to the appropriate person. 

14. What Would You Do If You Noticed One Of Your Coworkers Was Failing To Follow The Rules?

If one of my fellow servers were not performing their duties according to protocol, I would first approach them and see if there was anything I could do to assist them. After this, if they still didn’t follow protocol, I would speak with my manager so that we could resolve the situation together.

15. Why Is It Important To Adhere To The Service Procedures, Standards, And Policies?

Standards, guidelines, and policies all contribute to achieving a similar objective. They make it possible for a hotel, bar, or restaurant staff to behave in a particular way in an effort to accomplish a shared objective. Therefore, adhering to them is crucial to focusing individual efforts on accomplishing the predetermined goals and objectives. Employees who don’t follow the rules won’t be able to accomplish the task at hand. The ultimate goal won’t be accomplished in the end.

16. What Do You Consider Most When Making The Schedule For Your Employees? 

When scheduling the workers, I am careful to follow all applicable labor rules. I also clearly state each employee’s working and non-working days. Another thing I factor in is determining which roles must be filled at various times during the day. I ensure that I don’t have less staff than necessary while scheduling the workers.

17. Why Should You Ensure That Staff Has A Work-Life Balance?

The worst thing you can do is overwork your workers without understanding that they also have personal lives and require rest. This will not only offend your restaurant workforce, which will lower their productivity, but it will also result in a higher staff turnover rate for the restaurant. Working excessive hours might result in stress, which impairs immunity and causes recurrent illnesses in the employees. The workers will take fewer sick days and have more energy for their activities if they maintain their healthy work-life balance.

18. Define Excellent Customer Service.

Meeting and exceeding expectations are key components of excellent customer service. It entails communicating with the customer in a polite, helpful, and positive manner to demonstrate how important they are to you and your restaurant. The goal is to leave a lasting impression on clients by Working with consumers and providing them with the greatest assistance. Working with consumers and providing them with the greatest assistance leaves a lasting impression. I also think that providing outstanding customer service requires knowing a lot about the things being sold so you can guide customers to the right choices. 

19. What Makes Customer Service Great?

Consistently exceeding clients’ expectations is what constitutes good customer service. Excellent customer service is prompt, simple, personalized, and empathetic. Restaurants that provide outstanding customer service take the time necessary to comprehend the needs of their specific customer. 

20. This Restaurant Gets Busy On Holidays And Weekends. How Is Your Flexibility?

I am aware of the responsibilities of this job, and I realize that I will likely work long hours. Therefore, as long as I can plan my schedule well in advance, I have no issues working on holidays or weekends. 

21. How Would You Ensure That All Team Members Are Following Restaurant Policy?

I believe that involving the executives of each division of the organization is the first step in guaranteeing compliance. I will make sure to present rules and procedures to the staff in ways they are accustomed to in order to assure compliance.

Additionally, I would make sure that every employee, regardless of department or level of management, could easily locate the policies that pertain to them. This will make it less likely that they will become discouraged and give up on trying to comply.

22. How Many Types Of Cocktails Are You Familiar With, And Which Is Your Favorite?

Cocktails appear to come in many variations. However, I am most accustomed to Cosmopolitans, Highballs, Passion fruit martinis, and Stirred cocktails. My favorite drink is the cosmopolitan because it has the optimal balance of sweet and sour flavors with a delectably light citrus undertone.

23. What Action Would You Take If A Customer Placed An Order For Food That Wasn’t On The Menu?

I would first let the customer know if the food was not offered or was not something the restaurant served. Then, in an effort to start a conversation, I would respectfully inquire as to why they chose the food. I’d then recommend another dish they could enjoy. If they didn’t want the second option, I would let them know when they could come back for that particular meal.

24. Describe Your Best Accomplishment In Your Career

My life’s proudest moment was last year when I received the Employee of the Year award. I felt my former employer appreciated the service I had provided. I really believe that working hard pays off and can undoubtedly bring up new opportunities. Because of this, I approach my work with a self-driven mindset, even when I’m in a busy setting. I’m working harder now to retain this position. Should you decide to hire me for this position, I will make the most of my strong traits, expertise, and experience to make sure I, too, end up being the best employee of the year at this restaurant.

25. What Is Your Greatest Strength And Weakness?

I’ve always been a strong team player, quick learner, and problem-solver who can work through issues to accomplish goals. One of my flaws is that I sometimes put too much attention into my work to the point that I become a little bit of a perfectionist. Due to my dedication to the work I perform, I have a tendency to overcome myself. However, I am learning to prioritize tasks and with time, I believe that this will be an issue of the past.


How well you answer the interview questions will determine whether or not you get a job at Applebee’s. Candidates should present themselves professionally during the interview by dressing and acting in a manner consistent with the level of the desired position. Interviewers at Applebee’s frequently place a strong emphasis on personality, and they frequently choose employees who have demeanors that are polite, amiable, and enthusiastic. Answer all of the interviewer’s questions honestly and accurately. The hiring managers at Applebee prefer candidates who are aware of their motivations for applying and who exhibit a sincere interest in the position.

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