Top 33 Applebee’s Interview Questions and Answers 2024

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Applebee's Interview Questions and Answers

Preparing for an interview at Applebee’s can be an exciting step towards starting a new job in the restaurant industry. Whether you’re aiming for a position in the kitchen, as part of the waitstaff, or even in a managerial role, knowing what kinds of questions might come your way is crucial. This guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive list of the top 33 questions you may encounter during your Applebee’s interview, along with thoughtful answers to help you make a great impression.

Understanding the company culture and expectations can significantly impact your interview performance. Therefore, our carefully selected questions and answers are designed to not only help you anticipate what might be asked but also to showcase how best to respond. By preparing with these insights, you’ll be better equipped to demonstrate your suitability for the role and your readiness to contribute positively to the Applebee’s team.

Applebee’s Interview Preparation Tips

Focus AreaDetailsTips
Understanding the BrandApplebee’s is known for its casual dining experience and its focus on American cuisine.Research the company’s history, mission, and menu items. Be ready to discuss your favorites.
Customer Service SkillsExceptional service is key in the restaurant industry.Reflect on past experiences where you provided excellent customer service. Be ready to share.
TeamworkEmployees often work in teams, from the kitchen to the dining floor.Think of examples when you successfully worked as part of a team.
Conflict ResolutionHandling customer complaints gracefully is crucial.Prepare to talk about a time you resolved a conflict or dealt with a difficult customer.
Technical SkillsKnowledge of point-of-sale systems and basic culinary techniques.Familiarize yourself with common restaurant technologies and basic food preparation.
Menu KnowledgeBeing familiar with the menu, including ingredients and preparation methods.Study the menu available online, focusing on popular dishes and any dietary options.
Dress CodeApplebee’s has a specific dress code for its employees.Ask about the dress code before the interview and dress slightly more formal for the interview.
FlexibilityAvailability for shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays.Be clear about your availability and any limitations, but show willingness to be flexible.

Remember, interviews at Applebee’s are as much about personality and fit as they are about skills and experience. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role, your ability to work well with others, and your passion for providing excellent customer service.

1. What Interests You About Working at Applebee’s?

Tips to Answer:

  • Research the company’s culture and values to show how they align with your own personal and professional goals.
  • Highlight your passion for the hospitality industry and your desire to provide exceptional customer service.

Sample Answer: I’ve always admired Applebee’s commitment to creating a welcoming and friendly environment for its guests. This aligns with my personal value of making everyone feel valued and at home. My passion for the hospitality industry drives me to seek positions where I can bring joy and satisfaction to customers. Working at Applebee’s offers the perfect opportunity to apply my skills in a fast-paced and dynamic setting, ensuring every guest leaves with a positive experience.

2. Can You Tell Us About Your Previous Experience in The Hospitality Industry?

Tips to Answer:

  • Highlight specific roles you’ve had in the hospitality industry and how they’ve prepared you for the position at Applebee’s.
  • Mention any customer service skills or achievements that demonstrate your ability to excel in a hospitality setting.

Sample Answer: In my previous role at a busy downtown cafe, I was responsible for managing customer orders, ensuring food quality, and maintaining a clean environment. I excelled in creating a welcoming atmosphere for all guests, which significantly increased our customer satisfaction scores. My experience has taught me the importance of quick and efficient service, especially during peak hours. I’ve also developed strong conflict resolution skills, which helped me handle difficult situations with grace. Working in such a dynamic environment has equipped me with the skills needed to contribute positively to the Applebee’s team.

3. How Do You Handle A Fast-Paced Work Environment?

Tips to Answer:

  • Illustrate your ability to stay organized and prioritize tasks efficiently. Mention specific strategies or tools you use to keep track of your responsibilities.
  • Emphasize your adaptability and calm demeanor under pressure. Share an instance where your ability to remain composed positively impacted your work or team.

Sample Answer: In a fast-paced work environment, I focus on staying organized and prioritizing tasks. I use a combination of digital tools and traditional lists to keep track of what needs to be done. This approach allows me to quickly adapt to changes without losing sight of my main responsibilities. For example, during a particularly busy shift, I was able to reorganize the team’s tasks on the fly, ensuring that we met all our service goals without compromising on quality. My adaptability and calm demeanor have always helped me to navigate high-pressure situations effectively, ensuring that I can deliver consistent performance even under stress.

4. Can You Give an Example of a Time When You Provided Excellent Customer Service?

Tips to Answer:

  • Reflect on a specific instance where you went above and beyond to ensure a customer’s satisfaction or solved a problem efficiently.
  • Emphasize your ability to listen actively, empathize with the customer, and take immediate, effective action to address their needs.

Sample Answer: Once, during a particularly busy shift at a restaurant I previously worked at, a customer was visibly upset about the wait time for their food. Recognizing their frustration, I promptly approached them to apologize for the delay and explained the kitchen was currently under high pressure. I offered them a complimentary drink while they waited and checked in with the kitchen to expedite their order. Their meal was served shortly after, and I made sure to check back to ensure everything was to their satisfaction. The customer appreciated the gesture and left a positive review about the attentive service. This experience highlighted the importance of proactive communication and empathy in customer service.

5. How Do You Handle Difficult Customers?

Tips to Answer:

  • Reflect on past experiences where you successfully managed challenging interactions with customers. Highlight your ability to remain calm, empathetic, and solution-oriented.
  • Emphasize your communication skills, specifically how you listen to understand the customer’s concerns fully before responding. Mention any strategies you use to de-escalate situations.

Sample Answer: In my previous role, I encountered a situation where a customer was upset due to a misunderstanding about their order. I approached the situation with patience and a calm demeanor, ensuring the customer felt heard. I listened attentively to their concerns, apologized for the inconvenience, and explained the misunderstanding. To resolve the issue, I offered a complimentary item and expedited their order. This approach not only resolved the situation but also turned a potentially negative experience into a positive one. Handling difficult customers is about empathy, effective communication, and quick problem-solving to ensure their satisfaction.

6. Can You Tell Us About A Time When You Had To Work As Part Of A Team?

Tips to Answer:

  • Reflect on a specific instance where collaboration led to a significant achievement or helped overcome a challenge.
  • Highlight your communication skills, flexibility, and ability to contribute positively to a team environment.

Sample Answer: In my previous role at a busy cafe, we were short-staffed during a peak weekend rush. Recognizing the challenge, I initiated a quick team huddle to delegate tasks based on each member’s strengths. I took on the role of expediting orders and assisting the kitchen staff, ensuring that we maintained high-quality service despite the pressure. Through open communication and support for one another, we managed to serve a record number of customers that day, receiving commendable feedback for our teamwork and efficiency. This experience taught me the value of adaptability and the importance of working cohesively towards a common goal.

7. How Do You Prioritize Tasks in a Busy Restaurant Environment?

Tips to Answer:

  • Reflect on experiences where you effectively managed multiple responsibilities, highlighting your ability to quickly assess task urgency and impact.
  • Emphasize your flexibility and adaptability, demonstrating how you can shift priorities as needed while maintaining efficiency and calmness.

Sample Answer: In a busy restaurant environment, I prioritize tasks by quickly assessing which ones will have the most immediate impact on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. For instance, if I have pending orders to enter, tables to clean for new guests, and a drink refill request, I prioritize entering the orders to keep the kitchen flow smooth. Next, I’d clean the tables to accommodate waiting guests, followed by fulfilling the drink refill request. This approach ensures that I’m always contributing to a seamless dining experience. I also stay flexible, ready to adjust my priorities if an urgent situation arises, like a customer concern that needs immediate attention.

8. Can You Describe Your Experience With Food Preparation And Safety?

Tips to Answer:

  • Highlight any certifications you have, such as a food handler’s certificate, to show formal knowledge of food safety standards.
  • Share specific examples from your past experience where you successfully followed food preparation guidelines and maintained a clean kitchen environment to emphasize your practical skills.

Sample Answer: I have been passionate about maintaining the highest standards of food safety throughout my career. I hold a current food handler’s certificate, which has equipped me with knowledge on proper food storage, cross-contamination prevention, and temperature controls. In my previous role at a busy diner, I was responsible for overseeing the kitchen’s daily setup, ensuring that all surfaces were sanitized, and that food was stored correctly. I regularly conducted checks to make sure all staff followed the correct handwashing procedures and wore the necessary protective gear. I believe that my vigilance in these areas not only kept our customers safe but also contributed to our restaurant’s reputation for quality.

9. How Do You Ensure That Guests Feel Welcome And Valued At Applebee’s?

Tips to Answer:

  • Focus on the importance of first impressions, such as greeting guests warmly as soon as they enter and maintaining a friendly, approachable demeanor throughout their visit.
  • Emphasize the significance of personalizing the guest experience by engaging in small talk, remembering regulars’ names, or tailoring service to meet their specific needs.

Sample Answer: In ensuring guests feel welcome and valued at Applebee’s, I prioritize greeting them with a warm, sincere smile the moment they walk in. This initial interaction sets the tone for their entire dining experience. I also make it a point to engage with them, asking how their day is going or if they’re celebrating a special occasion. For regular guests, I try to remember their names and favorite dishes, making recommendations based on their preferences. Listening attentively and responding promptly to their requests demonstrates that their satisfaction is my top priority. These actions, combined with a genuine thank you as they leave, ensure they depart feeling appreciated and looking forward to their next visit.

10. Can You Tell Us About a Time When You Had to Solve a Problem at Work?

Tips to Answer:

  • Reflect on a specific situation where you identified a problem, took initiative to find a solution, and implemented it successfully.
  • Highlight your ability to stay calm under pressure, think critically, and communicate effectively with teammates and management to resolve the issue.

Sample Answer: In my previous role as a server at a busy restaurant, we once faced a sudden shortage of a key ingredient during peak hours. Recognizing the potential disappointment for customers, I quickly brainstormed with the kitchen staff to find an alternative that could still meet our quality standards. We decided on a substitute that was readily available and adjusted the menu offerings accordingly. I then communicated this change transparently to our customers, explaining the situation and the steps we were taking to ensure their dining experience remained enjoyable. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many appreciating our proactive approach and transparency. This experience taught me the importance of quick thinking, teamwork, and clear communication in solving workplace problems.

11. How Do You Stay Organized and On Top of Your Responsibilities During a Shift?

Tips to Answer:

  • Discuss specific strategies you use to manage time and tasks effectively, such as making to-do lists or using digital tools to keep track of duties.
  • Mention the importance of flexibility and how you adjust your plans to handle unexpected situations while still ensuring all responsibilities are met.

Sample Answer: In my previous roles, I’ve always relied on a combination of digital tools and traditional methods to stay organized during a shift. At the start of each shift, I take a few minutes to jot down key tasks on a notepad and prioritize them based on urgency and importance. I use a digital scheduler to set reminders for time-sensitive tasks. This blend of methods helps me adapt quickly if priorities shift unexpectedly. I also communicate regularly with my team to ensure we’re all aligned and can assist each other in staying on track. This approach has consistently enabled me to manage my responsibilities efficiently and maintain high performance under pressure.

12. Can You Describe Your Experience With Cash Handling And Balancing?

Tips to Answer:

  • Highlight your attention to detail and accuracy when dealing with transactions. Mention any specific systems or technologies you have experience with.
  • Share a brief example of a time when your cash handling skills prevented or resolved a discrepancy.

Sample Answer: In my previous role as a cashier at a local diner, I was responsible for managing all the cash transactions. My experience includes using POS systems efficiently, ensuring that every transaction is accurately recorded. I pay close attention to detail, which helps me in balancing the cash drawer at the end of each shift without any discrepancies. There was an instance when my quick identification of a billing error helped in rectifying a potential shortfall of $50. My proactive approach and my ability to remain calm under pressure ensure that all financial transactions under my watch are handled flawlessly.

13. How Do You Maintain A Positive Attitude During Challenging Situations?

Tips to Answer:

  • Reflect on past experiences where maintaining positivity helped improve a situation or outcome. Discuss the strategies you used to stay optimistic.
  • Emphasize the importance of team morale and customer satisfaction, and how your attitude can significantly impact both.

Sample Answer: In challenging situations, I focus on the solution rather than the problem. For example, once during a particularly busy shift at my previous job, we were short-staffed, and tensions were high. I made it a point to keep a smile on my face, offer words of encouragement to my coworkers, and remind everyone that we could get through the rush together. By staying calm and positive, I helped to reduce stress amongst the team, which in turn, allowed us to provide better service to our customers. I believe that maintaining a positive attitude is crucial, as it not only helps me to think more clearly and find solutions more quickly but also positively affects those around me.

14. Can You Tell Us About A Time When You Went Above And Beyond For A Customer?

Tips to Answer:

  • Reflect on a specific incident where you exceeded customer expectations, detailing the steps you took and the positive outcome that followed.
  • Highlight your problem-solving skills and empathy towards the customer, showing how you prioritize customer satisfaction.

Sample Answer: In my previous role at a café, a regular customer came in looking distressed, having lost a precious item earlier that day. Noticing her distress, I offered a comforting ear and promised to help look for the item after my shift. After an hour of searching nearby areas, I found the lost item near our outdoor seating. I immediately contacted her and returned the item. She was overjoyed and grateful, expressing how the gesture restored her faith in kindness. This experience reinforced my belief in going the extra mile to impact someone’s day positively.

15. How Do You Ensure That All Restaurant Policies And Procedures Are Followed?

Tips to Answer:

  • Highlight your attention to detail and your proactive approach to familiarizing yourself with all relevant policies and procedures.
  • Share examples of how you have actively monitored compliance or trained team members to ensure adherence to policies.

Sample Answer: In past roles, I’ve made it a priority to first thoroughly understand all the policies and procedures myself. I believe that setting an example is crucial, so I always adhere to the guidelines meticulously. I also take the initiative to keep updated with any changes and communicate these effectively to the team. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, I’ve organized regular briefings and training sessions. For instance, when a new safety protocol was introduced, I arranged a team meeting to discuss the changes and demonstrated the correct procedures, ensuring everyone understood and could implement them correctly. This proactive approach has helped maintain high standards of compliance and safety in the workplace.

16. How Do You Ensure That All Restaurant Policies And Procedures Are Followed?

Tips to Answer:

  • Highlight your attention to detail and your ability to stay informed about updates to policies and procedures.
  • Discuss how you communicate these standards to team members to ensure everyone is on the same page and compliant.

Sample Answer: In my previous roles, I’ve always made it a priority to familiarize myself with all the restaurant’s policies and procedures right from the start. I regularly review any updates or changes and ensure that I understand them thoroughly. To ensure that the entire team is compliant, I take an active role in communicating these policies during team meetings or individual check-ins. If I notice anyone struggling or unsure about a policy, I offer guidance and support to help them understand its importance and how to apply it in our day-to-day operations. By maintaining clear, open lines of communication and leading by example, I help create a culture of compliance and high standards within the team.

17. How Do You Handle A High Volume Of Orders During Busy Times?

Tips to Answer:

  • Emphasize your ability to stay calm and focused under pressure, highlighting your organizational skills and how you prioritize tasks efficiently.
  • Mention any specific strategies or tools you use to ensure orders are managed effectively, such as teamwork, communication, or digital ordering systems.

Sample Answer: In my previous role, managing a high volume of orders during peak times was challenging but rewarding. I always start by staying calm and maintaining clear communication with both my team and customers. Prioritizing tasks based on urgency and complexity is key. I often use a divide-and-conquer approach, delegating tasks based on my team’s strengths and ensuring we’re all aligned on our goals. Regular check-ins help us stay on track and quickly address any issues. Utilizing digital tools for order tracking and time management also significantly boosts our efficiency, ensuring every customer is satisfied with their experience.

18. Can You Tell Us About a Time When You Had to Work Independently?

Tips to Answer:

  • Reflect on a past experience where you successfully managed a task or project alone, highlighting your ability to take initiative and solve problems without direct supervision.
  • Discuss the strategies you used to stay organized and focused, and how you ensured the successful completion of your independent work.

Sample Answer: In my previous role at a local café, there was a day when we were understaffed due to sudden illnesses, and I was the only one available to open the shop. Recognizing the challenge, I quickly organized the workspace, prioritized tasks such as brewing coffee, setting up the display case, and preparing the register. Throughout the day, I managed to serve customers efficiently, maintain cleanliness, and even handle some minor issues that arose, such as restocking items and troubleshooting the cash register. This experience taught me the importance of being self-reliant, staying calm under pressure, and effectively managing my time to ensure the business operated smoothly without disruption.

19. How Do You Stay Up-To-Date With Menu Changes And New Promotions?

Tips to Answer:

  • Emphasize the importance of regular communication with management and the use of resources like team meetings or company bulletins to stay informed.
  • Highlight your proactive approach by mentioning how you engage with training sessions, online platforms, or materials provided by the restaurant to learn about updates.

Sample Answer: I believe staying informed about menu changes and promotions is crucial for providing guests with accurate information and enhancing their dining experience. To achieve this, I actively participate in team meetings where such updates are discussed. I also make it a habit to review any new training materials or bulletins provided by the restaurant. Additionally, I engage with our management team to ask questions and clarify any doubts about new items or promotions. This proactive approach ensures that I can confidently inform and recommend the latest offerings to our guests, contributing to a positive and updated dining experience.

20. Can You Describe Your Experience With Scheduling And Time Management?

Tips to Answer:

  • Highlight your ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently by setting priorities and adhering to a strict schedule.
  • Discuss any tools or systems you’ve used to stay organized, such as digital calendars or task management apps, and how they helped you ensure that everything ran smoothly.

Sample Answer: In my previous role, I was responsible for managing the schedule for a team of 15 staff members. I utilized a digital scheduling system to allocate shifts, ensuring fair distribution and accommodating individual availability. This required meticulous attention to detail and constant communication with the team to address any changes or preferences. I also managed my own time by setting daily and weekly tasks, prioritizing urgent matters while still making room for unexpected challenges. This approach allowed me to maintain a high level of efficiency and meet all deadlines.

21. How Do You Ensure That All Food And Drinks Are Prepared And Served Correctly?

Tips to Answer:

  • Highlight your attention to detail and the importance of following recipes and presentation standards closely.
  • Mention any experience you have with quality control measures, such as taste tests or visual inspections, to ensure consistency and quality.

Sample Answer: In my previous role, I always made sure to familiarize myself with the menu thoroughly, paying special attention to the details of each dish and drink. I believe in strictly following recipes and presentation guidelines to maintain consistency. I regularly performed taste tests and visual inspections before serving, as I understand the impact of serving excellent food and drinks on the customer’s overall experience. Ensuring everything is prepared and served correctly is crucial to me, and I always take the extra step to verify that each item meets the established standards before it reaches the customer.

22. Can You Tell Us About A Time When You Had To Deal With A Difficult Coworker?

Tips to Answer:

  • Reflect on a situation where you demonstrated patience, understanding, and effective communication skills to resolve a conflict or difference of opinion with a coworker.
  • Emphasize the positive outcome or what you learned from the experience that you now apply to similar situations.

Sample Answer: In my previous role, I encountered a situation where a coworker and I had significantly different approaches to handling a project. Initially, this led to some tension and inefficiency. Recognizing the impact on our work, I requested a private meeting to discuss our differences. During the conversation, I focused on listening to understand their perspective while also clearly expressing my concerns and suggestions. We discovered that by combining our approaches, we could enhance our project’s effectiveness. This experience taught me the value of open communication and the importance of finding common ground to work collaboratively towards shared goals.

23. How Do You Maintain A Clean And Organized Workspace?

Tips to Answer:

  • Discuss specific routines or habits you have developed to keep your workspace clean and organized.
  • Mention how maintaining a clean workspace contributes to efficiency and safety in a restaurant environment.

Sample Answer: I believe that maintaining a clean and organized workspace is crucial for efficiency and safety. To achieve this, I start every shift by ensuring that my workspace is clean and that everything is in its proper place. Throughout the shift, I make it a habit to clean as I go. This means wiping down surfaces after each task and immediately taking care of spills or debris. I also allocate time at the end of each shift for a thorough clean-up, ensuring that the next person can start their shift in a clean environment. This routine not only helps in keeping the workspace presentable but also allows me to work more efficiently, as I spend less time searching for tools or ingredients.

24. Can You Describe Your Experience With Training And Development?

Tips to Answer:

  • Reflect on specific instances where you participated in or led training and development sessions, highlighting your role and the outcomes.
  • Mention any strategies you used to ensure the training was effective and engaging for new or existing employees.

Sample Answer: In my previous role, I was responsible for onboarding new staff members, which included conducting training sessions on customer service excellence and operational efficiency. I developed a comprehensive training program that combined hands-on practice with interactive quizzes to keep the team engaged and ensure they retained the information. I also set up a mentorship system where new hires were paired with experienced staff, which facilitated a smoother integration into our team. My approach was to adapt the training to each individual’s learning pace and style, which significantly improved our onboarding success rate and team performance.

25. How Do You Handle Feedback And Constructive Criticism?

Tips to Answer:

  • Embrace feedback as an opportunity for growth and improvement. Show that you are open and eager to learn and develop your skills further.
  • Demonstrate resilience by sharing examples of how you’ve used constructive criticism to make positive changes in your work or approach.

Sample Answer: In my experience, feedback and constructive criticism are vital for personal and professional development. I always approach feedback with an open mind, knowing it’s a chance to improve my performance. For instance, previously, when a supervisor pointed out that my interaction with customers could be more engaging, I took it to heart. I worked on my communication skills by observing top performers and practicing their techniques. This not only improved my customer interactions but also increased my overall job satisfaction. I believe that being receptive to feedback has been key to my success in the hospitality industry.

26. Can You Tell Us About A Time When You Had To Handle A Crisis At Work?

Tips to Answer:

  • Reflect on a specific incident where you successfully managed a crisis, highlighting your problem-solving skills and ability to remain calm under pressure.
  • Emphasize the steps you took to resolve the issue and the positive outcome that resulted from your actions.

Sample Answer: In my previous role at a busy restaurant, we once faced a power outage during peak dinner hours. Initially, the situation seemed overwhelming with a full house of diners. However, I immediately took action to assess the situation. I gathered the team for a quick meeting to devise a plan. We decided to use manual order taking methods and communicated with our guests about the situation, assuring them we were doing everything possible to ensure a pleasant dining experience despite the circumstances. I also coordinated with the kitchen staff to prioritize dishes that could be prepared with minimal electrical equipment. Thanks to our team’s quick thinking and effective communication, we managed to serve our guests efficiently, and many appreciated our efforts to make the best out of a difficult situation. This experience taught me the importance of staying calm under pressure and the value of teamwork in overcoming unexpected challenges.

27. How Do You Ensure That All Guests Receive Prompt And Attentive Service?

Tips to Answer:

  • Focus on your ability to multitask and prioritize tasks efficiently, ensuring that you can attend to multiple guests without compromising the quality of service.
  • Highlight your communication skills and how you coordinate with your team to manage busy periods, ensuring that all guests are attended to promptly.

Sample Answer: In my previous roles, I’ve always prioritized multitasking and effective communication to ensure guests receive prompt and attentive service. For instance, during peak hours, I quickly assess the floor, prioritizing tasks such as greeting new guests, checking on tables that need orders taken, or those awaiting their meals. I maintain open communication with the kitchen and other staff to stay updated on order statuses and potential delays. By doing so, I can manage guests’ expectations and keep them informed, ensuring they feel valued and attended to throughout their dining experience.

28. Can You Describe Your Experience With Inventory Management?

Tips to Answer:

  • Highlight specific systems or software you have used for inventory management and how they helped you maintain accurate stock levels.
  • Discuss how you’ve effectively communicated with the kitchen and management team to ensure inventory needs are met and waste is minimized.

Sample Answer: In my previous role, I was responsible for managing inventory using the ABC inventory system, which really helped in prioritizing items based on their importance and turnover rate. I conducted weekly audits to ensure accuracy and worked closely with the kitchen staff to adjust orders based on upcoming promotions and expected customer volume. This process reduced waste by 15% within the first six months. I believe clear communication and regular check-ins with both the kitchen and management are key to a smooth-running inventory system.

29. How Do You Maintain A Positive And Professional Demeanor During Long Shifts?

Tips to Answer:

  • Reflect on strategies that help you stay focused and optimistic, such as taking short breaks or practicing mindfulness.
  • Share examples of how maintaining a positive attitude has positively impacted your work performance and team morale.

Sample Answer: During long shifts, I prioritize self-care and mindfulness to keep my energy and spirits high. I make sure to take brief breaks when possible, to stretch or just to clear my mind. Staying hydrated and having healthy snacks also plays a crucial role in maintaining my stamina and mood. I find that starting the day with a positive affirmation sets the right tone for the shift. Additionally, I focus on the positive impact my work has on customers and my team, which motivates me to maintain a professional demeanor. Sharing a smile and encouraging words with colleagues also helps in creating a supportive work environment, making long shifts more manageable and enjoyable for everyone.

30. Can You Tell Us About A Time When You Had To Take The Initiative At Work?

Tips to Answer:

  • Reflect on a specific example where you identified a problem or opportunity without being asked and took action to address it. This shows proactivity and leadership.
  • Highlight the impact of your actions, such as improved efficiency, customer satisfaction, or team morale, to demonstrate the value of taking initiative.

Sample Answer: In my previous role at a busy café, I noticed we often ran out of popular bakery items by early afternoon, leading to disappointed customers. Recognizing this issue, I proposed to my manager that we adjust our baking schedule to prepare a second batch of these items mid-morning. I volunteered to come in earlier to oversee this adjustment. This initiative not only reduced customer complaints but also increased our daily sales as we were able to meet the demand throughout the day. My proactive approach was appreciated by both my team and management, and it taught me the importance of observing, acting swiftly, and the positive impact small changes can make.

31. How Do You Ensure That All Guests Feel Safe and Comfortable at Applebee’s?

Tips to Answer:

  • Highlight your ability to follow and enforce safety protocols and procedures to create a secure environment.
  • Emphasize your interpersonal skills and how they contribute to making guests feel welcomed and at ease.

Sample Answer: In ensuring all guests feel safe and comfortable at Applebee’s, I prioritize adhering to all safety and health guidelines strictly. I regularly check that my knowledge of emergency procedures is up to date and make sure to communicate any safety measures clearly to guests without alarming them. Additionally, I use my interpersonal skills to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I pay close attention to guests’ needs and preferences, addressing any concerns promptly and with empathy. By maintaining a clean and orderly environment and being attentive and approachable, I help ensure that every guest’s dining experience is not only enjoyable but also feels secure.

32. Can You Describe Your Experience With Conflict Resolution?

Tips to Answer:

  • Reflect on specific instances where you effectively mediated a dispute, emphasizing your approach to understanding both sides and finding a mutual agreement.
  • Highlight your ability to remain calm and composed under pressure, showcasing your communication skills and empathy towards resolving conflicts.

Sample Answer: In my previous role, I often encountered situations where customers had complaints or disagreements arose among team members. I always approached these instances with a calm demeanor, aiming to understand each perspective fully before suggesting solutions. For example, once, two colleagues disagreed on shift responsibilities, causing tension. I facilitated a discussion between them, encouraging open communication and understanding. We collaboratively found a solution that respected both their preferences, which improved our team dynamics significantly. My focus is always on ensuring a positive outcome for all parties involved, demonstrating empathy and fairness throughout the process.

33. How Do You Ensure That All Restaurant Equipment And Facilities Are Well-Maintained And In Good Working Order?

Tips to Answer:

  • Highlight your proactive approach to maintenance, such as regular inspections and timely reporting of issues.
  • Mention your ability to follow and understand maintenance schedules and procedures, emphasizing teamwork and communication with the maintenance staff.

Sample Answer: In ensuring that all restaurant equipment and facilities are well-maintained, I prioritize regular checks and adhere strictly to the maintenance schedule provided by the management. I believe in being proactive rather than reactive. If I notice any equipment showing signs of wear or malfunction, I report it immediately to our maintenance team or supervisor. I also make it a point to communicate effectively with my team about any maintenance activities to avoid any operational disruptions. By doing so, I play my part in keeping the restaurant running smoothly and ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our guests.


In conclusion, preparing for an interview at Applebee’s by familiarizing yourself with these top 33 questions and answers can greatly enhance your chances of success. It’s not just about having the right answers but also about demonstrating your passion for customer service, your ability to work as part of a team, and your readiness to embrace the company’s values. Remember, interviews are an opportunity to showcase your skills and personality, so stay confident, be yourself, and let your enthusiasm for the role shine through. Good luck!