33 Winter Business Ideas that Work in 2024

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33 Winter Business Ideas that Work

A fantastic approach to get extra money throughout the season is to start a business, especially if you think it would be useful.

This implies that you can run your business for a few months out of the year and then spend the other months pursuing your personal or professional interests. You can even choose to combine various seasonal business opportunities so that you can generate a consistent income all year round. There are numerous seasons throughout the year, and a set of unique needs comes with each season. As a result, this is a time for business opportunities, and savvy entrepreneurs should look for and capitalize on any company venture that will be particular to the season.

For example, there is typically a high demand for services like snow clearing and clothing to stave against the cold during the winter. In addition, the season calls for clearing the roadways of snow and other weather-related debris. Therefore, you might want to look at some of these company ideas given below if you’re trying to launch a successful winter venture.

1. Baskets For Winter Weather

This is similar to the typical gift basket that most people receive at holiday celebrations, like the winter solstice, but this is a different kind of business. The main motive of this company is to supply a family with the necessities when a winter storm prevents them from leaving the house.

The seasonal business concept, For example, there may be a winter basket for offices, residences, and cars. The basket would have to include all wintertime necessities, such as warm hats, blankets, canned food, bottled water, and first aid supplies.

2. Ski Rentals

You might easily launch this business if you are an expert skier or have a love for sports. Additionally, you would need to be knowledgeable about different ski brands and varieties and be able to assist clients in making decisions about which skis to rent.

Before beginning your business, research which brands your rivals rent out more of and why. Consider strategies to differentiate your business from competitors by offering packages and lower costs.

3. Christmas Cards

Greeting cards are considered large enterprises since they are frequently used for various occasions, including holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, deaths, and graduations. In addition, people frequently purchase greeting cards to include with presents; therefore, this firm generates a lot of cash. If you have an aptness for writing and can create simple images well, you can make significant money in this field.

You will need to choose whether to focus on making cards with humorous, uplifting, or consoling sentiments or do all of these at once. In addition, you can sell some greeting cards throughout Christmas and other seasons.

4. Business for Hot Soup Dinner

The demand for anything hot typically soars throughout the winter. Therefore, executives with demanding schedules and regular working adults would value a service allowing them to arrive home and have something hot delivered or picked up at a convenient location.

You may start a business producing hot soups during this time and offering it to your customers for pickup or delivery, depending on what is most convenient for them. You would earn a constant additional income throughout this time.

5. Offer Services For Removing Snow

What better time than now to consider winter business ideas and launch your own snow removal company? Your yard has a lot of slopes, right? If you reside in a locale that experiences frequent snowfall, think about providing snow removal services. Homeowners that don’t want to shovel snow themselves will gladly pay you for your help. Depending on your client’s requirements, you can offer various services, such as clearing snow from driveways, steps, and sidewalks; annual service contracts; and even snow-covered yard gardening. You would need to distribute flyers and business cards to ensure that you establish this business during this time frame to provide the service to individuals who would need it.

6. Baking And Cooking In The Winter

People, especially those who cannot cook or bake, frequently adore the thought of hot meals or pastries, especially chocolate; this is where your skills may be useful. You might merely launch a company that would send these foods to people’s homes throughout this time.

By handing out leaflets and handbills with your contact information and the services you provide clearly stated on them, you can make sure that people are aware of this service. Remember that your proposal would not succeed in a neighborhood where most moms are stay-at-home parents skilled in the kitchen; instead, it would be wiser to target corporate surroundings where you are more likely to find clients.

7. Rentals For Snowshoes

If you are serious about beginning a business renting out snowshoes, you should do it while being completely informed of the risks and opportunities. A solid business plan, a prime location, and extensive advertising would be required.

Find someone already in the industry and pick their brain for advice. It need not be a direct rival; it could be a visitor from another city.

8. Fireplace Sweeper

Owning a chimney is a nice idea, especially because it is useful in the winter but requires a lot of maintenance because it can get quite dirty. A significant amount of soot typically sticks to the inside of the chimney in addition to the ash that is typically left in the fireplace.

This necessitates routine cleaning to prevent any major issues. A savvy business person might generate extra cash by offering to sweep the chimney in this situation. Even though the task is unpleasant and taxing, you can make good money doing it, especially if you ask to be recommended to more houses.

9. Christmas Merchant

This is typically a general merchandise and Christmas-related items store that caters to customers in a particular market during the holiday season. This seasonal business typically runs from September to December for no more than four months.

The advantage of this type of store is that it can be open all year long and stock up on items appropriate for the season. This business may take more start-up capital than most on this list, but it will make you a stable income. Your location and company plan are crucial components of this venture.

10. Senior Conveyance Service

Seniors typically have a difficult time during the winter since they are more affected by the severe weather that winter brings. However, just like everyone else, they have some fundamental needs that must be met, and they would be prepared to pay for someone to run errands for them during this time. This is where you, as an entrepreneur, may step in.

You would need to choose a neighborhood with more older citizens and let them know about your service. Make sure to leave a business card with your phone number prominently displayed so they can contact you anytime. Additionally, this venture might be conducted in other seasons as well.

11. Rental Of Christmas Trees

Some individuals are starting to detest the idea of cutting down trees each year to use for a single holiday season due to the rise in environmentalists and tree/nature enthusiasts. Instead, you could start this business by renting live Christmas trees in large pots and returning them to your farm the following year when required.

This is a niche industry, and it would be fantastic if you could locate the perfect target demographic of people who detest the removal of trees and love the outdoors. You would need to conduct extensive offline and internet publicity.

12. Winterizing Individual Homes

When winter is quickly approaching, people perform specific actions to help them get ready for the season. The duties include hanging lights around the house, covering the pipes, and sealing small cracks in the basement, attic, or other locations.

Start a business that assists homeowners with winterizing their homes to earn extra money. Inform people in your community about your services, and distribute flyers with your contact information so they can call you when needed.

13. Christmas Shopper

Most individuals enjoy shopping for the holidays but often lack time due to various factors, including a hectic schedule, a desire to avoid the stress of shopping or physical limitations. By assisting others who would benefit from your services in locating the items they require for a fee, you will be bridging the gap for them.

By distributing business cards and flyers to raise awareness of your enterprise, you could earn a respectable amount of money from this venture.

14. Soothing Cider

Although it can be consumed hot or cold, this beverage is most often seen as wintertime warmer. If someone is particularly busy and does not have the time to prepare on their own but wants to feel warm, you might provide this service.

You could offer an extra service by offering spices for the cider, which they could take home and mix with either the hot or cold cider. You would need to be strategically positioned so clients could easily pick up their orders. Additionally, you must be able to deliver items to clients at their residences.

15. Planning An Event

You are responsible for arranging, planning, and managing various medium- and large-scale events, typically around the holidays, including weddings, corporate meetings, and family reunions.

You may offer a specialized service by hosting a winter-themed party for your clientele. If you are imaginative enough, this business offers the possibility of year-round financial success. Ensure your target audience is aware of your company by actively promoting it.

16. Hand Knitted Clothes

This is a terrific business for this time of year, especially since you may start knitting casually and still earn a nice extra income over the winter by knitting mittens, caps, shawls, and other items.

The beautiful thing about this line of work is that you can take your time knitting until winter and then sell whatever you have done up to that point. Of course, by using aggressive marketing strategies, you would need to ensure that your target market is aware of your company.

17. Manufacturing Of Snowboards

A relatively young activity, snowboarding has surpassed skiing in attractiveness and acceptance. When making snowboards, you must make sure that the snowboard’s composition and design are of the highest caliber. Individuals with a background in manufacturing and design are the most suitable for the firm. As a businessperson, you may take advantage of the snowboard market and ensure that your company produces snowboards with eye-catching designs that will distinguish your brand. Direct sales to consumers, distributors, and merchants are options for selling snowboards. Use a well-known athlete as part of your aggressive marketing plan.

18. Men’s Winter Accessories

Although accessories aren’t often a component of a man’s clothing, they are frequently worn throughout the winter. Typically, these accouterments are required to combat the bitterly cold temperatures. As a wise businessperson, you might enter this market and seize a portion of the market. You would need to be sure to generate the much-needed visibility for this company by distributing business cards and flyers at workplaces, educational institutions, and other settings where men predominate.

19. Restaurant At Home

Consider turning your passion for cooking into a business this winter. Food will always be in short supply. This restaurant can be started from the comfort of your own home. Customers can be served food that has been prepared. The pandemic has made people realize how important it is to eat healthy food. People nowadays prefer to eat food that they have prepared themselves. Everyone enjoys home-cooked food, whether for small gatherings or for busy professionals.

20. Delivery Services

Anyone intelligent and business competent can launch a delivery firm. People enjoy having goods brought to them during the winter months when they are cooped up in their homes, but seniors, in particular, require specific items sent to and for them.

You would want a cell phone and a dependable truck that can travel through a reasonable amount of snow to start this business, which typically has modest initial costs. Since you would be outside while others are inside, it will be beneficial if you can conduct in-depth research and know the risks associated with this line of work. You might choose to send packages to your locality, so you aren’t far from home.

21. Skating Rink Enterprise

Families can have fun while exercising by roller skating. Make sure you have enjoyable events planned if you plan to start this business so that it may be promoted at the forefront. For example, people might sign up for skating lessons; the lessons could be divided into age groups so that adults and children wouldn’t mix.

In addition to having a solid business plan, you need to make sure that your roller rink is located in a location with a large parking lot. It would also be preferable if you could use an existing roller rink.

22. Holiday Decorating Services At Home

Similar to the summer, the winter also has its share of holiday-filled months, which encourages many people to decorate their homes then. Most people’s sole issue is a lack of time; thus, despite their desire to beautify their homes, they may not have the time to do it.

For individuals who would require it, you may offer this service and make some extra money. You would need to do this by spreading out flyers with your contact information on them, allowing people to utilize them to contact you if they ever needed your service.

23. Sales And Rental Of Skates

Skateboarding is a sport that predominantly uses a type of sports equipment called a skateboard. Typically, it consists of a little surfboard-shaped piece of wood with four wheels attached. You must decide how you will fit into the competitive landscape before launching this type of business.

Additionally, you should gain as much knowledge as you can from an established professional, preferably one who lives in a different place, so that person will feel at ease enough to share details that you might not have learned otherwise if you had approached someone in the same area or city.

24. Fireplaces Without Vent

Even though many households lack a fireplace or hearth, some areas are blessed with this feature. This is because fireplaces can be dangerous for other tenants and most apartment buildings lack chimneys, unlike homes with fireplaces. Any savvy businessperson would find this to be an excellent idea.

Starting a ventless fireplace entails fulfilling a critical necessity. The ventless fireplace utilizes a fuel cartridge and can be installed in any type of building. It won’t heat the house as much as a genuine fireplace, but it will give off a tiny bit of heat and a lovely glow. The state where you intend to operate must approve this company concept through its fire and buildings departments.

25. Espresso Service

People drink more hot coffee in the winter than they normally would because they need something to keep them warm from the inside. Most people would enjoy a hot cup of their preferred type of coffee in the early morning, especially at their workplace. You may start a company that specializes in bringing coffee to offices.

To sell coffee to those who like to come and collect it themselves, you must first make sure that you are properly situated. You would need to be able to bring the coffee on time because people are also more impatient around this time.

26. Christmas Wreaths

Create holiday wreaths, then market them to families over the winter. Wreaths are a customary component of the holiday season, and as an entrepreneur, you can get into this market.

After the holidays, most wreaths continue to be in use. You would need to be artistically inclined and create lots of eye-catching wreaths. You would need to spread the word about your enterprise, and you could need to work with Christmas tree farms.

27. Moving Business

Most people like cleaning up their homes during the winter months but are either too lazy or too busy to actually load their belongings into boxes and relocate them to a storage location. You might provide this service to these individuals by assisting them with packing and moving their belongings to the location they require.

Make sure to promote your company as winter approaches by distributing flyers and handbills to offices and residential areas. Don’t forget to provide business cards as well, or have your contact details written on your flier.

28. Eggnog

Traditional ingredients for making eggnog, an egg milk punch, include milk, sugar, whipped eggs, and alcoholic beverages. People typically consume it around the Christmas holidays. For a business owner, this is a terrific opportunity.

Make eggnogs and sell them near apartment buildings or other areas with solitary folks. Additionally, you could deliver eggnog or arrange for them to pick it up from a convenient location. Make sure to promote your eggnog business widely.

29. Rides in Sleighs

Sleigh rides are frequently enjoyable winter activities, especially now that the majority of sleigh ride companies provide add-ons to their services. You may launch this firm by providing many packages tailored to various clients, each with different pricing. To compete for customers and get market share in this industry, make sure your company offers a variety of extras, including meals, dinners, and other attractions.

30. Instructor Of Skiing

Ski instructors have the opportunity to coach beginners, amateurs, and aspiring professionals who wish to learn the sport for fun. You may count on this business to generate respectable revenue for you during the winter. To provide your services to guests in ski resorts, you would need to be close by. But in order to teach this sport, where injuries ranging from minor to major can happen during classes, you would need to be qualified and insured.

31. Presents Wrapped

The majority of individuals enjoy giving gifts, especially during the holiday season, but many lack the patience or ability necessary to wrap the presents so that they look nice for the recipient. This is where you, as a savvy businessperson, could seize the initiative. Before charging them later, you may initially offer to help friends and family members wrap their presents for free.

The people whose gifts you’ve wrapped can spread the word to their own friends and family as well. Additionally, you might advertise your services in the shops where these gifts are sold. Being savvy is all you need in this industry to make a few extra dollars this season.

32. Beauty Artist

A skilled makeup artist is aware that the type of makeup required in the winter is different from that required in other seasons. By giving them a makeover, you might assist those who are attending occasions and special events at this time.

If you are just starting out, give advice to people and make sure that your target market is aware of your services. Otherwise, you would need to ensure that people are aware of your services beforehand.

33. Women’s Fashionable Winter Accessories

No woman wants to show up to work in heavy coats and drab sweatshirts, and even if they must wear hats and caps, they’d rather they look classy. Any savvy business person would benefit greatly from this chance. Despite the fact that this is a niche market, make sure that your target audience is aware of the special service you provide and is available to use during this time.


To sum up, before starting any business, you must thoroughly research the industry, especially if the venture will only last a few months, and you must have recovered your investment by the time the season is over. You should wait to start your studies until the following winter season if you feel unprepared. Even if most people are forced to stay indoors during the winter because of the various severe conditions, there are still countless business prospects for any savvy entrepreneur.