33 Vending Machine Business Ideas that Work in 2024

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Vending Machine Business Ideas that Work

Are you interested in starting your own vending machine business yet searching for original ideas? 

The best and most original vending machine business concepts that you may start and profit from are listed in this article. Vending machines come in a wide variety of designs and sell a wide variety of goods. Research the goods in the most significant demand in your neighborhood and design your vending machine business appropriately. The location of your vending machine is one of the most crucial factors of this business. It would be best to locate a place with a lot of foot traffic from potential clients.

You may find one of the most thorough listings of the top items offered in vending machines in the following article. Find the ones that are most profitable for you and most appropriate for your location.

1. Optimally Natural Snacks

Healthy eating and lifestyle choices have become more prevalent in recent years. However, as individuals grow more aware of what they consume in their bodies, many schools, institutions, and workplaces are gradually removing the less healthy food selections from their menus.

You have fantastic business potential by offering these nutritious food choices in your vending machine. You can provide enticing and healthy snacks like granola bars, seeds, almonds, whole wheat pieces of bread with sides, hummus, and oatmeal snacks.

2. Food-Can Vending Machine

Foods can typically last longer than fresh food; therefore, they are ideal vending machine commodities and have the benefit of numerous selections. The goods marketed in cans or jars include caviar, anchovies, tuna, coconut milk, corn, sauces, and survival supplies.

3. Machine For Vending Newspapers And Magazines

A future business owner should also consider starting a newspaper and magazine vending machine business, which is very lucrative. A newspaper and magazine ATM is an automated teller machine (ATM) that sells newspapers and magazines. Around the world, people use vending machines to buy newspapers and magazines, which is often one of the primary distribution channels for these publications.

4. Photobooth Apparatus

Automated photo booth devices are last on our list. These aren’t your typical vending machines, but they nevertheless have the potential to be quite profitable. These devices function best when celebrating or having fun with friends and family. The success of a photo booth machine will depend on a variety of things, including the standard of the images, the props offered, the venue, etc.

5. Sweets And Biscuits

The sale of biscuits and candies through vending machines is another venture that a would-be business owner with little initial funding can launch successfully. You should set up a shop close to a school or children’s park if you’re thinking of opening a biscuit and candy vending machine business. The primary consumers of cookies and candies are youngsters, which explains why.

You will be fine making daily sales if you keep it well-stocked with various biscuits, candies, and kid-friendly beverages.

6. Machine for Recycling Plastic Bottles

Have you ever encountered a machine where you could feed items in exchange for cash? Yes, many of these “reverse vending machines” are in use today that customers provide with used water bottles in exchange for money.

These devices encourage individuals to maintain a clean and litter-free environment.

7. Machine For Selling Nail Art

Nail art has become extremely popular in recent years, and in many regions of the world, automated vending machines now perform this service. Customers have several options from which to choose, including many different colors and styles.

The machine will automatically print the chosen designs onto the users’ nail(s) once they insert their money using cash or debit/credit cards, choose a design from all the available possibilities on the screen, and insert their finger in the designated slot.

8. Vending Machine For Gold

It’s true what you just read! No matter how tough it may be for you to believe, there are real gold vending machines that distribute real gold, such as this one dubbed GOLD, to go to the Dubai Mall in the United Arab Emirates. Real gold is in stock in various forms in these machines, including coins, gold bars, and even jewelry.

9. Breathalyzer Instrument

Want to make money while preventing drunk driving? Introducing breathalyzer devices! Even though they aren’t your standard vending machines, they have recently become prevalent.

They operate as follows: after entering payment information using cash or a credit card, the user inserts a straw into a testing hole and blows into it for two seconds. The machine then displays the results on a sizable monitor. These can be used in any nation and altered to work with any currency.

10. Clothing Add-Ons

You may sell a plethora of various apparel accessories in a vending machine. Hats are among the most well-liked of these. Typically, they are universal sizes, so you can buy them without trying them on. In addition, hats are ideal for a vending machine because they often don’t take up much room.

In addition to hats, you can offer other items in your vending machine business, including gloves, scarves, handkerchiefs, raincoats, etc.

11. Cosmetics and Beauty Products

A successful vending machine business selling beauty products and cosmetics is one that an ambitious entrepreneur who wants to launch a street-related venture should consider. If you’re thinking about opening a beauty and cosmetics vending machine business. Next, make sure it is fully stocked with a variety of:

  • Hair Care And Shower Items
  • Cosmetics
  • Skin Care
  • Fragrances
  • Nail Care
  • Deodorant And Shaving Items
  • Sun Care
  • Baby Care And Other Similar Items 

Only then will you be able to welcome repeat clients and, naturally, increase your profit margins.

12. Bread Products & Fresh Bread

Fresh bread and other items, such as croissants, pretzels, breadsticks, and buns, are always in high demand. As a result, bread products are some of the most popular culinary things consumed worldwide.

They are the ideal choice for products offered in vending machines. In addition, such a device can be placed in any area that doesn’t already have a lot of competition, for example, bakeries).

13. Laundry And Detergent Products

Cleaning supplies of all kinds are constantly in demand. Selling products like washing detergents, bleaches, fabric softeners, spot removers, liquid detergents, etc., establishments where people go to wash their clothes or do their laundry is a terrific idea.

These goods are the ideal line of goods to be offered in vending machines because they also have a lengthy shelf life.

14. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

It’s getting more and more common to fresh stock produce in vending machines. They are perfect as a snack or as a meal replacement.

Fruits and vegetables can be served with a fork and napkin, whole or packaged, and diced into manageable portions. It can be an Ideal supper for anyone who is worried about their health or needs to quickly run to the grocery store.

15. Shakes With Protein And Other Supplements

It might be a highly lucrative business concept to offer protein supplements and other products that improve performance in high-demand locations like gyms and sports facilities. These goods are constantly in high demand whenever athletes or sports enthusiasts congregate, making vending machine sales of them a lucrative business venture.

Once more, a variety of these products, including protein shakes, energy bars, vitamins, and energy beverages, are available.

16. Machine for Selling Nuts

Hungry people can quickly eat nuts since they are very nutritious. In a vending machine, you can make excellent profit margins selling all the various nuts, including pistachios, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, and others.

In addition to having a long shelf life, they can be presented in a number of flavors, such as salted, spicy, sweet, or even a combination of all the different nuts.

17. Sushi Vending Machine

In Japan, there are already a lot of sushi vending machines. Sushi is popular not just in the USA but throughout the world; thus, this type of vending machine business has a very strong possibility of succeeding, particularly in the cores of big cities. The success of such a machine depends on providing fresh goods, notably fresh fish.

City centers and renowned tourist attractions are the best places to be.

18. Chargers, Headphones, & Phone Assistance

A new phone cable, pair of headphones, or other cable or gadget, such as a flash drive or battery bank, is almost always necessary. Vending machine sales of these goods are a great concept. Pop sockets may be another product sold in this machine. Each machine can accommodate a large number of them, they are little, and everyone needs them.

Malls and universities are the ideal sites.

19. Little Gifts

Small presents are the next product category on our list of the greatest vending machine ideas. You may offer them a wide range of small presents that don’t take up much room, such bracelets, smartwatches, key chains, fridge magnets, and sunglasses, among many other items, that they can easily buy while they’re out and about.

The best locations for installation are airports, popular tourist locations, train stations, subways, and other busy sites.

20. Automatic Contraceptive Dispenser

Another profitable vending machine business that an aspirant might establish and profit from is a birth control (condom and contraception) vending machine business. A birth control vending machine is a device that sells birth control methods, such as condoms or emergency contraception.

Vending machines for condoms are located in the following:

  • Brothels
  • Hotels
  • Stripper Clubs
  • Campuses
  • Public Restrooms
  • Subway Stations
  • Airports
  • Colleges as a public health measure to promote safe sex

One is frequently kept outside of pharmacies for access after hours.

There are very few instances where women are given condoms or the morning-after pill. Condom use is promoted for adults who want to prevent sexually transmitted illnesses, which promotes condom sales.

21. Arcade Machine Crane Claw

These kinds of equipment are the best additions to locations where visitors typically go to have fun. End users insert money into arcade claw machines, which combine a vending machine and an arcade game, to win one of their preferred items displayed inside by directing the crane claw to it. Many of the many gaming arcades have some of these installed. You can earn great money using these gadgets. The best sites to install include amusement parks, shopping centers, arcades, and any other area where children and people can have a good time.

22. Beverage Vending Machine

Diet soda, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, and other iced beverages, energy drinks like Red Bull and Gatorade, as well as bottled water, are unquestionably some of the most popular commodities sold by vending machines. Approximately 50% of all products sold in vending machines in the USA are soda and other cold beverages, according to a paper written by Brendon Gaille.

Any site with a lot of foot activity, such as a stadium, a mall, or an office building, is the best location for the installation of a beverage vending machine.

23. Automobile Selling

Naturally, a vending machine business that sells cars is new, although a profitable one that requires a lot of capital. I did indeed say what I did! Automobile. The nation’s first vehicle vending machine was unveiled in Atlanta by online auto retailer Carvana in November 2013. Another example is the 60-vehicle, 15-story-tall luxury car vending machine that Autobahn Motors, a car dealership in Singapore, erected in late 2016. Ferrari and Lamborghini cars are being distributed. So, one of your greatest possibilities is to create a car vending machine if you are wealthy or have an approved investor who is interested in the vending machine industry.

24. Bait Vending Machine

A prospective business person should think about creating a bait vending machine business as another unusual vending machine venture. A vending machine that sells live fishing bait, such as worms and crickets, is known as a bait vending machine. Make sure to place your vending machines near and around fishing locations if you want to optimize business revenues.

25. Train And Bus Tickets

Buying a ticket for a bus and a train One of the very portable vending machine business ideas that may be launched in the United States of America is the vending machine business. A vending machine that creates tickets is known as a ticket vending machine. At train stations, metro stations, and some tram stops as well as in some trams. Ticket machines are used to sell train tickets, transit tickets, and tram tickets. The typical transaction involves selecting the kind and number of tickets via the display interface, followed by selecting a payment option—cash, credit/debit card, or smart card—to complete the purchase. After that, the ticket or tickets are printed and given to the customer.

26. Supplements To Food

A food supplement vending machine is one distinctive vending machine business that an ambitious entrepreneur can take into consideration. A vending machine for food supplements is a device that delivers supplements like: 

  • Tablets and capsules containing vitamins and minerals
  • specialized dietary supplements
  • herbs and botanicals
  • protein powder
  • meal replacements 
  • weight-loss solutions
  • elite sports nutrition, etc.

Before starting your food supplement vending machine business, you would need to investigate the current law regarding the dispensing of pharmaceutical items without prescriptions.

27. Change Vending Machine Business

Change vending machines, or better yet, change machines, are a second well-liked vending machine business that an investor can launch in the United States. A change machine is a type of vending machine that takes large bills of money and gives back an equal amount of money in smaller bills or coins. When used to exchange coins for paper money, these vending machines are known as bill changers, which is another name for them. Therefore, one of your options, if you want to establish a vending machine business, is to create a change vending machine business.

28. Stationery

Another profitable vending machine venture that can be founded in any nation on the planet is the stationary vending machine industry. You must be willing to place your machines in exam centers, job centers, schools, and office settings if you want to position your stationery vending machine business to maximize revenues. Fill your vending machine with supplies like:

  • Pens (Black, Blue, Red, and Green, among others)
  • Erasers
  • Permanent Markers
  • Pencils
  • Pencil Sharpeners
  • Colored Pencils
  • Colored Pens
  • Colored Markers
  • Correction Tape/Fluid/Liquid Paper
  • Mechanical Pencil
  • Extra leads are a few other writing instruments.

29. Construct A Dessert Bar Vending Machine

A dessert bar is yet another scalable vending machine business that an aspirant businessperson can launch in the United States of America. Dessert bars, sometimes known as bars, squares, or simply dessert bars, are an American cookie variety with a solid cake-like texture or a softer cookie consistency than usual. In a pan, they are made, and then they are roasted in the oven. Sugar, eggs, butter, flour, and milk are among the components used in the creation of dessert bars. Sour cream, rhubarb, pretzels, sweets, vanilla, raisins, and pumpkin can all be used to create more unique bars.

30. Children’s Educational Materials Business Ideas

Another street vending machine business that a businessperson can easily launch without any kind of technological abilities sells children’s educational goods.

Materials like:

  • Learning Aids Of All Kinds
  • Storybooks
  • Lego
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Educational Video Games
  • Educational Cds And Dvds, Etc.

They are quite marketable as long as you situate the company in an area with kids. You can put your vending machines at schools as well. Selling children’s educational materials is a profitable business that anyone may start. In actuality, you wouldn’t require a particular license or license to operate this kind of business.

31. Frozen Food

This is yet another typical vending machine business, and it is a booming enterprise. Foods like fish, chicken, turkeys, and other frozen items are typically eaten all over the world. Therefore, you might think about putting up a frozen food vending machine business if you’re trying to start a street vending machine business that is not capital heavy and easy to operate. It is crucial to note that where you decide to launch this kind of business will have an impact on how successful it is. Markets, residential complexes, and other such locations provide the best locations for this kind of business.

32. Ice-snack Machine 

One of the vending machine-related business concepts that can succeed in the United States of America is the sale of ice. Depending on the locale, an ice business is a retail operation that doesn’t require direct consumer contact and can operate around the clock. This business allows for customization to fit the owner’s lifestyle, giving its operators flexibility. Anyone may start a business selling ice from vending machines; it is not expensive to get started because you can buy an old machine and still make the most of it. Any serious business person can succeed in the ice vending machine industry without special knowledge or skills, and they stand to gain a good profit.

33. Market Groceries

One of the vending machine business concepts that can be implemented anywhere in the world is the sale of groceries. A grocery store can be started with very little capital and is a very low capital-intensive enterprise. The key to operating a grocery vending machine is getting the correct products that customers want to purchase. Simply place your vending machines in strategic locations with high human traffic to optimize your business’s earnings.


In actuality, the sector is flourishing and growing. As technology develops, businesses are coming up with new ways to give customers the things they want most quickly and practically. There are countless prospects for entrepreneurs in the burgeoning industry of vending.

Remember that your level of success will be determined by your market analysis and product choice. Because of the low capital requirements of this business, you can start modestly. Once you do discover a successful recipe, you may develop your vending business and anticipate steady profits for years to come.