30 Interesting Startup Ideas For Students

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Interesting Startup Ideas For Students

You often have a lot of free time while you are a student. There is no better way to use them than to start a business as a student. There are no barriers to launching a side business for a high school, college, or university student in terms of law, money, or knowledge. The major obstacles to starting a new business have been eliminated due to the internet’s democratization of knowledge and financial access. School and university will take up a lot of your time, but if you are organized and make the most of your time, you will have enough time to study and manage your startup. It might even aid your academic progress by enabling you to see new applications for the concepts you are learning in college.

30 Interesting Startup Ideas

Here is a list of 30 interesting business ideas for students, along with information about each.

1. Writing Services

Create a website that provides various writing services to clients in the corporate or academic world. Anything from sales and marketing copy to SEO material to academic papers, essays, and even simple proofreading is possible. Before launching your writing service, it is good to work as a qualified essay writer for a reputable website, as there are several reliable options available online. You can then start your essay writing service after gaining valuable experience.

2. Digital Marketing Services

With the growth of online businesses and e-commerce over the past ten years, digital marketing has expanded significantly. Businesses that don’t go digital and neglect to focus on their online presence and profile are losing a significant portion of their customer base. There are certainly a lot of local companies searching for assistance with their digital marketing plans. To demonstrate your expertise on the subject, you can get in touch with their proprietors and offer them a free consultation.

3. Selling Used Books

Congratulations on finishing your academic year! Now examine your workstation. I assume you have a collection of used books. They frequently wind up in the trash cans at your home. Selling them to younger pupils at a lower cost than a new copy might be a better use of them, nevertheless. At the very least, you’ll probably earn enough money to buy the books you’ll need for your upcoming semester. The nice thing about this business idea is that it doesn’t demand a lot of time or money.

4. Video Classes

Visual media frequently simplifies concepts. It is why we are addicted to YouTube, with no idea why we are up at three in the morning watching a cat play the piano. The idea is straightforward: wouldn’t a lecture benefit from such clear visuals? It could be used for this with a little imagination and graphic design know-how. The purpose is to provide teachers and students with a visual depiction of any lectures. It would greatly improve and simplify the process of learning. You might earn money from it by charging for each video or by charging a monthly fee.

5. Flip Website

You can make money by investing in profitable websites at a cheap cost, growing them over six to two years, and then selling them for a profit. Some people work on this full-time and earn money annually from their websites. The idea here is to purchase a premium website at a reasonable fee. There is a lot of information available about what you ought to think about and verify before performing it.

6. Motivational Apps

The selection of motivational apps is extensive for anything, including mental health or academics. If you think about academia, the app might list lectures, seminars, and events and allow users to track their participation in exchange for reward points. Such apps inspire students to increase productivity pleasantly. These incentives could take the shape of discounts, coupons, or vouchers for any nearby services. It would be a beneficial kind of client-facing advertising for the sponsors.

7. Deliver Food Hampers

The least likely scenario is not having the time or motivation to go to the grocery store and prepare a meal. Additionally, the parents are aware of this. Create an app where people place these orders for their children, and the order will be delivered to the child. It will be a thoughtful and loving gift that feels like it came from home. By charging a shipping fee, you may make money from it.

8. Translation Services

It’s more crucial to provide translation services than transcription services. You can speak both languages fluently and be aware of their respective grammatical structures. Businesses might not be eager to provide students with advanced translation work, but they might be if the translations are common and minor. You may begin by providing teachers with translations of lectures, books, and papers. Professors might desire to share the wealth of high-quality content available in other languages with their students, but they are unable to do so since it is not available in the latter’s mother tongue. You can assist with that and be paid for every word translated.

9. Cleaning Services

Place an online advertisement for cleaning services. Construct trust with your clientele by performing excellent cleaning. Kisten Hadeed started Student Maid, a highly successful cleaning business in Florida, by doing just that. Asking clients to provide you with the necessary equipment allows you to bill by the hour and keep your initial expenditure to a minimum.

10. Local Reviewer

When considering a purchase, we always start by reading product reviews online. Indeed, each major city has a specific website where reviews from many sources may be found. The opportunity there is enormous. Create a website where guests may rate the lodgings in the area. You can restrict access to this to the campus or to nearby lodgings that students could rent. Instead of relying only on word of mouth, this would serve as a reliable source. Additional choices might also be made, such as adding forums and listings. Advertising is a way to make money off of this.

11. Language Course

Do you have strong linguistic skills? Do you take pleasure in instructing others? Then, while remaining at home, you should arrange an online language school and provide lessons to individuals around the world. You can charge $20–60 per hour and work on it part-time. Building an internet presence and receiving recommendations from your current clientele are the two main components of expanding your clientele. By offering them a free hour call at first, you could increase your first-time clients.

12. Start A Blog

Start a blog about it, gain readers, and make money off of it with adverts and premium content. The initial costs of starting a blog are minimal today (a domain and hosting would be sufficient); the knowledge needed to develop such a site is freely available online. We had no idea how to expand this site when we first launched it. Today, it receives more than 90k visitors every month from throughout the globe. Please take note that we require three years to develop such an audience. When blogging, consistency is essential.

13. Campus Newsletter

It’s time to launch a campus newsletter if there isn’t one currently. It might be funded by local businesses running adverts or perhaps by other student startups. The newsletter can be distributed via email, print editions, or both. A student may even agree to work with the college as a third party to use the letter to promote the college to prospective students. Outside of the university, it could be utilized for lead-generating, branding, and promotional purposes.

14. Campus Podcast

It might be a solo podcast discussing news, events, and happenings on campus, or an interview podcast with students and teachers. The required equipment is inexpensive, and you can record using your phone. Regarding monetization, it might be accomplished through sponsorships from neighborhood companies or premium material for podcast devotees.

15. Pet Sitting

Some people require someone to look after their beloved dogs who are working long hours or going on vacation. There are primarily two approaches to this business concept. The most popular one is taking pets for a daily/biweekly one- or two-hour stroll.

16. Class Notes

We all have encountered pupils who are too sluggish to take notes or who frequently skip class without providing a valid reason. If you started a class note company, those pupils would be your target market. Some people are particularly good at taking notes and can succinctly and attractively convey the material. If you fit that description, you might think about reselling your lecture notes to other students. You might offer them separately for each class or in bundles with all the lecture notes for one exam or semester.

17. Organize Trips

It is well known that the majority of group travel plans fall through. It’s time for someone to step up and take charge of the situation. Plan visits to several locations for festivals, events, or weekend getaways. A predetermined price or commission could be used to determine an all-inclusive price.

18. Reselling

Whether they are reselling sneakers, tickets, or anything else, several individuals make a lot of money by purchasing goods at a discount and reselling them for a higher price. Re-selling works best with limited items, as those who missed out on them will pay more than their initial price to obtain them when they run out of stock. Understanding and predicting which goods people will be more ready to pay for once they run out are crucial when reselling.

19. Moving Services

Neighbors and students will ultimately require moving services, whether it’s because a neighbor has rented a new home or the academic year is over and the student is returning home. If you find it simple to pack things and move boxes, you can earn money.

20. Development Services

Every type of business needs a website, yet the majority of local ones don’t. There’s a great chance there. Every person can learn how to code. The statement “I don’t know how to code” is no longer acceptable as an explanation because there are countless free development books, videos, courses, and articles available. Furthermore, if you don’t want to learn how to code, you can even create a website without it.

21. Babysitting Network

You may establish a marketplace for child care. It would allow additional potential babysitters to sign up and advertise their services. The portal allowed parents to choose from the available persons working as babysitters and employ them. A commission could be kept by you. You will still receive some commission from the other babysitters who have joined the program even if you can’t complete the babysitting assignment due to a lack of time.

22. Food Delivery Services

Create a platform to distribute food created locally, such as sandwiches and smoothies. Target businesses with younger staff members since they frequently leave the office for lunch. The firm would grow exponentially if food delivery were made for basic goods that wouldn’t break the bank. It might help the businesses address their problem by giving them the choice to arrange deliveries to arrive at lunchtime. Make these homemade as well to go one step further. It eliminates the need to rely on various third-party services. The meal will be delicious, authentic, and served with a personal touch.

23. Transcription Services

There is a need for transcription services in several industries, including business, law, and medicine. Additionally, it doesn’t call for many talents or set hours. You can probably choose the area of transcription that interests you because there are many available formats, such as video podcasts and lectures that have been recorded. To provide transcription services, no professional training is required. To complete high-quality work quickly, it would be ideal to combine strong listening skills with a thorough mastery of English grammar standards.

24. YouTuber

It appears to be a simple and rewarding career to become a YouTuber. You can monetize your films by placing advertisements and obtaining sponsorships in a field that interests you. Create content first, then continue to iterate with the aid of your audience. It won’t happen overnight, but if you persevere, you’ll do wonderful things.

25. Tutor

Tutors are present wherever there are pupils. You can teach a subject to someone else who has trouble understanding it if you excel in it. Math is a subject that frequently causes problems, but there are also many math tutors. Schools and professors are supportive of students beginning their tutoring enterprises. Check to see whether your school has a database of students who can serve as tutors.

26. Event Organizer

Many students enjoy mingling and throwing parties, and everyone is willing to spend money on a memorable event. These might be anything from planning a modest gathering at a bar to leading Project X 2. Excellent communication skills are required to persuade everyone that such a gathering is too exciting to miss (social media promotion is needed) and sophisticated organizational skills to guarantee that everything is in its proper location at all times.

27. Design Services

There are design tasks in all types of enterprises. Then, you can build a website that specializes in local businesses or even other students launching their startups and offers various design services including packaging, flyers, logos, or even websites. You might bill by the hour or by the job. It might be challenging to gain the trust of businesses. There are various ways to do this, including showcasing prior, excellent work, providing one free assignment, and putting them in touch with some of your earlier clients.

28. Jewelry Making

Making jewelry is easier than it seems. Through online classes and YouTube videos, you may readily learn more about it. Then, before you start seeing great results, you will need to practice a lot. You will need to choose a specialization because the jewelry industry is quite competitive. One of the most popular techniques used by these kinds of firms is social media, particularly influencer marketing.

29. Photography Services

You can turn your passion for shooting pictures into a freelance photography business if you enjoy doing so. If they want to market their just-launched items, local businesses, and students may need your services. You can start by providing a wide range of services, and when your business expands, you’ll probably learn there is a lot of competition and you’ll need to specialize and concentrate on one particular area of photography to stand out from the crowd.

30. Bookkeeping

You may maintain the bookkeeping records of a local firm without having a degree in finance. You probably won’t have too much trouble finding customers. Because you may ask the company owner to lend you the necessary instruments, the initial investment expenses are minimal. Regarding compensation, the majority of bookkeepers bill by the hour, with rates varying from $30 to $100 or more depending on the difficulty of the job.


Even while the aforementioned business ideas for students look easy, they all inevitably need a lot of commitment and persistence. There are a ton of resources right at your disposal. From the useful classes, accessible technology, and teachers’ experience to, most importantly, some of the networking possibilities of your life. Create the foundation for it by making the best use of them if the notion still doesn’t seem doable.