17 Education Startup Ideas For New Entrepreneurs

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17 Education Startup Ideas For New Entrepreneurs 

One fantastic way to give back to the community is by providing access to educational resources. A startup that provides learning material benefits its customers and supports the government’s efforts to improve literacy levels in a country. Many jurisdictions encourage the private sector to invest in education as they can’t adequately meet rising demand.

The business opportunities available in the education sector are massive. Any passionate entrepreneur can earn a good income while taking advantage of the available options. A creative and imaginative mind can pinpoint a problem and create a highly marketable solution to bridge any gaps.

If you want to invest in this industry but need clarification about which area of specialization to delve into, here are some ideas to help you make an informed decision.  

1. Open A Bookshop 

You can extend your love for reading by starting a bookshop and stocking different genres from diverse authors. Since you’ll be operating from a physical location, research and determine which book category is in demand. One crucial factor is to study your location. You may choose to run from a small store, bazaar, online auction, flea market, or operate from an eCommerce store.

An ideal selection should include enough storage space where you have separate sections for children’s books, career manuals, and motivational books. Segmenting your bookshop will improve customer experience as they will spend less time searching for their favorite authors. It will be advantageous to maintain an online presence to help you serve a wider audience and enhance your marketing options.

2. Starting A Printing Press 

You can start a thriving printing business and facilitate authors to realize their dreams of publishing their work. Apart from printing, you can offer support and guidance in proofreading, editing, streamlining the job, and ensuring the final product meets set standards. While the internet may be taking over in every sphere, printing still has its benefits. To enhance your printing business, you can diversify and include printing for adverts, including posters, banners, flyers, or billboards.

3. Start A Stationery Manufacturing Firm

There is a considerable demand for stationery, especially when learning institutions are in session. Whether you intend to manufacture different kinds of stationery or specialize in one area, the opportunities are limitless. There is plenty you can produce, from writing material like pens, crayons, pencils, or biro pens to notebooks, notice boards, or note pads. You may also decide to manufacture items used in the classroom, like staplers, rulers, printing machines, or photocopiers.

4. Conduct Online Lessons

Learning institutions worldwide have embraced online education and many are creating learning platforms, like Google Classroom, to accommodate the growing demand. Whether you enroll for an MBA, a degree, a diploma, or a certificate program, learners can grow their skills without leaving home. If you’re passionate about imparting knowledge, you must secure appropriate permits, licenses, and accreditations from relevant governing bodies. Following the right channel will facilitate you to launch your online school successfully. Whether you want to share tips about your long-term working experience or teach primary school kids, the possibilities are many.

5. Start A Private School 

One way to generate educational revenue is by starting a learning institution like a kindergarten, primary or secondary school. In many countries, before a business owner can open a private school, they must undergo vetting and obtain licensing and accreditation from the ministry of education.

If you’re considering venturing into this business, visit the education department and confirm that you have all the requirements. You may desire to specialize in early childhood education or have a well-rounded school with lower to upper primary learners. Still, you can start small and grow your school to a secondary level. Depending on your location, you may consider accommodating a boarding section or integrating varied extracurricular activities.

Another option is to start a charter school that offers an alternative curriculum different from the government’s. These schools are mainly funded through enrollment fees and other levies, making them costlier than public schools. They offer curricular alternatives and primarily enroll international students.

6. Start A Crèche, Preschool, Or Daycare 

Working-class parents with toddlers are your potential customers if you desire to invest in a daycare. Before you start, research your area’s population to determine if the business is viable. This is because the location you choose for this type of business matters. Some incredible places to set up a crèche should be dominated by young couples and nursing mothers. Most working mothers prefer getting a daycare close to their working stations to utilize their breaks by nursing their babies. Stay-at-home parents can be your most excellent clientele as they need someone to watch over their children for a few hours daily while they run errands and handle other responsibilities.

7. Start A Driving School 

Starting a driving school can be a profitable education-related business to venture in. With proper research, you can obtain valid licenses and accreditations. You must know your state’s requirements, as each jurisdiction has laws and licensing requirements. In certain places, you need to take and pass specific exams before qualifying to be an instructor. State requirements vary, as you’ll discover that some states require you to have a physical location, while in other places, you must take a separate exam before getting your operating license. Whatever the case, make sure to remain on the right side of the law, as ignorance is no defense.

If you’re passionate about driving and have the patience and grace to teach, you can venture into this line of business. Venturing into self-employment will help you create employment for yourself and others.

8. Catering Teaching Business 

Are you passionate about cooking? If you are, consider sharing those mouth-watering recipes in a class setup and develop your passion into a thriving business. Consider opening a physical location where students can enroll and have a face-to-face learning experience. You may have to invest in a robust marketing strategy to spread the word and attract students.

A catering business that targets weddings, corporate functions, or family gatherings is also a good option. You get to share your expertise with people celebrating notable milestones in their lives. Hire a few people and invest in good-quality cutlery and crockery. The first customers on your list should be family and friends, as they will help spread the word and create credibility in your abilities.

Another option is to open a cooking YouTube channel and share recipes and kitchen-related tips. You can earn a decent and consistent income by optimizing your channel. With this option, you get to reach a broader audience that is spread out around the world.

9. Fashion And Design Institute 

Gone are the days when only superstars gave us style statements. Currently, the fashion and textile world has evolved into a million-dollar industry with talented experts reaping big. If you are artistic and know how to blend different styles and colors, consider creating a career out of that passion. Starting a fashion school is an excellent idea that allows you to share your vast knowledge and experience with upcoming designers. There are many outstanding fashion institutes in major cities in New York, Paris, Milan, and London that you can emulate as you develop structures for your own fashion house.

10. Author And Sell Ebooks 

As a budding entrepreneur, one way to share your vast knowledge is by writing an ebook. It is less demanding, and you can earn well from it. Unlike the traditional book printing process, an ebook requires very minimal investment. All you need to do is compile engaging read-worthy content and market your book on an e-commerce platform like Amazon. You can always hire a freelancer on Upwork or Fiverr to design a captivating cover page for your upcoming release. If you’re not good at grammar, outsource the editing and proofreading tasks to ensure your work meets professional standards.

There are countless subjects you can write about that many will be willing to read. People are always looking for information, and your ebooks could be the solution they have been waiting for. One of the easiest ways to generate income through ebooks is by writing self-help books or “how to” series.

One benefit of selling ebooks is that they can generate a consistent income as long as the information is current and relevant. Thankfully, you can conveniently update content on your ebook with minimal effort. Also, since the content is in soft copy, it is downloadable from anywhere worldwide, meaning you can share information with a large audience.

11. Home Tuition Services 

If you are intellectually fit and love children’s company, you can assist students in improving academically in their weak areas. Parents engage the services of part-time tutors to help slow-learning children catch up with the rest or engage them during school holidays. A child may still need additional coaching in mathematics, sciences, or languages despite attending school regularly. They may need specialized attention than what is offered in a school setting.

A lot of stress is placed on kids to complete a school year and pass with flying colors. This has increased the demand for tutors to challenge gifted children while supporting struggling learners. To engage in this fast competitive world, children must start working hard early to secure their future. Most parents know this and are willing to pay extra to see their children excel. Freelance tuition service is a flexible home business, and you can offer it from a remote location. It allows mainstream teachers to start a side hustle and earn an extra income.

12. Start An Educative Tv Or Radio Program 

People have diverse ways of processing information; one way to do it is through the media. One advantage of generating educational content for TV or radio is its broad reach. If your content is beneficial and marketable, it can quickly get a slot on major TV and radio stations. You can also attract a lucrative deal or sponsorship from corporates or obtain brand ambassadorial deals.

Another marketing option is to package your content in CDs or downloadable formats. Create content for children or adults, or concentrate on health, environment, security, business, or parenting topics. There are different modes in which you may decide to present your content. Depending on your target audience, package your content in form of animations, documentaries, training, or educative series.

13. Start An E-Commerce Store 

Online selling attracts numerous customers because it involves minimal startup capital and can reach a broad market. As an educationist, you may start an eCommerce business targeting learning institutions and other stakeholders in the education industry. You may stock and distribute printers, photocopiers, computers, and accessories.

Think of stocking different kinds of stationeries like exercise books, notebooks, or dairies. Also, supplying pens, pencils, or crayons and distributing them wholesale can bring you a decent profit margin. Other options to think about include staplers, binding material, cello tapes, chalk, or blackboards. You may also sell children’s educational materials like learning pads or educative games like jigsaw puzzles and video games, selling story books, and other learning materials.

14. Start An Adult Education Center

For one reason or another, some men and women miss a chance to acquire formal education or fail to graduate high school. You can bridge that gap by creating a conducive environment that gives them a second chance to obtain a proper education. Evening, holiday, or weekend classes are excellent possibilities where people can attend lessons conveniently.  

Another option is to provide cost-effective retraining and up-skilling programs for adult learners. Many adults can benefit from this program because of a career change, a new job, or the need to keep up with technological advancements in their industries.

Having many sidelined people due to their lack of training isn’t good for any economy. As an entrepreneur, you can bridge this gap by providing a platform where grownups of any age acquire relevant qualifications to give them a chance to compete in the job market.

15. Start A Cultural Center Or Museum

Most cultural centers and museums are public entities owned by the government. But that shouldn’t prevent the private sector from investing in this educative industry. If you have the capacity, you could open a cultural center and create public awareness about different cultures, religions, and beliefs. Another option is to cage birds, animals, or plant species and offer on-site visits and training sessions.

If starting a museum proves too complex with its many formalities, you can always partner with the government or the private sector. A well-equipped museum that is strategically located can attract tourists from different parts of the world.

16. App Development 

With excellent coding and software development skills, you can create applications that target learning institutions to help them improve service delivery. Technology has made virtual learning a reality, allowing learners to attend classes remotely. As an app developer, you can identify a need or a pain point and create a solution that can assist tutors in better serving their learners.

Some apps can help teachers better organize their lesson plans, increase productivity or save time. Other software encourages creativity and increases engagement among students. At the same time, others support teacher-parent-student communication so that they are all on the same page and can identify areas of improvement.

Currently, some apps send notification messages to a parent the moment their child enters a school. This is a good and effective solution to identify missing children or curb truancy, especially by naughty ones. App development is a lucrative career because they are costly and can generate a decent income. The key is to develop an app that focuses on usability and provides a solution for a widespread educational challenge. 

17. Educational Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding doesn’t apply to nonprofits and startups alone. An educational crowdfunding platform can serve communities and help learners access better educational resources. You may make education accessible to all by assisting disadvantaged children to pay for school supplies, raising funds for college tuition, or identifying bursary opportunities. Many scholarships reward academic or sports excellence.

You may also create a platform with invaluable information where learners can network, find mentors, and obtain mentorship or internship opportunities. You could also organize career days where students receive guidance and information about their desired career paths.


With the rising demands placed on learners today, the education industry has grown exponentially. There are many demands placed on children in terms of their academic performance. Generally, class performance determines a child’s future, making them spend most of their time in learning institutions. Alternatively, work-related pressure placed on professionals has forced many to enroll in a degree, MBA, and post-graduate studies, to remain relevant. Evening classes are nowadays filled to the brim with career people hoping to market themselves for a job promotion. With this widespread demand in the education industry, you can make the best of it and create a lucrative business.