3 Free Tools that Assist in SEO Content Writing in 2024

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Free Tools that Assist in SEO Content Writing in 2023

High-quality, informative, and unique content is what Google wants you to work on for better SEO results. This is the only reliable and probably the easiest way to give your business website or blog a perfect pick-me-up in the eyes of search engines like Google.

It also requires you to publish quality content consistently, which puts a heavy burden on content writers. At the same time, it is not easy to churn out high-quality content, especially when it comes to writing on different topics. It may not only be writer’s block but also a short deadline looming around the corner.

This is where writers like you take help from online free SEO tools.

SEO writing tools are helping writers, bloggers, and SEO experts around the globe to write unique, engaging, and SEO-friendly content for their blogs and clients.

This article will cover the 3 best SEO tools to help you optimize your content for search engines. These free SEO tools are reliable choices for banging out killer articles and blog posts in a short amount of time.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s dig in!

What is SEO content writing?

The purpose of SEO content writing is to get your content ranked on the first page of search engines like Google. What can you do to achieve this level of quality?

Well, it is all about conducting thorough research on finding the relevant keywords and integrating them into your writing while keeping a close look at the user’s intent.

Thus, SEO content writing is optimizing the content on your web pages according to what readers want to read which makes your website credible in the eye of search engines. This will result in a better ranking on search engine result pages SERPs.

Here is the comprehensive checklist of high-quality content that Google loves;

  • Unique ideas, informative content
  • Free from grammatical and punctuation mistakes
  • Keyword optimization
  • Plagiarism free

So, what are some free tools that can help you compose quality content?

3 free tools for SEO content writing

Among the bunch of options available online, we have mentioned the three best free writing assistant tools for you. Let’s find out!

1.     Paraphrasingtool.ai

Paraphrasingtool.ai is a free AI paraphrasing tool that rephrases sentences, paragraphs, and articles for you.

Using right, this paraphrasing tool can help you achieve high-quality content that not only feeds your website effectively but also helps you climb the SEO ladder. You must be wondering how?

Offers a variety of content paraphrasing options

Paraphrasingtool.ai offers eight different paraphrasing modes which include:

  • Text improver
  • Near human
  • Plagiarism remover
  • Free rewriter
  • Creative
  • Quill text
  • Academic
  • Sentence rephraser

You can use any writing feature and rephrase the original ideas in a new and fresh way.

Changes synonyms

Paraphrasingtool.ai rewrites the already written/said words in a unique way and allows you to change the synonyms in the spun text. It does not change the actual context of the original material except by expressing it in a unique yet easy-to-read way. Google is more likely to rank easy-to-read content that helps readers, rather than distracting them with a complex vocabulary.

Keeps keyword stuffing to a minimum

Another aspect of SEO content writing is adding the right amount of keywords and avoiding keyword stuffing. When you rephrase a keyword-stuffed article using this paraphrasing tool, it replaces the keywords with other words, making it optimized for keywords.

Creates SEO-friendly titles

Besides paraphrasing, the tool creates SEO-friendly titles for the entered text which can improve your SEO performance up to a certain level. Simply enter the text, choose any paraphrasing mode, and you will get the accurate and most relevant titles and subtitles for the articles.

Ensures that your work is plagiarism-free

Last but not least, this free rewriting tool is a great way to avoid plagiarism and grammatical errors in your writing which can sufficiently affect the SEO ranking. You can check the spun content for plagiarism in no time.

Thus, it would not be wrong to say that paraphraisngtool.ai is an absolute solution for all your SEO content writing needs.

2.     Plagiarismchecker.ai

In content writing, plagiarism is one of the most significant SEO-harming factors. You must not submit your content without checking it for plagiarism.

Here’s where Plagiarismchecker.ai comes in!

Powered by AI, this is one of the most reliable free plagiarism-checking tools on the web. You can check articles, blog posts, or any other document to see if it is plagiarized or not.

Checks 1000-word free

Checking plagiarism is easy with Plagiarismchecker.ai. You can check 1000 words at once without paying a single penny. An SEO content writer needs a plagiarism checker that can be used unlimited times a day. This plagiarism-checking tool can help you do that.

Easy to use

It comes with the most straightforward, functional, and beautiful layout that needs no technical knowledge whatsoever. Simply copy and paste the text, and click on “check plagiarism”.

Instant plagiarism report

Plagiarismchcker.ai provides instant results with the accurate amount of plagiarism in percentage. The tool checks the plagiarism and gives the results in a percentage of unique and plagiarized content. Also, it finds out the legit plagiarism sources as well.

3.     Content Analyzer

Creating and publishing content is important, but analyzing your content’s performance on search engines is equally crucial. This is where the Semrush Content analyzer can help.

This content analyzer is a free tool that tracks down your content’s overall performance including both on-page and off-page. You can get the most out of this tool by taking a close observation of social shares, backlinks, keyword rankings, and CTR and bounce rate. Here is how it works:

Complete content audit

It helps you conduct an excellent content audit to find out pages on your blog or website that are not performing well. It may be because the content is old, outdated, or irrelevant, which leads to a low number of shares on social media – a great way to increase SEO results.

By using Semrush content auditing, you can evaluate the top-performing pages on your website, highly shared articles, and blog posts, and quickly audit several URLs and subfolders so that you can start working on loopholes before it gets too late.

Content tracking

You can evaluate the reach of your off-site content with this content analyzing tool which includes guest post tracking for particular keywords and the referral traffic you are getting from guest posts.


That’s it! These three tools are great online tools to get started with SEO content writing. There are a plethora of free SEO tools available on the web, but the ones mentioned above are enough in terms of creating SEO-friendly content and user experience. Now is the perfect time to include these tools in your content writing job and see SEO results that will blow your mind.