20 Funny And Weird Business Ideas That Can Make Money

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Funny And Weird Business Ideas That Can Make Money

You are allowed to be as creative and imaginative as possible when it comes to business. Not everybody has to start a food truck, a candle business, or sell a common item to make money. With the right planning and execution, even the funniest and most weird business idea can bring in tons of money and satisfaction. In fact, weird and funny business ideas are usually outstanding, meaning enjoying a monopoly or a super-huge customer base is possible.

We will discuss 20 funny and weird business ideas that can succeed if executed well. Feel free to choose one that can work for you and hone the idea or use our article to start your business idea brainstorming process.  

1. Cat Cafe

Have you ever heard of a cat cafe? It is exactly what you think it is. This is a coffee house with several cats walking around freely, acting as magnets for cat lovers. Cat cafes have existed since 1998, the first being opened in Asia and later Japan. They have recently started being popular in the United States, where around 25% of households own cats.

What advantage does a cat cafe have over regular coffee shops? Simple. Patrons can enjoy a cup of coffee while interacting and playing around with cats. Animals, in this case, pets, are known to have a relaxing and de-stressing effect. Cats, in particular, are known to improve people’s well-being, offer relief, bring happiness and help people deal with mental challenges. You can take advantage of this idea and build an establishment near your neighborhood.

2. Pet Hotel

Building and running a pet hotel can be a lucrative venture if done right. Pet ownership has risen in the past few years as people race towards a more wholesome way of life. However, most people can’t move around with their pets whenever they travel and therefore need facilities where they can be cared for until they return. A good example of such a facility is a pet hotel, which looks after pets while their owners are away.

These establishments allow pet owners to enjoy peace of mind by offering a safe environment for their pets. This might be the right business for you if you are a pet lover or owner.

3. Renting Chickens

This might be the craziest business idea you have ever come across. Some people are already making money renting out chickens to customers interested in urban farming. Your target market will rent your chickens for a given duration to gauge whether building a chicken coop in their backyard can work.

You can spice up this business further by renting out coops and other necessary equipment along with the chicken, which will increase your profits. However, before setting up such a business, please find out everything you need to know, e.g., potential profit, what to charge, and the logistics.

4. Smash Room Business

This is one of the most interesting ideas on our list that you can try out. Most people get out of their frustrations and alleviate stress by smashing things. What if you provide a safer means of doing that? You can make money by operating a smash room where people dressed in full protective gear can smash items such as plates, vases, and glass items with baseball bats. The good thing about such a business is that it won’t require much money since smashable items can be harvested from junkyards. All you need to do is to ensure that you never run out of these items and that the rooms are thoroughly cleaned at the end of the day. You might be shocked by how many people need this service.

5. Professional Cuddling

Cuddling, a normal activity we do with our partners, friends, or pets, can be a great business idea, bringing in up to $100 an hour. It has several benefits, including pain alleviation and stress management, that different people need. As a professional cuddler, you will be paid to offer cuddling therapy, known for lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system, among other benefits.

Alternatively, you can register with companies like Cuddlist that offer this service. However, the best option is to start your service and hire freelancers to offer cuddling therapy to your clients. You can also develop excellent plans for recurring clients to generate repeat business. Remember, business is all about creativity, and with the right planning and execution, you can turn even the most mundane idea into a cash cow.

6. Plant Hotel

The plant hotel business is similar to a pet hotel. This is an interesting concept that has been picking up at a fast rate. Like the pet hotel, it takes care of people’s possessions, and in this case, plants whenever they travel. This is particularly important for those who can’t find family or friends to look after their plants while away.

Customers will check in their plants whenever they leave and pick them up on return. They should also be allowed to leave any special instructions or plant food before they leave. One of the advantages of starting and running a plant hotel is the low start-up and maintenance cost. You will be shocked by how many people will be interested in your services if they are marketed well.

7. Food Sculpture Business

Did you know you can make lots of money by renting or selling food sculptures? These excellent art pieces can be used to spice up parties or celebrations. They can be in the form of fruits, cheese, ice, or even chocolates placed strategically within the venue. Well-done food art can draw people’s attention to the party, making revelers enjoy it even more.

One of the benefits of such a business is that you can tap into your imagination and try as many art ideas as possible. Also, once you start this business, you can serve different parties, including birthdays, weddings, graduations, and anniversary parties. If you are interested, find out everything you need to know and stay making food art masterpieces. Partnering with events and party planners can also be a good way to make money from this business.

8. Pet Portraits

The pet industry is one of the most dynamic and lucrative industries in existence. You can make tons of money year-round by offering pet services or selling related items. A good idea would be starting a pet portrait business if you are a great artist to help people commemorate their pets, just like we do with our loved ones. You can market your services on pet owners’ forums or pet stores. You will be shocked at how many pet owners will take you up on your offerings.

You can also have discounts for families with several pets, who will definitely refer you to their friends if you do an excellent job. Such an idea will enable people to hang their pet portraits alongside theirs on the wall. Families or pet owners who have never thought of such a thing will be excited to try it.

9. Tree Debris Removal

Everything you see can be a business idea if well thought out. Do you know you can make tons of money running a tree debris removal business? Most homeowners struggle with this and will be willing to pay if they find someone reliable enough to help them out. Also, most homeowners don’t know where to dispose of debris during landscaping or after trimming their trees, instances where such a business will come in handy.

Remember that this business goes beyond removing tree debris and extends to proper disposal. You should have a truck, the right equipment, and a team to handle several orders in a day easily. If done well, you can make up to $500,000 annually, which not many businesses make. You must also train your team on safety and abide by all the required guidelines if you intend to stay in business for a long duration.

10. Website Renting

Do you know you can make money by renting your website to businesses? A rank and rent-website business is a new concept that most people still don’t know. Here, websites that enjoy search engine authority, i.e., rank higher in search engines, are rented out to businesses so that they can advertise their products. This saves businesses that need new clients from building, growing, and ranking their websites from scratch. They can easily attract customers by renting ad space on a website that enjoys a higher ranking.

By running a rank and rent website business, you will allow website owners to enjoy the online exposure they need without having to do it independently. This is a low-cost business you can run from the comfort of your home if you know how to build and grow websites. You will be amazed by the number of people and companies ready and willing to pay for advertising.

11. Hair Lice Removal Service

You read that right. You can make tons of money running a lice removal business. Head lice mostly affect children and are usually spread through close contact and sharing of personal belongings. People freak out about these parasites because they feed on human blood and even lay eggs on hair shafts. Many people will be willing to give you their money if you are brave and well-equipped to handle them.

This business will also help you serve your community since lice affect almost every neighborhood. There are several online resources on removing head lice that you can utilize before opening your shop and offering your services at a fee. You must also maintain high levels of confidentiality and customer service to get people coming back for your services.

12. Pet Diapers

People want what’s best for their pets and are therefore willing to spend tons of money on them. As we mentioned, the pet market is very lucrative and can be highly profitable if you offer the right services. One of these is pet diaper manufacture and sale, which pet owners need for their young furry friends. They are also used by pets recovering from injury or surgery, special needs pets, female pets in heat, and older pets with urinary problems.

Your target market as a pet diaper business owner will be different pet owners. You will make lots of money if you regularly produce reliable, durable, and washable pet diapers. Also, market your business far and wide for maximum returns.

13. Fake Wishbones Sale

Americans are usually excited about Thanksgiving. It’s one of the biggest annual celebrations, and with it comes a business idea- Wishbones. If you are wondering, wishbones are sling-shot-shaped bones found in turkeys, the most important meal during Thanksgiving. If you have ever attended a Thanksgiving ceremony, you must have seen two people hold both sides of the wishbone, make a wish, and then pull. The person with the biggest piece normally gets whatever they have wished for. You can keep alive this tradition and make money off it by selling these wishbones.

This business idea serves those who appreciate the Thanksgiving tradition of pulling a wishbone and getting their wish but are vegan or vegetarian. It also allows everyone at the dinner table to participate, given that there may not be as many wishbones to break. Selling this product will allow everyone to participate in this tradition without feeling left out. Everyone can have their turn to break a fake wishbone and make a wish by the end of Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, this business idea will mostly thrive during Thanksgiving.

14. Flotation Therapy Services

This is a crazy business idea that may cost a ton of money to set up but can potentially bring in lots of revenue. Flotation therapy is mostly offered through a sensory deprivation tank where one submerges themself in a capsule filled with water that allows them to float and enjoy weightlessness. This service is lauded for its mental, physical and emotional benefits, which explains why starting a sensory deprivation tank business would be an excellent idea.

You will easily earn up to $100,000 annually while your customers enjoy improved sleep, pain and aches relief, improved creativity and mental focus, and decreased anxiety. You can also expand your business to include several sensory deprivation tanks after some time.

15. Lofi Music Production

This is not only a funny but an exciting business you can take up during your free time. LOFI, as a music genre, is comprised of technically flawed music, generally used to study or improve focus. Listeners get a hum or background noise whenever they play such music, which creates a calming effect. It has inspired the creation of new music and can be a cash cow if done right.

A quick browse will reveal many channels offering Lofi music with tons of subscribers. Therefore, if you are a music producer or sound engineer, start a lo-fi music production business and make money whenever your music is played on different platforms such as Spotify and Pandora.

16. T-Shirts With Printed Tweets

Do you know that you can make money selling tees with printed Tweets? Well, lots of people are doing that already and making lots of money. You only need to find quality t-shirts, a t-shirt printing machine, and an actual location. Alternatively, you can run an online business to increase your reach. Your job will be noting crazy or dumb tweets from celebrities or regular internet users and printing them on t-shirts. You can also let people print their viral tweets on their apparel.

If you decide to print t-shirts with celebrity tweets, your target audience will be the celebrity’s followers or fans. You can market your business through the channel where you obtain the tweet, i.e., Twitter or Facebook. This is a low start-up cost business idea since you only need to make a few samples, market your business, and print t-shirts based on orders. You can also market yourself far and wide through your work and build a huge and loyal customer base.

17. Dog Walking Business

Have you ever thought of making money by walking people’s dogs? Well, dog walking is a viable business targeting pet owners who may not have the time to take their dogs on walks as recommended. It is way more awesome if you happen to be a dog lover. Running such a business also guarantees that you get to exercise and create personal relationships with dogs and their owners.

The only problem is that this is a highly localized business, meaning that your services will most probably be centered around where you live. You can further spice up your dog walking business by offering adventure walks to different places around your location. Remember that this business greatly depends on excellent customer service. Your clients should be satisfied with your offerings, so you must also be ready to go above and beyond to satisfy them.

18. Officiating Weddings

This might be the funniest business idea on our list. Do you know that you can make lots of money and at the same time have fun by officiating weddings? Several online churches, such as UnMinistry.org, can ordain you for as little as $100. You will then offer your services as a lay minister, helping couples confirm and reconfirm their vows for $500- $800. You can even take a step further and get ordained to perform non-religious funerals and wakes.

Most of these online churches that ordain pastors also offer an option to buy a kit full of ID cards, wedding certificates, parking placards, and church organization set-up for as low as $200. Once you have everything you need, consider getting a robe, sash, or a great business suit to look professional. This can be a good way of making money, especially over the weekend. You can get set with less than $500

 19. Offer An Unusual Experience

You would be shocked at how many people are ready to pay for an unusual experience. A weird business idea that can actually create you lots of money is giving people a jail time experience. However, it will need lots of money since you have to lease, build or renovate a property to look like a jail setting. You can create a ‘fake’ prison, but with everything looking real, to allow people to feel how it is to be in jail.

You can let people book rooms for hundreds of dollars, employ clothed ‘prison’ guides, and buy prison attire to let people experience jail life. It’s also better to spice things up with role-playing and allowing ‘prisoners’ a test of prison food. In fact, why not go ahead and even include ‘the shoe’, a prison section that offers solitary confinement? Stay assured that your ‘prison’ will always be fully booked once people know of your services.

20. Pet Renting

There can never be a shortage of crazy business ideas that you can try and turn into cash cows. Do you know that there is a huge market for people looking for pets to rent? If you are a pet lover with tens of pets, renting out some can’t hurt. Several city dwellers are considering keeping pets but aren’t sure if it is the right decision. Renting out your pets to them can help them make up their mind and allow you to earn surplus income.

Like chicken renting, you can include packages, meaning that you can offer sheds, food, and water dishes alongside the pets at an additional fee. You should also offer special instructions, if any, on how the pets should be taken care of the entire time.


You can turn your imagination and creativity into a million-dollar venture. There are several funny and weird business ideas that people have tried over the years and made lots of money. This may be your time to do the same by picking up one and developing a plan that can guarantee success. Feel free to pick any from our list or engage your creativity to discover an idea that people may find crazy initially but worthwhile in the end.