Which Business is Best for Beginners?

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Which Business is Best for Beginners

Choosing a business to start is one of the most challenging aspects of entrepreneurship. This guide covers the best businesses for complete novices to explore and make money from.

Virtual Assistant

While perhaps not the best-paid job, getting started and earning a regular income as a VA is easy. The work is also not difficult. You only need to update calendars, write to-do lists, answer calls, check emails and perform other basic tasks.

eCommerce Store

Online stores do not require a considerable upfront investment. This niche has revolutionized sales and marketing. It’s never been easier to create an online store with low-cost and even free tools. 

Product Reviewer

Many businesses are looking for talented writers to create reviews for their products or services. This is a good option if you like writing and seeking innovative business ideas. You can contact businesses directly or start with a profile on freelancing platforms. If you have a blog or site, you can write posts about products and services.


Dropshipping can be the next stage, building on the idea of an eCommerce business. You find someone to fulfill orders for you and pay them a fee for successful purchases. You don’t have to produce anything.

Food Delivery

Do you like cooking and bringing people food? Do you enjoy treating your children or coworkers to a nice home-cooked meal? Food delivery is getting more popular as people get busier. Many people even take out food delivery subscriptions monthly or yearly.

You can start with a simple, short menu, do deliveries yourself, and scale up if things go well.

Web Design

A company without a website is virtually unheard of today. Even the simplest site requires time and effort. A web design business can be a great option if you can create web pages.


Bookkeepers prepare tax returns, process payrolls, and manage revenues and expenses. If you ever studied accounting, you’ll be helpful to someone who can’t or doesn’t have the time to set up and manage their bookkeeping. You can earn a decent sum by providing bookkeeping services to an individual or business. Keep in mind this work requires you to handle sensitive data.

Digital Marketing

Many businesses have gone digital, and an online presence is compulsory. Digital marketers help businesses connect with potential customers locally, regionally, or globally. This is a cheap business to start, and the demand for digital marketing services is huge.

Event Planner

If you’re outgoing, like organizing parties, and are well-organized, you might find the event planning niche a good one to explore. You can opt to be a generalist or specialize in specific events, like company meetings, birthday parties, or weddings. Your interests and skills determine the choice.

In this business, you get repeat customers, who can also recommend you to people they know. You will get new customers. Receiving a portion of your payment in advance is customary in this line of work.

Trade Currency

Currency trading can be the perfect business if you’re a risk-taker who works hard and is good with numbers.

Yoga Studio

A yoga studio can be an easy business to launch. If you know the best exercises and have suitable premises, you have a high chance of success in this business.

If you don’t have premises, you can start an online studio with a YouTube or TikTok channel.

Content Creator

The art of content creation is constantly evolving. You can start a content agency or work as a freelancer. It’s an excellent business for a creative individual capable of generating valuable and relevant content. Content is not only text – you can also create infographics, videos, etc.

Interior Design

Interior design is a competitive market, but that shouldn’t deter you. There are plenty of areas to explore, such as commercial projects, workplace projects, residential projects, etc. You will meet lots of new people and find fantastic opportunities.


With accommodation prices going up, homestay businesses are a trend that’s here to stay, pun intended. In the past, people planned a long holiday once a year. Now, they plan short trips all year round. This can be a great business if you have a well-furnished place to accommodate travelers. There’s lots of money to be made.

Décor Business

You can set up an office décor or a home décor business. Both have great potential. You run the business from a physical location or online.

Unique designs are important in this niche. You can create them yourself or order them from someone and sell them.

Online Tutoring

Finally, the online tutoring market is developing into an industry, and you can take advantage. Continued technological development and growing internet use contribute to this trend. These classes are popular among people who don’t have time to attend classes in person.

If you’re well-versed and passionate about a subject, you can help others gain knowledge in that area. Most people love learning new things. Online tutoring can be profitable.